You shea
Having met a weather to your fair
…and acting queer
Know she whom you steer!

You shea
Thinking I can, your stubbornness, bear
To, of you, steer clear
You’ll meet your heating fear

You changing in a small advantage
You hardening in my cold caging
You refusing to my finger calling
Acting boss to your master
Is the height I will never take
No matter how high your stakes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 18, 2020


All the time
…the blue of the sky
…shows after angry clouds fall to turn rain
…which drains into gutters
…washing the dirt of stress
I so know this

I walked from my fires of scrutiny
Into the warm arms of Mrs Hillier
…and an awesome hug from Herbert
Even the sun smiled to welcome us,
Mischael and I,
With handshakes of its winning deception
A divine cup of smoothie pampered my palate:
Mrs Hillier’s choice and Herbert’s thought and bought
Sensitively, they tried to save us
…from the first punches of the cold
Still, it folded our joints and gnashed our teeth
…for some few minutes

The parking fees that could feed me for two weeks
…was cleared to all our wincing
Then Mrs Hillier promised a great ride
…from Pearson’s West to our inhabiting East
And what a beauty to behold!

Even dirt on vehicles posed beautiful whites
Showing debris of salt bathing cars
…by hands of cleared and smooth roads shedding the bedding of snow
Then we saw Lake Ontario
…wearing neatness on its huge pate
…and gently telling me how Koklobite can model him
…if our polythene flags and unclean habits are killed by our will
From closed churches turned condominiums
…to closed cinemas
To an old building turned mall
…retained in decoration by rich owners
…after cries of citizens for cultural maintenance
To oh many tall buildings screaming creativity of great architects,
Every little thing stands divine!

Bald trees stood shivering
Their leaves gobbled up by the snow
…their stiffness showing their shyness at their leafless nakedness
Lawns hid under bossy snow
All assuring us of their existence
…even in our tomorrows
As our great hosts educated us
…on the city I’ve come to love
The city whose welcome stretched from beauty
…to its duty of protecting even trees
The city whose bites of cold closes not its frosted handiworks
The City of Toronto
And so it was that our destination greeted us with beauty
On number 5 Selby Street
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 15, 2020


Dear Mr. Rapist
St. Valentine needed a heartpour
…not a torture
Love is not stealing a waist pie to kill a soul
Neither is it climbing a lie
…to make another cry

Dear Mr. Rapist
If you dig your foundation
…on another’s land
The soil cries for its owner
Your toil buys hate from its owner
And your sweat will be a conscience drain
One you can’t maintain in a righteous world
How well can you take sigh curses
…from a wronged spirit?

Dear Mr. Rapist
Many a soul have murdered their bodies
For being forced shoddies of crooks
…like you
How will it feel to be a cave
…of screams of bodies with dreams?

Dear Mr. Rapists
Society sees you as monsters
Stealing meats for others defeat
Carving seats of sorrowful beats
Even hailers will deem you cats
…hiding their meat from you
…at their small suspicions
Will you draw a picture of you thus?

Dear Mr. Rapists
Fear for your dears
…and stop your queering with your peers
For what you steer today
…will wheel to your generation
…maiming and killing hearts you cherish
For every pain you cause another to gain
…acts football
Bouncing back to hit where it’ll hurt
…when you least expect

It sure will hurt most
…if your body is stuck in the grave
…as your spirit watches your own
…turn foes of woes of your lows
And your bodiless soul will cry seas of tears
…living on with many fears
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 13, 2020


You’ve learnt
…you’ve learnt through the burnt I spent on your relentless ego
I know
But be best for your future pair
Walk on honey

You’ve recoiled back here
…you’ve recoiled through the toil you’ve soiled
…in your fresh experiences
You promise to be better?
Please be best
…for your future pair
Walk on sugar, do walk on

I may have been the ditch
…you jumped into your bitch
I may have been the stitch
…your thoughts needed to fix
…your lessons
I may have been
…the stick God used to hit your change
So please walk on
…walk on, you sweet which sought cavities
…for my ever parading teeth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 12, 2020


I know I might have ridden tantivy
…in your loving zefer
Odomankomah Twerɛduampong
…please forgive and build a fence around my taughts

I fume to think I can’t exhume
…my young caught in the arms of decomposition
I know my rebellion robs on you
…in the bad
But please All Seeing, forgive
…and build a fence around my taughts

I’ll live you right!
I’ll serve you fair!
I’ll bless your protection!
And like a tree with most seeds
…honour you with a bearable dance
…in air song
But please Nana Nyame
…build a fence around my taughts
So they’ll grow to use their got
…for goodness’ lot
For each fall kills a vein in my spirit
…and numbs my heart
…to your serving
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 9, 2020


This situation
This situation of fire begging for my ownership
…rain begging for my usage
…wind obsessing for my picking
All at once
Throws me into a confusing sand
If only I could have all in one!

I fear the heat that might cheat to beat
…my skin, my easily bruised skin
I fear the flood that might full to make a
…fool of me, a floating fool of me
I fear the tsunami that might break to make
…me a wreck, a woesome wreck
And so I pause hoping for a clause of reclusion
…to dangle freedom to overtake loneliness
…on my mind’s stage
If only it would be simple to engage

Do I lose all to sell fairness?
Do I take all to wear greed?
Do I select one to risk regrets?
I’m like a hot ware on a dilemmic pan
…being sold by doubts to the audience of love
What a baity state to be in!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 8, 2020


Starting and finishing can be a mould you hold
Many hearts have built darknesses for their shames
While others build crimes to gobble their angelics
There is power in your thoughts!

A thought has bought many nots for some
A thought has bought many yays for most
Stinky stuffs attract flies
Too much sweetness calls fleas
Flavoured honey charms bees
So you might want to blend good trends in moderation
For an optimistic spirit magnetizes luck
…pushes the soul to win
…and flourishes the body
There is power in your thoughts!

