Sometimes when two hearts stand at a sharing junction
They become an unparallel duo
The more expressive
…the less retaining
The less expressive
…the more retaining
That is why hurts stay longer in the latter
…in an abrupt end

They are like sand and clay
Although water quickly seeps through sand
Clay takes its time to receive water
…and keeps it in its inner
…making it part of its particles
Eyes of sages see the loving plant
…they sew in the hearts of their slow others

Their mouths will say no
…whiles their hearts scream yes
Their faces will forcefully frown
…whiles their eyes cry out
Their mouths will cuss out
…as their minds bleed
…begging for the doctoring of their expressive others
Those slow to love
…fall hard and love most
Even after their hosts give up
…at their own cost
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 12, 2019


There is a trick to know the sick in the quick
So leave no traces with temper

Obsession and aggression can’t always equal cantankerousness
Competitive possessiveness
…and by force need to top
…aren’t always traits of conceitedness
When a human acts lion in a sphere where even
…a cat trait can easily win
Put on your glasses and rate his class of normalcy
Your observation might repair a torn fuse
…in a sufferer’s upper room

We are in a world where each carries their horrors
So quick judgement must have brakes
…in your thoughts even in cases of attack
For the suffering mostly show their worst
…to those their hearts crave
…hoping for a save from their horrid caves
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 11, 2019


Mothering monsters must make merry mournful
…in memory

Mothering monsters might mock most
…who moved mountains to make money
…to mum those many moments

How does it feel
To watch as the world
Brands your beloved as unfeeling steel
Armed with justifiable evidence?

How does it feel
To watch the world
Rightfully weed out your seed
…like a poisonous plant
Amidst jubilations which farms your sadness?

How does it feel
To lose your beloved
…as the world cheers your haunting fears
Driving on the best clearance
…on a applaudable road?

Mothering a monster might be the murder of mercy
…from a higher power
Because it sure is hard
…stifling tears so the world sees no sorrow
When your abdomen reminds you of birth cramps
…your intestines drag you through anxietal loss
…your head battles your heart as to attack
…or defense of your own
You sure are to be pitied as your internals bleed
…in the face of jubilation of your loss
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 10, 2019


Need is what you’ve made yourself
I ride on you
…like a cross on a horse
And you gallop my thoughts
…to caves that save words to pave awesome ways
…for my muse
And create pain for my body’s abuse
Never nested in a nauseous novelty like yours

Interesting is your silence
Dark mysteriousness your gifting sounds
…barks like cracks into wandering spirits
They lock me in your room of artistry
Though fear hawks its talks

Growling stomach
Eyes quickly blink and search
Nose opens wide at work
Neck turns to every sound’s direction
While legs use buttocks to pivot their turnings
You’ve got to be a myth in a quirky shift

How do I focus on God’s timetable
…to clean eyes when you’ve killed its rest?
How do I wipe the sweat of anxiety
When you’ve woven a hell of difference
…for my sole soul?
How do I slip in to flip the normal’s trip
Why am I the only guarding bird
…on this house branch
How do I see me in a be whose key
…has no known fee?
Just how?

To think that I cringe
…while the world sings
To think you’re a game many chase in a prayerful hunt
To think that I’m a Shero thanks to my resting zero
To think that I’m a stitch of abnormal norm!
And the theoritical shouts that never fit practicality!

Mere men murmur my manliness
But know not the fire on which you have me wired
Mere mortals muse about my craziness
When the space of time rhymes my crankiness
I cry to have what they barely know they have
As they cry for what you and I know is a wrestling work
Will God ever be a happy creator?

Adjustment is good
…but eyes don’t lie
Appointment is emancipating
…but heart runs tired
Albeit I’m but one of your few chosen heads
…hawking provocations with their emblems
On night pans

Re-shake your options
…and help my directions
Remake your geniuses and change my classes
Re-pick your sticks to light your gifts
Shifts are needed in a kneading mould
…every now and then

Eden of the dark
Excellent inks that cuttingly mark
You confiscate my sanity
To elongate my humanity
You rusticate my norms
Just to suffocate my conformity
Won’t a blend help you trend in my impressions?

Serpents amidst sheep!
Fangs in angles!
Fires in cornered trenches!
Claws in reaches!
Whips for strips!
Wretches in stretches!
Shouts in bouts aiming clouts at the heat!
Save my soul
From these chains of coals!
For fame is a name which tames no body
…in rot race
I love to live and live right
…in this suitcase of transiency
Before I’m opened and pushed out
…to fall wherever
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 9, 2019


Nana Nyame Totrobonsu
…nyansa sene ade nyinaa nti na
…obi Akosua kuma nnyɛ obi anum no
Enti neɛ ɛmrɛ atukwan abɛduru wɔ nyansa mu yi
…a kwajo hoho adwene gu so te wo nyansa so yi
…wo nhunu sɛ, sɛbi, nkwaseɛ nwansena ɛɛguro wo nsɛmka ho?

Kyerɛsɛ Kwame Asikuma
…bɛtumi asi n’agɛgɛ mu
…agu aba wɔ ɛmmaa du ayaase
…agye nnamu nson no nyinaa a “papa” mbata ho abodin
Nso tɛkrɛma biara nkyerɛ n’ase wɔ b’adwamu,
Mpo sɛ ne bɔne sene adebɔnefo nyinaa deɛ a,
…firi sɛ otua dua
Akosua nkoa kɔ so aba krɔ firi n’ahosɛpɛ mu a
…w’adane duawa a ɛwɔ sɛ amanfoɔ we wɔ nkunkɔn so?

…obiara asaase nna ɔbaa biara ayaase
Na w’akɔ tena hɔ tesɛ abɛnsuo dua ase
…akɔ kyerɛ mmra ase
…de apɛ n’animguase
Ɔbarima biara a ɔkyerɛ mmaase
…tesɛ tuuse a yɛde ɛkɔ ma Kaase
…wɔ ne dam akuara ase
…a yɛfrɛ hɔ Bɔdamase
Enti nhwehwɛ nnaseɛ nfiri onyansani biara apata ase
Efiri sɛ w’akyerɛ ɔbaa bi ase
…de agu n’anim ase

Sɛ ɔbaa bi ano a ɛda n’ayaase
…yɛ w’ano a wo de kɔ mukaase-
…a, mesrɛ wo
…ka w’ano tum
…na ka wo se si so
Sɛ ɛhɔ nso yɛ wo Okuafo nsuo a ɛpata wo nsukɔm a
…ɛneɛ agya
…gye ho ban na pɛ krado bi fa kɔ to mu
Ɛma ɛmmɛ tena abɔnten mmue wo dede gya
…nfrɛfrɛ nkurasedwene wɔ mmerɛyefoɔ tirimu
…ɛmfa nsɛi adwene pa

Mmere atukwan abɛduru anibue mu
Enti ma w’adwene nso ntene nyansafidie mu
…na ɛmɛduru ɛnɛ yi faahodie mmrɛ mu
Na hunu sɛ
…ɔbaa biara kura ne homam faahodie safoa
Sɛ wɔn bɛbue wɔn ayaase
…tesɛ ɛkwan a ɛkɔ Efiduase
…ama wɔn a ɛbɔ dondo abɛ goro wɔn Antoakyire wɔ hɔ o
Sɛ wɔbɛ kɔ akɔbɔ dawuro wɔ Ankaase
…ama abɛtiri a ɛwɔ ntini nyinaa
…abɛ twa wɔn asaase wɔ wɔn ayaase o
Ɛnnyɛ wo ho mframa
…n’abɛyɛ w’asɛm
Enti pɛ nsakrayɛ pɔ bi bɔ to wo ti mu na ma yɛ ndwene
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Obubuo 8, 2019


Sparkly stars in close proximity
…force eyes to close
…with threats of blindness
Even the intensity of a fire’s heat
…determines the space between skins and their flames
Higher souls suffer because their tougher spirits overpower all
Causing the plight of most outcasts

He walks through the whispers
…with unknown sources
And tries not to look into eyes
…shouting “go and die”
Barely dodging legs intentionally placed
…like mischievous trippers
…hoping to cause him a fall for ridicule
That was what he had to go through as an outcast

He might have looked a little different
Might have acted a little different
Might have spoken a little differently
But he had a space that needed not the hatred
…sprayed to make him a pest
…on their prideful blooms
Every hot topic had his name as a garnish
Every bad plot had him acting as subject
Every punishable blame was in his name
Wetting him with a fame of shame
That is what he had to go through as an outcast

It was obvious the many jealousies acting up
…to shut him down
It was obvious the many fears
…of he taking the shine
…of many wannabes
It was glaring the many hearts
…yearning for his weird prowess
I guess the mighties are mostly made rags
…before climbing their future stools
…to be crowned to rule their ex-bullies
Many have gone through horrors as outcasts

