When the ordinary bowl
…taunts the ceremonial bowl
…with its daily patronage
…forgetting the heat wearing it off
…and it’s lifespan
…being cut short
Life giggles
…time wriggles
…the earth shrivels in anticipatory addition

When the ceremonial bowl
…haunts the ordinary bowl
With its flawlessness
…forgetting its gathering of dust
…and it’s possibly being stolen through out-house exportation
…during an occasion
Beauty falls
…fear yells
As earth yays the crying nays of their end days

Everything hides a dent
…which knows its can’ts
But why we try to make can’ts
Beats imagination
If only one’s strength can complement
…another’s flaw and vice versa!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 10, 2019


You ask
“Are you sick?”
When you are the sickness
And I’m the infected

You ask
“Is there something you need?”
When you are the something
The something I am needing

You ask
“Can I get you some food?”
And I sigh
Because you have the meal I need
…a heart I need to be fed

You ask
“Have you ever felt this way before?”
How could I have?
I knew not your fever
How could it make me shiver?

Now you say
“I’ll do everything to make it better”
When your heart’s fence wall is higher
…than Afa’s Djato and Ever’s Rest
Dwarfing my dreams into screams deemed noise
…to a fretting yearning

This linguistic code of language exasperates
Because its mouth has no voice hole
Its eyes have no images
Its heart speaks in an all covered cage
So I’m dying
…infected by its tortuous virus
…on its shaming ground
If only you’ll find a vision to see…
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 18, 2020


I felt you
…at a sight
And knew that you
…can be light
…of mine

From your demeanor
…to the colour of your eyes
From your thoughts
…to the songs from your lips
I felt you
I still feel you
Hoping a one from our two

But your readiness is far
And your steadiness is fragile
Matching in every match
Loving in every town

But I sit here
Hoping you sit and think us fit
I sit here
Hoping you see my face in all embrace
I sit here
Hoping all touches
…will be a reminder of me
I sit here
Hoping every kiss will serve my miss
I sit here
Hoping you’ll see my yours
…and become my home
Are my hopes horses in haunting gallops?
Will they ever serve my reality?

It will hurt to wait to forget you
It will hurt
…to wait to ease you from my mind
It will hurt
…for thoughts to dawn on your unloving
But time serves to tend to wounds
…inflicted by love
So I sit here hoping
…that your failing my hopes
…will be taken care of by time
…which saw us meet
…saw the separation
…in its unyoked match
And holds the power to all healing
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 16, 2020


When you love the taste of pepper
And you choose to buy tomato
Thinking pepper is hot
Tomato is mild
Know a vomit awaits
…to publicly shame you
A cleanup will wait
…to hardly strain you
A stress will toe
…to emotionally drain you
And a scar will birth
…to befriend to your death
So marry your cherry
…to help carry on your merry

Marry the bad you love
For they can string you on your tingalingalings
And will bring you to your singalingathings
They can drown you in your fantasicalings
And will place you in your dream land
So marry the bad you date
To love the picture on your daily plates
Marry the boss of your mischief
To properly fit on the throne of your chieftain

You can’t choose cold
When you love warm beds
You can’t choose a cross
When you love riding bicycles
And if you choose a mild cow
When you love the taste of fierceness
Which claws will you taste
When you call for a bout in hotness?
Just marry the bad girls you date
Marry the bad boys you date
To keep glued to the love of your choice
So stick to your voice
…and walk on the path you love

Food can be bought
Money can be made
But wild pleasures can’t be found
…in good cooking pots
And those pleasures when sought out
…rain sins
If you fall under coercive kicks of societal power-
You’ll live under a regret dam
So stick to the choice of your heart
Forget the thorns
They’ll bleed to heal
Forget the tongues
They’ll wag to tire
Forget the eyes
They’ll look, blink and redirect themselves
Just choose the taste which tires not your loving tongue
For that is the real spice of love
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Jan. 3, 2020


The first knew well
They jingled their bells
And brought joy to the world
…by recognizing a birth

Now it’s all about
…”What I want for Christmas”
…”On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me”
And the icing,
…”So this is Christmas.
What have you done?”
Oh things have been flipped to bad

Now grown humans turn infant Jesuses
Craving present day incense
…myrr and gold
Slashing off the hunt for a life
…neglecting those who died
…to cover Herold’s needs

At least see the poor as Jesus
At least see the prisoners as Mary
At least see the sick as the family of Joseph
At least let your fine clothes
…reflect your soul and spirit

Booze and atupa
Jeers on anopa
Highs and lows
Where is the birth
…that helped a death
…and led to sins and forgiveness?
This is truly Christ’s Mask
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 26, 2019


While you wail your worse
…through the wins of yesteryears
And moan the gemütlich atmosphere
…that disaster distroyed
Know, those in the painless world
…are kvelling
And do swell with love
…knowing you’ll do well

The moments you shared will die not in you
They’ll just feel special
…and be mind videos
…for only you
The whispers you shared
…will taste no deaths
…in your eardrums
They’d just act audios
…for your everyday use
And the gone touches
…will build memories in pores
The lost laughter will
…build happiness in store
There sure is nothing left unprepared
…for your adjustment
If only you will,
…like a great harvester
…look back and see

None unfinishes a deed before leaving a scene
…in life’s sphere
Short memories just asks for more singular additions
Loneliness just calls for more friendly additions
Bitterness just calls for meditations
Life is like a puzzle of future
Though none knows
…signs show in deeds of yesterday
…with pushes of deeds of today
The future is gently waiting to be plucked
…just by your faith stick
…through your self belief
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 26, 2019


(To all my Christian followers, Merry Christmas! This is your special dedication 💕💞💖)

All those looking forlorn and worn
Tap into the horn of this born
…this morn
And think of what he will adorn
…to push your ills to the gone

With the birth comes a light
To shine bright your dark
With this birth comes your sight
To gage right your mark
With His birth comes your delight
To call right your herald’s hark
Jesus the baby’s birth is hope for your journey of freedom
In each Christ and Holy kingdom

It is a truck of luck
It is a sign of laughter
It is a sign of hidden stars
…gaining a stage-like moon
It is a love divine
It is a care of mercy
It is a sacrifice which suffices to wash
…all sinful edifices
So celebrate in a jubilation
And follow the growth of fresh breath
…to your wins
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 25, 2019


A lioness
…temporarily turning mouse
…to erase fears of a cat
…and help the cat feel fat
…for familiarity to breed ease
A shivering formula
…still steps worthy

…till shrouds

In a world which has whipped my faith
…and maimed my hopes
In a world which has crippled my yearnings
…and gagged my triumphs
In a world which has ridden my fantasies
…and bitten my emotions
I sit on dilemic needles and fiddle thoughts
…of crossing this line
…to you
But I need your nod

By crossing this line
…I’ll be making you a home for my scars
By crossing over to you
…I’ll be making you a home for all my chasing demons
By crossing the line of our two worlds
…I’ll be making you a home for my emotional disabilities
By crossing over this line
…you’ll be mine in shine and whines
…all the hazy and crazy and shady and muddy
A going back will be impossible
…will I get the nod?

