The world, God’s gift,
Was originally a dwelling for all
Without demarcation
Without ownership
How humans heckled hostage
And carved supremacy to draw lines called borders
Made a funny video in my mind
Sanity made it understandable
Development made it beautiful
Until ownership turned vindictive
Murdering beings
In a nice x word, clothing a devilish doom
How did Ubuntu fail?

I thought Ubuntu spelt out compassion and virtues in humanity
I thought Ubuntu could turn mother
To hug all black lands in its bosom to blossom
I thought Ubuntu could one day turn African Anthem
To unite the black continent
Into a contender unbeatable
I thought Ubuntu could speak to hearts
Knowing no differences between colours so varied
And will never see a difference in shades of black
But here we are
In a horrifying horror
How did Ubuntu fail?

I can see the spirit of Madiba
Wailing the woes of guttered sacrifices
I see the shape of Africa
Writhing in painful deformity as uniformity loses form in shocking inhumanity
I can see the continent on the stage of insults
As fellow humans queer us brainless
I see sluggish souls selling South Africa
In the parcel of Africa
To the world as animals needing buyers
I see African Bosiakos battling death for a comeback
With fists of unfairness and disappointments
How did Ubuntu fail us?

It is a simple matter of living as others live
It is a common sense of one world for all living
It is a human knowledge of home being where the heart leads
It is a common love of neighbours
That waters growth in every positive way
In a day when humans are like porridge mixed with sugar
On all grounds
How can we get here?
How did Ubuntu fail?

This naked madness needs a stopping!
This naked hurting needs a sane clothing!
This modeling horror needs no stage
On this struggling continent
For we know the “I am because we are”
We know none leaves the other behind
We know all the faces of Ubuntu
All the fingers of Ubuntu
All the senses of Ubuntu
And all its dictates
Let’s not allow Ubuntu to fail
In this love zone with equal bones in a colour
For we lose it all
If one calls out hatred as the other responds
That contagion can cripple us
Into a never rising
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 3, 2019


The mind is a fertile land
…in the head of every being
Plant weeds of hurts
…and reap seeds of hatred
…with its shadow of cruelty
…and spirit of harm
Plant loving flowers with caring fragrance
…and harvest nectar of faith
…scent of love
…beauty of tenderness
…colours of trust
…thorns of care
…providing fences for your safety

The mind is a most fertile land
Plant seeds of hurts
…and like false yams
…harvest a drum full of hatred
…with roots that never really die out
Plant seeds of love
…and harvest a drum full in return
Birds of circulation peck on each
…buying for you hatred
…or love in others

Like a skilled farmer
…looking forward to a bountiful harvest
…which will feed nations
Have the tool of care
…in selecting seeds for planting
…in the farm of all minds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 11, 2019


I know,
…you know
…that I know your blow
Which is seeking the dark, to get me, your ‘foe’
…to make me kowtow
So –
…my magnanimous bow
…scares when your closed eyelids go
…to sleepland, in many an avenging arrow throw
But what do I do? Your target line toe?

I neither bought for you my hate
…nor its tiring sighs
I didn’t tutor you to bait –
…me, for my living bye
I neither created your hurting state
…nor forced your peace in a bye
I did not raise your conscience to rate
…you, in your plotting fies
So blame your scheming fate

None works in another’s hate
And reaps an applauding success
None spies on another’s life
And gets self development’s access
No cat calls for a lion battle
…and gets a peaceful recess
The loving hobbies
…which full my heart
…are what I feed on
And I so wish I mirror as your warrior –
…or your competition positively strong
I so wish I weed your monstrous horrors
…of impossibility’s desert
…to chart a path
…a path for you
…and only you
So fulfilment
…will rain to quench the heat of your bitterness
Instead of scripting my constant fantasy fall
…in your mental stage plays
For now
…I will stay gracious
…through all your contumeliousness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May 19, 2019


Wool travels through a tree
In a pod which explodes to throw it out
Lucky hands gather to refine
Piece upon a piece into many elegant things
Who is a bird to blame hands
When it feeds on fruits
Stays on trees and
Paint its surrounding with its rear vomiting?

A hole can be whole
But in a whole lies a hole
A being was born by a being from a being by a being with no end
Every being artificialised in production
The world is a take upon a take upon a take
Blood being a mixture upon a mixture upon a mixture
All authentic lost to time

Oh voices of fake originals!
Horses of self imposed superiors!
Look above and hope to fly
But look down too for the earth awaits
To churn all into food for roots
Roots which would feed your artificials and their artificials
None is a stone which fears no fire, water and air
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) Jan. 9, 2017.