So now he sits as they fan him with praises
He says nothing but gets everything he wants
He gets to be worshipped
…because he killed the urge to end his pain
…bursting out of his suffering
…into this awesomeness
The shine of greatness causes a whine
Which whirls minds like twines
….seconds into minutes into hours into days
…months and years
So live through it
Be happy with it
Kill not the body which carries your sought after soul
For none ordinarily hates on the ordinary
Unacceptability is the first sign of the extraordinary
Collective cruelty is the second sign of greatness
The fear of the aura of revered personalities
…makes many a weak minds work tricks
…to squash their shine
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 9, 2019


As you swing your power sling
…like a king with no end strings
And enjoy as your people sing
As you treat them like your mere things
Remember, the bells to your tenure ring
And time will fling you off no matter how hard you cling
Because power’s wings fall off a shoulder to the next
…without so much as a look backwards
That is the true rule of power

At its peak
…it towers to self importance shower
…and empowers to shine a fear which forces others to cower
Subduing but piling hatred in heaps
…in furious hearts
The wise threads carefully to buy less enemies on a power tower
So be no thoughtless
…buying enemies by planting foul seeds with your deeds
Because when power overturns
…it leaves its dismounted with a helpless vessel
That is the true rule of power

Today can be gay
But tomorrow might hold a bullet in the stray
So take off your hat of heartlessness
…replace your crown of cruelty with care
…serve not your stool like a tool
…meant to turn all fools
Because when power hops to another’s top
It can turn cop to drill its former home to a pulp
That is the true rule of power
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 7, 2019


It is laughable
When a hand throws a ball to a wall
…and it bounces back to hit his face to a fall
Only for the hand to point at the wall
…and curse a cruelty!
It is gross
…when one builds a bed of thorns
…and is made to test its softness with his skin
Only for “unfairness”
…to walk out of his mouth to start a prosecution
…of consciences

He claimed the light in her eyes
…centered his stage
The horns of her breast
…toothed loudly his name
The sweetness of her mouth
…developed an aroma
…which pierced through his nostrils
…in a beckoning that his reckoning couldn’t refuse
And to add salt to injury
…her voice dug all the goosebumps
…from his pleasury needs
…to empty his hunger for a feed
He claimed his last horseback breakage
…was the smoothness of her exposed thighs
…which put bullet in his gun
…into a wake he knew not existed
A wake which overtook him to take a cake
…that belonged not to him
…to shred to his satisfaction
Forgetting he held the keys to all his senses
…all through

He forgot of the marital tool
…he turned into a pickaxe
…by turning God into a fool
To cruelly dig into the waist of an innocent head
Digging into destruction the minerals of
…and happiness
Replacing them with
…and sadness
To think he was a trusted friend of her household!

There is a derangement that comes with defending
…an abuse used to murder the soul of another
There is a lack of normalcy
…in the fallacy of seduction
Which firewood of provocation
…lights without the intention of a self thunder?
I wonder!

Let the world be fair!
Please let the world be fair!
So people can’t snatch fruits meant not for them
…and spew foolishness of artificial hunger in their defense
Let this world honour the wombs that built them
…by killing brutal ills against their mothers
Ills that bring chills even from written quills
For we have traveled too far
…to host this primitiveness of minds
…going bonkers at a sight
We all know each holds a will
…that never shakes without self permissiveness
So the earlier we wake brutes with deserving punishments
The better our heaven building will be
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 6, 2019


Clouds that hang and never fall
…block the shine of the sun
…monopolizing the sky in a catastrophic doom
So –
…bullet that bothersome birdie
…to break the ills that speed
…with the air into people’s ears
Causing suspicions left
…and scattering the center with its mass weapon
…of breaking trust

It was that little birdie
Who broke Fiko’s marriage
All it had to do was whisper into Obaa Yaa’s ears
…that in between Asikuma’s thighs
…was Fiko’s second home
The poor man who was just the betweener for Kwaa Bruku
…could do nothing
…to put out the anger of his beloved
…and lost her

Wasn’t it that same little birdie
…which took the whole of Fanteakwa hostage
Forcing each body to hide with their souls
…by whispering into Nana Krotoa’s ears
…that a monster is going to pass through
…and will devour every being it saw?
Oh! I still remember hiding indoors for a week
…as a visitor in my sister’s house
But for Abena Mensuro the drunk
We’d have died from starvation

That same little birdie caused Mama Ama Akyea’s miscarriage
In this here Asikrom
Remember it whispered into her ears
…that her husband had perished in the accident
…that claimed several lives two years ago?
Poor woman’s shock overturned her pot
…emptying it instantly

What about Kwakye’s loss in last year’s elections?
Wasn’t it because of this same little birdie?
Till date, none knows the ears which heard
…and the mouth which started the rumour
…that he was an occultist who would use us to perfect his plans
All we know is a little birdie
…acting mastermind of his trouble
See how this village suffers
…under Koo Nsafoa!

So I am shocked at how you stand here
…right in front of me like a wounded lion
Telling me about the whispers of that little birdie
…claiming I have done this and done that
Help us kill that little birdie
To free this village of its mischief
You surely know it
…if its beak serenaded your ears with my flaws
Please help us
…help us rid this kro off that little birdie
So we can breathe without twisted ghosts
…reading our normalcy and translating and transmitting them
…in abnormal mode
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 5, 2019


Amonu used her two eyes
…to look into a bottle
…and saw nothing
Abochi used an eye
…to look in same bottle
…his other eye closed
And saw its content
Greed breeds seeds unfeeding

There are beautiful sights we lose
…when each eye roams at will
…this looking left
…that looking right
So focus not on many a bogus
Assemble your thoughts to a thing
…before another
So no detail hides to push a failure
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 4, 2019


i. Armed robbers
ii. Citizens
iii. Entrepreneurs
iv. Politicians
v. Ghosts

Dem dey claim we be murderers!
…Satan im workers!
…wicked foks!
…society demma bother!
…trɛts? Na wetin be dat? Ha!
When we be the sad football wey dey dis life field im top
Ino be life every one wan live?
Wetin free for this business inside?
We fit know the yeryer wey go commot our living?
We fit calculate the money wey we go use morrow?
We fit stay one place for long?
We all go be v to live hier
Gyare, na you go school, make you talk demma sumtin

Make you no mind dem
They sit and grade with materialism
Gifting all the juices of life to the succeeded
And treating the have-nots as failures
And they say what?
Isn’t this world a jungle?
Must we sit for hunger to fit on us
…weak robes
…and push us into death’s prisons
…when we can seize to clean its grease?
How did us victims become culprits?

They can’t see!
They can’t see the feet of their religious gods
…who are our colleagues in deed
…but robe their rawness with God’s word
They refuse to know!
They refuse to know of the lies
…walking from mouths of their poll tricksters
…whose deeds feed off their skins
…more than ours
…when we are the truth in the life
…they need to worship and respect
Why must curses be our portion?

We live in fear of i
As the iii squeeze our sweats
iv pile problems on our breathlessness
…and v sit on our fences
…breaking them down with their weight
…they all come from within us
But act v to push all blames on us
Only to turn to call us the v

How can we build a developmental road
…to push plans in smoothness
…to the paradise we covet on others?
They will say we’re our own enemies
They will say we refuse to help
They’ll say we seldom support
…because our busy mouths deafen their meditation
…but they deafen us to climb their podiums
…and deafen us to stay on higher stages
…flipping our pages and building cages with our adages
How unfair!

iv chase us with their greed
ii curse us in their need
As i hunt us for their feed
How can we succeed?
Do we need to turn v to stop our bleeding?

At least we’re feeding their nation
…and building a sane station
…for their global ovation
I mean our global ovation
…no matter how low the sounds of the claps
…we’re still bridging the gaps
We care less about their many traps
Who are they without us?
Those leaches!

We work hard to get here
But they call us liars
Even if we are, who pushes us to lie?
Those bloody ii!
They care not about truths
They only know the language of falsehood
And only tend to their present stomachs
Always forgetting their tomorrows
…until they arrive on pathetic trains
How should that be our fault?
And those bloody iii sucking us dry
…on tickets of helpful manipulations!

Almost all of them drag us into their situations
Using their waists as catapults
…to stone down lives only to drag us to see
…their end games
…forcing us to provide fire, saucepans, water, spices
…to help cook them into delicacies
They drag us into their loss
…making as throw our earnings into tombs
…which never fertilize any farm!
They appear in our resting places
…with their haunting needs
…forcing us to shoot them with our needed bullets
Still, they complain of the drains that remain clogged
The dollar that imprisons the cedi
The corruption which swallows our growth
When they never give our souls rest
…and buy artificial grey for our youthful hair
…if they don’t weed them bald!
How frustrating!

