In Ghana, the sun always sets

Now elephants, coconut trees

The cockerel, the sun

All battle to topple the umbrella


Some call it the leaking umbrella

Which has been bribed by nature’s delicacies

To cancel its safety obligation

Some call it the weak emblem

Blown in shame by winds of corruption

Some call it a standing failure

Doped in troubles, shielding only the best of vitamin D

And clean and needed water in drought

What is what?

Ghana stands like a helpless cow

Waiting for a painful slaughter


If only all audience had perfect eyes

Eyes which see no ethnicity

Eyes which see no affiliations

Eyes which see no connections

Eyes which see nothing but growth for all

We could have it all

And triumph over our fall

Mother Ghana! Your breasts suffer

From the teeth of the vampires you breed

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) November 15, 2016


Wells are dug from up the pregnant earth
Until gravels are thrown out
Then frogs flee to croak
Whiskers of rats hide to rise
In corners marked with axe
Strength of muscles show
In layered rocks
Forcing broadness for better views
The beauty of its sweats, colourful
Digging continues
Until waters fill sacks of life
Few are blessed in thirst quenching
Many are the blessed in multiplications
Many are those drowned in disappointments
And much more are those drowned
In the cruelty of the waters
Until the waters dry
And fill itself with dust
Man is a well


There was a time
When time rhymed with heartbeats
Danced to desires
Clapped for exuberance
Chatted with life
And bonded with hearts
Making muscles jump in happiness

There was a time
When hearts loved their times
Spoke with pride about their times
Ruled their time
And thought they rocked like gods
Hearts; I mean

Funny how time stands on its toes
As those hearts stand with the help of walking sticks
Cursing the youth that died without
And still live within
Time is a deceiver
Time is immortal
Time is invisible
Time praises to strike
And strikes to ‘ugligate’
Time oh time!!!
Anti-kaleidoscopic existence
Ever with the last laugh
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


I know a turkey from Turkey
Who thinks Thanksgiving and Christmas are red and dark
Their final destinations are so murky
That they find no way to their presence mark

The turkey complained about usurpers in Turkey
And how they colonised them in charm
And threw their beauties in the murky
To spice their grinders of perpetual harm

“Turkeys in Turkey
Are planning soupies murky
For all non-flyers who wish them harm”
Says Turkish turkey
Now let all Turks relax
The turkey from Turkey is all corrupt
And their murky soups are doses of enlightenment
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Once upon the time

There were no claws to lazy rhyme

All heeded the call of work in their prime

And corruption gained nothing, not even a dime

But now even steering banku has become a crime

As dead foods do the fresh ones mime


Once upon a time

Cotton flew and danced with laughing air

Like an emancipated crown princess with her rightful sir

Without having no cages of bondage so unfair

Then, nakedness was nothing rare

As cold was nothing beings could not bear

As buttocks danced to amaze eyes without a care


Once upon a time

Sticks of men were tasted only in forever-more

As fornication and adultery seldom created a sore

None needed more than necessary to bore

Nothing was hidden in clothes of deceits, all raw

Then, procreation and company were the most core

As strength for the fair was most to the fore


Once upon a time

Envy was a thing the gods abhorred

And no good growth needed it stored

As the goddesses danced on holy days restored

Muscles relaxed in beds or in games of oware to defray the bored

None dared to break the untouchable chords of any god

No living or myth was known as lord


Once upon a time

Only heads ruled hearts

Things never ruled hearts

Materials held no death bats

Over-copying had no visions greater than night cats’

Let alone chase the rightfuls into frames of rats

Crippling them in death hats


Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Once upon a peaceful time

All that was fair rhymed

I guess we are over-timed

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015






Maybe you were too forward in your approaches

Maybe you were born with ideas too “future-ristic”

Maybe you were too over zealous in your quest for the best

Maybe you hoped for far too much

But your works remain a legacy


You were rains on the raging fires of colonialism

You were a power mind none thought a black being could posses

You were a developer who thought of your “now” and “future”

You were an indefatigable eagle with wings of protection

You were a fixer with an ever-present  personality

You were a man with the perfect plan in mind for Africa

As you sought togetherness and strength for the weak infant shoots


Maybe power stained your humble thoughts

Maybe winning corroded your human thoughts

Maybe complacency made you lower your protective thoughts

Maybe you were like a great tree which disregarded its stem

But you made your marks and they were deep to last

In the minds and hearts of all, no matter the diversity


We drink water and have thoughts of you

We use electricity with thoughts of you

We go to school and we have thoughts of you

We ply some roads and we have thoughts of you

We think of trains and we have thoughts of you

The great spokesperson

The great gentleman

The great palm tree whose remains even benefit his nation




Making thoughtfuls

Eat the fruits of pain

Oh, you are buried with thoughts unharnessed






Antagonistic and


But you are so gone


If you were like a seed in a fruit

You would have been pampered in holy wombs

Be watered and fed to grow better

And be treated best at your birth

While being nursed for more greatness

But too bad

We pinch ourselves for the shattered pot

Which can never be mended


You lived well

You lived wondrous

You lived in near perfection

Making all feel your blessed impacts

Sleep well although the well you created mostly suffers thirst

Sleep soundly although the wealth you left is now like bread being pested on by termites

