Blood of hearts merged and urged by fate
In there, everyday models Valentine’s deeds
Harvesting laughter in serene happiness
Many are in the embrace
Eating from the plates of love with the fork of contentment
It makes me turn Michael Bolton’s tune into a question
Are you the one he sings of for me in
“Once in a lifetime
You find the one you really love
For now and forever
One love that never ends
Once in a lifetime
When every star that lights the sky
Will shine with one reason
Leading your heart to the one love you find
Just once in a lifetime?”

What am I asking for?
A heart with a heartbeat of trust, care, tenderness and determination
What am I giving?
A heart with a heartbeat of trust, care, tenderness and determination
What am I hoping for?
A she and a he
Turning into a we
A me and a you turning into us
So I am asking again
Are you the one for me in Bolton’s
“Once in a lifetime
You find the one you really love
For now and forever
One love that never ends
Once in a lifetime
When every star that lights the sky
Will shine with one reason
Leading your heart to the one love you find
Just once in a lifetime?”

What could a we do?
Dance under naked skies
As stars and the moon sing melodies just for us
Fingers laced to stand strong in winds and storms mischievously cooked up by life
Shoulders readily available at every forming of our tears
Hands readily holding when the earth’s slimes trick us into falls
A walk together to the end
So please answer the question
Are you the one Bolton sings of for me in
“Once in a lifetime
You find the one you really love
For now and forever
One love that never ends
Once in a lifetime
When every star that lights the sky
Will shine with one reason
Leading your heart to the one that you find
Just once in a lifetime?”

If you are
These hands will never let you go
As libations will be poured on prayers
For all trees to whisper through winds, their prayers for us to stay together
All birds will lend us the strength of their wings
To get through the most difficult of times
So please come clear
Are you the mine in Bolton’s
“Once in a lifetime
You find the one you really love
For now and forever
One love that never ends
Once in a lifetime
When every star that lights the sky
Will shine with one reason
Leading your heart to the one that you find
Just once in a lifetime?”
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 14, 2019

Credit: Michael Bolton’s “Once in a Lifetime” chorus was used.


Do not grovel even in a hovel
For each of our remains will taste the dig of a shovel

Idolize your mirror reflections

Even when you face constant rejections

For you are a soul in a body

And a spirit not at all shoddy

You are like a myth in passing

But a warrior on a battlefield facing an axing

Your crown can be knocked onto the ground

Held by a hound

But your swiftness can let you win

Even after being shoved in a bin

None can be a perfect fan for you

Than you

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) July 6, 2017.


Our elders ask 

Only one saw so who is the witness? 

I am a victim of circumstance

One caught like an innocent antelope

In an unknown hunter’s trap

One set in a cage meant for an unknown

One substituted by chance with a lucky being

Protected well by a worldly antagonist whose apparel fits me now

In eyes of all including the law

I am a victim made culprit 


They say God is all seeing

Why then can’t he be all saying?

Cutting thorns of deceit to free an innocent’s defeat? 

They say God is all merciful

Does his mercy favour brutes and dishonour the virtuous?

They say He is all fair

May I doubt that without a blasphemous whip 

Mythically chasing my soul? 


These are the hardest times

Times when my body rots in a cage

As my dreams sit in rage

Times when I turn Jesus with a cross too heavy

Yet without Pharisees to nail my body into it for eternal sleep

What is worse?

Living like a ghost to see your kind live their dreams

And dying for others in just days to become a celebrity forever? 

Oh that no one will mention me

Even in places where my placenta dwells

When I fall into the unreturnable hole in this sadness

Kills my trust in a super being


They said a life of another I took

When even that of a cock I am yet to book

They said the house of a prominent I shook

When I am yet to air that of my unknown enemies 

They claim a presence at a time

When Samaritarianism called was my crime

Even my own got caught in support

As charges climbed ladders and stood like carpenters

Nailing me to this gaol

“Baako akohunu,  dansefo ne hwan? “


I live here

I am wrinkling here

Days battling in height with night

Making me the silly audience

Oh how I wish time had wings

To fly me from this nightmare

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) June 27, 2017.


Image result for pictures of mouths speaking

Like water
They seep through rocks of hearts
Engraving themselves as reference sources
Marking themselves beside their makers

So powerful that elders analogise
Their retraction to spittle thrown into gutters
Which have seen no cleaning for decades
Branding royals servants of poor tongues
Pushing crowns from heads cemented by fate

Ordinary but can break down personalities painfully built
In seconds shared between desperate beings
Plain but can create vengeance
Whose fires have no figured-out fighters
Possess no armoury
But can cause wars
Destroying the world in a split blink

Use them well
And you can cut through deserts of thorns
Into a den within dens of evil
To find consciences well hidden in cages of ruthlessness
Use them not and risk seeing no growth of greatness
Use them carelessly and be the rag of failure
One used to wipe vomit of sick dogs
None sees time and honour
When words work within whims

In its vile exchange stay safe
If attempts to mute mouths at play fail
Love thy thoughts as elites love their pens
But work on them as goldsmiths work to refine gold
Before they see the light of your pages
Words fuel when lighted
Knows no water nor fire fighters
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) Dec. 20, 2016

Photo Credit: Google Pics


When the gods speak into mouthpieces

Let the people get their earpieces

If the street listens to beats

Legs get massaged by the rhythms

Who are legs to complain?