We’re here
Even without bodies
We know we replace the hands that dig the coffers!
We are the legs that create the coughers by playing dusts!
We’re the cougars sucking dry the juices
…of our youth
We’re the representatives of the devil
…responsible for every mishap
We’re the thorns drinking the blood of a nation
…we belong not
And we have no bodies!
How odd is the fear they have for us
…against their reverence for our known models?
How are they able to mould thoughts
…to bring us to life
When they can’t even build plans
…to burn their rots?
We’re the real victims of their idiocy!
Sad that we’ve no bodies to sue this injustice!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 3, 2019


None asked how much the moon’s death yielded
None asked his needs
None even asked how he fared
All they needed were theirs
…and theirs
…and theirs
Adding anger to his fears
…of stepping on toes
…with his tired words

He was the community goose
…a gander given a womb of provision
…to lay in satisfaction of all
“…take this akyɛke
…have this pesewa
…I brought you this meal
…give this to your mother”
While he was in grooming had an end price
…he knew not

Each came with their stomachs
…wanting their fill
When the moon died
All living and dead family members
All far and near neighbours
All old and young
All royals and their servants
He became the community goose
Who must lay satisfactory eggs
…to feed each and every one of his people

But the moon’s death gave so little
…as a chalk holder
So many hawks got no chicks from his bosom
…talk less of fresh eggs to hunt
He lighted smiles and formed darkness
…on both known and unknown faces
And got many gifts in his modest bed
…from targeters who wanted him bounded by law

Protecting his man
…made him wander into different waist forests
…and planted many seeds
Compounding his problems
So he bought the rope
And wrote his piece before journeying

When night reached the shores of dawn
And his face had not been shown
The womb that carried him felt strange
…and called the villagers
His letter was found
And the only other head following in his steps
…Yaa Kumiwaa
…the p.6 pupil
Read his gloomy tale of being the carrier
…of the village whose weight burdened his soul
They all run into the forest
…and formed groups to search

The vultures led them to their sought
And they found him hanging
…tongue out of mouth
…weight on a branch
The guilty tree shamefully shook as if to protest any accusation of wrong
The people of Yɛdieɛ learnt too late
…after losing Kwame Kodie
That too much weight breaks even the toughest pot
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ©Nov. 2, 2019


…Mmɛnsɛm tumi de takashi furo nyanberansɛm
…ko si adefokrom
…ɛma akronkronfo nante kɔ tɔ ahohiahia kokomu

Hwɛ sɛ abirekyie akɔka ɛgya ato obi fie mu
…afa ne ho adi
…ama odwan akɔka obi nsuo agu
…ama abaa atu ne honam sɛɛ ho

Hwɛ sɛ ɔkraman adi abaa yiaw
…ɛnam efi a mframa ɛɛkyekyɛ ho
…ama aboa prako ɛde ne ho fi eeyi akyea
…wɔ n’atɛnbuo ase!

Akuturuku a ekum akura no
Yɛ agyinamoa tiriho koto
Nanso ɛyɛ gyata anim akotoakotoɔ
Ɛyɛ mmɔbɔ sɛɛ!
Mmera de pɛyɛ daadaa nnipa
…dane wɔn mmoadoma a wɔ te nnwuramu
…awieyɛ no
…ahoɔden na yɛde bu bim
…san de bu fɔ
Ɛyɛya sɛ aboa dabodabo nni ano wɔ akromah
…ne ɔkɔdeɛ krom
…me werɛ afi sɛ ɛhɔ yɛ dabodabo nso kro
…nanso n’ataban ahoɔdene ntumi mfa no nkɔ sie wiemu
…sɛ bɔne nnya nan gu ne so a
…su ma dabodabo wai
…efirisɛ ɔyɛ wo sɛsoɔ wɔ ɔbra ahwehwɛ mu
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 1, 2019

YOUR THOUGHTS (For Hon. Abla Dzifa Gomashie)

I’d like to be a vein in your thoughts
To see what sadness for you has got
To know what your weeping soul has bought
…for your many thoughts

I’d like to be in your thoughts
To hear the horrors in your heart
As the call for casket closure booms
Do your hurts now fully zoom to gloom a doom?

I’d like to be in your skin
To know where the bumps of fear birth
For I know this feeling
And I ache for your body
…whose mind can’t mind floating comfort
…whose heart can’t hear any better keeps
…whose eyes see the mouth of the earth
…opening to feed on one half of you

I’d like to be in your stomach
To hold the thunders that are striking
And their clouds of loneliness raining
Knowing the bed that only two shared
…has been divided, one on earth, one beneath
…for a lifetime

I won’t console
For that fills no hole
I won’t come close
For that gives no closure
I won’t act out
Because I know not the needs of your grief
But I sit here among your people
Hoping you think of it as a storm
…bound to calm
No matter how scary
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 1, 2019


Here we are, in this camp of Burma
Again, pushing the left overs of the human hawk
Into the dust which waits to blend
A lover in the whirlwind of emotions, wife in utter strife
Family in the turmoil of loss
Friends in the loss of laughter
And onlookers
…wrapped in thoughts of their ends
…where it will be
…how it will be
…what will cause the be
Though no eye can see

This picture shows what we are
…leaves on this tree of life
Shedding ourselves when our seasons end
As our dears look on

But we will work our way down
…and rise in hearts
Having done all we can
…in contribution to memories
For death’s importance is its ability to remind us
…of the transiency of our existence

Rest well
Our dear Ahiaglo
And turn angel to guard and guide your earthly companion
Who has so much more to give
Before your reunion
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 1, 2019


Tell the rancher
Forcing that horse to the river
That he can drag it there
But the keys to its throat only lies within it
Will is the fair checker of Odomankomah

Tell that problem
Dragging you like a sack through pages of mockery
…right to the stages of taunts
That it can drag you all it wants
…through all the grossness it’s got
But your determination, wearing clothes of will,
…has firmly locked the gate of your emotions
…and so giving up and its shame twin
…have no chance of entry
Will is the fair checker of Odomankomah

Many storms can chase you like hungry sharks
Many hurdles can run after you like professional athletes
Many horrors can break you in like tsunamis
But wear the fair checker of Odomankomah
You ankonam battling fears of approaching years
For every day hosts its losses and wins
And yours will never foul or dodge
That fairplay adds to will
…which is Odomankomah’s just checker
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 1, 2019


This bloating
This bloating that makes me feel like a floating ghost
Gifting mouths weapons to attack my over-trained being
…forcing me on a mental battlefield
Is far worse than a broken heart

This expansion
This expansion which builds on me a worry mansion
…without gates
Gifting legs the permission to carry their mouths
…to my presence to act unsolicited advisors
Forcing me into the questioning box
…like a cornered ox
Is far worse than chicken pox

They call me big
…comparing me to a pig
…using their sword to rig
…of peace
When, in God’s praises, they’re happy to add big hoping for favours
Do they have a gig
…to push me down and dig
…a tomb to use me as manure for a fig-
I need an uncaring wig

I have starved like a deceived worshipper in meditation
I have run like a horse needing its boss’ favour
I have drank unknown concoctions
…and even acted ceramic
…to be cooked in a slimming oven
Human monsters have run after me with haunting whips
But all I get is an increase
…never a decrease
Should I kill this body to float as a ghost to honour living figures?

It is a difficult realm to live
Wanting fleshes off bones
Hailing skins on bones
When fleshes, curves and plumps are the most servings
…of the black creator

Develop a thick skin
Develop a thick skin
You soul knowing your foes and acting soles
…for a step-on
Peace is after all one’s own acceptance of self
And not stooging for hovering opinions
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 31, 2019


You see those beautiful mansions
…built with beautiful words
…painting surreal pictures?
In there might be single rooms with leaking roofs
…or roofless huts housing humans and rats
…who compete for space
So put out your jealous flames
…and let your sun lead you
…with its free air

What is a name without essence?
What is a beautiful smile which cracks chests
…and churns stomachs?
What is a projected wealth parcelling shameful poverty?
What are beautiful praises poured on ugly souls
…wearing apparels of role models?