Help us in spirit know the buttocks to push on the golden chair you created

And give those buttocks eyes to select hands with the golden touches

Which can help mould the nation you created

We need to keep moving

To maintain the legacy you left for generations unborn

For it is an honourable legacy worth keeping

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Like glass houses

Which encourages stone throwers

They ask young flowers

To use their nectar

To attract insects

Who have dedicated trees

They feed and rest

Forgetting they have pests who hawk

When they are busy advising

Calling on flowers to share their nectar

If all fem heads could think alike

Shunning all taken

And fly together like a flock

All that is pain will take a hike

As peace and respect will be our right

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Eyes wake facial beings
Ears look, stand and gape
Mouth opens slightly, smiles and renders tongue naked
Cheeks roll in fists
Nose just smells the happiness
As stars bath naked
In the fenceless sky

Which soap sparkles so?
As to light and show
On kings in a fenceless sky?
Could it be some sparkling water
Doped by God’s miracle gargle?
Or could it be, sky beings bath with fire?

Chai! I am caught
Between illusion and fantasy
And I am hot
Flooded in the pool in the middle of my earth
Every fibre awakened
By the sexy, naked shining stars
Bathing in the Jacuzzis of the untainted sky
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c)  2015


Minds sleeping
Waste of lives
Arms folded
Bothers to chest or laps or hips
Legs static
Waste in mobility
Rolling stones gather moss
But their hardwork help them to clean
Sayings is salt
Too much of it
Makes edibles not tastable
So I rest thinking you sage
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Efo says smart women are like hells

Because most sound like bomby shells

So he flees from their learned mouths

Seeking informal smartness

Who will worship with wisdom

Here and there is poison

I dare dare say

What he knows not is his role

As the caretaker of electrical gadgets

As the one who oversees medications of kids

As the sole home teacher

And when she gets acquainted with the highs

Her mouth can be heard from an empowered source

Drumming on his poor poor head

Drinking sweet alcohol from his poor palms

His “hey, ho ah”

Getting lost in high tuned songs

Abena, I will help when his wounds are visible

But when he hits hard aiming to kill

His prison food, should be enough

For his egoistic stomach 

Which yearned to be worshipped

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Mama Africa’s curves for her beautiful carvings

 Is also part of her starvings

I can’t believe the multitudes

Of capable minds, which have been smoked like fishes

Slapped like idiots Raped like animals and

Burnt like firewoods in hot kitchens


 Minds which could have stopped her looting

Minds which could have clothed her nakedness

Minds which could have fought for her stance

To keep her own and grant others loans

 Minds which could have attracted congregants

 Minds which could have urged on the best

Minds which could have loved her ways

Refined her dismays And cast her rays

 On the best of her days

All these minds burnt and buried

 Like abominables meant for the ground


I wish they were like spilt waters

 Would have wanted to mine them

Yes, mine minds who saw it all

To tell tales of the formulas for her fall

So work can start on its refurbishment

To cut the disgrace ornaments

Wrapped around her neck

And replace them with reverence

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Take the breaths of toil

Please take the breaths of dead toil

You can give it a hot boil

 To stop it from decomposition,

Fertilisation and growing to cause commotion


Ama Akyaa’s dead grandmother’s hatred

For Akosua Doku’s dead grandfather

Has no reason to live to this moment

Causing pain, havoc and fear

And generating hurts which never recoil

Please take the breaths of toil


Alhassan’s father’s death

 Which was blamed spiritually on Dokurugu’ grandfather

 Should still not wield machetes of murder

 Creating orphans and weaving widows

Who look for arrows to seek hearts of tomorrow

To drown in sorrow

Please All- Seeing-God take the breath of toil


Take the breath of toil

Breath of the toil of ethnic diversity

Take the breath of toil

Breath of the toil of racial controversies

Take the breath of toil

Breath of the toil of abject poverty

 Please take the breath of toil

 Breath of the toil of recurring sicknesses

 Take the breath of toil

Breath of the toil of destructive jealousy

Please take the breath

Breath of all causes of negativity and death

To aid peace and promote creativity

 In living for all livers

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Mirror of mine
What is this you show?
I see eyes guarding a nose
I see lips hugging and pushing
I see ears, standing erect
Cheeks show support
Chin and forehead holding their own
Is this me or what you want me to see?
I did ask clear water
It shook its head
And made me blur