I’ve perks which will push you
…up the mountain of happiness
I’ve a spirit
…which will gift you the chit to own this she
I’ve a soul
…which will love you whole
By crossing this line
…you’ll own them all –
…the love
…the hatred
…the anger
…the adorables
…the monsters
…the angels
…the fort
…the titillating journey of a curious experimentalist
…will you give it?
Will you give your nod
…as scissors to cut the sod
…of this line for my crossing?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 21, 2019


Aduse Poku
…raise an eye from your ancestral palace
…and come see
What used to cast us into bins
Now headlights beauty to fit us in
…just open an eye to see
…what used to bring us shame
…and was thought too lame
…needing to like an animal, be tamed
…now bringing us fame

When priceless was made less
And priceful was made expensive
The world was truly upside down
The former used to put on fires of self doubt
…and low esteem
The latter was made pompous
…over a boughtful feat
But now truth turns the tide
And I’m enjoying the ride

Just as fishes value their fins
And birds value their wings
Days run from the future toward us
…holding the unending structure of our value
And it is pretty
…as well intelligent

Fighters are holders of these torches
So your lasses have great futures being built
…in wait for them
So Aduse Poku
…raise your eyes and see your kind
…building on your independence and greatness
…which was deemed crazy
…climbing in freedom
With their black skins
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 16, 2019


I see a boat wrinkling the sheets of the sea
It’s sailor in a fantastic ride
…canoeing in bliss

I see a body in the sea
…being bitten by jealous sharks
Every goosebump happening above
…falling tears sea waters consume
And I wonder why

If you love your sailor
…share your pair
…knowing his paddle can stay not yours
If his paddling hurts your bosom
…get a boat
…and swim in sync
If you can’t share his paddle
…swim ashore and ditch your bore
There is the option of staying
…till the sharks bite to kill you
But will your paddling pair still care?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 14, 2019


Lives left to languish in loss
…live without luck
…learn with limitations
Sorrows sailed through servitude

“Soul’s smacked with slavery”
“Bloomed berries replanted in burns”
There’s been many of such analogies
But this is a year of celebration
A year of jubilation
A year we know we can harvest greatness
…from the sadness of yesteryears

Whereas skins covereth blood
And hundreds of years have put a loss
…on returning home
We know our own just by looking
And the prejudices that separated us
Surely have been killed with the situation
Come home
Come home to Ghana
…using your blackness as tickets
Come home to Ghana
And feel the warmth of the breasts
…that fed your roots
Come home to Ghana
…and build your roots to par the boots
…which hurts your citizenship
This is the Year of Return

Although we might not meet with ready parcels
…and palanquins for your welcoming
Know a step on our ports means freedom
…a walk on our land means justice
…a breath of our air means love
And live your best lives here
…your home

You’ll not be lonely
Because every being is a relative
You’ll not feel strange
Because in most mouths
…sit your greetings
You’ll not feel lost
…because in every finger
…lies your direction
You’ll not feel left out
…because on most faces
…shine your smiles
This is your Year of Return

You can come and shed the tears of oppression
But know we have rooms for you here
And our dears will steer your cheers
…and our cheers will show we care
Because love is what we plant
And success is what we hope
…will reroot you here
Your homes

When you come to Ghana
Come with tongues of white sheep
Not with tongues of wounded pride of lions
For most of our ears love bleating
…and not roaring

When you come to Ghana
Know shit is from the rear holes of humans
And fuck is the conversation of waist landers
…in crude ways
If you precede it with “mother”
…and succeed it with “er”
You’ll commit an utter abomination
Bitches are female dogs
…a human comparison is a slap on the face
…in multitudes

Don’t get me wrong
We’re strong enough to have all belong
But an obedient child creates a welcome
…that harmonizes hearts
And a fitting-in
…needs a learning
So do well in all
And come and feel at home
Come and be at home
This year-
This Year of Return
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 13, 2019


December 10 is too hard to remember
It shows the blood in all red
And builds dark clouds in all my skies
As your thoughts roll like waves
…to the shores of my mind

December is a month I dread
It stopped my happy years
By taking Aduse Poku on its 26th
And taking you on its 10th
And taking Grandma Ama on its 27th
How do I live through such void
Even as this innocent December stares?
I dread them all but I wish I could skip through the 10th

I don’t know how people do it
But my mouth opens the taps of my eyes
…at your mention
My mind fetches regrets at your thoughts
And your thoughts drain all happiness in your hosting
That visit in my dream did naught to clear the sadness

It’s been a hard year
A hard year that I’ve worked to shirk the thoughts of you
It’s been a hard year
A hard year I’ve jumped your thoughts
…to act cool
It’s been a hard year
A hard year
…I’ve lived like a fly in a body that claps
But no second clears you in my upper room
And breaths feel like poisonous doom

But you’re my baby
And I live like your mother
Knowing a reversal is my impossicant
Knowing you wait to take my hand
…at the end
That you’re well rested and playing pain in its pleasure
Pauses my pain sometimes
But missing you is all I do
Loving you is all I do
Wanting you is all I do
Needing you is all I do
For you are a me I can never let go
No matter the voice that calls
…for a mental separation
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 10, 2019


A heart opens like a flower
Once the right sunshine of tenderness
…the right dosage of rain of love
…and the right amount of air of care
Bless its growth
When it does
…appearances don’t matter
Poverty won’t close it
Opinions won’t shut it
For its beats will only follow the drumming
…of its benefactor
And its feet will dance to the songs of happiness
So grow halls to work your needs
…you with yearning aches
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 4, 2019


Her eyes glued on him
Her pores raised their skirts
…of goosebumps
…in their yearning for him
Even thoughts of his possible touch
…rained her clouds of passion
So she boldly went for him
…and succeeded

Her dear Kwabena Appiah was ditched
…like a chewing gum emptied of sweetness
Forson’s fine figure,
His impeccably fitting apparels,
His alluring perfumes,
His flawless skin,
His six packs and
…his designer products,
None spoke of costs

But a little time is all it took
…to get the demands flowing
Money for clothes
Money for the gym
Money for skin products
Money for fuel
Money for his time
She began to see the formula on his pictures
…she lost
…in her fascination
When she spoke
…she was reminded of the long queue in wait
…should she default

No matter how hard her body wanted him
She saw not the route to keep him
For she owned no bank
And certainly owned no money tree
She had no wealth
And knew no hardwork which could sustain his demands
So she let go
But her ex had combed the rest and found a gem
Leaving her stranded in regrets