Thoughts have fought for many a spirit
…caught in an unfair bought
So call for your gotten before they appear in the physical
Pessimism pests on the power of “coming to pass”
So provoke no problems
There sure is power in your thoughts!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 7, 2020


She was caught like a stalked game
…folded like a foldable chair and tied with goat ropes
Then thrown onto the back seat
…of the Corona
Her screams cut off by a chloroform

She woke to sounds without faces
Her blindfold, thicker than a myth
She was fed
And threatened every second of her consciousness
Afiba was made a dog to fear
…her heart barking at every shadow of a sound

Days felt like years
…before her father’s semi-assurance boomed on a phone
Her gods cutting her father short at his comma
…killing the birth of his full stop of a sure rescue
As the rape tonned down
…her little lady wept for what had become an addiction
What was worse?
She craved for it through to the abuse

The quadruple doses their sticks poked
…before and after breakfast
…called for double quadruples
Until her mouth begged for it
She turned slave to their waist caves
So food for life
…then foods of lives served by many waist bowls
…at once
Her hell turning her heaven of addiction

A day saw her eyes freed
…as her abusers’ faces turned seeds
…to plant themselves in her heart
Love blossomed from their cruel power
Forcing her submission to their cause

When a day saw her freed
Her tongue refused to testify
Her heart began to hate the very state
…which changed her sour fate
The heaven she knew through her hell
…called in an obsession
Buying disdain for her father’s rescue
So she sneaked to have her doses
Until the law followed her steps to arrest
…her foes turned fiendish friends
She was livid!

She called the law out on their evil
“I love the savage ravage of my abusers
My life is mine to live
…either with my friends or foes”
But the law heard not her pleas to stop meddling
…and dragged her Gods to its hell
Burning her desire into the ashes of anger to blow with tantrum winds towards all

Annoyed by her father’s betrayal of not fixing
…her addicted heaven
She drank all her sober aids
…and took shade under death’s umbrella
Leaving her poor father a depressed wreck
It was the psychiatrist who told him what happened
…to his then deceased daughter
…a Stockholm Syndrome
And he vowed to be an advocate
…to save the world from this state
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 5, 2020


Stand amidst killer ants
…and claim shants
…in angry rants
Until your shants change to can’ts
Then you’ll see the fair turning unfair
…in a lesson rare

You swim in sweet waters
…and help walking suckers drink you dry
When your waters run out
And your difference shouts
It’s there you’ll know the difference
…between swimmers and walkers

They who love not theirs
Will have to kiss dangers
…from lovers turned strangers
The most hungry betrayal feeds from
…backstabbing from a trusted angel turned foe
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 4, 2020


Spirit I wish to dish a dream
To retake life and live to the brim
And grow your soul to sell fulfillment
…to your all before the call of your fall

It is always abnormal when a young fruit falls
…from its strong tree
As many a ripe ones hang
Why are the cruel winds of life
…so choosy?

You had so much to live for
…so much to learn
And I had so much to teach you
So much laughter
…and few punishments to boost!
Why did you leave a left which now digs into old sores?
Why make me a teacher who outlives her student?

For all your many dreams squashed with your gone
For all your happy hopes ceased by your fall
For all your beautiful memories
…lost to your leaving
For all the many friends you’ve been forced to abandon
…in this here life
I pray your soul gains glows to a know that your going
…has pierced hurtful arrows in our hearts
So you can rest in absolute peace

Rest well baby girl!
Rest well beautiful spirit!
Rest in awesomeness young soul
And live the yonder like a boss
Till we meet again
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 2, 2020


Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ
Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ de saa de saa
…akɔ fam owuo bo sɛɛ bam!
Ama ne mmadwoa mpaebɔ aka agu
N’awareɛ anidasoɔ abutu
Ne Na ahobanbɔ apaska
…ama ne bayie kwaadu ɛɛdɛre buruburu te sɛ Ɔbonsamgyamu faango aka bɔne gya
Amanfoɔ eebisa deɛentia dua-wui gyina nkwamu
…ɛɛma dua-mono abu
Yei laaa!

Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ
Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ a oyiyii mmarima mu
…de ne tintin gramo bɔ mu doduoɔ noa ntrɛne
Ɛkɔfa barima bonuayɛ ni
…prapra ne sikafutoɔ mu nyinaa de no kɔɔ amanɔne
Ɛma no kɔ baayɛ bɛgyae no wɔ obonini ngyinasoɔ so
…ma no de ɔyaw ne n’anibre kɔ gyae ne ni so
…bɔ no bayie
Wɔ mere a na ne nyinsɛnyiguo mogya bebrebe
…eguso eesu wɔ ne mmabaawa berɛmu
Afei deɛ owuo kokomu na w’akɔbɔ ne ho adwaa?
Ɔyaw yei laaa!

Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ
Adwoa Fɔdwoɔ a ɔbɔ me mmɔbrowa asu
…de me si nkɔnkɔnsa kwansene mu
…noa me antobam
A na onnim m’ase mpo na w’akohunu m’aweiyɛ!
Ɛnɛ wo na w’ama abrane ɛɛsua wo mu duro
…atɔ mu nyarewa amema wɔn ho,
Ahunu adagya brane a n’anka ɛsɛ nsamrane
…a eenyinya kɔ mprɔyɛ mu
Amaneɛ yei laaa!

Ɛtwa sɛ asaase nom nsa
…Adwoa ei, ehia sika o!
Hwɛ sɛ abrane bɔtɔmu eesu sɛɛ fii fii fii
Mmusuo yei laaa!
Hwɛ sɛ Ɔpɛpɔn ɛde wo ho adwendwen ɛɛbɛpɔn!
Ɔhaw yei laaa!
Hwɛ sɛ wo ni honam merew ɛɛbɛ tu nisuo abura!
Awerɛhuoɔ yei laaa!
Hwɛ sɛ abusua ntɔkwa ɛɛbɛ si amansan ahwehwɛ
…wo nti
W’atime w’akame yei laaa!

Ɔbra biara twa owuo
…nanso wo wuo yi yɛ mpatuwuo Adwoa!
Agyae ano biara akasakasa
…ene yei laaa ntoasoɔ
Obo Kwahu asaase ɛɛbɛwoso
Obo fie ahyɛnso 97 ɛɛbɛ mim
…wo wuo yei laaa nti!
Ɛfirisɛ Nana Yaw Agyare Ɔsono bideɛ baako atɔ
…amonoamono mu
Esu ne yei laaa adane bena bɔ
…wɔ ateasefo anum
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 31, 2020


She said Kofigah rented her body for
…every evening in a month
…with touches and pounding and biting with kisses
Atuaki rented her mouth for a week
…for licking and pulling and chewing
…with special bonuses for sores
Before Tetteh came in with a room offer
…to pray inside her every time his demons wake

The poor man just stood there
…like one struck by thunder
But his eyes of love remained

She said she would sell her body to him
…for a thousand, in every other month
She said she would sell her image to follow him
…for five hundred, every month
Still her clothes and make up
…shoes and bags
Pomades and pedicures
…jewelries and others
Must be billed on his big pocket