Surely, I cannot look this serene
When many thoughts are at war
Holding spears and guns
Wielding machetes and spewing murder
Swearing like hell lives in their armour
In where all these parts you show
Live so calmly
When winds blow
Trees at least shake to tell
Of the intruding visitor

You remain quiet
Showing me something I know not
Something corruptible by age
Something whose tunnel hoards hurts and uncertainty
Yet you remain mute

I need no mute goddess
Who shows with no ready answers
When will this thing you show collapse?
How long will it last?
What awaits it in future?
Who will be a thorn or an aid?
Mirror of mine
For once, speak in devine

You know before you show
So give evidence and give me confidence
I am like fire in cold clothes
If what you show
Is what I am
I am like meat
Housing lions
If what you show is what I am
I am like hay
Housing fire
If what you show is what I am
I am like a journey
Waiting for an unknown vehicle
Mirror of mine
Please show what is
What will be
When it will last
To aid preparation
A nation like me needs a plan
To prepare for what life has planned
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


We wallow
Wallow in dirt like pigs
Jumping, laughing, pleasuring
Falling, crying, cursing
Then we see His hands extended
Calling like the good father He is
For our attention to rise
By the aid of His weight
He cleanses
Gives us His trust
Will us to go onto our grounds to play
Only to see us in the dirty mud
Again and again and again
But He is ever patient
He is what he is
One who touches to cleanse
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



No matter the defect

No grave shaming is correct

Imagine a human feeling like an insect

Calm solving gives effect

Shaming like a bouncy ball can deflect

 So please perfectionist, do reflect

And carve a suitable dialect

For a newbie with defect

Your affection will grow that reflect

And reflection will avoid future neglect

And like a smiling sun, you will find all to be perfect

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


They say being nude is crude

And being crude is rude

But stories of creation

Speak boldly of a nude nation

Then, maybe enticings got us here

Yes, enticings of yesteryears got us here

But no matter how hungry a person is

Will he make another’s food his?

Like snakes, we aim to point fingers

When the sound of the bells of our sins lingers

As Kwakuvi eats forcefully from another’s bowl

He forgets he sells his soul

But society gives him an alibi

“He was tempted to eat by the scent which passed him by

Or the lack of cover”

Please society! Do sit and your senses recover!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



The Creator is a creator

For His worldly creation

Talk about the earth;

Its dancing air

The flowery vegetation for feeding and healing

The varying livers,

The flowing streams and rivers

Into the biggest seas,

The complex and brilliant thoughts;

Creating after being created

Talk about the sky

And its alternating lights and clouds

Talk about the rains which conceives with the earth

The Creator is a CREATOR

That much I know

And His creation is like a living wonder

Of recycling for betters

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015 Inspired by Prince Fosu


God watched the heat
Battle the breezes
As he watched the winds
Marry the sands
He did watch the trees
Yawn in thirst
As he watched the sun
Defecate its boiling from the sky
Oh the birds travelled to quench thirst
As many gallons sometimes lined to be filled

All the yearnings of Tamale lay on earth’s belly
And He chooses to make all wet
Caging all in rain and moisture
Softening all grounds
Earth for texture
To call for conception
Feelings for bubbling
To call for pleasure
Wombs for planting
To replace earth feeds
Dust for togetherness
To merge in puree

As heat dies
Evaporation assures it of new faces
When it returns
Faces in skins or on backs
Whatever it is
Tamale is wet
So more sleep room to let
As farmers dance wild
Looking for sees to marry in sands
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



We bask in the masses’ dirty clay

And taint out royal thrones of grace

Fearing whisperings which eye our ways

We taint and taint until fate does faint


We drink from the masses dirty well

And help in their sachet dirty sells

Fearing hurts of eyes which look in strangeness

We drink and drink until we shrink


Ring and ring until you sing

Sing and sing until you fling

Do your know or take your blow

Build the nation or break it down

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



When a storm uproot mighty trees

And catches the seas in its palms and splatters

Causing sands to hug in marriage

As its anger burns shelters to ashes,

Only brave hearts can brave the storms


When chaos sings a duet with pain

And clapping eyes throw punches insane

Hurts cover possibility of gain

Like a lion guarded cave, hiding treasured stones

Don’t give in too easily into the tombs

Think of the pains of your hatchery wombs

And put on your brave clothes


I know it is windy and you can’t see

I know the dusts are running with their fingers in your eyes

I know trees are dying, taking their oxygen to their graves

But breathe on and brave the heat

Brave hearts always do conquereth the fair

Nothing, nothing absolutely worthy

Ever comes unguarded in sufferance

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(In difficult times, we become blind to what God is preparing us for. This poem is for all those who are in difficult situations thinking there are no solutions. No matter what they are, they too, have expiry dates. Trust in yourselves as the conquerors you are and be brave.)