She learned too late
…that gold once refined
…needs a secured vault
…and a rich hand to keep it
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 2, 2019


Love is one of the strongest rums
…of emotions
Just the right dose
…keeps the heart aboard the ship of happiness
…balancing challenges in smooth sails
An overdose arrests cognition
…defies will
…kills shame
…suppresses ego and pride
…blinding and deafening and numbing all odds

An alcoholic drunk
…has better fate than a love drunk
As the former is blessed with temporal insanity
…the latter might languish in perpetual insanity
…being ruled by a force all eyes see in the wrong
…but the controlled

Those who never drink from the love rum
…are better off than the overdose
For lack of excitement compares not to shame and derangement
So sip with a tip
…after a toe has dipped to taste
Don’t sip with your hip
…do your legs equip to avoid a slip
So you will not comatose in your body
…and made a robot of another
If the wake be long
…your regrets can fetch an arrow to pierce
…the heart of your future
Draining the blood of your hope
…till its anemic frame breaks
…killing your whole
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 1, 2019


You know the gift you’ve bought is euphoria,
Changing my odd spirit name to Victoria
In what can now be part of our best historia
A beautiful beautiful Thursday traveling to a Friday utopia

From Nyerere Street to Central Park
…Daily Nation Headquarters to the pilaar joint
Coffee Casa and its literary insights to KFC through a matatu
…without its signature loud music
Sparks did hack our hearts

The laughter
The wins
The girls flying through their storms of womanhood
The love
The distance
The wait hoping life will bridge the cold
The bold
The shy
The hands locking right in smiles
Reliving Iseyin and its thrills
As shame is shamed and dames roam free
…in careless spree

How gifted are you to give me a tour
That will so call for more?
How great are you lighting bright
…my soul in a wholesome whole?
How blessed are you touching right
…my spirit in a heartfelt yearning?
I am a Kenyan in a day
…sympathizing with meditating strugglers
…holding on to my purse through naughty streets
…meeting street sellers and hawkers at their hustling best
A reason your season has seasoned my reasoning
…lies in a fate bounded by a future
A future unknown to both you and I
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 29, 2019


those who hurriedly opened their gates beneath them
…to eat from the first fruit of Adam
…to tear open their innocence
End up killing most dreams with rushing diarrhea
Becoming ghosts to success

A young heart needs time
…to grow saucepan of maturity
…to fit onto the fires of love
So as to welcome appropriate fanning
…and stop confusing winds
So as to stop direct burns
…and get the right lid
…to protect itself from drowning
…in unexpected rains
For a heartbreak is like a bullet
…to the old
And a bomb
…to the young

The mouths that warn have passed that chaotic stage
If you look carefully
…you can see those who rushed
…those who patiently waited to grow
…and those who just stopped to watch the rushing in jealousy
Can’t you pluck fruits of experiences
…from these classified human foods?

It is not all experiences that one must get
…first hand
It is not all rebellion that one must taste
…first hand
It is not all body callings
…that one must heed
…in youngsterfield
Life is a mathematical construct
…whose best formulas lie in our listening
…and watching
Utilize your blessing
…to farm the best of gardens
For your future
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 18, 2019


If you do love
…a struggling being
And have looked above
…their unfortunate scenes
Here –

If you’ve spoken
…for a voiceless mouth
And have broken
…an unfairness mark
Here –

You are eyes
…to a blind walker
And a shield of lies
…of their unseeing sides
Here –

You do walk
…for a legless traveler
And do run
…as their danger leveler
Here –

Oh you think
…for an angelic thinker
And you love
…their clumsy workings
Here –

You stand a big bully
…who hurts to look cool
When your mates
…fan to create an unfair fool
Here –

You know no colour
You know no tribe
You know all disabilities
…are different forms of abilities
You know no shame
…when you need to a wrong tame
If you’ve defended an offended apprehended
You’re the Hercules
…of a weakened soul
You’re the real Apostles
…of the compassionate God
So please come here –
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 17, 2019


Sometimes when two hearts stand at a sharing junction
They become an unparallel duo
The more expressive
…the less retaining
The less expressive
…the more retaining
That is why hurts stay longer in the latter
…in an abrupt end

They are like sand and clay
Although water quickly seeps through sand
Clay takes its time to receive water
…and keeps it in its inner
…making it part of its particles
Eyes of sages see the loving plant
…they sew in the hearts of their slow others

Their mouths will say no
…whiles their hearts scream yes
Their faces will forcefully frown
…whiles their eyes cry out
Their mouths will cuss out
…as their minds bleed
…begging for the doctoring of their expressive others
Those slow to love
…fall hard and love most
Even after their hosts give up
…at their own cost
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 12, 2019


What is this fog parceling hard work
…and aiding shirking?
What is this anger hanging tribes
…making nationals strangers
…and causing looming danger?
Name calling?

There is a beauty in even insults
That is,
…never will they stick on their bearers like tags
…and they never hurt those in uncaring shirts
…what many deem today as rude
…shows how crude time is

If I live on a mountain, I’m a Mountaineer
If I live on stones
…I’ll gladly answer to a Stone Child
If I live in the West
…I’m a Westerner
If I live in the East
…I sure am an Easterner
What anger must this dig in my busy heart?

Just as “bad” spells awesomeness today
Any tag can be made dignified
…by your actions and inactions
Branding with hard work
Developing with cheers
Respecting without sneers
Have built many a people
…and many a cause

So whine to the works
Opine with your sweat
Oh grind with your deeds
Gardens never bloom by just fighting off pests
Some weeding
…some watering
…Some sunlight
…Some air
Sells its success
Wisdom is learning
…and succeeding
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 27, 2019


If cold winds can call your presence
…from your absence
..to my presence
And stop biting me with longing for you
I will live better
…without feeling the miles which knot like ropes
…to hang our lust in our days apart

If nights will stop the frights
…of the emptiness that this huge bed poses
And stop showing the thorns of distance
…between you and I
I will cherish the memories
…which turn channels of unfulfilled needs
And have my shadows play your company

But time talks touches
…which can tickle giggles
The dark ghosts a host
…who can work a boasting
Silence whispers a voice
…which can smite boredom
The ceiling shows visions of actions missing
Closed eyes open the cinema of my mind
…which shows videos of our missions
…being murdered by time
Miles pile vile dials
…which never get you here

So I keep staring at your imagination
…on the ceiling
I keep seeing your pictures
…on the bedside table
Your form keeps forming
…on the floor
It gets worse at the empty side of the bed
…at the doors which promise your production
…by lying through their keyholes
And when I look at the wardrobe
…it plays tricks of hiding you
I keep staring
I just keep staring everywhere
…like one freshly admitted into the dorm of insanity

This is what miles have piled on me
As we live under same suns
…same moons
…same skies
Holding onto the rope of love
…far stretched by distance
Placing us in two worlds
…far apart
To feel the unfair burns of loneliness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 16, 2019


Where do I go from you?
When your looks
…book me confusion
Your smiles
…blind me in illusion
Your hugs
…buy me commotion
…of loss in your warmth
Where do I go?
Just where do I go from you?