Generations die for generations to live

A kiss in the dark in some archaic moments

Sex on the street in contemporary times

Leafs of innocence fall in time

Normalising abnormalities

Slapping primitive heads into swallowing sillies


Let all wake to learn

To box well heads in hands

Seeking to take advantage where disadvantages lie

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) Nov. 14, 2016 


Serious basket sent to the stream of ambitions
To fetch heads which sync with hands
In hardwork to weave the nation
Suddenly developed comedic holes
Posing pictures of ridicule
In a nation whose teeth can’t afford a smile
Talk less of laughter

Fishes flawed and thrown out
Have majestically managed to catwalk
Into the basket eyed by all
Did the basket fall?
Did its call for flaws flaw?
Is it about to topple
To break the hard earned weave of many hands?

I had a vision
The feminine flag fell at the feet of its poll
Shot by many mouths with stones of her over criticism
In her catapult of ‘frenchimness’
Lo and behold, signs like a pen
Sign evidence in days in her prideful fingers
What is man to think of it all?

Serious comedy!
Comic parody!
Haunting ridicule!
Daunting spectacle!
When will serious matters fly high
On eye boxes as against the follies?
Oh Ghana my motherland!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) Nov. 4, 2016.


We are our illnesses
We, golden children
Conceived painfully and graciously
By Asaase Yaa, the goddess of nature
How can we heal?

Our legs flirt with fine dust of deceit
Enthroning it to build mansions
In our priced noses
Distributing coughs of fear
Digging pain of panic
Blinding us and
Developing weaknesses which deepen our sores
Helping flies to travel to feast fat
On our blessed bodies
Who is our saviour
If we are our own devils?

Yesi yesi
Has a palace with shrines
Worshipped by many
Including skilled minds
Anything dished on plates of our minds
Are consumed gratefully
Without a thought to its ingredients
What kind of minds eat
But do not weed let alone grow to process?

Vanishing genitals
Human hunters
Defaming saints
Promoting angels of Satan
Which action fiction scripts can’t we write
With our mouths and thoughts?

Gift of discernment
Heaps of choices
Apt analysis
N ever ending options
Appropriate conclusions
Can we not be refined through this order?
Rhetorics are best left hanging
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) November 2, October, 2016


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The infra dig man-cue

For flowers of honour

Is not part of the deities I worship



Bombastic preachers

Robed in cover of their leeched skin

Can’t make me sleep

No matter the soothing of their evoking lullabies



Mouths which work in the dark

And mute in light

Can never move a muscle in my body

Why must hidden teeth  robot my being?



Heavy duty machines of worry

Will never drag me into a failure lorry

Will I be the first and last to be sorry?

Definitely not

Life is no fixed time with a forever whip


If I am misunderstood

I would rather I am ‘overstood’

I did not bring me here

And will not take me from here

Life that brought me must give me death

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) November 2, 2016

Photo Credit: Bing.com


Image result for bing moving images of love

Pushed by loving winds from my home tree

Onto dead leaves

I have smelt much unpleasantness

Tasted rot

Been blown here and there

A pawn of the air


I have searched deserts

And felt the pelts of sand

Barely made it out with visible holes all over

A poor little leaf like me

I saw the scents of nectar drawing butterflies in

I saw not the flies that hover

And the wilting that waited

So combed forests

And felt the thorns of smiling flowers

Felt the blows of falling leaves

Felt the chase of dryness

Losing breath and panting for that which drags

Now I need a taste of love


I need a taste of love

To be set free from the dragging wind

I need the honey of love

To be weighty in settlement

I need a taste of love

To get a testimony to garnish history

I need a taste of love

Love, like the one fantasy swoons to tell

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) November 1, 2016

Photo Credit: www.fanpop.com


This heart

Wears a hat

Dodging difficulties

In mythical thinking


This head

Has an umbrella

Covered in blessed rains

But seeing its fall


These legs

Want to be in congregation

Why then do they

Feel no move


I feel you are there

But eyes have no proof

The proof of mind

Cancels concrete evidence

Lord, set me right

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Time walks in a rush

With no ears for stops

No eyes to turn back

No mouth nor stomach to stop and feed

No breath to feel tired let alone pause to rest

It sure is the creator’s robot

Set like a watch man to impartially measure us

What tough scrutiny it gives!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Photo Credit: Google pics)


In bright daylight
Dark clouds have formed
Blinding eyes and raining heartaches
*E*ven the dust was preferred
*V*astly over this daylight blindness
Mini sani po nɛ?

Death has bitten into a delicious mind
One whose pages were enriched
With harvests of higher learning
One whose ink had so much
And was ready to hold hands of growing minds
To stand at par
One whose discipline made her warrior of right
And enemy to bad nuts
Who knows where teeth of death lives?