If you fear overtakings
Because the foundations of your birthings
Shake like the grounds
Being walked on by elephants uncountable
Take no guns to bully the blacks
Wake your forefathers
Wake them from their accursed graves
To send them back to their roots
To make them the royals they were born to be
To give them the identities they lost to serve
To give them the paths that years erased
Then like a myth
They will vanish from your sights

If you feel wronged to live with them
Forget not their forefathers
Who were grinded like black vegetables
And appeared red like grounded pepper
For their juices of hardwork to garnish
The wealths which make you walk like peacocks
In a pagent with baboons …
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Many cry of ingratitude
Many fight against some attitude
Many push in fortitude
Almost all forget
That even corn on the cob
Are never on a level
The pest corns are prized
The stronger either bowing to bowel spewings
Or helping fire to stand
An all fair world, I know, will be a tree of suicide
Even the hand cannot boast of being irreplaceable
And the fingers cannot compare themselves to the heart
All other body parts know their deaths
Will never shake a determined heart
Not even eyes
So like a sun unready to set
Rise no matter how wronged
Make your crown
A crown fit for only your head
In minds whose notebooks are filled with your hate
None takes medicine for the sick
Is an old prized saying
That even the most foolish can relate
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


If Kwaku Ananse’s fate

Of always stirring hate

Incurred many baits

How many would’ve had that death date

Or ended on his webby plate?


Feel the hate

Wait and deflate

The stone-like gate

Of blocked freedom in loving fate

Do this or dear mate, do mate

The hatred until the hurts turn and hammer your pate

Like a nail in wood, till you, this earth evacuate

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(To all those who harbour hate. Inspired by a Facebook post of a special lady brought to my attention by a dear one.)



Hannah was a sweet girl

Who couldn’t hurt a weak fly

Until Jack took her flower

And abandoned her leaf


No one saw anger developing claws

In her, none saw revenge digging a hole in her

What we saw was her lost frame in the sea of hate

She first uprooted Jack’s roots and got out to hunt


Now she hunts for everything with a stick

Sowing bitterness in humans with paths

And scaring them off the seeds which could better

Their farms, amazing what some hurt can achieve


Innocent turned demon

A demon crushing and chewing hearts

Everyone has forgotten what changed her

They are only cursing her demon

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


My friend turned foe?

I planted in sweat what can’t grow?

Welcoming teeth fill my vision

Hungry angry claws appear

In front of my eyeless back?

Not fair if you ask me

Why can’t you be in front of my camera?

Why hide in darkness

If bitterness watered

By the water from my stream grew into a lioness

What is the excitement

If the prey sees not the hunger of its hunter?

This shockaholic which is a short cut

To where you will be must make you worry

For I will be the senior

And you my junior

When that time comes.

   Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Fishes convene for a solution on safety

The president of anchovies narrates his loss

His world is evaded each blessed day

His subjects are killed in million folds


The herring president narrates his plight

His country has alien eyes which watch their growth

Many like prisoners are caught, killed and caged

To please a world unknown to them


The salmon president stands to say

He has heard of how nice their bodies taste

So his country is almost at the verge of extinction

Because their eaters crave for more


The lobster president sadly says

He knows his people are caught and fried

And many are rudely killed and dried

While others are horribly grinded just to keep other worlds happy.


The shark president gets up and shouts for quietude

Why are they telling depressing stories

When they must find solutions to their losses?

He shuts their mouths and gets them thinking


President Anchovies gets up to fearlessly say

“What can we come together to solve?

How do we get a good solution

When other animals contribute to our loss?”


President Salmon retorts: “We are not here to lay such blames

We must survive no matter what

And if your death will help me to,

Then there is no need for me to die”


There is chaos at the fish meeting

Every small fish cries audibly foul

As many big fishes cry ‘silly accusations’

They fight and fight until some get wounded


President Tilapia shouts and says

We will always be preyed upon

Why won’t we? Because we are eaters of ourselves

How can any resistance be raised against eaters from the air and  land?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014.






The headache has become a brain tumour.

Now it shows.

I see, and you see

Great abysmal monks in an abbot of a bush

Effortfully breaking rules, adopting girls for pleasure

Reeking of self-loath and awakening poignant fears

In wombs and abdomens of earthly human makers

All in the name of faith and selfish desires.

Could it be Chinua Achebe foresaw?

“Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold”

Yes, things are falling apart

And the centre’s hands have been severed.

How can beings take lives of fellow beings without knowing how to form human blood?