It is a scary world
A scary world where mice act cats
…and cats act lions
It is a scary world
A scary world where fowls act hawks
…and hawks act eagles
It is a scary world
A scary world where worms act snakes
…and snakes act dragons
Funny –
…the lions, eagles and dragons
…act their lowest
Laughing at their fake apparitions

So cherish your water
When the wines force glasses to click in cheers
Oh cherish your gari
…when forks force knives to help shovel
…fried rice into mouths
Just cherish your mats
…when comfortable beds taunt with showy softness
And when the cameras click with their video cuts
…be sure to celebrate the works of your mirrors
Nothing shows its real state anymore
Those selling brands
Those with sold brands
…may be the most pathetic souls
…hiding fountains of tears
…which can help you swim from your sorrows to gratefulness
If only they’d show
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 30, 2019


What are those tears
…unmasking the fears
…that the soul bears?
Hurts and uncertainty?
Pain and disdain?
Feelings of you being in that blue
…so you could save a beloved?
Come to the bosom that has seen it all
…and still blossoms
For the comfort that time conceitedly tick tocks
…in a bridal walk to aid your plight

What is that anger that enstranges you
…from your loved?
Could it be a recurring hurdle
…which suffocates to brand you helpless
…showing you pictures of pity
…of yourself in eyeballs?
Come to the bosom that has seen it all
…and still blossoms
For the comfort that time conceitedly tick tocks
…in a bridal walk to aid your plight

What is that sadness
…hanging you on promissory madness
…draping you in clothes of coldness
Building on your horrors of failure?
Is it because of unmeeting ends
…in the face of familiar trends?
Come to the bosom that has seen it all
…and still blossoms
For the comfort that time conceitedly tick tocks
…in a bridal walk to aid your plight

You will cruise through the muse of abuse
You’ll hop through the harm of hurdles
You’ll soar through the shocks of sadness
You’ll fly out of the field of fear
You’ll shred all the sorrows of set-ups
So put on your seat belt and rock your hard ride

The future is a surprise in wait
Holding balms for harms of today
The future is a knight in wait
To light your dark and deliver your dream
The future holds a safe structure
…to best your bruises and burn your brokenness
So let today have its sour turn
Let it add tomorrow if it so wishes
The sweet will get here no matter how long
…it travels
And when it arrives
…all these sicks will turn scented stories
…to clean the worries with the glories
So just calm and come to this bosom that blossoms
…for the comfort that time conceitedly tick tocks to aid your plight
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 29, 2019


Pussies purr plainly
…at the parish’s pulpit
Pleading for plucks to play
…parts of public’s power
Why will Pinky’s pecks pull Paul’s plugs?
He should know the club is a garden
…where all hands try a plucking of the catchy

Ask guards the grounds play before an entering
Auction no action whose reaction you can’t fashion
Annoy no regulars, you newbie with an

Sure lures act not pure
…in their greening cure
So straighten up
…or leave to your familiar sainthood
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 28, 2019


What is this fog parceling hard work
…and aiding shirking?
What is this anger hanging tribes
…making nationals strangers
…and causing looming danger?
Name calling?

There is a beauty in even insults
That is,
…never will they stick on their bearers like tags
…and they never hurt those in uncaring shirts
…what many deem today as rude
…shows how crude time is

If I live on a mountain, I’m a Mountaineer
If I live on stones
…I’ll gladly answer to a Stone Child
If I live in the West
…I’m a Westerner
If I live in the East
…I sure am an Easterner
What anger must this dig in my busy heart?

Just as “bad” spells awesomeness today
Any tag can be made dignified
…by your actions and inactions
Branding with hard work
Developing with cheers
Respecting without sneers
Have built many a people
…and many a cause

So whine to the works
Opine with your sweat
Oh grind with your deeds
Gardens never bloom by just fighting off pests
Some weeding
…some watering
…Some sunlight
…Some air
Sells its success
Wisdom is learning
…and succeeding
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 27, 2019


Just as models take the shine of designers,
Actors take the shine of writers
Pretenders in pastoral clothes
…are taking the shine out of your powers
Don’t you see?
No, ahonuabobirim, can’t you see?

I thought you were the driver
And like mates
…your prophets commune knowing they are just a tribune
…so fear to err
So why have they killed your engine
…and are pushing you on reckless roads
…as you sit quietly in the front seat?

Where are the sulfur and fire
…which made examples of Sodom and Gomorrah?
Where is the flooding rain
…which caused Noah’s nation to rot
…in order to birth a new?
Where is your promised anger in your mocked laws?
Are you amused watching you being used in an abuse
…to confuse the lost
…who refuse your follow due to the tricks of your sents?
Can’t you see your comics acting tragic in your logic nation?

If you really rule your nation
You need to sit to fit and not sit
…as your throat is slit
…right in front of your worshippers
You rocking a mocking in front of all is appalling
When your laws state clearly your intolerant stand
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 27, 2019


“You talk too much
And nag as such
You ask and ask
Are you an ass?”

“Young one,
This time which makes me your ass
…and baths you with sass
Has a reversal in your wait
If death’s hawk spares you its weight
Because this here crass
Was a time past’s sass
Wait till the aging gas

A time will come
When your eyes will fail
…burdening you with blindness
…because of over-seeing
Your hearing will be lost
…burdening you with deafness
…due to over-hearing
That time will come
When your mind will full
…burdening you with forgetfulness
…due to over-thinking
And your knees will weaken
…burdening you with a crippling
…due to over-walking
That time sadly shows you flaws
…hitherto hidden
And shows you claws
…hitherto unnoticed
Sadly defiance from your beloveds then gnaws
But you’ll have no protective laws
To aid your good intentions but your voice

If that time comes
…young one
Remember this day
…and pour me a drink at your standing
For the land might have long sucked all my bodymeat
And my ancestral tongue might be weary from the heat
…of seeing without an earthly representation”

“There you go again
Spewing gibberish and smelling of witchcraft!
Attention seeker!

Akosua Esikuma
…watch your mouth
For many a man hope to be blessed
…with your Eno Gyamaa worry
Age is one blessing for the observant
Because it gifts many a first hand experience from happenings
The future becomes a calculus that only wise ageds
…and their obedient audience can solve
So wear humilty
…and get ear aids
…to prevent preventable problems
So the witches in your future can have a vacation
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 25, 2019


Yɛse ɔdɔ kɔ baabia ɔdɔ wɔ
Enti me ti wo nne a na me ho afɔ
Efirisɛ wo ho kɔm kɔm tesɛ atɔyɛ nsutɔyɛ
Sei frɛdɛ frɛdɛ frɛdɛ wɔ ayaase asuɛyɛ
Wo yɛ ɛta a me hia wɔ me sen mu

Wo sɛ etuo a me hia wɔ m’fuom
Wo yɛ amaango a me hia wɔ me kɔm mu
Wo yɛ nsuo a me hia wɔ me nsukɔm mu
Wo yɛ tso a me hia de aka me tsoromunsto ho
Wo yɛ krobonko a me hia abɔ me nkuro
Wo yɛ kwadu a me hia ahyɛ m’aduii bi anum
Wo yɛ abaa a me hia abɔ m’ahohiahia
…de afrɛ ahosɛpɛ adwa me man

Enti bra bɛtɔ na m’afɔ
Enti bra bɛ sɔ na mere tɔ
O bra bɛ yɔ na m’asro
Ɔdɔ pɔ yɛ abien abɔdeɛ
Enti m’abɔ ɛpɔ no
…agya bɛsane
Na ɛno ne ɔdɔ aduane
…wo bɛti afrɛfrɛ a wo tua dua akɔno so
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 25, 2019


All that were inter
Have now been cast like nets
In the sea of knowledge
All that is needed is a search
And a pulling
and voila!
There are answers
So why
…to cry
…to sky?
…to live awry?
Bye a fie!

Why act like a learned beggar
Who sees an inscription and skips
…to ask an answered question?
Agya Ananse had his wisdom not through sluggishness
Help is now directions
…and not do-for-actions
Nyansazeroism has cost many their chances
So connect the wires of your mind
…and let them do their work

Lighting all knowledge and help you

Life today is a self tutoring
With few mentorships
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 25, 2019


They say Afua Kumankomah
…called on Odomankomah bless Kwame Ankomah
For choosing her over Adomah
In front of all the people of Kromansah

They say her back barked to scare the air
…and even blinded eyes
…before her thanksgiving
Her chest was the prized home
…all hungry emotions fed from in fantasy
They say her face was like one carved on the birthday
…of the Ahunu abobirim himself
They say she had the wealthiest body
…in the whole of Kromansah

They say months travelled not many moons
The sun travelled not many nights
The moon lit not many dark nights
When Afua Kumankomah began to shrink
They say it was so swift
…the comparison would be like water sucked from its holding rubber
And it sent minds scampering in wonderland

They say she neither spoke nor yoked
…not with family
…nor with friends
But the worry written on her
…made a little mouse relocate
…to spy on her in her little fenced hut

Kwame Ankomah sat all day
…and the suma!
Foods never left his earthenware
…Ogidi agradaa never left his krowa,
…taking shiver possession of his hands,
So cooking fire sucked out the juices of Afua
Stress stole her beauty
Tiredness stole her senses

They say nights were the worst
Kwame Ankomah drilled and grilled
Kwame Ankomah mined and manned
Oh he heckled and suckled!
And when she resisted
He accused and abused her
…and then acted amused at her pain
After, he refused her sleep
…with his motorcading nose nkrɔmo horn
And with his aggression, suppressed her scorn