Where do I go from you?
When you are the house
…I hope to build
The home
…I wish to return to
The hope
…I need restored
The heart
…I yearn to live in
Where do I go to?
Just where do I go from you?

My heart is no student
…of my head
…to sit and listen to its reasoning
My eyes are no slaves
…of my mind
…to bow and close to your presence
Even my thoughts
…pace like cars in races
…in the mind that should be ruling
All in demonstration to have you
Where do I go to?
Where do I go from you?

I may be a mate in your bait
I may be a lie in your sly
I may be an ant in your can’t
I may be the ark in your dark
But I am a beating heart
…with heating hopes
…lured by your charms
So where do I go to?
Just where do I go
…if you push me to the land of rejection?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 15, 2019


We are in this doom fence
Nursing fear of separation
With rains of vulnerability falling into the konkura
…of our heads
While our faces mask the opposite
…in deviance

We’re in these emotional whirlwinds
Digging dust to blind each other
…in our troubled tracks
When unspoken words ghost our unhappiness
…with heartbreaking sadness
How crumbs of dissatisfaction piled
…into heaps of filth
…to clog the flow of communication
…in the gutters of our pride
Still baffles me
Why can’t our mouths speak the truths in our hearts?

Your ego eggs my pride to the happy view of others
My pride stones your ego to the chatty excitement of others
But we’re the ones who’ll lose the kisses
…feel the misses
…and face the hisses and their attending disses
Why can’t we see?

There is no delicious dish egos and pride cook
…in relationships
There are no real wishes I-must-win grants
…in love
There is no bliss at the end of embarrassing schemes
Why can’t we see?
Why can’t we see?

What will be more painful
Will be the needing of each other
After we ruin us in front of all
With our eyes sent by our hearts in calling
Our bodies weak by the whips of yearning
As our relations battle in an unmendable war
To bomb all hope of revival

Still, we’re here
A place so unfair
Knowing the ditches our bitching is digging
Seeing the culture of a future of rupture with no promising rapture
Knowing we’ll be consumed
…so consumed
…by the fire that the fuel of pride
…and the flames of ego
…but still walking into that hell shell
…knowing so well the lack of quenching well
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 12, 2019


A home is like a beehive
Built with care
Treated so fair
With a peace so rare
An easy sea with cherished breath for every dive

A home is like dolphins’ ocean
Strong in bond
All in fond
A safe haven tu le monde
A place where every commotion through emotions are carefully worked out in devotion

A home is a forgiving structure
A place where even blinds
…find all kinds of minds
…in combined help in troubling winds
A place where there is healing for every broken fracture

A home is a shell where bells of breaking hells
For they know they can fall dead
Before they reach its shed
A place worth more than all pearls

A home is an oven of pride
Where all are cooked
…prestige and a future booked
A place where all, on love, are hooked
An amazing future on a happy ride

A home is a temporary bye
In wait for a happy hi
A home is made up of real laughter in affectionate tie
It is a transparent pen
And a protected den

A home is a place of trust
Where justice is a must
A place where everyone feels part of the cast
And gathers tenderness which never rust
Cherishing every day they fold in their past

It is a place where your craze amazes ones you love
A place where your faults never halt the flow of your built love
A place where your every state in fate is a date for your mates
A safety cocoon with tension relief dates
A place where you’re shown in beautiful mirrors
…even in your horrors
The place where intimidation is zero
And every soul is a hero
That is what I call a home
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 30, 2019

NO SLEEP Tonight (18+)

Fireflies will fire and fall
Fairytales will ferry and fence
Flicks will flip and flap
Fear will fly to false farms
Fasten your firewalls
We’ll get no sleep tonight

Tingles will tangle in triumph
Time will toast into tatters
Touches will take all tree-airs tend to trust
…into titillating thrusts of the titans
Take your trumpet
We’ll get no sleep tonight

I’ll be the knightess meeting a knight
I will blind the night with the sounds of might
I will break the tears of lonely hearts
And gift them songs which will dig their choked earth
And open the tap of their thighs

I’ll be the thunders
…which will elide the roars of tsunamis
I will be the lioness feeding her insatiable lion
I will be the colour on the skies of passion
I will be the magic rider of a heated stick
So tighten your seat belt
We’ll get no sleep tonight

Don’t be a chicken
…your feathers will fly for your skin to die
Don’t be a toothless dog
…your barks will die for your soul to burn
Come as a lion
And swallow as a python
Be a sloth and you’ll be served to the vultures
So work your stamina
…we’ll get no sleep tonight

For it is the night for the queen
Whose torch lights once in several full moons
It is the night when traveled passions
…return with a timed promise of leaving
It is that night when lust lights to cage the night from lips to hips in flips and grips
So feed tiredness to the sluggish
Pump your heart with the air of youth
And come with charged surrender
For we’ll get no sleep tonight
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 25, 2019


We both felt the flames of attraction
And watched as our hearts held hands
…walked happily out and about
…kissed and drank fresh nsafufuo
…joked and laughed
And came back into their shameful enclaves
Watching us languish in yearning
…without doing a thing

You were not willing to take a step
And certainly, I couldn’t have been the willing party
For you know patriarchy locked its anarchy on my mind,
…no matter how far I’ve strayed from its village,
And hanged the keys in the bosom of shame
As an Ɔkaniba
…how could I have visited the caves of shame
…in my bid to have you?
Petty and childish definition might have fitted me then
Excuse my flaw, even wood leaves its ashes after a thorough burn

Years walked, looked and laughed
…at our ridiculousness
As our eyes made us out even in multitudes
Our ears heard our breaths even in chaos
Our noses made out our scents even in multi-fragrances
And woke goosebumps on our skin
Still, our emotions braked in our throats
Never making it past the fences of our lips
Still not moving
Cupid branded us stupid and chose a humid day
…to severe our ties
The debris must have fallen on you
As you watched me stand
…walk and fly

Wherever your boldness traveled to
…and returned from
I know not
But I have passed the station of our bonding
And prefer being a loner than holding your hand
I don’t know what washed you from my needs
But it did wash you clean

So leave it be
And pray our paths cross in another world
So we can rectify this mistake
For who knows
Our roles may switch
And I may end up the bewitched
This world is far spent
…our feelings too burnt to be salvaged
So let us fall
…into the abyss of what could have been
…to search for the well hidden hole of forgetfulness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 25, 2019