A mother hen has been stolen by a mythical hawk
Who will take care of its chicks?
Let all atɛntɛnbɛn play themselves
To direct voices to tune their hurts
A multi-lingual chord just sunk into the abyss of silence
Let all mourners pitch their cries
A modelled lady vanished like a shadow at sun-down
Let all guns bitter in death hunt be raised
We lack the eyes to hunt a myth
But surely, jubilating vultures can take the bullets
How can we lose one in a few breasts
Who provided breast milk of knowledge to succeed
In a milkless realm
Where strength of shoulders boxed to compete?
Let all harmed cocks crow at noon
A dignified hen stroll away painfully from her royal grounds
Even owls are shocked into soundless hooting

*L*ook for the keys to a better Ghana
*O*nward we must go so
*K*eep to the dream of youth nursing
*K*now we loved to walk your nurturing path
*O*pt to oversee our growing steps
Settling for no less than perfection
We cry rivers
With boats of luck
To ferry you safely to conquer your conqueror
And if you do
Open the curtains of beyond
To light its cocoon
So our worlds merge again
To nurse from your seas of brilliance
For now, smile at our noise
No matter how disturbing
You did it all
We just wanted more
Mama Naa Merley
Ya ni oya wɔ ojogbanŋ
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) October 7, 2016


You sit like bloated bread
With cuffed fingers in the air
Calling attention and claiming hold
Of a healthy hottie breed
Are you the only hungry fish in the sea?

You have paid hands to wash and clean
With instruction as your only deed
Who but a fool will serve a flu?
Wake your buttocks and shed your shrew

It is funny
How you see no competition
In a race many have fallen
Complacency is a soft weed
Whose hoes abound
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) September 19, 2016


Explorations of the past
Led to greedy seeds sewn like monster plants
Monster plants which grew to take what it never owned
Cruel “beela” traps were set up
In black hunt
Aims of strength harvest causing mean arrests
As molestations manifested in attestations
Ah! Chained beings turned to dogs
Were forcefully pulled to hop like frogs
Painful reminiscencing!

Humans in flesh were boxed like sardines
Into tins of ships
Forcing airs to flee and
Causing many to lose their breaths
The poor dead were tossed into seas to feed grateful fishes
As their lands yearned for their hands in tilling
In worse scenarios, begged for their royal remains in its crying womb
Who did not know of the tears of the black innocent lands?
Lands coerced into a huge dungeon of poverty?

Dog foods that fed jewels of grieving mothers
Carnivorous whips that bit into fleshes with great spirits
Names of originalities metamorphosed into alienisms
As bodies, spirits and souls
Stood naked under crying skies
Inspected like hoes and machetes, dish washers
Pleasure holes, gun shields
How can living things be turned into robotics
And sold into houses to battle their lots
Now you need them gone?

Wake your dead to wake their stolen
To conjure the thorns which bit into fleshes
Holding their mouths to vomit them out
To fix on their rightful bodies
Wake your dead to wake their stolen
To fix their callouses and even their skins
Wake your dead to wake their stolen
To sow back virginities meanly stolen from saints
Wake your dead to wake their stolen
Preparing them in their birth surnames to the lands of their birth
Wake your dead to wake their stolen
To dive into seas and bellies of fishes to piece the pieces of the tossed expired
Giving them lives to be returned in full to their roots
Wake your dead to wake their stolen
Chanting wrongfully spilled blood from pores of the earth
Into their respective vessels
Wake your dead to right their wrongs
Backtracking time to erase hurts of loss from haunted heads and wombs
Wake your dead to wake their stolen
Evaporating your heavens like air into its forest of thorns
After quenching their greed
So you can be reared like the stolen to build your glitters
Then, none will evade your space
No head will care about your existence
No erased root will be stuck in its replants
As our innocence revert to supremacy in our heaven intact

Oh you who wake lion bites of pain in animosity!
You who wake monstrous dreams pushed into stalls of forgetfulness!
You whose fear of extinction make you human beasts!
If you cannot wake your dead for the change you seek
Let all your mouths lose their sounds of grumbling
Let all your disdain dissipate
Into blames of your ancestral games
Let all your murderous intents vanish
Like un-judicious dreams in wake
Let all your awareness of colour be nonexistent
You live in the paintings of your predecessors
There is nothing wrong with a farmer reaping his harvest
You are the traces of shifted usurpers now usurped
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) September 8, 2016


My tongue is pampered
Like a mushroom on an anthill
Crowned by the fertile farms of mother nature
Ghana, my motherland!

So much do they give
Plants and trees
Leaves and all
Yam boils to accommodate many
My favourite; “potogum hwiegum”
Led by the great garden eggs
With koobi as angels at post
Add an egg with palm oil
And all is set in pepper-field
What heavens lie in the land!

Need I mention banku and its many suitors?
Ah! That feeling when it meets okra soup
With momoni as its unseen lavender
Wele, its unshakable soldiers
Crabs, its lion-delicio- accompaniment
Add “ademe”
Nutrition complete
Am I not a pampered tongue?

I so love tuo zaafi
Its green-green
Coupled with “stomach things” of cows and goats
Add dawadawa
And even Satan will lie low to enjoy
My teeth are just too happy
To be blessed with their passing
Ghana Ghana my motherland!

Oh fufu fufu fufuo!
Like breast milk mixed with honey for a new born
Casava meets plantain; my favourite
Palm nut soup graced
Add mpu-nam
Snails on guard
Some accompanying mud fish
A salmon or two
Kai! You dare not talk
When the men visit “wala-beley” temples
And sit to dine
Eating in fixed postures as hands work wonders
Says it all
Ghana Ghana Ghana!!!