They say she went from sleeping on the flat floor
…of societal finger pointing
To sleeping on a rosy bed masking a thorn mattress
They say her shame came from the threats
…that a cat gave the spying mouse
…as the mouse’s fret gave way to its mouth’s diarrhea
They say a dog stood close by, heard and barked
And that was how the whole village heard of her ordeal

They say she took her pot
…and headed for the stream
Only for the village to hear Akosua Duku’s screams
Even Asuo Arija vomited her out of its belly
To the rocks of its shores
They say it was the worse day for womanhood
As her adagya laid in front of Arija
Revealing it all to the strong and struggling suja

They continued their say
But my ears spat out the rest
They will always have a say
They will always report a say
They will always shoot a say
They will always cry a say
But never remember their said
…which directed deeds to feed their saying
And they always make their saying the judge of their subjects
Such sad suckers!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 24, 2019


Her lies walked on two legs
…and were hit by another lie on a bicycle
Then yours, on a motorbike, cleared the lie on the bicycle
And thereafter, his lie, riding a plush car
…hit and put yours in a vegetative state
Be happy knowing someone’s lie in a plane
…crashed and killed his lie on the spot
And burst into flames
Killing all the cycle of lies
…and birthing truth

If your “I” survives from the struggling lie
Learn to fix a dash on it
…to at least start the spelling of Truth
It has lost the opportunity of fronting “integrity”
But it’s still not late to fix yourself in its rebuilding
Life is a farm
Humans are farmers
Whatever we plant, we reap in advanced complexity
This is a law unchanging
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 23, 2019


I stand at the crossroads of
…a known path
…and an unknown path
Looking left
Looking right
Confusion playing my mind like an annoying xylophonist

The known road lies with its congratulatory beckoning
And an ego whose mouth is widely open
…to swallow whole my pride
I see the line where my knees will turn feet
And my will will taste defeat
…what do I do?

The unknown path has dogs of criticisms on leash
Waiting to bark me into a deaf
With ancestral curses promising duress
But an open heart with smiling deeds and freedom
…call in a welcome
Even I hate the colour which will call for dilution
…for bodies unmade
…what do I do?

I can’t relive a story
…that bought me worry
…and left me sorry
I can’t retake a road
…which sucked my strength
…and broke my dignity
I can’t retry a line
…which consumed my hopes
…and grazed my knees
I can’t continue on a path I know
Knowing many monsters await to me feed on
…on cultural tickets
…what do I do?

I want to put the clothes you yearned for
…on your awaiting generation
I want to so toe the line of no contamination
I want to live to honour our ancestral family till we meet
But you and your kind taught ill your pathmakers
Building cruelty where empathy should have been
Poorly defining responsibility to mean money dishing and horror treatment
…what do I do?

I am now here
…here where my pride pairs my dignity
And can fit not into an ill defined submission box
I am here
…here where my knees are sore from this known path journey
I am here
…here with experiences that still recreate nightmares
…for my short naps
I am here
…knowing the path boldy marked right
…in your moral dictionary
…a comfort calls from the unknown
A comfort with its peace of mind
With a factual stamp of humanity
…what do I do?
Please tell me what to do
For I am too weary to thread your threaded
Knowing it’ll just be a journey of return
A return that will cost me something more
…way more than my soul
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 22, 2019


Heartwarming things are like rains in drought
Ho ho ho ho, ha ha ha ha
Can cancel some hi hi hi hi, eiii iiii yieeee, bueee!
I know
…there are pleasantries that are unpleasant
And register their disgust on minds
…horrifying hearts
…closing eyes
…harming tongues
Check your pleasantries to spare someone an unpleasantness
…crashing your honour into their dishonour

That smiles are contagious
…does not mean showcasing green furniture with yellow slimes
…nursing nausea
Won’t it behead someone’s appetite
…and force some intestines from draining their chambers
…through mouths?
Check your pleasantries to spare someone an unpleasantness
…crashing your honour into their dishonour

That laughter is contagious
…doesn’t mean monstering sounds
Won’t it sound vein-touching-in-head alarms?
Who needs comfort from that strangeness?
Check your pleasantries to spare someone an unpleasantness
…crashing your honour into their dishonour

That you’re a great bedmatical chef
Does not mean go cooking
…on bodies which show no interest in your delicacy
Won’t that sound abusing alarms?
Check your pleasantries to spare someone an unpleasantness
…crashing your honour into their dishonour

Even comedians know their stages
And current executioners live for the cameras
So please check your pleasantries to spare someone an unpleasantness
…crashing your honour into their dishonour
Be no walking bother
Scaring with misplaced pleasantness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 21, 2019


Fellows finally find freedom
…in feeding from fem-pots
With no fear
…of being tagged failures
Loving their forms

It is better to show the “sins” snowing within
…than wrapping it up
…and tanning your outer with piety
Real talent is eating from a good bowl
…and licking it up in worship
…caring not about fingers in pointing
…thoughts of anointed shaming
…mouths carrying for a selling
…Ears waiting for a hearing
That Will is praiseworthy
…on the fearless, oh sons!

So man up even before God
And live like the wolves you are
…instead of sheeping in self deception
Sins are mere clothes of fallibility for humans
Our real works, should suffer no judgment
…for our flawed personal choices
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 20, 2019


Tit bits of hits
…have bitten into cultures so deep
That even animes have become enemies
…gunning down innocence
So guard hard your planted
…lest you grow the bad to live in a mad place
…where consciences are without traces

Choosing to
…inner monsters
…locking learning with freedom
…damning the good to pat the bad is a human crime

Choose to grow
…hearts which
…ink honour in your
…line and not
…dusty drums which hurt eyes and dig curses

Our hands have no time
…to stay for long to mend our wrongs
So start now
To leave a regal legacy
And not a lethal wreck
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 19, 2019


Nneɛ ɔkaa sɛ bebia abɛ bɛtɔ biara yɛ mprɔyɛ mu no
…yɛ ɔbadwenba a adwenehare kyekyere n’aniso adehunu kakra
Efirisɛ abɛ bi tumi tɔ egya mu
Abɛ bi tumi tɔ ɛboɔ so
Abɛ bi ti tɔ fɔm ma mmoadoma we
Abɛ bi tumi tɔ nnɔti bi mu
…ɛmmim a y’ɛnhu n’adwosuo koraa
…na y’akohunu ne prɔyɛ
Enti tɔ baabia wo ho bɛtɔ woɔ
…ɛnyɛ baabia wo bɛfiri atɔ
Hunu sɛ
Ahodwoɔ adanseɛ
…y’ɛgye no wɔ akoma anum

Nnipa bi hia wo ahoahoa wo te sɛ akyɛdeɛ papa bi
…nso ebinom anya wo ɛtiatia wo te sɛ akoa
Nnipa bi ɛɛpɛ wo de wo ayɛ wɔn abasobɔdeɛ
Adɛn na wo tena hɔ ma nkrɔfoɔ twi w’ase wɔ nkoasom mu?
Wo nnyɛ mpapa dua
…na w’atwɛn okuani sikan ano ya
…ansa w’akɔ si kapenta anaa adefɛnyunofo bi nsɛm
Baabia abɛ bɛ kɔ tɔ no yɛ n’ahyeaseɛ
…aweiyɛ no gyina n’amunimuni tumi so

Enti bɔ wo bra tesɛ nkontapa bufoɔ
Wo nan si ha
…n’ɛpatri a
…fa mmɔdimmɔ yɛ adwumadene
Na hwehwɛ agyinae pa
…ɛwiawia kɔtɔ
Efirisɛ ɔbra deɛ
…ɛnoaa ne nea wo de wo wediɛ apre abɔ akɔduru
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 18, 2019

For foreign followers:

(This is an inspirational poem encouraging readers to work to be in places where they’ll be needed, or places where their worth will be appreciated)


Brushing rotten teeth
…bleeds out rotten blood
Fire roasts minerals
…to burn out hidden beauty
There is no great results without tiresome beginnings
Same goes for development

1. Results
2. Obese
3. Exercise
4. Fitness

For the 2 to attain total 4
There is a need for a rigorous 3
Which comes with
…body aches
Before the 1 of 4 can be achieved

Development is like 1
It takes the determined
…and many sacrifices
To birth

So let’s cut off the yearning for imported luxury
Let’s kill all our unhealthy relationships
Let’s hold our hands to strengthen our stands
Let’s begin a suffering that promises jubilation
We have crawled for too long
…at the feet of beasts
Who love seeing their towering
When we know our height will dwarf them
Even in a sitting

For a
Can do

We need us to chase our ages
…to equalize development
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 18, 2019


The cable of trouble
…ably enabled by labels and gambles
…which wobble legs of the stable
…even on a comfortable table
…is no fable to play with like a colored bubble

So sit
…to strengthen your senses
For the land of temptation is like a slippery slope
Every feet is susceptible to tripping
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 17, 2019


If cold winds can call your presence
…from your absence my presence
And stop biting me with longing for you
I will live better
…without feeling the miles which knot like ropes
…to hang our lust in our days apart

