An unfairness dipped her heart in hatred
As vengeance taunted her pride
Voices pushed for drastic actions
Until she took the spear of bitterness

She flew on its handle
Like a witch whose magic wand has been stolen
And drowned all calls for calm
…in the stream of anger
Until she reached her target

She pierced deep
With her eyes closed
Twisting and pushing and hurting
Till she felt a death at the end of her spear
She felt an emptiness
Opened her eyes and saw it
…her soul hugging her foe
…in a murder she had executed

That’s why she walks like a shell
The bitter spear kills foes wrapped in our souls
She learnt that too late
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 28, 2019


Odomankomah Nyankopong Totorobonsu is the ultimate judge of our lives
We have no stools in lives of others
To sit like judges and condemn souls
The mock ones in life are just for protection; justice and fairness
We are not qualified to throw stones
In mistakes of others
Because fallibility is a natural cloth on every skin
We are all pigs trying to bathe clean in muddy waters of holiness
After every dirt wallowing
We are all rags
Trying to wash ourselves into tatters of cleanliness
After every stain of sin
We are chronic sinners
Who need understanding in place of accusations
We are all travellers
On crooked paths which we mostly never see
So help better a path in love or quietly pass
We can only eat each other up, in a survival fight
All others are falling in failing to our standing or ending
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 11, 2018





Their bearers

And taunt givers

As to revenge’s time

A touch, remembrance, pain

But that pain can be turned gain

If forgiveness smooths the bearers

Not a leg walks, all strong-willed legs walk

So stepping on toes in secluded space

Is a giving as all reach for goals and fall down

Scars given will be returned without a doubt so chill

And touch your scars, remember its pain so you never retaliate

I have, it was great, trust it will relieve your soul

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


Conscience stricken,

Defeatism controlled

I thought I saw your contrition

My desolation was the attraction

The wind in you embraced my storm

And exploded, scattering lightning

Which blinded and unblinded

Like a shellfish conquered,

My shell was left ashore

Waiting for a picker to pick

Either to grind, play with or love

Luckily, an adorable little hand picked,

Built a mansion and kept me in

Again, you show asking for clichés

You must be joking,

Bite me twice, and the scar is forever a reminder.

     Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



I sin and stray

He begs me to stay

I decline and he gets sad

Yet he forgives and to his children he add

No other than me

In hopes of me

Changing my spot

But no, my sport

Is indulging in sin

But I still remain his kin

Although I wish to change,

My wishes and act are two different things

This has become a war I wage

On myself and I wish I had wings

To fly to a safe place

where i will not lace

with sin and still not feel odd

Where I can draw closer to God.