“Brode a asunson”
Palava sauce
Akple and “abobi-tadi”
Abenkatenkonto and face the wall
Mpotonmpoto; yams and cocoyams
Akyeke and pear
Abolo or
Asante banana
Kube in all its vitamins
Oranges sweet and sour
Watermelons from Nalerigu
Pawpaw blessed with brightness
Mangoes, all in their seasons
Shea nuts and black berries
Pineapples and sugar cane
Can I mention them all?

I am a queen in a royal country
Everything is deli-fantastic
And healthy
Ghana my motherland
Delicasweetbliss galore!!!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) September 2, 2016


I need, need and need
The love they speak of
I want to be a cassava
And meet a plaintain, yam or cocoyam
And together be pounded
In the mortars of life by its pestles
And blend in the perfect fufu

I need, need and need
I need the friction of missing
Photographic memories of past
Written in happy inks
With smiles that led to laughter
Laughter that led to happy tears
Culminating into fantasies in open eyes

I need need and need
Those kisses
Which hunt hisses
From the jealous noses of fed up heads
I need the roses too happy to smile its last
In my shivering hands
That wait
Too bubbly
That my blood dance in vein shake
That anticipation
Too vivid that lips kiss the skies
That feeling of belonging
In the midst of longing

I need, need and need
That unbreakable intuition in oneness
Those talks which anger all phones into hotness
Those sweet nothings which plant giggles
And harvest love

I need, need and need
The sync
Like swans on a clear sea
The flight
Like doves in the clear cool sky
The symphony
Like nightingales on dancing tree
And a flow
Like a fountain on a filled dam

Are you the dream
To make me scream?
Are you the low
To make me high?
Are you the cold
To make me warm?
Are you the river
To fill my seas?
Endless are the yearnings of passion
Heartbreaking is the journey of reality
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) September 3, 2016.


The creator wove his world
Like Kwaku Ananse weaves his web
Giving unto each gifts to fend
I can’t fathom the choas in chimes
If goats were elephants
Can you?

From the hair of the sky
To the toes of the earth
Everything in and without
Would shiver and hover
At the visit of every second
If goats were elephants

With their speed
They could catch all they fancy
With their colour
They could eavesdrop to haunt
With their sizes
They could shake to destruction
Drumming every ear killing piece in sight
With their weight
They could kill all aggrieved
In their game of criminology
If goats were elephants

Who could have eaten but them?
Who could have slept
With their sleep in travel?
Who could’ve breathed
While their trunks still worked?
Who could’ve sat
When they jumped up and down?
Who could’ve worked in peace as they moved?
Need I mention mating their mates could not suffice?
A goat today
Sheep tomorrow
Cow, the next
Lions must follow
Would humans be ruled out?
Ha ha ha ha ha
Surely, none knows what could be
All sounds would’ve been swallowed
If goats were really elephants
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) August 12, 2016.


Each being is a problem
A problem with a formula
A formula which stands as key
To unlock at appropriate times
For all to see
So I am studying hard

Like maths
There are those like simple sets
Those like easy fractions
Those like intriguing surds
Those like scary simultaneous equations
And those like horror menstruations
Which are you?
What is your formula?

You stand pius but unfathomable
Like logical reasoning
Forcing out my attentiveness and study
Cracking my brain as it rains
Racking my mind as it drains
If you were in construction
You would be a polygon
Or all the ghostly ‘gons’ I fear like plagues
But I know you have your formula
What is it?

State your formula
And I will boost your stats
Though statistics seem slappy
I can hold its hands
And form its band
All I need is your formula
No matter how complex
I will do due diligence
What at all is your formula?
State and let’s equate
The grave’s only task
Is to destroy all
No matter how precious
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 31st July, 2016


Crawling snails
Are scarier than jumping goats
They are armed by silence
And aided by care
Let all heads be still in listening
Do snails have noisy footsteps?
Do they have loud voices to call for alertness?
Don’t they have such cool touches?
Ones to make fantasies real?
Like shadows they penetrate
Their shapes and sizes aided and abetted by guard let-downs
Human snails are lions in their target areas
Human goats,  toothless dogs
Very scary!!!
This world!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Now the situation is dire
Grant my desire
And all the pride for you I will acquire
Even as I walk through this fire
I do know enemies, for me, this pain hire
I know there awaits a mire
And the beatings of struggling wire
For they never tire
All they pump are dreams via
Making dodging extremely impossible, in this jungle empire
Do for me more angels hire
For you will always remain the sire
As long as the sky lives above the earth, you are no liar
This is a solemn prayer, Sire
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Cry rain, light, thunder
Blossomed roses flirt with all
Dust, filth included
Kisses that misses disses
Hit hard harbouring hatred

Where is harmony
Without ha-money?
When hands seek to be seen in waves
Instead of fighting for farms?