If nights will stop the frights
…of the emptiness that this huge bed poses
And stop showing the thorns of distance
…between you and I
I will cherish the memories
…which turn channels of unfulfilled needs
And have my shadows play your company

But time talks touches
…which can tickle giggles
The dark ghosts a host
…who can work a boasting
Silence whispers a voice
…which can smite boredom
The ceiling shows visions of actions missing
Closed eyes open the cinema of my mind
…which shows videos of our missions
…being murdered by time
Miles pile vile dials
…which never get you here

So I keep staring at your imagination
…on the ceiling
I keep seeing your pictures
…on the bedside table
Your form keeps forming
…on the floor
It gets worse at the empty side of the bed
…at the doors which promise your production
…by lying through their keyholes
And when I look at the wardrobe
…it plays tricks of hiding you
I keep staring
I just keep staring everywhere
…like one freshly admitted into the dorm of insanity

This is what miles have piled on me
As we live under same suns
…same moons
…same skies
Holding onto the rope of love
…far stretched by distance
Placing us in two worlds
…far apart
To feel the unfair burns of loneliness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 16, 2019


Where do I go from you?
When your looks
…book me confusion
Your smiles
…blind me in illusion
Your hugs
…buy me commotion
…of loss in your warmth
Where do I go?
Just where do I go from you?

Where do I go from you?
When you are the house
…I hope to build
The home
…I wish to return to
The hope
…I need restored
The heart
…I yearn to live in
Where do I go to?
Just where do I go from you?

My heart is no student
…of my head
…to sit and listen to its reasoning
My eyes are no slaves
…of my mind
…to bow and close to your presence
Even my thoughts
…pace like cars in races
…in the mind that should be ruling
All in demonstration to have you
Where do I go to?
Where do I go from you?

I may be a mate in your bait
I may be a lie in your sly
I may be an ant in your can’t
I may be the ark in your dark
But I am a beating heart
…with heating hopes
…lured by your charms
So where do I go to?
Just where do I go
…if you push me to the land of rejection?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 15, 2019


Preacher –
If my mama couldn’t reach me
And my papa couldn’t teach me
Please don’t preach me
…and turn around to act leach
…to bleach my pocket into tatters

If you need a socket to charge your pocket
…bribe me with no locket
For I am a rocket which blasts such pockets
If you need a dam to source your electrickcity
I am a harm which lights no such city

The world was better until your cluster
Which now litter to shatter
…thanks to your brain batter

Culture –
If you can’t nurture me
Then don’t torture me
Your punctures and ruptures of lectures
…build no structures of mine
Nature’s stature sprinkles freedom in growth
How your gestures restructure
…minds to torture
Model beasts in carnivorous feasts

So Culture
Tame your nature
And respect your stature
So I can grow my stature through my nature without your preacher’s risky reach
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 14, 2019


Buy them breaks!
Block not their breathes!
Beast not their betters!
Bake not their best!
Rest them breasts to bless them chests!

You who stretch them
…like wretches needing a squeezing assembly
You who stand them
Like falling plantain needing soldier sticks stands!
You who suffocate them
…like naughty twins needing mouths in cover!
You who poison them
…like energiless youth needing some dope!
You who hold them
…like life prisoners needing no release!
Rest them breasts to bless them chests!

Panic not to bother them in shame
Let no fear blast them like stones in quarries
For the young will definitely grow
…as the tick tocks
The standing will sit in rest
The sitting will sleep in rest
Life’s stages should call no rages of cages
…for those orangey pots
Rest them breasts to bless them chests

And oh –
…do check them
To know if a foe has thrown a bow
…of cancer
…in their hearts
Do inspect them
…to clear all threats
…playing some stunts
…around and in
You can cross out a cancer
And protect your babies
So they can age in grace with you
Just rest them breasts to bless them chests
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 13, 2019
It is Pink October. Be sure to get a check up. Sleep in no braziers and free them tatters


Lisa thought she had gotten a visa to riches
By wedding onto a comfortable bedding
Her bragging and doggy greeting
with fingers acting pianists in the air
…could be seen even by the blind
Driving all spinsters mad with bad jealousy

Hers was acting boss to clean
…and taking off dross to dance for daddy
But daddy’s okro
…couldn’t do foko
And his time allotted her
…was nothing even Ananse’s binoculars
…could see on a pie chart
Still, she tried keeping her sweats
…in the fur of riches
…reminding herself of the security it brings

A year hopped onto its quadruple next
No seed sent a text
…talk less visited her womb
Her expensive make-up couldn’t cover
…the tensions from corners
In laws screamed and threatened
Hubby puffed and shrugged
Friends teased and gossiped
Doctors assured of her function
Until she hatched a plan to redeem her face

Lisa visited Koo Mpapa and begged him to act farmer
…to plant just a seedling in her garden
As the planting was nearing the end
A thick tall soldier woman walked in on them
And beat the hell out of both
With her bruises, Lisa went home with a red lie
“Some thieves attacked me o
Yieeee! Aoooo! My ribs”

Hubby called in a doctor
But before he could come in
The soldier woman dragged Koo Mpapa to her compound
To announce the sin and to warn
Lisa knew her fate could not be saved
With her things packed in a modern suitcase
She was thrown out without a pesewa
The cloudless sky compounded her plight
…by raining cats and dogs

Having no where to go
She decided on visiting her Maame Sɔfo
…to intercede on her behalf
She met hubby’s car at her compound
Thanking her stars, she walked into her hall
…without a call
Hubby was using Maame Sɔfo as his hobby
Waist play on display
None bothered to panic
…her presence exaggerated their fake moans

Even tears deserted her
She decided to go back to her village
When she reached home
…everyone had gathered, crying their hearts out
Lisa’s mother and father had died in an accident
The car her ex hubby bought them collided with a Tipper Truck
Lisa collapsed

Three moons walked past her
…pushing her troubles to their peers
With no skill and more bills
She felt like death could fix her
But cowardice dangled pain in her mind
With just two mud houses and a shared plot for farming
Even one meal posed a big deal
Until she felt dizzy and fell one afternoon

The area nurse was called
…she pronounced that Lisa was
…with a three moon seed
She had not known her hubby for five moons
Koo Mpapa’s planting planted the fruit

With society pointing their fingers at her
She began thinking so hard
…until some of the wiring in her head snapped
Taking the burden of dressing
…and begging off her
Affording her smiles and laughters without causes

Take heed and learn from Lisa’s visa
You who want short routes
Of being swallowed by a waist python
Thinking its womb a bed of roses without thorns
Your sweats’ breath will yield and equip at you will
…no matter the trouble
“Ours” seldom rushes to save
…in troubled waters
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 13, 2019


We are in this doom fence
Nursing fear of separation
With rains of vulnerability falling into the konkura
…of our heads
While our faces mask the opposite
…in deviance

We’re in these emotional whirlwinds
Digging dust to blind each other
…in our troubled tracks
When unspoken words ghost our unhappiness
…with heartbreaking sadness
How crumbs of dissatisfaction piled
…into heaps of filth
…to clog the flow of communication
…in the gutters of our pride
Still baffles me
Why can’t our mouths speak the truths in our hearts?

Your ego eggs my pride to the happy view of others
My pride stones your ego to the chatty excitement of others
But we’re the ones who’ll lose the kisses
…feel the misses
…and face the hisses and their attending disses
Why can’t we see?

There is no delicious dish egos and pride cook
…in relationships
There are no real wishes I-must-win grants
…in love
There is no bliss at the end of embarrassing schemes
Why can’t we see?
Why can’t we see?