He heaved a breath like a whirlwind of arrest
And just spoke a sentence
“I want all of you for this lifetime
…how much will that cost?”
The tears standing and shining in his eyes
…before falling with his blinks
…dug goosebumps for her skin
…and mine even in my darkest hide

She found shame in her scantily clad
…pulling at what little to try a most cover
She lowered her eyes
…feeling a sense of selling a worthless to a worthy
She felt disdain
…for a past whose rust shreds her left pride
But he lifted her head and said –
“I know all you are
That my heart still beats for you is proof enough
That you can do no wrong in my eyes”
She sobbed like a baby
…and replied
“It’ll cost you nothing
…but this love you feel
Because buying to own me
…will equal buying to own the money you used
…in my bought”
He was clearly amazed at her wisdom

He hugged her till she got lost in his embrace
No eye was dry in their watch
…even the eyes of heaven drizzled in its eavesdropping moment

If a lesson did knock on my head
…entered and sat among my thoughts
It was that –
…bodies get sold to the worthless for things material
But to the worthy, a priceless free
What a gem to find in a monstrous bargain!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 30, 2020


All those who boast with toasts
…of having the most
Should know, earth is a temporary host
And all with breaths are future ghosts

All those who read into shreds
…of knowledge’s reds
Will go, when their flag bells ring

So live like a sun
…rising to set
Live like a rose
…blooming to rot
Live like the dark
…ruling to perish
Live like rain
…falling to cease
When immortality finds its way into attitudes
…disappointment comes gunning
…before death’s flashes lash to hush
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 28, 2020


You can carry your cross
Because you know the loss that once bossed
…and tossed it out like trash
…in stories told, diluted and sold
…millions through billions to zillions of times
Please do carry your cross

Carry your cross
And leave my burdened thoughts
…to do it halfway
Through sympathies bought for my outgrown childhood
As my adulthood fences it with the needed doubts
Doing you must equal doing me
…the world gave grounds to each and every soul’s hound’s steps to pound
So please carry your cross

Carry your cross
Even as you lose dignity through indignities
…highly paid for by greedy lots in the family of your belief
You do know though that plucking out weeds
…from your church backyard
Must preceed an outside weeding
It gets funny when grown weeds are visible on church grounds
And your machete aims for the throat of my beliefs
Please carry your cross in gracefulness

If we all bow to a how unknown
And we all show for a foe disowned
Oh if we all carry cruel crosses unbought
And ferry unfair weight we’ve got
Who would stand to tell tales of living lighter
…without the extra weight?
How will swimmers in sea wombs
…choose the shores of their comfort?
Just carry your cross

Life blends colours to offer choices
While mine is blue
And yours is white
…You need a care to ward off stains
So don’t turn your light on me
You can miss a bullet of dirt whiles concentrating on me
So just carry your cross
…and leave me be
I will boil your cold in my hell
You can decide to bless me with your refrigerated urine from your heaven
That’s, if your predictions are in creation’s diction
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 26, 2020


Rumours act immortal flies
…to follow through shallow mouths
The lustful-stupored hatch horrid plans
…to scratch their itches of owning
…the beautiful

Dramatic display daunts in many a haunt
Traps are set in multiplcity
…just to grab her attention
Favours act baits just as foods act deceptives
…on hooks
Just to own the skilled

So imagine the hurdles of the beautiful
…with skills
Musters turning monsters to cuff,
Shoulders acting shield to show their shapes,
Woulders working wonders to win her world,
All stringed up by lust to burst into destruction
…dreams of an innocent soul

This is the curse of beauty
And the nemesis of skills
Owners can act pleasers to turn maggots
…or stand their grounds to lose most of their coulda-boasts
…still holding on to their dignities
…till they turn ghosts
This world is not for the ugly
…and definitely not for the beautiful
Talk less of the skilled woman digging the wants of can’t-losers
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 25, 2020


Prejudice plasters plagues
…even on platinums
Plucking preciousness off perfection
Pushing possible proofs
…into poor pits

Prejudice is like raging fires
…in dry leaves
A little fury is all the air it needs
…to graze the land to destruction
It corrupts thoughts
…blinds souls
…turns friends into foes
And throws darkness on sunny days

Prejudice is a possession best poisoned with objectivity
…and open mindedness
Before it gains roots
…to drag down dignity with drama
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Jan. 24, 2020


The forbidden rides juicy bids
Which drives mad the barred hard
To force open its many lids
And play freely in its barred yard

If you just can’t have it
Then the price tag doubles
Because you can’t just shake it
…off your knocking thought troubles

It is like a DNA flaw the creator engraved
…in the core of humanity
None can, from its effects, be saved
And none can, through its effects, get clarity

So good will so turn bad
So the bad, some good will have, with years
Bad will so turn good
So the good will have some bad with years
Forget the fall of the scary changers
The world tires not from producing loving rangers
…who turn strangers and are flagged dangers
…only to turn heroes
That weird twist
…adds to life!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 21, 2020


Panic is a comic which picks
…thick volcanic eruptions of regretful magic
…to hurl problematic tragics at logic
So relax
31st to 1st is just an exchange of baton
…between ordinary days
…with pressure impositions

All the resolutions unresolved
All the hopes unrestored
All the dreams in screams
All the aspirations with fearful expirations
All the achievements crashing in fantasy planes
Are naught to buy you bitterness
So relax
For 31st to 1st is just an exchange of baton
…between ordinary days

You can work some yesters today
You can borrow some more for tomorrow
You can build your happiness to pay
…for hopes shattered and sorrow
You can change a doom to gay
…by digging out of a hollow
You can learn so much today
…to cancel a lingering shallow
So relax
For 31st to 1st is just an exchange of baton
…between ordinary days

If life were a school
…death would be arranged
If wealth were a tool
…only the trained would be advantaged
If love were for cools
…who would’ve ever yearned in this paradise of fools?

Troubled relation
…shouldn’t wobble legs of your elation
Unbeatable weight
…shouldn’t define your state
Friends in height
…shouldn’t dim your light
For you live a step someone needs to rep to chirp
…in victoriousness!

So don’t kill yourself
Wait till a “d” knocks out the “s” from your screams
Don’t bill your ills
Wait till a luck fills up your chills
…to partake in a celebration deserving
Life is but a try in a cry of why
…in a my which sighs or rewards
…and ends in a bye
No matter its outcome
A few hundreds of years will have no mind
…let alone remember a struggle
…strangling you today
So live to revive your happiness each day
…till your forever on earth ends
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 31, 2019


The future keeps secrets
…which births with time to create shocks
…in the pleasant and or otherwise
Leading this mind to struggle
…to disentangle these questions

Those heads
…nodding and shaking
Will most soon still
…to hide and cry?
Those shoulders
…playing ups and downs
…like see-saws on a playfield
Will they soon stiffen
…to defrost their bold?
Those wriggling buttocks
…snaking and electrifying
Will they cool
…to regrets and hurts?
And those mouths
…humming and singing
Will they soon shut
…to bow to defeat?
If those legs break down
…and those hands hide
If those faces cloud with sadness
…and those stomachs growl in hunger
If those thighs dry from shaking
…and those waists stop their breaking
What medicine will light their now
…to break their ice?