Love a flower
Love its thorns, not only the nectar
Love a shower
Love its wetness, not only the freshness
Love the sun
Love its high heat, not only its warmth
None can love a dog without loving its barking
Or love a fowl without its dawn alarm
Love is costly
Pay the price or skip
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


The she in me
Is like a traveling soul
Stuck in a robbed hut
Needing hands to help her transport
Into a he frame
A he frame that can visit the gods

Who can blame her?
She too craves for a voice for choice
To exorcise loneliness
She too craves for the chance
To meet the sun
To get her own shadow
She too craves for a say
To jerk ears into attention
She too craves for more
Tongues know no she
Palmnut soup everyday
Can suffocate even its pots
She too craves
Craves to ride

The she in me
Needs to run and win
With no chest load causing a spin
Needs to swim after a dip
With no hidden snakes
Giving a chase
She too craves to sit
After a dig at a pit
With crossed legs
Hoping to turn shrine from evening to dawn
She too feels her blood boil
At all that heats
This she in me

She is no pole a warrior stole
Neither is she a ball to roll
She is no mat to be stepped on
Nor a chamber pot to receive debris
The she in me weeps
Thinking its maker sleeps
This she…
Is it fit to be trapped?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Phot Credit: www.pinterest.com


When my heaven in daylight turns to hell
Calling to keep a countenance none can tell
I always yearn to recoil into my shell
Like a tortoise in danger smell

Oh how I wish there was a bell
To help me skip any problem cell
So none can say “she fell”
And carry me on a gossip pan to sell

When will my waters find my well
And quench this thirsts that hungrily yell
Squeezed by hell which does compel
To my pain and frustration excel
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


What do you see?
Birds in flight with different wings?
Different sizes of animals
On all fours living as they please?
Those struggling on twos
And those sailing with wings?
Rivers screaming for seas?
Clouds clutching on skies?
Airs roaming Invisibly aimlessly
Touching with no fingerprints?
Look hard
Tell what you see
Think the tell
Analyze the think
And know you are just one
One of the many things
Rolling in this ball called earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Lord I need

For you to breed

My inner seed

In your kind deed


I need to feed

So I try to weed

And try to heed

But I flaw my creed


Free my mind

Free my soul

Free my body 

To sour like your dove

When I fall in the mud

I need your rain

When I fall in the gutters

I need your rescue

When I fall in the fires

I need you as my fireman

What can I ever do?

What can I ever be?

What can I ever say?

Without your very presence Lord?

Please feed my need

And right my creed

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Picture: Google pics


We have crossed
Crossed the rubicon
And can never get a head
To dream of change
Change which can alter positively

We have, like gluttons, dined
Dined with the undinables
Food whose stench can never be removed
Let alone hidden from its seekers
Who have the light to chase
We who have no light
Nor sight in mock flee

Like bees smelling their stolen honey
They chase in battalions
While we run like tired tortoises
With no shell to shield
Taking their beatings
While looking for brains to conjure their grains
Grains needed in seeds
Seeds needing the soil of loam
Loam needing water,  sunshine and air
Empty handed and headed
We live in our running misery
Stepping into same steps

I dislike my own
I dislike me
The unreasoning
Which seems liked a canker
The quick cash yearned and not worked for
The troubles caused with no solutions
We have crossed
Yes, crossed the rubicon
Sadly headed to hell
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Just a glance

At an entrance

And it fell into a trance

Never asking for a chance

To get enchanted

Are you a dog on climbing duty?


Agya Waadwo!

So I met a goat on heat

It failed to bleat

And chased on three feet

Hoping to me cheat

Me, that bloody future meat!!!


And when it fell

Without a shell

It bleated that I rang its bell

And need to quench the fires of its hell

Hiding its intruding foot which all can tell

Oh dogs love bones

I believe as much as goats need flogging

Amanehunu nie!!!

Or could it be the he attached to its name

Making it pompous into thinking itself human?



I patiently wait

For a day to make it straight

And get a good bait

To alter its fate

And open the bait gate

To make it late

There, I will surely get my meat

And steam it as I please

For now, all I can say is

NONSENSE, in capital letters

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Photo Credit: Google pics


Sweet scented gums of today
Your parceling is cool
Your taste is sweet
Beware of teeth of grinders

When they get you
They will strap you naked
Prepare their tongues
In their horrid holes
And put you in between their monstrous teeth

They will chew and chew
Chew and chew
Like grinding mill
Grinding a soft maize
And when they seize all your sweets
Your left rubber
Will be thrown out
Like an unneeded thing
Leaving you at the mercy
Of flies and dust
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



If the sky had no earth
It wouldn’t need the sun to shine
Nor the moon to brighten
Nor darkness to necessitate invention of light
You are the earth
Which take what the sky gives
And work to make them worthy
For recycling
To keep creation going

Like swans you love to shine in love
Like hens you hatch to train in love
Like moons you lead to be followed by stars
Like palm plants
Your firm structures in love
Send signal of strength in all battles
Your leaves help in easy carrying
Spines of your leaves help clean the environment
Your fruits and seeds help feed and heal
Your extracts have colour
Red to feed healthy eyes
White or light yellowish
To feed the brain and help delicacies to form
Your plant is the resting place for many living
Even your waters feed thirst
And in fermentation,  help soothe sorrow
And keep minds of greedy fools opened to all
Oh your dead trees give one of the most delicious little meats the world knows
Even the shelters of your seeds ignite fire
What is on you that feed not the world?
You are the waters of the earth
The breaths that keep human locomotive
The centres of reasoning
And the world’s pots of sustenance