What will be more painful
Will be the needing of each other
After we ruin us in front of all
With our eyes sent by our hearts in calling
Our bodies weak by the whips of yearning
As our relations battle in an unmendable war
To bomb all hope of revival

Still, we’re here
A place so unfair
Knowing the ditches our bitching is digging
Seeing the culture of a future of rupture with no promising rapture
Knowing we’ll be consumed
…so consumed
…by the fire that the fuel of pride
…and the flames of ego
…but still walking into that hell shell
…knowing so well the lack of quenching well
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 12, 2019


Na ɔmama abɔ mma
…ama ɔnam a, na n’abati ɛɛto ahantan nnwom
Efirisɛ na obu ne ho okukudam
N’ɛnso wɔn a wɔhyɛ n’ase nyinaa buu no okuku-ɔdamfoɔ nnyɛ nɛ

Wo bisa sɛ ɛdeɛn ntira?
Ɛneɛ tie ɛ
Ɔde suahunu ɛkɔtena suatera dua ase
…de pia pia nsukɔnoma kɔ dua no so
Ɔfaa nyamberansɛm yi so kenkan wɔn nhweneɛ
…san de kukɔɔ wɔn adagya mu nsrahwɛ wɔ ehu hyɛn mu

Nnura yi a,
Aberantipa no kyeree Akuba de no tena ne tiaseɛnam mu tesɛ Bronya akokɔ
Wɔn duru ne nhyɛsoɔ kokomu hɔ no
M’enfrɛ hɔ efie da
Ɔwɔ no nkonsa ma no kɔ si ne nneɛma
Owie yɛ no
…ɔsan nso si n’agegemu kosi sɛ Akuba atufokɛseɛ no dwo yɛɛ traa
Aa ɔnyɛ n’asiwa
Ɔde nsɔhwɛ mu ndiguo na ɛdane etuo
…de bɔ no ntrɛne

Ɛnɛ yi,
…ɔde n’asɛm kɔɔ Abaawa so no
Ɛna n’apaawa abɛtɔ animguaseɛ gya so no o
Enti wo te akuku-adamfoɔ a
Na ɛyɛ wɔn a wɔn de wɔn sɔsɔ
…eetu mmaayaa ayaase wɔ suapɔn abodin mu
Wɔn kɔfabae ɛne “Okukudam” a n’apaawa da so yi
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 11, 2019


They met daily on Facebook
And shared jokes via Twitter
They saw each other on Instagram
And chatted seriously via email
While walls were their only distance
A walking sadness on unfortunate path

And so the child grew by the teachings of the net
And fell into its reckless bet with life
His fingers talked for his mouth
His eyes thought for his mind
His body always needed a ghost to represent in all congregations
Such a walking sadness on an unfortunate path!

The heat of awkwardness piled up
Home schooled
A human fooled
An internet made
A rope talked to his problems
And offered transportation to another realm
Where the body could not follow to hurt
And so it was that Kobby did leave
As the Mensahs cried their fate in hate
It was a walking sadness that walked an unfortunate path

I hope many will learn from their tale
So as to unstale their tales
In this world in a crazy vehicle
…on a weird road chased by hypocritical wisps
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 11, 2019


If you’re still ill in will, with worries piled bills
The pills in quills will still your will
…so find words waiting in closed books
They’ll give you thrills which will shrill your ills
…and fill your chill with goodwill
Just kill your ills of daunting hills with stories
Waiting to shed your worries

You can meet a brute who crudes a cute
And an angel bright to smite the brute
You can swoon at noon like a moon afloat
Just by some hopelessly sweet romantic vibes
You can be with a ninja who gingerly snaps
And get all lovers in your wraps
What of cursing outloud and crying the shrouded?
Be a read who reads to live
Just kill your ills of daunting hills with stories
Waiting to shed your worries

All that is hidden can be ridden at your bidden
If you just open those books
…to explore
Lives in books are worth our booking
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia October 10, 2019


1. Priorities
2. Honour
3. Patriotism
4. Double Standards
5. Groveling
6. Sovereignty
7. Oppression
8. Expression
9. Impression
10. Favour
11. Saviour
12. Behavior
13. Cages
14. Slavery
15. Justification

1b. Knocked up
2b. Fucked up
3b. Strapped on
4b. Preposterousness
5b. Cracked in
6b. Searched
7b. Wiped out
8b. Sanity
9b. Nonsensical
10b. Grow weeds
11b. Development Farm
12b. Global Village
13b. Power
14b. Gobble
15b. Powerless

I didn’t know our 1 were so strange
I didn’t know our 8 could work to our advantage
Let alone cause our 9 to battle our 7

I didn’t know our 6 was this revered
Until it was used as 11 to check some’s faulted 12
To save their falling 10
What selective emancipation
In the 13 of our 14
And demented queers cheer with horrid 15

Where stands our 6
When our 2 was long slashed by 5
In a 4 which stamped our 7?
Why do we now think 3 when our 1
…have never been straight?

Goats chewing on grasses fear weedicides
…and poison
Suited pigs are now modeling eagles in mmeri-ntama
Forgetting the kneeling of their 2
To beg for even things communualism can cater for

Wisdom has been 2b and 1b
5b and 6b in an unfortunate 7b of our 8b
Why else do we 3b this 4b
In a 9b of 4?
Is it to 10b in our 11b to force us to mark time
In this 12b where 13b 14b the 15b?

We’re a bunch of sorry laughters
Using our own minds as equipment
To entertain happy spectators
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 9, 2019


Ugly luring
Ugh lusting
Untoward loving
Luck will lock on all your clocks
…to cork the pens you use to fork
…your victims
Reversing trends of shamed victims
…and famed predators

You’re lions picking on cubs in nursing
You’re like umbrellas suffocating noses with fake protection
You’re staircases crippling legs with hidden tetanus nails
Oh you pathfinders turned murderous ice
…to overturn healthy ships dangling tips through lips to feed snakes in zips!
You’re unjust beasts who’ve lost their home forests
…of evil
Deviling in paradises and creating hells
…in innocence
But your luck will lock on all your clocks
…to cork the pens you use to fork
…your victims
Reversing trends of shamed victims
…and famed predators

The power you use as bullets
…to shoot down prides, egos and dignity
The honour you use as arrows
…to pierce through the helpless to sorrow
The respect you use as knives
To blind and bind all eyes behind
Will fall in a call so raw
Trust that luck will lock on all your clocks
…to cork the pens you use to fork
…your victims
Reversing trends of shamed victims
…and famed predators

For manipulation is no matriculation
Which needs watering through to thigh graduation
And intimidation is no seedling
Which needs planting in our fertile landucation
Minds are not your toys
…for your ploys to coyly play
…to get you bodies of shoddies to muddy
Luck will lock on all your clocks
…to cork the pens you use to fork
…your victims
Reversing trends of shamed victims
…and famed predators

For sins have tins
…whose bins of wins fill up
And time coughs dimes
…whose crimes in mimes speak up
Oh luck will lock on all your clocks
…to cork the pens you use to fork
…your victims
Reversing trends of shamed victims
…and famed predators
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 8, 2019

This poem is dedicated to all those who have in one way or the other suffered molestation or abuse in an educational setting. Justice will surely be the norm someday.

THAT DUDE (A Fantasy Tale)

Stories……Interest…… Needs

I heard the macho had come to town
His history hopped out from the past
…flipping itself like an interesting script
…in the library of my mind
Forcing smiles long on vacation
…to return home to the mouth of my face
Mischief playing dondo, mpintin and atumpan in my head
…as my feet danced in can’t-wait-to-feel mode

He was to grace the climax of the festival
And my pretty and awesome mind
…was to lay the perfect trap
…to arrest his attention
…and subsequently his body
…to the bed of my thrill
…armed with a naughtiness born out of my devilish side
…making sure no corners sat for a hide

The D day came
…with many buttocks competing to stand out
Mine, not capable of a somersault
…let alone an earthquake that will break him in
Like an ebony, his skin shone with the sun
…his dark hair still guarded his hairline
…like disciplined soldiers on guard duty
…none out of line
His eyes swarm in flirty waters
…black in brown in white
Mouth like a womb I needed
…even if it could drive me to the tomb
Tall body that looked like an electric pole in my mind
…legs and arms well proportioned
…chest lying like the best football park in the world
I could swear his fingers called for my kneading
…I didn’t mind being dough
His flat back side promised a handsome harvest at the frontal
And the muscles!
…Oh the muscles snaked like wild cobras
He was everything that spelt the warrior long spoken about
Yes, he was fine
…so fine I needed him mine
…even if it was for an hour

He broke the bones of his competitors like lonely broomsticks
And the crowd-
…both men and women
…screamed his name
Humans choked the Hantrase Square
…making me a dot in the lot as the dark curtained
…but I was confident

The bonfire went out
…according to plan
Darkness wore the place like a whore on known chores
…which paid well into satisfaction’s core
The rope housed by my hands
…readily went to tie his left leg
The pole which could not be broken
…being its support
…in a nyansapo which even the wise
…will struggle to crack
I then stood close
…watching him struggle to break free

“Fight me…
I purred into his ears
…as he struggled for an untie
“or grant my wish
…of being my night dish”
He smiled
“Sure, the second will be a pleasure
…so help me out of this rope”
And I did

The mat rustled in complaints
…of the new load
Sweat was a delicious light on
…for the horror need that chanted a feed
The lantern struggled to picture his shadow
…and lost me in him
But my hands had long been explorers
They searched all caves to get the snake
…and wake it live
…from its slumber to play
It was not a cobra
…it was a watersnake to my surprise

“No Warrior Kumnipa
…I need the snake that has cultivated many songs
…from satisfaction of women
…not a water snake which only pinches in self defence”
A snore insulted my bore
…and sent hungry emotions
…to fetch angry ones
…from my mean vault
But reasoning came in their stead
…to whisper his humanity
…and fallibility of tiredness
Sleep still stayed far from me
…till dawn