The giggles and laughter
The music and company
The hugs and kisses
The sways and dances
Can’t you freeze them in a forever
…to stamp a lifetime of happiness?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 30, 2019


I hope for skies
…which have tasted no stars
…and have seen no moons
To be blessed with the lights
…of your celestial brights

a. Skies – Humans
b. Stars – Gifts
c. Moons – Breakthroughs
d. Celestial brights – Miracles

And for we those in blindfolds
Seeing not the celestial brights
…passing us by
I pray for a fall
…of whatever knot
…to help us see
And shine our be

We live to falls
…in need of rises
We live to walks
…in need of runs and flies
A cycle daunting
A be haunting
Won’t you please be a hand
To make us stand?
And be the band
…to help us understand?

We’ll follow through the shallow and the hollow
If we know you’ve got our fears
…as your foes
We’ll drive through the strifes of life
…if we know you’re the road
…and our steers to hold
We’ll fly through all the turbulence
If we know you’re the plane and the pilot
So throw d, c and b on all a
To help us till we fall back into you
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 27, 2019


The festive fever
The needing needles
The steaming shivers
The growling giggles
Nothing fetches fire on a heading head
…in money’s dire lair
…than the festive fever!

The dresses
…which will end in messes!
The jewelries
…which might not taste many Junes before acting jokes!
The shoes
…which might scream boos in loses which might call soon!
The foods which will turn unmentionables
…and their sorry booze which might snooze zoos in loos
Add them to the ghosts of angry chickens
The bɛɛs of aggrieved goats
Add them to the moos of unhappy cows
And the broken trust of lost sheep
And you get the perfect
…festive fever!

Although many make merry
…in meetings happily made
Loud noises will add to draining headaches!
Poor choices will add to begging voices!
Unannounced visits will add to complaining bathrooms!
Poor singing will add to leaching preaching!
All making knockouts sound like hellish bombs!
Do you feel it?
Do you feel the festive fever?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 23, 2019


Worship the earth
…before worshipping the sky
For the earth gifts you a standing
…before head can raise to watch the sky

A light that shines outside its zone
And darkens its surroundings
…surely raises eyebrows
Arms whose gifts
…their legs know nothing about
Surely are questionable

What shame it will be
…if an outside sweeper’s house
…is seen languishing in dirt
Teeth of enemies would surely have a field day
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 22, 2019


Show me the gate of your sense
To go cleanse it’s dense lenses
…to aid it see
…what needs to be

Give me the keys to the mains
…of your brains
To join understanding veins
…to your sanes
To open up your mind’s gate

Because now you sound like a hound
…found in a not so sound
…mound hole
All humans know and toe the sane
…but you’re acting insane
…calling it your choice
Some choices are voices of noises
…made by deadly drowning depressions

Why many should get depression
…out of your expressions
…form clouds on humanity
If you feel like a superhuman
…turn spirit and evaporate
If you can’t corporate
…turn animal and get a jungle
For opinions clash
…but through the rush of emotions
We learn to blend to end a bad trend
So harmony will weed harm
…off bodies
Life is simple for the open minded
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 18, 2019


To fight a rabid dog
…you need a sane lion
With sharp claws
…and canines
One who rules the jungle with sense
…and intimidation

To fight a rabid dog
All fleshes must be iron covered
Earplugs must act ammunition
Chains should be ready to cuff derangement
To fight a rabid dog

You know they’ll kill cats no matter their fierceness
You know they’ll bite cows
…no matter their hugeness
You know they can chase antelopes
…no matter their swiftness
To fight a rabid dog
…you need
…you so need
You really really need
…a sane and healthy lion
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 12, 2019


When time stops a rest
Because it pushes our quests to their best
…clearing some ills from our chests
…going as far as weeding out some of our thinking pests
…to give breath to our joy

A human is a farm
…needing a tending
…periodic weed clearing
To ward off pests
There are no wins for successful broken bodies
For what is a journey without a working body
…in the vehicle of a spirit
…and the engine of a soul?
Rest is the best vest of the human nest

Be the centre of your occupational chores
Your loss
…only needs a whispering advertisement
…for your swift replacement

Think of you as the sun of all dark causes
Your loss
…only needs one dark night
…and eyes blinded will show your spirit your true form:
…replaceable electricity
Rest is the best vest of the human nest

So pause your cause and let rest be the boss
…to toss out ailing trauma
…to fix you clean for your body’s effective continuity
While at it,
…meeting new hearts are good distractions
…with new perspective attractions
Rest surely is the best vest of the human nest
…on all life cruises
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 30, 2019


Water accepts stone
Stone spits out water
Sand floors them all
…no matter how hard they hide
That should tell you
…your hard might be mad for one
…but play for the other

Just as goings and comings
…births and deaths
…are life’s play things
Your anger is someone’s joke
Your paralysis is someone’s moke
Your flame is someone’s smoke
Your rum is someone’s coke
Bodies write not their earns, so stay woke
…before you, a higher, badly poke

Tell your side
Oppress none
Let other mouths speak from the views of their eyes
Express yourself looking at your opponent as your mirror
Rant not on pain’s bought
Announce no lies like a newscasting crook
Never nurse hatred unwarranted
Call out and make up
Excellent human management rounds to encircle

Our hearts are like different brands of cars
They are fed different emotions
…and process same news differently
That does not mean dogs must eat dogs
…so frogs will get things to croak on
Open mindedness has unending room
…where disagreements can battle into respected opinions
…then agreements
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 28, 2019


Pilots know the risk of turbulence
…but still take chances of flying
Captains know the viciousness of some storms
…but still steer boats for days
…using navigators and relying on winds
Drivers know the many accidents
…which whisper to deny them and others
…but still drive through the roads
Living is a chance of different odds
…so take it and embrace your odds

The odd pod
…can push a greatness nod
And cut an honourary sod
…so fear not its fearful rod
Because life sometimes hurts
…even in its happiness
Living knows no pets
If it did
…death would have excused them

So force through your odds
Fly through your turbulence
Navigate through your storms
Drive through your accidents
Until you reach your satisfactory destination
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 23, 2019


It is hard
When it dawns on you and your sky turns dark
It is bad
When you look and see that a difference does mark
You can never park
Even as the world chases you to the ends of the mad
Oh woes of a broken seeded mother!