Abena says Kwaku Bonsam is a liar
He feeds on lies
And hoards them in his bloated belly
He needs mere friends as brothers and cousins
He needs his ugly face as handsome
He needs his piggy beddy bounces
As the best ride on a smooth road

Bonsam says Abena feeds fat on lies
Truth brings out the worst in her
So he indulges her
Ugly clothes form beautiful rings from his mouth
Horror hairstyles wear beautiful ribbons from his mouth
Tasteless foods wear delicious words from his mouth
He says he paints white on black
Just to make her smile static
Now mouths have many complaints
I won’t discriminate
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




Sɛ ↄman yi bɛyɛ yie a

Na efiri me ne wo

Sɛ ↄman yi bɛyɛ yie a

Na efiri yɛn ara

Na efiri yɛn ara

Firi agyanom ne nnanom akuafo, akruufo kosi aman mpanyinfo so

Na efiri yɛn ara

Na efiri yɛn ara

Ei! akwadwofo ei, annuanomu mmratofo ne ɛmfamehofo

Na efiri yɛn ara

Na efiri yɛn ara

S3 adwene deda yɛn tirimu yi

Na aso mu w akwantuo toklo yi deɛ

Mesrɛ sɛ yen ndwedwene ho

Efirisɛ efiri yɛn ara



ɛhↄ nnyɛ hann

Ma ɛhↄ nnyɛ hann

Esum kabisiii  a, ma hɛnnyɛ hann

Esum gyampantrudu a, ma hↄ nnyɛ hann

Na obi amfa mogya anshɛ nsu anan mu

Sɛ sum ka aniwa aniwa hyɛn kyɛ a

Wiase kan kↄ bɛma Ghanaman ada ne nsa benkum so

Enti akuma ne adwene

Mo mfa m’aso ntena sutie agwa so

Na mo ntie akokoa mkwadaasɛm yi bi



Anyinam a yɛ wↄ amanfo se,  enka efyinam nea enni hↄ

Ayɛ sɛ anyinam a enni annuonyam

Adɛn na aban adwa si yɛ ntamu

Na ano nnyinaa eretwa bↄ no

Wↄ mmre a yɛ wↄ  yɛn kyɛfa?