How can faith force one to impose his ideals on the other?

Are some people created with two or more brains?

What makes them think theirs are superior?

Hiding and insulting

Hiding and warning

Bombing and blasting

Training and abducting

More bombings and warnings

We want none of these

Brave men hide not!

Egalitarianism is what we crave for

When will God, in whose name many of these atrocities are caused

Open His mouth?

When will He verify what He made His prophets write?

When will He let us know what is good and what is bad?

Seeing as we have lost all reasoning.

When will reasoning dawn on disgruntled worshippers

That this world belongs not to them?

You can throw the world away

If you fit not

Lose your soul instead of taking souls you cannot account for

The world will be a better place without killers

Even children know that

I might sound bitter

But desperation forces words out of dull mouths

Please let the world be.

   Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.






I am not neglecting you

Not at all

My mind happens to contain features,

Features of those days.

Yes, my body happens to be a feature among the many in days long gone,

Days before my habitation.

In my mind’s eye

I see those days

When minds were very pure

As to allow the female body to receive the cool breeze by covering only the chest and the waist, and no eyes lure

And minds were in check to all fleeting pleasures endure.

I see those those days

When nature fed us with the purest of her undiluted best

Water, fruits and foods which helped us rest

And happiness sat untouched without being a quest.

I see those days,

When there was equality in Zion

Even among humans and animals like lions,

When lions feared humans and humans feared lions.

I see those days,

when the gods were revered

And criminal heads were severed

To ward potential barbaric minds off the unheard.

I see those days,

When each looked out for the other without a motive

And our legs served as the engine for locomotive

Movement, while words pleased the ears without bringing out horrific emotives.

I see those days,

When the world was big enough to live par

With those whose stance threaten to our minds mar

Without our imaginations streaming far.

Reminiscing those days,

Those days which never passed my way,

Those days I lived through my grandmother’s mind,

Those days I long to have lived,

And I think to myself,

Those humans must have lived in heaven

Heaven that may have turned into its opposite in my time.

  Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014.

Picture taken from the Billy Graham centre Archives.



I hurt

I hurt thinking about haven made you my boss

I hurt knowing I fought a lost cause

I hurt knowing I am at a loss

I hurt so much so that my heart sometimes switches to self -pause

I hurt knowing all we had have been eaten by the time-moss

I hurt knowing you and I are its core source


I bleed

I bleed in the ‘blink’ of the night

When all wink and hibernate into sleep without light

Looking up to a relaxing body when the day is bright

While I am being blown away like a paper kite in a stormy night

I bleed that my heart is sometimes made tight

I bleed having thoughts of turning back time for a fight


I regret

I regret throwing away my alertness

And falling into your false correctness

Never thinking about your possible thoughtlessness

Of crossness between seas of equal wideness

I regret so much so that I am dying of shyness

For having paraded you without coyness


What should I do when all eyes are watching?

What can I say when pools of river make my cornea their forming

At a public hearing, when I am the defendant of my own calling?

How am I to act when everyone is a pair and I am forever bitterness pouring?


Say something, oh cruel silence!

Do something eyes of blankness!

Hug me arms of the air!


I have not been treated fair

This crown of shame rests on my head

For having been happy when all was a farce.

  Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.


Everywhere I look, 
Agony, Pain, Sadness, Fake-Love, and Crime that must be brought to book 
Everywhere I turn, I see 
Monsters with chiseled nail-like teeth, 
Teeth that shine and dance dangerously and intimidatingly in the dark 
To warn frightened cornered beings 
Of the electrifications and blood quenching that will soon consume the dark. 
I turn left, then right, forward, then backward 
And I see beings being washed in dark blood clots 
And being squeezed for bright red blood in a colander of thorns 

There is that melodious song 
That I’ve longed for for so long; 
Ever since I was young, 
Playing. Though I want to dance, 
The eye’s glance does not give me the chance 
To in a natural way dance 
So I, to these horrid happenings become nature’s puppet and dance 

Skies of blue, clouds of white 
Human angels with accoutrements of white 
Who are winged with passionate killer smiles showing normal human teeth 
With welcoming open hands beckoning 
With eyes devoid of passionate hatred 
With love exuding from angelic souls 
with hope smiling down at the living 
With satisfactory smiles working tirelessly with every mouth 
And my all-time favourite melody mellowing my heart 

Oh, what am I thinking? 
That was just me fantasizing 
Wishing and wallowing 
In daydreaming 
Thoughts are golden 
Thank God most of these horrifics have attractive packaging. 
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2013.