Even in acceptance struggle
Pointed fingers use blame to strangle
And in an in-cry
…many suggestions demand for many a try
Each has their meaning for her flawed blessing
Most throwing shades for her demeaning
Oh woes of a broken seeded mother!

She is the witch that earth needs to ditch
…to some minds
She is the offender who must so plead
…to some minds
She is the womb which marks for tombs
…to some minds
Chained by the hatred that hangs around her
She still needs a focus on her broken
Oh woes of a broken seeded mother!

Days drag on!
Nights are unkind!
The present does mock!
The future oh scares!
The past act scar!
Regrets do whip!
Still, one mind needs to work harder
…to tend a struggling innocent
…in unmeeting ends
…a boiling emotions
…hopeless devotions
…and many commotions
Oh woes of a broken seeded mother!

She is a machine
…which knows no tiredness
She is mountain
…which feels no feet stamping
She must wear smiles
…for tutoring trees
She has no words for societal acceptance
Sickness is a luxury
…she never can afford
Oh woes of a broken seeded mother!

She turns a garden
…which pests do prey
Can she dodge spiritual fraudsters?
…Unless she wishes to be an open dish of witchcraft
…on societal plates
Can she swerve the elders
…and their many concoctions?
Unless she wants to be a ritual puppet
…to meet slaps of seers
…through to judgements of unmerciful gods
Can she swerve the hounds of directions
…by even ignorant minds?
…Unless she wants to be chased
…by guilt soldiers
Oh woes –
…Woes of broken seeded mother!

She may have to apologize
…for her broken seed
She may have to be jilted
…for her problemed body
She may have to be shunned
…so other seeds stay safe
She may be hanged on a cross
…of unending accusations
Oh woes!
…Frightening woes of a broken seeded mother!

Friends might get tired
…of her eternal strife
Benefactors might hide at her shadow
…and make her a plague
She may turn the “don’t-be-like”
…in the fortunate’s advising
She is built a hell on earth
…by family through to her nation
And burned slowly
…to either murder
…choose suicide
…or run mad to prove the bet of her badness
Even the strongest becomes a living corpse
…working like a bull
…through it all
Getting all back bending and grave energy
With fountains of tears
…as her veinal blood
Even the little sympathy seems like warning shots
These are the woes of a broken seeded mother
…on this golden land
Filled with the compassionate
…and many a hospitable souls
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 15, 2019


The fate crow
Tore and flew a con
That fear creeps
Traumatizing folks like crazy
Tell the farmers in crew
Their forces need to close

As skies turn mask for the heavens
And Satan turns mark of deceptions
As sorries troll more for the hells
And stories trick men into dominion
Tell the fate crows
Who tore and flew the con
That their forces need to close

Terror now triumphs over truth
Falsity flocks like fleas with fearsome fires
Impudence insults innocence
While winners wear their wretched wrecks
Tell the fate crows
Who tore and flew the con
That their forces need to close

No farmer holds a machete
And watches on as their walking sticks tower
…way above them
When their hands do the holding
And their legs help with its locomotion
So –
Tell the fate crows
Who tore and flew this con
That their forces need a close
So our family can stay close
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 14, 2019


Imagine owning a sun that never shines
…clouds that never rain
…air which never blows
It is like systems that never work

Imagine having a dryer which never heats
A piano without a sound
A guitar without strings
A spoon which cannot fetch a thing
They’re just like systems that never work

What about lavender with no scent?
The earth without a ground?
The sky without its blue?
Trees without their leaves?
Talk less of trees without fruits?
They’re just like systems which never work

We’re like machines wasting our fuel
Labouring without fruits
We’re like shells without lives
Blown by feet in sands of self deceit
No matter how great we are
…if we live not the talk
We’re like shadows in perpetual darkness waiting for others to light our inner powering
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 13, 2019


Sometimes when two hearts stand at a sharing junction
They become an unparallel duo
The more expressive
…the less retaining
The less expressive
…the more retaining
That is why hurts stay longer in the latter
…in an abrupt end

They are like sand and clay
Although water quickly seeps through sand
Clay takes its time to receive water
…and keeps it in its inner
…making it part of its particles
Eyes of sages see the loving plant
…they sew in the hearts of their slow others

Their mouths will say no
…whiles their hearts scream yes
Their faces will forcefully frown
…whiles their eyes cry out
Their mouths will cuss out
…as their minds bleed
…begging for the doctoring of their expressive others
Those slow to love
…fall hard and love most
Even after their hosts give up
…at their own cost
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 12, 2019


i. Armed robbers
ii. Citizens
iii. Entrepreneurs
iv. Politicians
v. Ghosts

Dem dey claim we be murderers!
…Satan im workers!
…wicked foks!
…society demma bother!
…trɛts? Na wetin be dat? Ha!
When we be the sad football wey dey dis life field im top
Ino be life every one wan live?
Wetin free for this business inside?
We fit know the yeryer wey go commot our living?
We fit calculate the money wey we go use morrow?
We fit stay one place for long?
We all go be v to live hier
Gyare, na you go school, make you talk demma sumtin

Make you no mind dem
They sit and grade with materialism
Gifting all the juices of life to the succeeded
And treating the have-nots as failures
And they say what?
Isn’t this world a jungle?
Must we sit for hunger to fit on us
…weak robes
…and push us into death’s prisons
…when we can seize to clean its grease?
How did us victims become culprits?

They can’t see!
They can’t see the feet of their religious gods
…who are our colleagues in deed
…but robe their rawness with God’s word
They refuse to know!
They refuse to know of the lies
…walking from mouths of their poll tricksters
…whose deeds feed off their skins
…more than ours
…when we are the truth in the life
…they need to worship and respect
Why must curses be our portion?

We live in fear of i
As the iii squeeze our sweats
iv pile problems on our breathlessness
…and v sit on our fences
…breaking them down with their weight
…they all come from within us
But act v to push all blames on us
Only to turn to call us the v

How can we build a developmental road
…to push plans in smoothness
…to the paradise we covet on others?
They will say we’re our own enemies
They will say we refuse to help
They’ll say we seldom support
…because our busy mouths deafen their meditation
…but they deafen us to climb their podiums
…and deafen us to stay on higher stages
…flipping our pages and building cages with our adages
How unfair!

iv chase us with their greed
ii curse us in their need
As i hunt us for their feed
How can we succeed?
Do we need to turn v to stop our bleeding?