Kwaku Atta sor fridge de mma nuane a ɛbɛkↄ bↄↄla so

Yɛ sɛɛ nyunyunuunyunu

Ommma fan nnya nahume sima baako koraa

Akwadworↄ  nti, ↄrebɛpue a, na wafa nataade baako atu

Osↄ tv de mma nkonwa wↄ mmre a wↄnni ani

Tumi de gya hↄ sɛ nansa

Ne mpena de anyinam na ɛka banku

Ode anyinam na ɛyɛ froyɛ

wↄ mre a ogya mframa wↄ hↄ

Wↄn mmienu nyinaa wↄ laptopu, tableti,  san wↄ kasatrufoↄ miensa miensa

Wↄn reyi sene wↄ wei so no

Na wↄↄdi nkↄnkↄnsa wↄ foforo so

Na wasan eetwa wↄn ho mfoni de kyerɛ amansan wↄ amanaman so

Me nka wↄn afɛfuo a wↄde anyinam ne internet rebu abrↄfo daa daa

Sɛ ↄyɛ wei nyinaa na sɛ owia a

Na onya anyinam nↄnhwere  du mienu

Na ↄda sum mu nansa a

Na wakↄgyina kasafidie so de aban ayɛ ban ɛɛbↄmu ton ton ton ton

Efirisɛ aban ahantan adane nkantankantan

Ama kɛtɛasehyɛ ayɛsɛ abɛprↄyɛkro a asɛi abɛduasa

Ei! Ma yɛn yi yɛn aniase mpi

Ansa na yakyerɛ yɛn nfɛfo de



Komla Dzokoto yere tↄn waakye

)ne n’adamfo Akwele a tↄn dↄkunu

Na ɛti faako

Eno Dzokoto tu ne bↄↄla gu gutter mu

Si gutter no ma nsutↄbbrɛ kyere nnipa dane wↄn nsamanfo

Akwele gyae gyae ne bↄↄla gu gu gu basaaaa

Frɛ frɛ  nnwansena a wↄkura  nyarewa  bebree  ba  fie

Dodoo kↄ nsu a ano

Kↄ gya ne nan gumu

Nsunsuanso ba a

Obiara ti keka; ahotieefo ne  wↄn fefo afifo nyinaa

Na sɛ yare  bɛtu atese a

Wↄn agyina mmepsↄ o abↄ dawuro se

Agya aban na ↄde nnyarewa aba

Sɛ aban te sɛ ohuruyɛ a

Ene na yɛn nso tesɛ mprako

Adware ne ntaade biara nni hↄ a ebɛtumi atwe yɛn  afiri fi ho

Oh sɛ anka yɛbetumi ahunu sɛ ↄman yi gyina me ne wo mienu so a



Mr. Ofosu yɛ ↄhyɛnkafo

Ohyɛnkafo a ↄde charley na  ɛka ne hyɛn

Ode ne hyɛn bɛlɛti adane aiesiede

Ne hyɛn  tyre ho ayɛ trontrontrom tesɛ akwaraa foforo tuho

Sɛ ohunu agya prosini a

Na ↄde cedi mienu ahyɛ ne tumi krataa mu

Na oprosini Mumuni Nunu nso ayi ne bↄkↄↄ ama ne kↄ

Obiara reyɛ bi

Onumonyamfo Brɛnya a wafa sum ase anya contraage so commission

De ama Papa Atia a n’ano tↄ dwamu

Sɛ ↄnkↄbↄ kwan ngu so kootaa

ↄkↄbↄ kwan no a, na wa’gyai ama soru nsuo

Na suronsuo no nso atututu so

)hyɛnkafo Ofosu de mmrika huuu

Na wakↄtↄ amina mu abuafaso akum ne ho ne n’apassenger fo nnyinaa

Afei na Ofosu papa bɛfa puma asu

Akakyerɛ amanfo sɛ aban akum ne ba

Obiara nndwene ne ba no nfomso

Efirisɛ aban ahantan adane nkantankantan

Ama kɛtɛasehyɛ ayɛsɛ

abɛprɛye kro a asɛi abɛ duasa  yɛ wo ne me o

Oman yi yie yↄ



Efiri nea ↄwↄ nsa tintinntini a ↄde wura aban sika futuↄ mu

De hyɛ n’afuru

Fa nea ↄhyɛbↄ a ontumi nni so de daadaa akra

Kosi nea ↄyɛ  aban adwuma nti ↄmpɛ adwuma koro

Oman yi bɛyɛ yie a na efiri me ne wo

Agya aban wↄne kyɛfa

Enti mere a amanyↄfo sei wↄ nkasafidie bebree so

Bↄ dawuro de srɛ  abatuo no

Enti wↄn ntumi nfa saa kwan no aa so

Ntu ↄman mma fo?

Obiara a ↄsↄ adeɛbiara a ontumi no, nswɛɛ!


Nnwumaguo eetwa ↄman mma asuo

Efi, a adane ↄman mma mmusuo

Kɛtɛase shɛ a adane ↄman mmua nkokↄ buo!

Ne mponkye funu a ɛti nkonwa kɛsɛɛ so

Sɛ ↄman yi gyina me so

Na  ɛsan nso gyina wo so a

Kae sɛ:



Sɛ ↄman yi bɛyɛ yie a

Na efiri me ne wo

Sɛ ↄman yi bɛyɛ yie a

Na efiri yɛn ara

Na efiri yɛn ara

Firi agyanom ne nnanom akuafo, akruufoↄ kosi aman mpanyinfoↄ so

Na efiri yɛn ara

Na efiri yɛn ara

Ei! akwadwofo ei, annuanomu mmratofoↄ ei ne ɛmfamehofoↄ


Na efiri yɛn ara

Na efiri yɛn ara

adwene deda yɛn tirimu yi

Na aso mu wↄ akwantuo toklo yi deɛ


Mesrɛ sɛ

yen ndwedwene ho

Efirisɛ efiri yɛn ara

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


(For the benefit of foreign readers: this poem talks about people who are not patriotic and do things that do not promote the progress of their nation, in this case Ghana)



Fix the needs

Fix the needs of a lady

Wrangling of nothings

Glitters and twitches are naught

Just fix them

Fix them needs of the lady


Who are you impressing?

The world with jealous eyes? 

Or the flashes which attract the jealousy of the sun?

Fix them needs

Just fix them needs of the lady


Snoring  when lust boils

Like water on high-voltaged heat

Ah! You too?

Fix them needs

Fix them needs of the lady


Nothing can quench the heat

Nothing can quench them needs of famished soul

Who throws money in burning flames?

Even the coins can melt

Nothing can make up for internal needs

Materialisms are wants

So fix them needs

Fix them needs of the lady

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Movies watching movies

Living movies sorrier than those on screens

Please watch yourselves!

Watch yourselves and stop the critiques

You are like woods on flames

Calling for rains for the coal-pot

Ha ha

Which pen stops writing to tell the other

It has a pointed tip?