Some are like aphrodisiacs
Thoughts of them make cobras out of worms
…looking for water closets to shed their vomits
Some are like comic movies
Thoughts of them break smiles
…and sometimes mad laughter
Some are pride pens
Thoughts of them paint pictures of prestige
Calling important airs to float the soul
Some are flies
Thoughts of them write annoyance in the heart
Still, flutters woo their presence
For there are chills in their absence
And they turn hills with sweaty climbs
…when they’re present, still, they have the pills of pearls
Some are peaceful moons
They bring stars to shine their beauty
And bless minds to rest with quietude
Always posing the best resting places
I won’t ask where I fall
I want to be all in one

I want to be the bite
…and the balm
I want to be the structure
…of your laughter
I want to be your dame
…in your fame
I want to be the axe
…which digs your yams

I want to be your steer
…and your beer
I want to be your mirror
…and your horror
I want to be your stage
…and your cage
I want to be your trip
…and your whip
I want to be your club
…and your bed
I want to be your master
…and your servant
I want to be your bank
…and your ATM
I want to be all that you love
…all that you have
…all your discomfort
…and all you crave to explore
And you, my same

For a boring road in company
…is worse than the chaotic
Love should be all that drama entails
…and more
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 24, 2019


It is a boil
One makes to plant on the soul
Every passing day stretching its hurts
Till it bursts and sores

It sucks the fun out of life
And rides bodies like horses
Into ditches where stitches fear their dents
And never leaves a way out
After its breakthrough
For it then creates a chain of the wronged

So a chased turn chased in a family baton run
It is that deadly

It is no child’s play
…and no small task
It is no great marks
…and no hero measure
It is nothing worthy of congratulations
And certainly not a society of classy rank

So learn to live with forgiveness
And help weed out bitter roots
…which can’t easily be uprooted
…and can live through generations
Discard it and free yourself
…and your unborns from hurts
For it can plant poverty in its bitter blindness
It can never be a good thing when it seeks to murder
It only becomes good when it is directed at self improvement
Yes, it is that strong and powerful, deadly even
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 19, 2019


…yelling your yearnings
…like thunders troubling and tormenting
…pleading with persons
…like a beggar brutalized by a brutal beast
…seeking sympathy
…dressing in duress
…feeling a fault
…courting my court
All you need is to let it speak for itself
…to mine –
Your heart

There is a language of sincerity
That truthful hearts exude
On tickets of actions
…and slates of body language
So let your heart speak
…let it speak to mine
To see if there is a pairing factor

You can’t kneel while your heart sleeps
When mine waits for a signal
You can’t wail while my heart sails
…on ships of doubts
So wake it –
…your heart
And let it speak
…and read its own performance
…in a feeling of failure
…or pass in my complex heart
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 19, 2019


You tripped on the stone of my warmth
…and landed in the lair of my love
Seeing nothing but darkness above
You say you can’t find your way out
I know it’s hard to find that way out
…but try

Your tears are flooding my abode
…man tears lack charm in a plea bargain
…where harm is armed with a damn
And hearts without light
…see none to pity

Bluntness is my bullet
…hoping to bail your interest with a death
Cruelty is my gift
…changing your memories into hatred
…then forgetfulness
Only weak hearts die
…in an unrequited love battle

Strength is carrying your pain
…making it no bane
…to your attention strain
Strength is your smiles
…in all your yearning miles
…hiding needs like piles
…situated at CCTVless parts
…of the body

Love is a chain of hunting
…as the sheep hunts grass
…and the wolf hunts sheep
…as the lion hunts wolf
…and human hunts lion
Only lucky ones get fair chances
…of hunting themselves in equal halves
…to later merge in a determined pledge

So find your way out
…please find your way out of my lair
You are no food I wish to taste
…neither is your blood water
…I need for a thirst quench
All I smell is the stench of your needs
…marring the success of my hunt
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 14, 2019


Ogya de gya!
…me de awɔ no!
M’adi apagya!
…me de aka no!
M’atu mu dɛ
…me de akyerɛ no!
Wɔma bebree paepae ansa na wadro abɔ
Agya-nyaneno ne ɛna-twimu ma me bebrebe no
…nyinaa yɛ nsu brane
…a ɛtɔ dum ayaase abaa mu gya
So STOP it!

If your flex
With your ex
During sex
…flopped and ended in a vex of the perplexed
Leaving you with a complex
Look for the BEST habits in nature
To nurture your broken factor
And not a deadly lighter which will get you to an apex
And drain you senseless

Going for alomo
…to seek some promo
Superman bitters
…to show your powers
Buying Atiamo
…to boost the hormones
Tramol in boosters
…to temporarily rule as a rooster
Jamaican stone
…for a temporal bone
Are sure ways of killing your jack

Make do with your little fire
…instead of seeking to more acquire
Even gums bleed in a violent brushing
Those sacks may have no mouths to speak
And may have no powers to open their pods, as knives help cocoa pods, to show
…their hurts
So STOP it!

Many a man have huge and long sticks
But know not how to steer them
Power lies in knowing the self
…and how to hold your steer in driving
You owe no woman’s impressions
…in your bedmatical expressions

It is true horny is healthy
…but induced horny can lead to seduced Tuesday weeding
So live out your best
…in your loving quest
If your enough can’t stuff your half
Many passionate souls hide in your fancy
Dig out and wear your size
It is better than housing a dead part
…on a bitter and frustrating journey till death
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 13, 2019
Inspired by Dr. Akosua Abdallah

1, 2, 3, 4 and A, B, C, D, E

I. Respect
2. Kindness
3. Progress
4. Love

A. Care
B. Tenderness
C. Trust
D. Consideration
E. Love

You give me 1 and I’ll give you 2
We can both work 3 to get to 4
That is my 1, 2, 3, 4 of fairness

You give me A in a 1 and I’ll give back 1 in an A
We’ll arrive at B through the doors of 2
And use 3 to get to 4
And through careful thoughts in C get to D
…then E
That is my 1, 2, 3, 4 and A, B, C, D, of my E

There are no familiar zones for short cuts
There is no millennial room for cheating
There are no traps to take bribes
And there’ll be no military for coups
The clear line is like one drawn by a perfect architect
And hosts the competition with a never resting sun
Only the first to get here
Gets to the bottom of my E
As all others gain their 4 in a fair fight
Fairly unfair, I know
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 7, 2019


The world, God’s gift,
Was originally a dwelling for all
Without demarcation
Without ownership
How humans heckled hostage
And carved supremacy to draw lines called borders
Made a funny video in my mind
Sanity made it understandable
Development made it beautiful
Until ownership turned vindictive
Murdering beings
In a nice x word, clothing a devilish doom
How did Ubuntu fail?

I thought Ubuntu spelt out compassion and virtues in humanity
I thought Ubuntu could turn mother
To hug all black lands in its bosom to blossom
I thought Ubuntu could one day turn African Anthem
To unite the black continent
Into a contender unbeatable
I thought Ubuntu could speak to hearts
Knowing no differences between colours so varied
And will never see a difference in shades of black
But here we are
In a horrifying horror
How did Ubuntu fail?