Maker of man
Whose shadows strengthen and carry like eagle wings
Marker of territorial incantations
In cupidic realms
You are awesome indeed!!!
He who respects you not
Has lost his path
One who desecrates your temples
Sins against the power of living
He who knows not your worth
Has lost his sanity and way to his destination
Because he has forgotten his path to life
You are the stars
Only needing guards to keep well your wealth
And fame
What is love
Without your existence?
As kings become ordinary without their crowns
So is the world extinctly ordinary without you
You are no arm of the world
No leg of the world
No eye of the world
No neck of the world
No breast of the world
No seat of the world
The key to the world holds none
But the beautifully built
Nicely shaped
Lovingly made women
Who birth to nurse
And nurse to grow
God Himself made it so
Queens of hearts!
Every sound of every creature;
Living and non-living
Is in praise of you
You are the world
And the world is you
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


That I am a feminist
Does not make me a porcupine
Shooting at anyone or anything
When I feel threatened
Afterall cuddling moves the heart to work
In satisfaction and hope

That I am a feminist
Makes me no violent hen
Pecking and chasing
Just because I can
The fact that I am treated as one
Caught and gifted or sold
Does not mean I should give justification
That I am indeed a hen
Where on earth will the reasoning lie?
Even if I am made God’s hen
Then they originally are the cocks
Without a cock
Will I be able to procreate?

Feminism is no crown
For off-targeters
That I am a feminist
Makes me take the humility of a sheep
And not act like a rebellious goat
Telling my artificial master
That I feel the pain
And to let me have what God gave
The freedom to live
The rights to hope
The love to dream
And the happiness to work
And to free me from the closed fence

That I am a feminist
Makes me no monster
Roaring and bellowing like a lioness
To chase all living
Breaking and scattering
To cause commotion

That I am a feminist
Means I hope for what I need
To be retained in opposition
To secure me
To secure men
So as not to grow manism

Cut the tongues of serpents
Throw no brutal words
Shoot no bullets to kill
A feminist is peaceful
A feminist works with plea
Dedication and reasoning
That I am a feminist
Does not make me abnormal
All I seek is the sanity
Prompted by emotions and love
To birth results of freedom
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016
Inspired by a Facebook conversation about feminism.


Let hands touch hands
If sparks flow
Let them worry about their lightening
As we enjoy their shine
Dancing to the whispers of the air
Exploring the contours of our bodies in our minds
Fishing for golden information
From the seas of our eyes

I’ve made a pact with the sky
Who has sworn to be our aid
Hiring clouds to hide the moon
From seekers
Setting a table in its imprisoned shine
For four hands
On two feet
On two bodies
With two hearts
Space only you and I can fill

No heart can dance like ours
In a harmony which fits the symphony of love
And garnish the laughter of happy breezes
And spin like the heels of Cupid
Even our clothes feel like third wheels
Needing hiding places
Miles away

Open the door of your mind
Send unnecessary thoughts on a short errand
Until we honour the date of nature
Satisfying the gods of flutters
And pushing regrets aside
So my sweet nectar
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Whoever best fits the crown of hypocrisy
Must best answer in awareness
And not in disgust
And end this difficult conundrum
Our mouths scream hatred
Hatred for even those who are trying
To remedy the ills of their ancestors
While bitterness sits in our hearts
Like complacent royals

We cry ‘we aren’t like them’
But we women straighten our magical foamy hair
Which can stop unusual blood flow
Hoping to catch the attention of our men
Men, whose attention are mostly heightened
By the length and straightness of hair like theirs
And we cry we have seen the light?

We cry we love ourselves
While peeling off our rich
Melanin coated skin like snakes
And walking like pale corpses
In hopes of being like them
Just for fame or attention
And we claim we want to be left
As ourselves?
For whom is the deception?

We have discarded our clothes
As ‘kolo’
Dress like them
Use their languages to bond us
Follow their steps like shadows
And we want to claim equality?

We act like burnt browns
Brutal blacks
Beastial bellowers
Betraying our best blackhoods
Fie on us!
Shame on us!
We need our necks
To bow together
Only to rise with reasoning
We have failed us
And our forefathers
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Sneaking to take
Forcing to break
Risking the stakes
Is nothing for boasting
A break of sweats
With no soul’s hurt
Movements of hands
Meant to honestly feed
Panting of breath
Chasing care
Are like blessings from above
No work is blow down
Honesty is all it takes
To pass the candidacy of May 1
Happy May Day to all workers
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


I have loved
Loved like a mother hen
Loving a wild cock
In the midst of many young and vibrant hens

I have loved
Loved like a meek sheep
Loving a very potent he goat
With so many options
And no eyes for love detection

I have loved
Loved like an obedient donkey
Serving an ungrateful master
Who loves only the sound his whip
On its body

I have loved
Loved like a fertile dog
Serving the seller of its precious babies
For coins and papers

I have loved
Loved like a mango tree
Dedicated to one addicted only to its fruits
Only visited in seasons

I have loved
Loved like Jonah in the belly of a whale
Which rested soundly
In the belly of the sea

I have loved
Loved into carcasshood
Waiting for love vultures
To take all that remains of my heart