At least we’re feeding their nation
…and building a sane station
…for their global ovation
I mean our global ovation
…no matter how low the sounds of the claps
…we’re still bridging the gaps
We care less about their many traps
Who are they without us?
Those leaches!

We work hard to get here
But they call us liars
Even if we are, who pushes us to lie?
Those bloody ii!
They care not about truths
They only know the language of falsehood
And only tend to their present stomachs
Always forgetting their tomorrows
…until they arrive on pathetic trains
How should that be our fault?
And those bloody iii sucking us dry
…on tickets of helpful manipulations!

Almost all of them drag us into their situations
Using their waists as catapults
…to stone down lives only to drag us to see
…their end games
…forcing us to provide fire, saucepans, water, spices
…to help cook them into delicacies
They drag us into their loss
…making as throw our earnings into tombs
…which never fertilize any farm!
They appear in our resting places
…with their haunting needs
…forcing us to shoot them with our needed bullets
Still, they complain of the drains that remain clogged
The dollar that imprisons the cedi
The corruption which swallows our growth
When they never give our souls rest
…and buy artificial grey for our youthful hair
…if they don’t weed them bald!
How frustrating!

We’re here
Even without bodies
We know we replace the hands that dig the coffers!
We are the legs that create the coughers by playing dusts!
We’re the cougars sucking dry the juices
…of our youth
We’re the representatives of the devil
…responsible for every mishap
We’re the thorns drinking the blood of a nation
…we belong not
And we have no bodies!
How odd is the fear they have for us
…against their reverence for our known models?
How are they able to mould thoughts
…to bring us to life
When they can’t even build plans
…to burn their rots?
We’re the real victims of their idiocy!
Sad that we’ve no bodies to sue this injustice!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 3, 2019


None asked how much the moon’s death yielded
None asked his needs
None even asked how he fared
All they needed were theirs
…and theirs
…and theirs
Adding anger to his fears
…of stepping on toes
…with his tired words

He was the community goose
…a gander given a womb of provision
…to lay in satisfaction of all
“…take this akyɛke
…have this pesewa
…I brought you this meal
…give this to your mother”
While he was in grooming had an end price
…he knew not

Each came with their stomachs
…wanting their fill
When the moon died
All living and dead family members
All far and near neighbours
All old and young
All royals and their servants
He became the community goose
Who must lay satisfactory eggs
…to feed each and every one of his people

But the moon’s death gave so little
…as a chalk holder
So many hawks got no chicks from his bosom
…talk less of fresh eggs to hunt
He lighted smiles and formed darkness
…on both known and unknown faces
And got many gifts in his modest bed
…from targeters who wanted him bounded by law

Protecting his man
…made him wander into different waist forests
…and planted many seeds
Compounding his problems
So he bought the rope
And wrote his piece before journeying

When night reached the shores of dawn
And his face had not been shown
The womb that carried him felt strange
…and called the villagers
His letter was found
And the only other head following in his steps
…Yaa Kumiwaa
…the p.6 pupil
Read his gloomy tale of being the carrier
…of the village whose weight burdened his soul
They all run into the forest
…and formed groups to search

The vultures led them to their sought
And they found him hanging
…tongue out of mouth
…weight on a branch
The guilty tree shamefully shook as if to protest any accusation of wrong
The people of Yɛdieɛ learnt too late
…after losing Kwame Kodie
That too much weight breaks even the toughest pot
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ©Nov. 2, 2019


They say Afua Kumankomah
…called on Odomankomah bless Kwame Ankomah
For choosing her over Adomah
In front of all the people of Kromansah

They say her back barked to scare the air
…and even blinded eyes
…before her thanksgiving
Her chest was the prized home
…all hungry emotions fed from in fantasy
They say her face was like one carved on the birthday
…of the Ahunu abobirim himself
They say she had the wealthiest body
…in the whole of Kromansah

They say months travelled not many moons
The sun travelled not many nights
The moon lit not many dark nights
When Afua Kumankomah began to shrink
They say it was so swift
…the comparison would be like water sucked from its holding rubber
And it sent minds scampering in wonderland

They say she neither spoke nor yoked
…not with family
…nor with friends
But the worry written on her
…made a little mouse relocate
…to spy on her in her little fenced hut

Kwame Ankomah sat all day
…and the suma!
Foods never left his earthenware
…Ogidi agradaa never left his krowa,
…taking shiver possession of his hands,
So cooking fire sucked out the juices of Afua
Stress stole her beauty
Tiredness stole her senses

They say nights were the worst
Kwame Ankomah drilled and grilled
Kwame Ankomah mined and manned
Oh he heckled and suckled!
And when she resisted
He accused and abused her
…and then acted amused at her pain
After, he refused her sleep
…with his motorcading nose nkrɔmo horn
And with his aggression, suppressed her scorn

They say she went from sleeping on the flat floor
…of societal finger pointing
To sleeping on a rosy bed masking a thorn mattress
They say her shame came from the threats
…that a cat gave the spying mouse
…as the mouse’s fret gave way to its mouth’s diarrhea
They say a dog stood close by, heard and barked
And that was how the whole village heard of her ordeal

They say she took her pot
…and headed for the stream
Only for the village to hear Akosua Duku’s screams
Even Asuo Arija vomited her out of its belly
To the rocks of its shores
They say it was the worse day for womanhood
As her adagya laid in front of Arija
Revealing it all to the strong and struggling suja

They continued their say
But my ears spat out the rest
They will always have a say
They will always report a say
They will always shoot a say
They will always cry a say
But never remember their said
…which directed deeds to feed their saying
And they always make their saying the judge of their subjects
Such sad suckers!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 24, 2019


Like stainless skies
Every being is born without a blemish
We fall from birth into ignorance
…with abundance of opinions
Some trashy
…others great
Days help us sift the good
…through knowledge seeking
Until we reach near perfection
And are able to note that labels
…are for uncouth and lazy learners

We grow
…through our mistakes
We rise
…through our fall
We change
…through the taste of our bad practices
We are like roasted corn
…on a mesh on fire
Gradually turning edible for all mouths
Consider the mesh as our chances
And the fire as our will

Judgement of the sins we’ve discarded
…falls below the humane belt
For fallibility is a human trait
Only the unchanging deserves the chains of judgement
…in unpopular arrest
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 23, 2019


The elders did say
Those who host our hands in their mouths
Need no hit on their pates
In fact, I posit that
Care routes must be taken
To even tickle as a giggle can mean a bite
It is a mess that dresses in a curse even for the blessed

To hit a head, a hand must work
To hold anything, a hand must work
How can a head think of rebellion
When a hand is in the prison of a mouth?