It’s a shame really

You are hilarious movies

Very hilarious

So you need not be in front of screens

Parading yourselves as good critics

For if I am a comedy

You are complete tragedies

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Take me there,

There, to the place where truth and lies meet

And leave me there



I will stand there,

There, at the place where truth and lies meet

Until time’s sun rise fully on them



Time’s sunshine will show the chameleon there,

There, at the place where truth and lies meet

And will show the shinning diamond



So take me there,

There, at the place where truth and lies meet

And let me experience the theatre of detectiveness

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



We are in a cue

We will dock when we’re due

There is nothing like immortal few

And there’s no one to really sue

Let the natural tongue speak of life’s curfew


“Mere bi bɛba

Nↄti bɛkↄ nↄte mu

Ama nↄte abobↄ nompe mu

 ɛse bɛguan atua agyaboↄ

Na nↄte akyire nhwi deduam

Onua hwan na  ↄnkↄ mere yi mu?”


In this long cue

Some might see the hew

With no regard for souls who mew

As more follow in the new

Once caught, no words can free from the pew

And oh, who cares if all view?

Let the natural tongue speak of life’s curfew


“Mere bi bɛba

Nↄti bɛkↄ nↄte mu

Ama nↄte abobↄ nompe mu

 ɛse bɛguan atua agyaboↄ

Na nↄte akyire nhwi deduam

Onua hwan na  ↄnkↄ mere yi mu?”


Who still wants to be a shrew?

When these storms are in the brew?

None knows of the pruning crew

None knows of the hands which the rope did drew

Each from the cue will form its own stew

Let the natural tongue speak of life’s curfew


“Mere bi bɛba

Nↄti bɛkↄ nↄte mu

Ama nↄte abobↄ nompe mu

 ɛse bɛguan atua agyaboↄ

Na nↄte akyire nhwi deduam

Onua hwan na  ↄnkↄ mere yi mu?”

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Do not hide me

Let me, your real heart, see

Then what must be must be

I won’t mind making you a “Dee”


Please do not passions hide

Let the rules of love we abide

Then hatred will never we chide

Then Cupid will in us confide


Let no third tongue hear our scratches

Let no third eye see our lashes

It’s unlucky to have in love many bashes

As all the blessings will flea our catches


If we conquer these basics

Fireflies can hold their lights

For us to dance under the singing trees

Upon the permission of the frowning sky


What blessings we will hold

If we be bold

And all quarrels to Satan sold

As we hold tight in many folds

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Nanaa! If you answer in sexy

You get gifted in richness



Nana! Don’t be rude

Nana needs new blood to help his system


Now let’s drop the play;

Many say their pairs reject them

Many say their beds are tired;

Tired of praying Hail Marys

Many say their pairs shift their love

And send them to their productions

Many are those who veil their raging libidos

With many rags of excuses

No union is perfect

We climb, descend

We fall and rise

We bait and hate

We talk, embrace


Why must exuberant waists

Cry foul and create scenes

In order to go hammering new shoots in need?


Why must shameful beings

Be given voices to clear their throats

And shame broken spirits


Blooming flowers

Overthrowing the wilts

Know your time is on slime

And a sour lime awaits your dead prime

Time takes no sides

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


When bodily food

Is sacrificed for mouth food

As cleanliness

Is sacrificed for prayers

That is when lovers of the religious

Get the reward of the godly


“No I don’t want this,

She is not churchy

She is too flashy

She aint a lady

I aint no folly”


I’ll say again, when bodily food

Is sacrificed for mouth food

As cleanliness

Is sacrificed for prayers

That is when lovers of the religious

Get the reward of the godly

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



After “I do”

Pleasures turn responsibilities

Love becomes a lazy worker

And reality shows its full self


After “I do”

Carelessness sits like a new born child

Magic of dazzles wanes

As metaphorically blinded eyes are made clearer 


After “I do”

Laughables become irritants

As temper holds spears

In feminine and masculine oppositions


After “I do”

Most “do” show their attendant “n’t”

But late it may be

So chaos rises like a doom warrior


After “I do”

Discipline puts its test papers

In front of the couple each day

Until artificial or natural departure

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


The night is tickling

With ringing passions

Passions soaring on eagle wings

And having flings with loneliness


Sky looks high at the sighs

Breezes whisper in gossips

Waiting anxiously for the complete lonely season

As I lose all my reasons


As the stars pray

And the moon displays all shameful longings,

Fireflies pull their tongues out

In mockery


Cupid! Fly me to a vehicular seminar

Where many hearts feel my feels

And many thoughts know my shame

To have all these piercing passions tamed

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


There is a place where I belong

It seems I’ve always there belonged

Even while I’m resting under this earthly tree

Its eastern corridors reek freedom song

Freedom from self, the lyrics of the song

From the stitched, to the fried heart

From the sick, to heads needed to be heard

From the thorned, to souls of snow

All live in harmony in the freedom song

There, metaphors are for aphorisms,

Similes are for pleasure

Onomatopoeias garnish laughter

As personification makes the personified glow

In the freedom song where I belong

Its gates are death rated

Why can’t I walk through with knowledge in hand?