He did wake
…and I thought my brakes could break
…in his shake
But he couldn’t beat the record of Kwaa Appiah, the village drunk
His fingers lingered on his side
His eyes played pilolo with mine
His legs shook like a hook afraid of a shark
…far deep in waters from its owner
His mouth closed and opened in panting
Little by little,
…his greatness broke down like the Walls of Jericho
Leaving him naked in strengthlessness
Right before my disappointing eyes

So he was a little fante kenkey
…in huge big beautiful brown plantain leaves
I fetched his togas
…and opened the door
…for his squeeze out
He promised a come back
…but I wasn’t enthused
He did come back
Every Memeneda
…which I made to swallow his almost dead neck
By fastening the door at the back
…and killing the light out of the wick of the lantern

For a month and a half
…he tolerated
But decided the sun needed a sitting in our setting
He met to his horror
…Kwaa Appiah in his hardworking stupor
And was not pleased
Warrior Kumnipa lived by his name
…snapping Kwaa Appiah’s neck
Turning him instant ghost in my happy host

The extraordinary him
…immediately showed his ordinariness
As many gathered in my compound
…due to the shrill in the sounds
…that bolted from the pit of my stomach
Funny, the sweat from human and spirit together
…had not dried
But I cried
…for the run which did not take me to the peak of pleasure
…for losing the best gem which only I knew of
…for the many pleasure climbs nights will taunt with memories
Till my well painted whore life ended
…in Kojokrom
This is the tale of that dude
…who still chases my unwilling
…and uninterested slit
No matter how loud jealousies of people here haunt
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 7, 2019


Clothes to shada so all can yada
Hair to pair so it can fata
Footwear to match so atanfo can shiver
Makeup to fit, to look the perfect diva
God’s temples have turned runways

Whispers tiptoe within church walls
And turn bold talks after with shouting balls
“Did you see Awo Yaa’s duku?
It looked like the head of Obosom Bruku”
“I could fit into one of Agbozo’s trouser legs
He was a perfect stick in the agbada trousers!”
Many others will add to exude self importance
For the happy miseries
Who pose relaxed
…after turning God’s churches into fashion runways

What gave to level the poor with the rich
Has today become classist
…milking the poor as desperate shepherds milk lean cows
And buys body shaming
…to gift their horrific struggles
The Bible now dribbles the poor
…sip their blood to turn users tipsy and greedy
…like abɛnom
To continuously model vampires on pulpits
While wearing refined sweat like decorated pigs
Why have churches turned fashion runways?

If the end times exist
It would have come to resist
Insisting on the right
…to refresh the frozen horrors

Which hell is greater than a brainwashed head
…on a suffering body?

Now none searches for real churches
…and fetches no wretches reaching for the unfortunate
Real churches died long before now
With none knowing how

Some may call for hedging
…claiming others are still living true
But which wise pauper acts elder
…even in true churches?
Face it
All you attend are fashion runways
…which turn hypocritical networks after closing
…and metamorphose into gossip palours at home
OH, forget ye not the models posing on internet streets
…faking thanks to the almighty
It is really a runway now
…exhibiting clothes and money
In Sunday showdowns
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 6, 2019


They all scream to title the next
…in my head’s nest
Hatred screams on love
Love adorably stares
As heartbreak rears it’s head
…to force love to close its eyes
Religion calls for sanity
But sins stamp their ink on their leaders
Politics reads its provisional manifesto
But disappointment laughs loudest
…shutting in all screams
Peace makes a sign
…chaos calls that it is king
Until the law hits its gavel on the table for calm
Immediately, bribery and corruption glare their “hey!”
Reflection walks straight to the highest seat
…sits and wins the audience’s calm

So reflect to correct a defect
If this space has given you a chance to direct
…a task
You’re like a plane
…hosting many in your womb
To be flown down in life jackets in your lifely crash
To always be known as one of the best carriers
…to generations you’ll never see
Reflection is the most important ingredient
In our developmental cooking
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 5, 2019


Akasa akasa bebree yi fapem ne sɛn?
Yɛse yɛse mframa ɛɛkeka ammodin dɔ ho asɛm

Ano jejejeje bɔ awerɛfie
Sɛ sɛbi, yɛ nto ɛdan akyi pono mu
…ansa na wo bɛ bue w’ano no
Hwɛ hunu sɛ
Wo dan akyi pono mu ato danwee
Efirisɛ ɔdɔ mu akronfoɔ kyere woa
…ɛɛdɛ sene deɛ ɔdɔ mu kyewpafoɔ abasobɔdeɛ
Ɛdeɛn na nananom aanyɛ anfa abosomsom tumi gyina ho?
Nanso ɛnɛ yi
Halleluya ntiamu bɔ nananom abosom asasa
Ɛnkyɛ na abufuw adane bɛfame mpaebɔ

Ɔdɔ mu nsɛm nsɛm nyɛ me Abena Tawiah Amoafowaa dadwene
Efirisɛ obiara akuma ne ne nan
Ebi nanti kɔ wɔn anim
Ebi nanti kɔ wɔn akyi
M’entumi nbɔ me deɛ adwaa
Na m’akɔ fa obi deɛ asua akɔ kyini
Sɛ anim pono ne n’akyi pono wɔ apue yi de
Abɔntene kwan yɛ efiewura nkoa tirimusɛm

Ɛwɔ mu sɛ nnipa su ma awufo deɛ
Ɛno nkyerɛ sɛ efunu nkɔ mprɔyɛ mu
Enti mma nnisuo hunu nsɛye w’aniso adehunu
Ano ka nsɛm a aduru n’asuɛye
Nanso akekakeka bebree bɔ tirimu pɔ asesa
Wo deɛ na hwɛ
…na w’akoma akɔso
Ɛnɛ asetena pɔnkɔ nte fo
…na w’afa ne ho akonya menemukro
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 4, 2019


I stand here and turn back
To look at the you who fell into the rot of poverty
From a pot that needed you not
…and a rain which only fell for pleasure
…and fled to hide into some small pores on the earth
Today I marvel at your strength

I stand here and watch you sent off
To an unknown house hosting cold hearts
Who turned you into a little dog
Always to obey lest you forgo even the unneeded bones
Fear, always your companion
Shivers, always your friend
As witchcraft described you to their unkind content
And I wonder the star that filled your shine

Need I mention the hunger
…that wheeled you from one sleepless night onto another?
That you only thought of the pangs of others
And not the roars and bites in your grumbling stomach
And stood like a knightess
…to work even in your pitiable frame
Is only a mystery!
Abena Amoafowaa, you are one of the mastered made mystery
…ever to grace history!

The cold whips of street air
The hunting fear of street monsters
The heavy weight of minerals and malt
The heavy taunt of servitude
None broke your resolve
You were firm like Afadjato
And wise like no other
You wandered in wonderment
Dragging your weight and all others
Through the desert paths of enlightenment
Paying your dues and theirs with your sweats
Until Agowa held you from a fall of breakage
One would’ve thought your peace was born
But you knew a beginner’s path when you saw it
How intelligent you were!

When the winds of sicknesses bit your seed
Even before your merits coughed little fees
You stood taller than all
Adding to the weighing burden that already existed
Mothering a set through, watched by betters of dirts
Can any measure your coolness Eno Amoafowaa?

You fought like a lioness
Traveled like an eagle
You indefatigably worked like a multitude
Shedding drowning tears when need be
Beating sleep and its rule breaking sicknesses
…to save
Although you lost in a painful blow
You won the admiration of the heavens
The earth and even the hells
For going through it all like a born soldier
Never giving up even in a day
Yours is a bigger heart than all!

This refined me
Sailed with the winds of your pains
This almost accomplished me
Swam through the seas of your tears to the shores of fascination
This respected me
Healed because of your torture
This comfortable me
Traveled through your war with clouds
How can I ever repay the warrior
Who served, pushed this queen here
…and is left in the past?
If any mouth can put words together to spell your awesomeness
Young Amoafowaa,
That mouth will deserve a medal of honour
From non less than Odomankomah himself

I’m fed thanks to your hunger
I can laugh because of your fountains of tears
I am revered thanks to the many struggles you suffered
I’m studied thanks to your diligent studies
I’m well dressed thanks to your tatters
I’m everything fair humility offers
Thanks to the nothingness you rocked
Ɔdɔ, is there any like you?

You’re all the awesome words a great dictionary holds
…and will forever roll in
You’re all the stars the brightest night sky can host
Added to its moon
You’re one of the best suns the world will know
You’re evergreen and ever bright
Your fiery spirit and your fearless soul,
Your determined body and your brilliant mind,
Your awesome discernment and your loving heart
…even in your many storms,
Gifted me this peace I feel today
Abena Sefa Amoafowaa Jemremedua
…Mansah Tawiah
Receive all your accolades for the great work done
For you’re a stone child and you’ll forever be the basis of my greatness!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 4, 2019