So the strong ends up stooging
The weak ends as rags
The righteous ends up disabled
When the mouth which imprisons a hand
Is a beast who cheats at the least chance
Such a sad state for any soul in bait
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 9, 2019


I have been on for so long
…ki ki kikim
…gi di gigim
My oil has run out due to friction
My strength has zapped due to exhaustion
With critics piling their meanings
…on my doings
I am back at zero in productivity
So help shut me down
…like a computer
…only for a moment

Rest is a healing for the bruises of the heart
Rebooting is a thrilling for the needs of the mind
Clicking is a filling of the feelings of our soul
…worn by their spirits
So help shut me down
…like a computer
…only for a moment

For I am drowning in tiredness
I feel empty of will
I am spent in love
…looking at the over familiar face of life
I am weary with work
…my boldness arrested by the coldness of hate
So help shut me down
…like a computer
…only for a moment

Shut me down
…please shut me down
Only for a moment
So I can rewake in a remade
…of brightness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 4, 2019


Days when fear marched many –
…like cattle
…into the fences of many Yahwehs
…are over

Days when hell’s description
…forced hearts into cuffs of religion
…just as innocent people are forcefully imprisoned
…are so so over

So tell me about hell
And I will show you a shell of thick skin
Which fears no fire and needs no requirement
…to pass to death’s domain
Tell me about revelations
…and I will refer you back to my forefathers
Who lived peacefully without a Christ
If you are able to bring them back
…with their burns and sufferings
…and their marks and regrets
Then I might sit at the crossroads of thought
…at your words

In this realm where one God is divided into millions in equal command
…all working with different beliefs
Why must each try a boasting of the best?

Love your God through your angels
And let others love their God through their gods
Only in the bosom of death
…will we get the answer to the right and the wrong paths
…to God Almighty
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 1, 2019


Little bird
…you’re no duck
…you’re no eagle
You’re a nameless little bird
…blessed with wings
So fly easy
…fly slowly
…fly rightly
So you don’t get swallowed by the sky
Your swiftness in flying high
…might cover your steps
…making none see you
…making many forget you
…in your high loss
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 31, 2019


You there –
…looking so darkingly fair
Can’t you see my interest
…caught in the rays of your awesome shine?

You there –
…making me fidget like a bad queer
…looking like a treasure in a dream land
Can’t you see me searching your eyes
…amidst the many star bugged ones looking?
How are you doing this?
You sure look like my home

I can see the lawn of tenderness
…on your awesome frame
I can see the light of care
…in your gait
I feel the bricks of responsibility
…in your build
I can hear the sound of love
…coming from your home theatre
And I see a big heart through the bulbs
…in your bathrooms
Promising empathy for mistakes unborn
Pointing at flushing them into forgiveness
And measuring you with my perfection tape
The level of temperamental shakes
…is up to my loving level
So why are you standing
…staring around
…and frightening my dreams?

Look here and throw me the keys
Please look here and throw me the keys to you
All those keys to open every part of you
I’ve already extended mine for your fetch
Jump on the time
…and pull me along
In living us to the glory of our time

Did the taillights just pass me by?
…that simplicity has been gobbled down by sophistication
I have to train to refrain from this main machine
…acting bane and running insane at your sight
I lose again in the world of beauty
Wandering on in hope of another spark
…like yours
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 22, 2019


Our yearning calls for explorations pelagic
As fear hangs surrealism on a wagic
…stick while we hope for magic
…fearing we’ll turn tragic
So we pray for magic to fix the tragic and dispose of the wagic
When the inevitable swoops like a hawk
Always asking why we can’t freeze
…the now into a static

The feelings we’ve so easily gained
…are fear stained
The wings we’ve so blessedly grown
…face fears of being destructively blown
We’re like kites flying a star-like sky
…eyes watching out for our lie
…through a bye
…as we fly
Why is the hope of a never ending die
…cast on a maybe?

The world gets darker with every day
Foods eaten in one life bowl now turning a sharing
…a little taste in this
…a little taste in that
Still, a tasting never ceases
…until we lose our taste
…reaching threats of frets-
…then regrets

Let’s not lose it
…our present pure possibilities
…to the fury of a flawed future through today’s fears
For everything life
…everything in life
…everything around life
…everything beneath life
…everything above life
Is fear stained
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 13, 2019


Check the neck you peck to wreck
…with your beaky specks
…you sheck looking like a steck
…needing a wash in a beck

Throw the stone
…if the mistake bone
…is not a clone
…inherited by every gene
…from the first homo sapien

Abuse the accused with the excuse of fallible confusion
But know fallibility is a huge tree
…shedding leaves to fertilize the soul of every being

There are those caged in lies
…with rage unstaged
Judged by crooked sages
So break no bones of will
…with the whip of your tongue

We trip to be experience equipped
…we’re stripped to notably dipped in remorse
…or thrive on in shameful stubbornness
So why not throw second chance cards
…in multiplicity
…to help save the drowning
…whose mistakes are visible
…compared to yours under your skirts
…and trousers?
This life swirls round and round and round
…with trying times
…which can bring out the worst
…when we’re put to the test
So let care drive your judgement
…on others’ mistake routes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 13, 2019


We have been on this battlefield
…for too long
Enduring torture through fears
…and hurts and pain
…tasting shameful bites of sand
Today let’s turn savages

Stone down your doubts
…as David stoned down Goliath
…and walk into the gate of confidence
…for a fresh bath of your spirit
…and a fill of can-do
In all your endeavors

Get your knife
…and stab your debts
…twisting it to totally destroy its internal
…until it breathes its last
And becomes fertilizer for your growth

Get your pistol
…and gun down your past
…which has arrested your future
…through cuffs of present opinions
And walk straight to the station of relief
…to clear yourself of all guilt

Get your bomb of strength
…and blast off the chains of your enslavement
…walking into the street of freedom
…with hopeful feet
…and a determined spirit
…to start the growth of yourself

Kill all your enemies of progress
It is only this savagery
That will water progress
…and fertilize your image
…to grow in happiness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 11, 2019


They move
They move like automatic scanners
…to register the front
…and especially the back
No matter the hard hitting bricks
…that prick their dicks
…to prompt a trick
They can’t help it
Such is their wiring