I have loved
Loved all in luck’s opposition
Now looking forward to none
No character in love
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


I am no being in a fridge
Hallelujah to creation!!!
I hide not in clothes
Flaunting my figure
I live with the sun
Massaged by its rays
I dance with the air
Caressed by its tunes
I partner light footwears
In travel, not carrying their weight
And bond with the earth
Like its trees and plants
I am a free bird
A smiling flower
A black gold
With zonal burdens of a feather
Clothed with love
Smeared with affection
The bitter prisoners can bully their sorrows away
And strip monkeys of their names
To gift to me
To enhance my jumps
In their daydreamed-nightmares
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Who is best here?
One who smells the loo
And sees through the eyes of her boo
Feeling the outside through hearing
Or one shut to the outside
With no eyes and mouths on the ground?
Knowing and not feeling
Seeing in chaining
Shut in acceptance
Oh I need none
None at all
No chains of hands
No chains of legs
No bars of shelter
No cage on mind
As the air flows freely
So do I crave to hold its skirt
Jumping when it does
Flying when it does
Standing when it does
To give me access to breathe
Murder my imprisonment
And my ills
So I can be in freedom
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


The once fertile mother
Who grew to feed all
And had more in store
Now sits like a skeleton
Her plumpy figure reduced to naught
As her once overflowing breastmilk
Hide in scacity
Pushing her blood out for feeding
Turning the children who are culprits of her woes vampires

Who made her so?
Could it be me?
Could it be you?
Could it be all but all I’s?

I blame the cutters of trees and shades
I blame indiscriminate burning for rats
I blame the anuses of smoking inventions
I blame the birth of filth and cans
I blame dumping
Manufacturing coughings
I blame pollution in all shades
I blame you
I blame me

We love the heavens
And neglect the earth
Yet spoil the heavens
And maim the earth
The earth which fed
To grow to your birth
The earth who feeds and grow us to our deaths
The earth who is our eternal homes
Shame on you
Shame on us
Shame on all who help not our earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


How are beings of the land
To see the tears of beings in the sea?
How does the sun see the light of a torch at its peak?
How can the fish feel an aching wing?
Can a whirlwind listen to the voice of the gentle breeze
When it sees its dancing mate?

Daughter of the sea
Is seen in glory like a star
Adorned by the water which shelters her
Claps are what she gets
When she washes her face
Silence is what she gets
When she shouts like a hurt angel
Sending waves of tears ashore
Fury is what is perceived
When her anger and pain are sent via a tsunami
Who can see her tears in the sea?

Fetch her tears from the sea
Let us see her woes
Cover not her pain like dust
So we do her no wrong
Colour her tears like blood
So we see before the sea washes
We are no brutes to ignore
Just beings with no eyes
To see her tears in the sea
Oh sea goddess!!!
So when she is seen in the sea
Being mated by rain
No tear is recorded
For we know no rain
And know no tears
All are consumed by the insatiable mouth of the sea
So do us tutor
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Like the gates of life
The heaven are fully opened
Its crown solidly on its head
Its smile nicely in place
Its arms widely opened
It takes just love in spirit
To get one through

Like the paths of streams
The ears of heaven lie
Waiting to be reached no matter the obstacles
All they require is determination
And hardwork
No matter how long it takes to soak and break
Its patience knows no bounds

Like an unmeasurable hole of golf
The bossom of heaven awaits your hands
All it requires are observance and obedience
Nothing much

But the pathfinders hit the mountains
When the structures of the right path
Are clearly visible
To even blind followers either
Possesed by fear of castigation
Or blinded by the deception of human gods

It is a foul
When hands play football into goal posts
It is a foul
When rightful heirs are usurped
For their thrones
It is a foul
When riches consume poverty meals
It is a heaven opened for all
But eyes are now sitting buttocks
Ears now sleeping stomachs
As mouths metamorphose into kneeling stooges
Overturning the sun on its day
Leaving heaven west
As hell’s way is paved for all
Who are adorned in materialistic lovitude
Leaving few doubting
And fewer fighting
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Gone are the bright Saturdays
Where pots danced on happy heads
As giggles followed gay girls
Like their shadows to streams
And hot gossips coloured their tongues like “alewa”
Now the streams mostly come to them
Following their instructions to flow
Oh Clever gods!!!

Gone are the anxious hunters
Those who yearned for their first “tiabrofre”
To get the antelopes to make shy girls theirs
Now few hunt to feed
As most games come home by themselves
To be used as feeds
Even the soil tastes not
What it does give
Oh gods of Cruel traps!!!

Gone are the parks
Which deserved the bare feet of “ampe”
And loved the showmanship of strength
To woo and cower
Gone are its mischiefs of dark
Where dark shadows hid to sing their hearts out
As some dug holes to mark their own
And some birthed under naked skies
Oh fading Pure Loving gods!!!