Shrouds on body and shroud of mind

Not exactly my preferred ticket to that song

There really is a good place where I belong

But for long, none seems to long

To willingly go to this place

Where freedom songs sing themselves

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



When craving pangy bells did rang

She lovingly caressed to ease the stress

Fuming and threatening that which gnawed

With laws which seemed outlawed

To make me see that one is flawed

When he, she or it, gets to my bad side

Increasing love was never cherished

Until the mouth of the grave opened

And called her out in a loud shout

What am I to do here now?

Her hands can no longer reach me

From the mouth of the grave

And I yearn for them in the middle

Of the river of my tears drenched in my fears

Like a stray cat lost in a vast sea

Oh Grandma! You so chewed!

Oh Grandma! You so maimed! 

Oh Grandma! You who had so much love!

Ascend the grave

Come here and save

Save your beloved in the form of me

For I was wrong to see so late

That what we had, was just one

Yes, one for once in a lifetime

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I need a light

To lighten my path

As I take a stroll

In my static state

Like a lying statue


I need a light

To show me all

The stumps 

The stones

And the trappy pits


I need a light 

To show me faces

So I can know

One who goes my pace

To make this journey

A lively one


I need a light

To see those I meet

To know the fights

And fly like a kite

When powers run out

I need a light

I need that light

I need that light

To make me tight

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Even without the cock

The hen does its wake

Pecking and pecking

For its children’s sake

Opening its wings

When danger does bake

A piece here, a piece there

An angel in the wake


When sticks are coming

It does shout for all to run

When chicks need afternoon roosting

It sits and forms a house

When people are chasing 

It stands with its cutlass beak

A hen is a ten god

Familiar with the rod



Cocks just crow

Mate and glow

Showing the shoulders in a mane

Which flows

Growing the muscles

Like scary crows

They are super models

To be emulated by men

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Ring riding rims that roll

Wretched realms roll wretched wreck

Riding and ringing reads reaping rains

“Ray has got a ray that say he’s gay”

As in happiness in life which never ends

So ring ring ring your bell

Riding rims that roll and flow

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



A mumble in the jungle

Is no fumble to be humble

It is a trap of a triangle

To cage you in a crucible

No need to yourself entangle

By a mumble in the jungle

Shhh, there are many empty crucibles

With ears on the ground for a mumble

So yes, mumbles feed the crucibles

In the jungle

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


There was a kind hearted man

Who had a very rugged can

And used the burrowed name of Dan

To have many an aimless fan


He used a perfect pun

When he wanted to show he can

And bragged “my can does show I can

Because my can still lives like a can”


He said he once had a ban

Because of his rugged can

But he lived like the Bible’s Dan

And conquered the mind of the lion kingly man


His tales of that naught can

Can go far as creation of man

He claims it is just one

That the gods made for him to have some fun


Funny how that can was his fan

Funny how that can was rumoured to have played a pun

A pun of another using it to cease the breathe of Dan

And afterwards getting away by taking a run

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



She saw him

In the light of innocence

And loved him

For she housed him nine moon travels

But time showed his flaws

Earth conquered his will

And society came to see

“Ei! What is this?

It could be an ancestral curse!

It could be the result of her prostitution!

It could be the curse of family which needs the couple separated!

This can’t be a human being!

This is a pure evil child!

Panic grabbed her heart

What are they saying?

She wept, but still held him tight

Then the ultimate voice came from one

Who bears her maternal blood

“This is a snake reincarnated to bother you to death”


She is no snake

And although he may have been housed

By a snake-like dangler once,

That is so different from a snake

He can’t be

And she’s not taking him to be turned into a python by any deity

So she was neglected!

But her will was her guts

A mother is she who hopes

A mother is she who loves

A mother is she who prays for the better

A mother can never be a murderer

She looked keenly and saw his soul

A soul so pure like snow

A soul telling her

“Mama, I’m here

Throw me not away,

I am no snake

And definitely not evil”

Then technology echoed his soulful words

Truth his eyes told

Although his mouth could say not

Hope is all he needs

Hope is all she needs

Love and patience are all they need

Let nature decide their fate

You are no God!

I am no God!