I can see the spirit of Madiba
Wailing the woes of guttered sacrifices
I see the shape of Africa
Writhing in painful deformity as uniformity loses form in shocking inhumanity
I can see the continent on the stage of insults
As fellow humans queer us brainless
I see sluggish souls selling South Africa
In the parcel of Africa
To the world as animals needing buyers
I see African Bosiakos battling death for a comeback
With fists of unfairness and disappointments
How did Ubuntu fail us?

It is a simple matter of living as others live
It is a common sense of one world for all living
It is a human knowledge of home being where the heart leads
It is a common love of neighbours
That waters growth in every positive way
In a day when humans are like porridge mixed with sugar
On all grounds
How can we get here?
How did Ubuntu fail?

This naked madness needs a stopping!
This naked hurting needs a sane clothing!
This modeling horror needs no stage
On this struggling continent
For we know the “I am because we are”
We know none leaves the other behind
We know all the faces of Ubuntu
All the fingers of Ubuntu
All the senses of Ubuntu
And all its dictates
Let’s not allow Ubuntu to fail
In this love zone with equal bones in a colour
For we lose it all
If one calls out hatred as the other responds
That contagion can cripple us
Into a never rising
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 3, 2019


I have jumped through the windows of my heart
After its doors were shut by pain
…and the keys thrown into the sea of disappointment

I have maneuvered through the ceiling of my mind
After its doors and windows
…were nailed unopenable
…by hounds of hurts

I have shed the skin of my spirit
…bleached the sadness of my soul
Scrubbed the pain of my body
Putting ears and eyes and heartbeats on each
In wait for you

All you need is a little call
…a soft whistle
…a gentle knock
…a small wave
…a knowing smile
And one will join one to remain one
…blending heartbeats
…with the clapping of headbeats

So make an effort
And like a ghost or a spirit
…a scare or a fair
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 28, 2019


Bags are packed
…with clothes of patience
…undies of curiosity
…shoes of excitement
…armour of compromise
Waiting for your cue
…to board the vehicle leading
…to the airport
…for the begining of our journey to your heart

I am ready to embark
…even if a dog with rabies searches through a scare bark
I am ready to be deafened by your take off
…dizzy with the sky bumps
…taste flight fear of hurdles
Even the fear of a crash won’t trash the flush of my crush
So hurry
…take me to the land of your heart

I need to explore all the caves
…visit your beautiful waterfalls
…and know their sources
I need to know every part of your hidden forest
…to know the most dangerous
…the mildest
…the scarred
…and vulnerable attitudinal pets
…and their needs
So I can prepare their feeds
…should they visit us in physical

I need to go to wish land of your heart
…to study every detail
…in order to plan them perfectly
For I want to spare no strength
…in working smiles to shine the sky of your face
…and moons of satisfaction
…to light your face in the dark
…to lead my happy tours

I need to know your empty space
…to fill them with flutters
I also need to know your shattered parts
…to fix them with positive flattery
I have the perfect glue of admiration
…to stitch all torn parts
So take me
…take me to the land of your heart

If you’re comfortable
…you can sail with me
…to visit your spirit
…and your soul
…to explore your fears
…on the boat of trust
Of course, mine is there for your exploration
…any day

Just know,
…once we decide
…I’ll never let go
…until the spear of death splits
That is how far my thoughts have traveled
So let’s do this
…take a leap
…through hard work
…to blend our hearts
…into a companionable new nation of one
…one that only the knife of death
…can split
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 14, 2019


For those who raise their rods
…as Moses did
…to part the red sea on their best halves
…and just walk through
…caring not about the delicate grounds
…they stump on
…going forth and back
…until they shed their semenic enemies
…caring not about the beautiful rains never unshed
You’re horrible hate harvesters
…in your beautiful human farms

How can you not pray
…by weeding stress and duress
…calling seeds of care to grow
…on skins you’ll wear?
How can you not work their rains
…to bless your digging
…with moisture?
How can you not be a fence
…to hold onto your beautiful farms
…after your planting?

A good farmer harvests great yields of respect
…and becomes the precious star
…of his farm

This is an advice from Orgas’ Mic
…to all forceless farmers
…facing frights of chaotic homes
…neglecting good play in the fore
…and knowing not why they harvest defeat
…in their farms of love
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 2, 2019


It must not happen again:
The barbaric facts
…of humans turning monsters
…to treat other humans like animals
…for their selfish mortal desires

It must not happen again
…the trapping and hunting
The catching the whipping
The painful transplanting and torturing
…overworking and murdering
It must NOT
It must NEVER happen again

It must not happen again
We must make sure of it
We –
…those who have gained roots outside our fence
…and those whose pain have watered their lives within
Like kɔtɔkɔ –
…we must rise in our numbers to combact
…the poisonous infection of drugs
…murder the degrading branding of crimes
…wash off the stunting appeal of laziness
…and switch on the light of hope
On our yesters’ stolen
While driving out the doom of corruption within our mother fence

We must wipe out the characteristics
…of diasporean intimidation
And the Afri self righteousness
Which clash to alienate one from the other
Blocking hugs and togetherness
For a vice versaring benefit

For a body cannot run from its shadow
And no matter the dark that hides a shadow
It follows its body no matter its flight
Remembrance must only be a tap for hard work
…and not hatred
For hatred is like a full time job
…which can consume the time of progress

We must bond in a fondness
That will fan our ancestral worries to wonders
We have to hold hands of our hearts
…and yoke words of our mouths
To light our many talents
For we are fire and fuel
None lights without the other
We are skies, suns and moons
…we will always need each other to shine
…on this here earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 30, 2019
Inspired by Mr. Andrew’s Kuusiemeh


Friction fires fights among friends
…and fuels feuds
Fickle fronts fume feeble fits
Freeze friction
Free feelings
…in friendly favours
For forces that function
…feel fevers of fiery-clashes

Defrost fury
…in a delightful hurry
Ditching sorry
…in dining worry
Drawing dears into darling dwellings
For loving swellings

Feed no fridge your feelings
…to face your fears
Write no rights
…to work your ways
Tongue and teeth
…are like trading twins
A bite, a breaking
…sell no abandoning
So thaw angst
…before it burst
…into destructing dumps
For immediate release
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 29, 2019


Mother in law
Please be no monster in loathing
…scaring an innocent as cats scare mice
Mother in law
…be no bore
Your words cut deep into sores
Breaking the decorous bones of my jaws
Your claws in paws defile the law
…in your name’s core

Mother in law
…a first love loves a love from the strange
…to gift her seats of comfort
…to build a care umbrella
…to protect the centre of attraction
She is like the air in the heat of friction
…the heat in the cold of restriction
…making sure 1+1 remains one
…clearing distracting afflictions

So don’t be a tigress
…turning a beautiful home into a jungle
…chasing nothings into flaws
…and digging in with your claws
It is an abomination
…for a man to find pleasure shelter
…in a hole which pushed him to life
…night after day and before dawn

Wilting flowers need to share their sunshine
…and rains and air
For the blooming to beautifully brighten
…to leave a mark of love
…and a cycle of giving
…watering love after love
…in a generational heritage
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 26, 2019


I stabbed my fears
…and murdered my weaknesses
I suffocated my ambitions
…and poisoned my dreams
…clutching care like fresh eggs
…all to hold your life
That is how much I loved you

I climbed arrogance
…with the sword of insistence
I swam in pity
…with hands of determination
I flew in abnormalities
…on rumours of witchcraft
I trained like a soldier
…and buried all tiredness
Just to keep your life
That is how much I loved you!