Let the goddess of beauty be in arms
…a demonic spirit
…dressed in dying plantain leaves
…in passing
…will get the quick scan
…blanking seconds into minutes off their time

Let the queen of love be on laps
A shaking behind will get the look
Even if there are known awaited slaps
There is no fear in the look book
Such is the wiring of predators

Perhaps, Odomankomah might have made them
…automatic documentors of our kind
Checking the front and measuring the behind
Mostly thinking so loud about their lustful grind
…and sometimes doubting the artistry
…of the Most High

So look when muscles ring in walks
Enjoy when chiseled-sticks bell their fronts
Take pictures of the best of them
…to build your fantasies
…instead of fighting a lost battle
For those eyes are trained helpless
…to check out all curves and mounds
…shapes and sizes
Whenever and wherever they see warm
…and pliable beings
Yes, such is the wiring
…of eyes of men
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 10, 2019


Trauma is like stroke
It strikes at once
…but heals
…if it will
…like a star famished conceited bride walking down the aisle
Hanging breaths with the rope of anxiety

A brush of hardwork
A clash of fear
A rush of impatience
A flush of hope
A gush of anticipation
A hush of pessimism
A push of will
…are all options served
…with multiplicity of choices
When trauma is on the seat of a body

For it sits not only on the body
…but footmats the spirit
…and spits on the soul
Writing on their visible boards
…fright of the unknown

An overcomer climbs to gain its worship
…and is awarded with a badge of strength
An overcome turns sheep
…hanged and dragged to the abattoir of failure
…beheaded by a knife of shame
…as pity watches with happy enemies

Varied traumatic hits
…with its varied wins
…create a fearsome spirit
…and a soul worthy of reverence
So know the foe
…called trauma
…and fight it squarely
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 8, 2019


There are many shiny glasses
…showing me in cool classes
Acting editors of my reality
Ably aided by clothes of my smiles
But be not fooled

I am a garden
…a garden with varying tenders
…who left dents
…which their followers rent to further dent
…and soon register their can’ts
…leaving close watchers with swearing shan’ts

My seed of trust has been brutally butchered
…like the meat of a ruthless butcher
…working in a tight deadline
…killing its germination prowess

The new shoot of my care
…was chewed by an ungrateful goat
…which strayed in
…when my fence of defence was broken down
…by a mischievous bull

The maize of tenderness
…which grew to a level
…has been pushed down by mean winds
…its roots almost destroyed
…by a murderous rain
Leaving it gasping for breath

The tree of my love
…has not fruited
…since vultures developed taste for them
…and feasted till all leaves and flowers
…were completely chewed
When they wanted to upgrade
…from scavenging
Should I mention the many farmers
…who cut deep its vital branches
…in the name of parcelled greed called pruning?
Funny, they complained of me not providing shade

So unless you’re a skilled farmer
…do not attempt my venture
For bees of bitterness have built their homes
…at all the comfort zones
…barely providing honey
…and feeding on even legs
…who just pass by

You’ll have to be a rainmaker
…a sun moderator
…and an air host
To be able to recover anything
…from my farm
The only side to my attraction
…is the fertile land
…covered by all the destruction of thorns
…with the hovering beastly bees
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 6, 2019


I’ve walked through the gates of hell
Without even a wailing well
Life, like a wicked trader, did me needs sell
In a struggling shell
Always rising through the fell
Heeding determination’s bell
To think I’ve lived to this tale tell…

Who am I to say
I’ve lived to dues on end pay
Before seeing this ray
…this day?
None builds it in a day-
…life’s notable hay

Now I fill my little purse
Beating the curse
…of tasting the hearse
…before my second but one less
…of decades mess
I am playing well life’s chess

I have tasted different rages
…felt fears on many struggling pages
…cried in cringing cages
Been shamed on sorrowful stages
…told off by stalking sages
Living on next to naught wages

There was a time I nowhere fitted
There was a time I many things quitted
There was a time I tasted pits
…so dark that they wrecked my wits
I have felt torn in bits
And been asked, in high places, for permission chits

Now I am here
A place with listening ears
A space with less fears
Having cried most of my tears
In mass arrears

So live
…live through it all
…the rise through the fall
Till the cheers!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia ©July 28, 2019


She says “shush”
…when her side swerves
…the best’s serve
And claims a marked miss
…after her heart sinks in defeat

He hisses a diss
…if his target bounces to another
…in an obvious miss
Eyes see the shudder
…but only an insensitive chameleon
…hits hard a hurt in loss

It is a murderous fountain
…of tears
…from soul to spirit and shielded body
…in a cycle of time’s bridal walk
…when you miss a hit
It is a painful spat of insults
…from a doomed hurt place
…like an unfair cane sore in a salty rain
…when you hit a miss

If you hunt a game
…and end with empty hands
…you surely pamper your ego
…with “stinky animal!”
But you know
…and I know
They know
…the burning po po po pos
…gunning your heart
…in echoes of disappointment
…shaming you in a merry go round
…of loss in a mourning cave
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 12, 2019


If I wanted your game
I would have more than that
…in less than the sweat of your hunt
If I wanted your game
…the game you so vilely parade
…trying so hard to cover the charade
…with my taunting,
I would never break so much as a sweat
…in fencing me with many
…better in parade
So hide your hideous finger
…wearing your tight finger cuffs

I know of your broken bed
…and your feelings’ death
I see the cracks on your mouth
…from the bad conversations gone south
I know the drought in your pocket
…because of the glutton in your socket
I know the fear in your heart
…because of the pressure from your prize
Interesting how great beads
…silently grace noble waists
…as those made by Chinese children in experimentation
…call even the dead
…to witness their walk taking
So be modest in flashing your finger cuffs

Like vultures without houses
…beaten by telling rains
Your problems are tattoed in your meanness
So cry out
…for once cry out and free your soul
…from the dark it hides
…pulling walls to shade the bright
…walls which annoy even angels sent to work solo
…on this twisted earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 9, 2019


…get green grass to graze
…to get grace in your growth
Be no bird bedder
…begging births to bird your goat

You’re a goat
…whose wishes and gloat
…won’t grow you wings
You might see no wisdom
…walking in this caution
But be sure not to act like the cat
…which got caught in a bird moment
…and jumped from a tall mountain
…as its company-bird flew
…forgetting it had no wings
…and water was an enemy to its ears
It still hurts remembering how the waiting water swallowed it up
What about the sheep which also jumped in same situation
…and got shredded by fingers of the earth?

If there are sane ships in your ears
…let them paddle on to the thinking town of your head
…to deliberate on self care
…and work on the importance of this advice
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 7, 2019