None is a God on earth to decide fates

Listen to the souls of these and help

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



I live in a skirt

A skirt zipped tightly to seal

To seal as a present for the deserved

I’m not renting out

Definitely no to-lets


I know in rat holes

Many moles can be placed

To trap the hole lords

But this zipped hole is not a rat hole

Serving as a play ground

For hunters


I am a woman

People say “a woe to man”

Amazing how man still chases to woo

Please set your mind free

Ask and get permission

But know defeat

And stay away


I’m a temple

A temple hoarding many blessings

For the deserved

A temple, a temple only for one

Not all, so you can try to see your fate

If you are bounced, step not onto holy grounds

For you would be cursed then

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Fireflies are hiding their fires

Knowing well that dark always hires

Living amidst the normal as desired

A fly here, a fly there in evenness


Be a firefly

Know when to glow

Be like a river, know when to flow

Even if it’s difficult you just try

Or try being a butterfly

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


google pics
google pics

 Our fingers did rule

Before sticks made them grave fools

Then noodles called forks

After spoons conquered ladles

Yet China stood with chopsticks


Darkness too did rule

When the moon took rest after

The sun yawned and went

To sleep, electricity 

Now rules adding moon to naught


As long as air blows

Everything is a traveller

From shapes to sizes

Nature’s “originalty”

Gives respect of reference

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



The year holds for me no wishes

But I certainly do

You must hear my wishes

Young heart seedlings must have their freedom

To shoot without famishing


Let all papers of authority 

Know their places in this arena

And with all live with conformity

By signing a bond


All hearts yearning to be double

Must have their wishes without trouble

And have time to cherish their wishes

Without seeing finny fishes


I wish for peace to be given a mandate

And for love to be the minister of state

I wish for corruption to drown

And hatred be made to forever frown


All things must be bright

All hurdles must turn light

All fright must be sacked with fright

So we can embrace with all our might

These are for you

Please hear me dear year

And let’s live as we each prep to leave

Being led by time

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I swam through the pain of pleasure

Aiming to end up a great treasure

I looked forward to being free

And wanted to go on a life’s spree

I got out with happy tears

Thinking I could bridge my fears

But no,

There was something I didn’t know

I fell into the realms of groups


Fell into a geographical circle,

A country,

Fell into a social circle,

Low class,

And fell into a colour circle,


Needless to say paper is boss

And has guards who kill at his will

Was this what I bargained for?

All groups and classes scream

Telling me to shun my dreams

Making me dream of drowning in streams

I wish a magic angel will wash me gleam

And wash all these earthly tangles

And like the sun in a huge clear sky

Make me live with no lie

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


Long ago,

When we sat by the fireside,

And watched our shadowed selves

On the mirrored ground

By the side of the full moon,

Grandma told me to look up

And watch keenly the full moon

Knowing not what she meant,

I looked and told her I saw only a stain of clouds

She smiled and asked me to listen and look well

And I did


“Long ago,” she started,

“There lived a strong man

Who was a drummer

A drummer none could compete with

His source of inspiration was his love; Oforiwaa

The king of his village had eyes for this lady

And did all he could to separate the two

Since commoners could not fight royals for women

He decided to flee with Oforiwaa

Fleeing did not help

So he, with the help of a perfect moon,

Made Oforiwaa his

With the slow breeze as their witness

The moon left them, travelled

And returned,

Oforiwaa failed to get her visitor

The god of fertility whispered its presence

In her ears

The whisper was loud and so many ears heard

The King heard too

And called her to book

She failed to mention the name

Of the warrior who brought the visitor

So she was beheaded 

Ofori, her man, was so sad

That he went to speak to the moon

But the moon kept moving 

He looked up and saw a shape like her woman

On the moon

He resolved to join her so he could play wonderful tunes

To keep her smiling

He took his life and joined her on the moon

And yes, they formed the drummer and his woman

He, tirelessly playing his drum

She, pleasantly listening in admiration

That started a revolution of love

Because the village never got the like of Ofori

Who played to tame the gods”


Well, her story opened my eyes

For a brief moment, I saw them;

In their perfect happy living

And I asked myself:

Will I ever love like that?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



When tired leaves fall

They pray to escape the winds

To escape its taunts


They need their quiet rest

Under the tree they have served

To decompose there


They don’t need to be

Whisked by an unknown wind to

Unfamiliar lands


Let me be lucky

To fall so quietly without

Heeding to wind’s call


Familiar soils have

Familiar termites which  are

Gentle with their own


This is a prayer

Wish for future. Let winds swing

Me now than later

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


Scents of ‘momoni’

Repellent of noses but

Delicacy of tongues

After going through heat


Faeces of the grass-cuter

Disgusting at a sight

Pleasant smell to the nose

When on the raging fire

And a delicacy on tongues

After their fire refinements


I guess humans can be droppings

Rejected at a glance

And accepted after life washes us clean

Hurtful but an amazing trace

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014