When I thought of the culture
…which called many a vulture
…for your living structure
…because of your ill stature
I smoked weed of defiance
…killing all wicked thoughts around you
…with guns of law
…and emotions of common sense
That is how much I loved you

I never thought
…for a brief day
That you’d be lost
…and I’d stay
I never envisioned
…for a brief second
That you’d be gone
…and I’d be here
I am now like a can
…with a fountain drained of tears
…in bright bright clothes
I’m now like a lost lioness
…in a warrior zone
…without claws
…without teeth

Time is burying your memories in dusts of forgetfulness
…but a little air of rememberance
…dusts the pain and hurts clean
…with your giggles echoing sorrows
…in caves of loss
You’ll forever remain my cross of loss!
You’ll forever remain my emotions’ boss!
You’ll forever be that boy at the peak of my love
…one I spared no sweat to dig flutters
…at his sight!
For you made me
…and broke me
…and killed me
…and planted me
Only for me to germinate into newness
…your absence living in my roots
…never to part
…never ever to be forgotten
Aduse-Poku Ahwinie!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 14, 2019
In memory of my Kwadjo Opoku (Sept. 5, 2011 – Dec. 10, 2018)


The mind is a fertile land
…in the head of every being
Plant weeds of hurts
…and reap seeds of hatred
…with its shadow of cruelty
…and spirit of harm
Plant loving flowers with caring fragrance
…and harvest nectar of faith
…scent of love
…beauty of tenderness
…colours of trust
…thorns of care
…providing fences for your safety

The mind is a most fertile land
Plant seeds of hurts
…and like false yams
…harvest a drum full of hatred
…with roots that never really die out
Plant seeds of love
…and harvest a drum full in return
Birds of circulation peck on each
…buying for you hatred
…or love in others

Like a skilled farmer
…looking forward to a bountiful harvest
…which will feed nations
Have the tool of care
…in selecting seeds for planting
…in the farm of all minds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 11, 2019


If I wanted your game
I would have more than that
…in less than the sweat of your hunt
If I wanted your game
…the game you so vilely parade
…trying so hard to cover the charade
…with my taunting,
I would never break so much as a sweat
…in fencing me with many
…better in parade
So hide your hideous finger
…wearing your tight finger cuffs

I know of your broken bed
…and your feelings’ death
I see the cracks on your mouth
…from the bad conversations gone south
I know the drought in your pocket
…because of the glutton in your socket
I know the fear in your heart
…because of the pressure from your prize
Interesting how great beads
…silently grace noble waists
…as those made by Chinese children in experimentation
…call even the dead
…to witness their walk taking
So be modest in flashing your finger cuffs

Like vultures without houses
…beaten by telling rains
Your problems are tattoed in your meanness
So cry out
…for once cry out and free your soul
…from the dark it hides
…pulling walls to shade the bright
…walls which annoy even angels sent to work solo
…on this twisted earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 9, 2019


Did I come to the market late?
I must have
…considering the rotten goods
…waiting for selection
…or buy

What will rotten vegetables and foodstuffs fetch?
…Stale taste?
…Stomach ache?
…Running stomach?
…Food poisoning?
Yet see them scattered in near filth
…on my disappointing market

What will a polluted goat fetch
…in a long term petting?
…A possible death?
Yet see it parading in annoying pumɛɛs
…caring not about the disgust on my face

What will a rabid dog fetch?
…An unhealable bite?
…A tetanus injection?
…A possible loneliness?
…A living fear?
Yet see it barking without backing off
…seeing the fear boldly written with my countenance

What will a sneaky snake fetch me?
…A lonesomeness?
…A fearful and poisonous bite?
…An annoying hissing?
…A hide and seek in time wasting?
Yet it hisses through the horror
…written in my eyes

Like normal goods a market brackets
…they seem to be all that are left
…for a pick
Some getting in the way
…and staining clothes
…ruining footwear with their stinking droppings
Where did all of them go?
…The hybrid ones
…with freshness
…unflawed colourfulness
…normal fragrances
…promising delicacies
…with many a touch of surprises?
It sure is hard
…to shop in a near evening
Truly, almost all good goods never wait till sundown!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 30, 2019


There are birds who visit
…in blessful transit
There are cool airs
…which bless our flopped fairs
…only to pass us on to brutal bottled beers
There are suns
…whose warmth we worship
…but their steps never sync ours
…so we’re always left behind
Think of these
…really deeply

Cherish the times recorded in your history
…or perish in wants long rotten in impossibilities
Live the memories
…few have in luck
Or sulk in sores your regrets
…keep digging into self hatred
Bɔɔla birds who get the privilege
…of flying a time with eaglets
…before their full blossoms
…must at least own their stories

It is a fact
…that although you are a golden ceiling on another’s sky
…you were dirt in my
…uncompleted mansion
It is a truth
…that lionesses mate lions
…and not dogs
It is clear
…your legs couldn’t keep up in closeness
…with the hare-like fire
…which burned the sands
…to carve the fine you so whine
…to now own
Let sense descend on you
…to look south in my northness
If that is what is eating deep into your hurts

There are treasures we get but see not
…until their flight
…to others’ ownerships
There are priceless gems
…which act stones to be had
…in our uninterestedness
…oh how we always curse us in their shines
…from other quarters!
There are ails which kill us
…through “had I knowns”
But just as dead beings have no turn backs
…we need a knowing
…of the living deads
…in our lives
Those we can never ever return to us
So we can take our past
…off the fires of our yearning present
…to at least cool needs into satisfactory smiles
…instead of boiling in broken bitterness
So let your memories serve as payment
For the can’t-have you so “need” now
Isn’t there a saying
…a vehicle whose seats you’ve tasted
…hurt you not in a leave behind?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ©June 20, 2019


It started like serene air
…in my sunlight
You, me attending
…you me loving
…you, me feeding
…you, me caressing
…you, me cuddling
…you, me kissing
…you, me tendering
…you, me calling
And my vice versaring
Then it turned from mild to cold winds
You, me neglecting
…you, me annoying
…you me forgetting
…you, leaving me hanging
…you, me shaming
Even knowing I’m African
You started snowing hate
…giving me shivers of fear
…icing my rivering possibilities
…murdering my hope for us
Then I felt the painful teeth of frost
I asked what it was
…but the cold promised a feeling

You should’ve tutored me
…that your warmness
…could turn cold
…cold which could turn monster
…to bite in breaking me apart
You should’ve warned me
…to put on clothes of care
…as necessity in our beautiful beginnings
You know I’m carved from the ribs of Asaase Yaa
…with a body only known to the beautiful suns of happiness
…which give no chance to snow
…let alone carve cold to crack
You should’ve given me a heads up
…knowing where you picked me
…and where you were taking me
I am African
…a being loving her suns
…a being shivering at the mere thought of rain
But what?
You send me to the cold land of heartbreak
…to see me breaking apart
…like a weak dry wood burnt
…and falling in ashes?

Cruelty is a cunning con
…deception is a deadly drown
…is a shocking school
And the break up frost surely is a new monster
…which I knew not
…let alone know how to trap
…and kill it
…to free the heart which it hurts
…from its fury
I guess experience
…will teach me
…to battle it with the fire of time
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 19, 2019


There is a beauty in seeing peacocks
…living happily with fowls
There is a beauty
…in seeing winds
…carry happy sands
There is a beauty
…in moons pairing suns
…at the rise of one and the fall of the other
There is a beauty,
…a beauty of one sky being shared by both
…at right times

When Muna serves Mary a meal
…during Salah
And Robert serves Alhassan a meal
…when it is Bronya
Peace develops butterflies in its stomach
…into flutters of love
For God is a shared being
…one no one owns
…one everyone owns
…one no one zones
…and one everyone zones
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 5, 2019


You acting bricks
…scheming tricks
…to be have as chicks
…mostly end up with dreaded dicks
…who master tricks
…to break your bricks
Oops! Did I just bend a nail by hitting its head?

In an era where promises scatter
…before flutters shatter
Bitches need to know their love for bones
…and grab them with skill even in their hots
Swans need to know their love for cuddles
…and feel them, on rivers of acceptance
Cats need to know their love for the clevers
…and know them, on screens of acceptance
Foxes need to know their hatred for fences
…and flee at the sign of fencing
So why act coy to soy a boy’s joy?

Have your want
…in your careful font
…not in a squeeze of nos when you know
…your heart’s hat has fallen in its loving shake
If you’re a kpanla
…there definitely is a salmon
…a tilapia and its many others
Don’t forget the many colourful tropical fishes
…dying to be noticed

If you’re a boy acting coy
In your annoying lover-boy ploy
…know you’re like a toy
…in a human play
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ©May 28, 2019


Love is like a seed
…in an unknown soil
Whether it’ll germinate or not
…after planting an interest
…is like the hawk of death
…and its hunting human fowl

A heart undergoes the process of oneness
…just as the seed battles its new soil
…in hope of birthing a new shoot
There can be seed hunters
…in the passions of the soil
Maggots and moths of pessimism
…fighting life of optimism
Until a shoot vanishes or sees its new world

Suns of care
Airs of tenderness
Rains of feelings
And the dews of determination
…form the formula of love’s living
Even so
…goats of over-jealousy can crush in a step
…storms of mistrust can crudely cut with secateurs
…fiery winds of miscommunication can drain its working blood
…floods of incompatibility can destroy its fragile frame
…pests of unfaithfulness can murder its blossoming
Bushfires of misunderstanding can burn its promising form
Many other dangers abound
So you need a fence of dedication

Yes, a fence of dedication,
For it takes the skilled to farm it
…foundationing with patience
…watering with loyalty
…uprooting weeds with forgiveness
…and fertilizing with faith
Even after fruition,
…through flutters
…with widths of smiles
…to heights of laughter
…in a companionable growth
There are weavils of confusion
…and their attending others
…who can cause rot before old age harvesting

Ye budding farmers need these brown experiences
As farm implements in preparation
…for the field of love
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May 21, 2019 (Title by Gloria Afua Ofeibea Addo)


Tears drizzle in my heart
They drizzle to tickle my sadness
On this day when motherhood
…sits on the throne
…to be exalted

It is upon the inspection of feathers
…that akokɔ asɛnsɛ becomes aware
…of its skin protectors
I crave this bed
…and thank it as a shed
…to hide the mood which swoons to tell
…on my sores

A year back-
…you were here
Two years back –
…you were here
Three years back –
…you were here
Four years back –
…you were here
Five years back –
…you were here
Six years back –
…you were here
Seven years back –
…you were fresh
Sprinkling happiness on my naïveté

What do I do with this me?
This me which wears armours of strength
…on a fatal blow!
What do I do with these eyes?
These eyes which push back tears
…on fears of colouring brokenness!
What do I do with this soul?
This soul looking down into an endless hole
…of yearning!
What do I do with this crab?
This crab stuck in my aching throat
…murdering my pipes to push your name down
…my sniffling stomach!
What do I do?
What do I do?

I keep wondering your stage
…your stage of rot
I keep wondering your fate
…your fate in death
I keep wishing we meet
…we meet to re-live
It is a sourness on sores
And I am a mess to your blessed memory
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May, 12, 2019


You rock which shock my mocks
You bone which stone and drone
…my emotions
…into public places
You fork which locks and blocks
…my defenses
…into helplessness
How could you make me so bow?
You prick!

You tickled my trust
…to tremble in tearing
You woke my warmth
…to wickedly wreck it
You caressed my care
…to carelessly curse it
You tended to my tenderness
…to tossingly trash it
You buttered my butterflies
…to brazenly break them
You flattered my flutters
…to ficklely finish them
You sicker!

You’re like stinking socks
…when I’m wearing my shoes
You’re like hateful hair
…when I’m wearing my hat
You’re like beaten breasts
…when I’m wearing my bra
You’re like drowning dens
…when I’m wearing my dross
You’re like caving caves
…when I’m wearing my clothes
You’re like earthquaking earthworms
…when I’m wearing my earrings
You sticker!

Why can’t I bath you out
…out of the body of my mind?
Why can’t I wash you out
…out of the wishes of my clothes?
Why can’t I soak your stench out
…out of the scent of my socks?
Why can’t I kill you
…in the kro of my heart?
You tick!

I am now a fuming forest
…hissing hysterically
I am now an occultic oven
…brimmingly burning
I am now a sea of savagery
…seethingly sulking
I am now a hunting hell
…just dare
…to step in the trap
…of my hunt
And you will smell your roasting game
You trick!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May 8, 2019