Gone are pure “Maame ne Paapa”
When motherly instincts were installed
As boy fathers learned to protect their kinds
By watching the realities on ground
Never seeing what goes on behind covers
To dare to role-play
Oh ye dying Good Parenting gods

Gone are the gallant suns
Who splashed rivers
To flex their muscles,
The matured moons
Who shone so bright with the help of their stars
Gone are the giggly stars
Who docked behind clouds and loved their skies
Now everything is commanded
By thoughts and papers
As coveteousness flirts
With minds of needers
Mourn the loss!!!
Like a powerful chief who has fallen
Mourn the loss!!!
For your happy properties have tasted death
Mourn the loss!!!
Your future generations will read and never feel
Mourn the loss!!!
You are part of its murderers
As I am
Mourn the loss!!!
It may never be recovered
Mourn the loss!!!
It really did bring love and harmony
To a once happy earth
So I mourn
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


It is a game of healing
And gives great feeling
An emptying so fulfilling
Frees strength jailing

Knock your mind
To knock your lips
To show your teeth
In a smiling pose
Touch your stomach
And raise a sound
Ha ha ha
Isn’t it a great feeling?

Laugh it out
Rain out the pain
Laugh outloud
Smile out the disdain
Lips so curled in pleasant frame
Capture eyes and share some love
So ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha
It is a day to laugh it out
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



The butterfly envies

The flight of birds in higher realms

And thinks it will do anything

Anything to be higher


What the butterfly does not know

Is that there are birds and there are birds

There are birds ugly and wild

There are birds beautiful and vulnerable

There are birds normal but filthy

There are birds and there are birds

Birds without colour

Birds with colour

Most with no chance to fly low

Where audience can applaud their beauty


God is a worried existence

Fishes wanting to be birds

Birds wanting to be fishes

Lions wanting to be humans

Humans wanting to be lions

Spirits wanting to be fleshy

Some fleshes wanting to be spirits

Ingrates of breaths!!!

God’s disappointments!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Picture Credit: Google pics



Mid day consumes morning

Knowing not evening awaits

As evening consumes mid-day

Always trying to blend with night

Even night forgets there is dawn

Which clears the path for the morning

Cruel morning which carries mid-day’s bitterness

Consumes dawn into its tears

A chase and a chase

A swallow and a swallow

Even shadows lengthen to shorten

Only to shorten to lengthen

Unbreakable cycle of falls and rises

Our world

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Sing me no song of a tiger

None of a lion

None of a hyena

For like a lost dove

I can stand no scary roars


Sing me no song of a dog

None of a bull

None of a cow

None of a goat

Like the queen of quietude

I can stand not its hoarseness


Sing me no song of a frog

For I love to see the face of the singer

None of a bird

I like to be at par with the sound

None of the rivers

I hate to see the end of the waves

None of the air

I hate to feel its moods


Sing me you

Sing me me

Sing me us

Until our hurdles pass

A song

Not so long

To clean my wrong

And make me long

For you so strong

And keep my crown making me young

In your thoughts where I belong

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: www.pinterest.com



There must be a God for each!

I believe there must be a God for each!

Urging on their priced creations

Breeding fierce competition

Creating chances

Being defeated

Winning and cheering

While they oposing losers cry

There must surely be a God for each

Creator of a model being to keep

Programmer of every soul to raise

And like the power packed mysterious being we think to know

Each possessing a mastery spirit which follows

A few abandoning their creations 

When they get out of hand

But being  their shadows praying for good chances

There must be a God for each

It cannot be that one God for all

Who creates many beings





All with the same love?

And will say think not of my existence

When He programmed them to think?

There must be a God for each

Not a smaller god for each

And I seek to find mine

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Miles with its wiles

Have drawn a picture of longing

Drawing mind closer to you

Like a magnetic wave

Pulled in by a metal wrapped in its interest


Glued in thoughts

Separated in body

I shake like a leaf in epileptic wind waves

Eyes wide open and I fall

Eyes tightly closed and I break


Lust is busted

Its holiness corrupted

Its needs intensified

Its songs enchanting in devilisim

Yearnings call for your shadowed hands

In this miles which has achieved its wildlistic pained needs

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


imageWith one mind

All sought to find

Freedom which in bondage hid to blind

But none triumphed but one in a kind

Kwame Nkrumah! Stopper of the colonial grind!


We have travelled a long way

Graduated to adulthood so can have our say

Way past our childish play

Not so easy a stay

But we have many a day


We are “aman mma”

We are Ghana “mma”

We are “agudie mma”

Of the royal kind

Ghana is the black star

With the most lighting light

We see so clear

Although some seem to blind

We stand through it all


We uphold the blood

Which fought and flooded

We cherish the breaths

Which ceased for the land to breathe

We know the mothers who wept in sufferance

Their fertile lands being grazed to barrenness

Knowing the intimidation that walked the minds

Of the powerful fathers who were with ignorance tamed


Seeing so much

Not all happiness as such

Mother Ghana needs a party

For staying alive and shielding our lives

We will sing and dance to Agbadza

Sing and dance to Kpanlogo

Sing and dance to Adowa

Sing and dance to it all

Dances created in her fertile belly of ingenuity


I hope the rhythms clear our minds

Do us bind

And clear our blinds

I pray the rhythms wear us clothes of patriotism

And clear all lies

Which promises to see her die

And keep our feet on their soles

So our knees work instead of kneel

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image: Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng



Kwame Osei climbs trees
Whenever he me sees
He says he’ll pay my fees
Then whine like bugged bees
But whenever papa sees, he flees

Kojo Dzakpasu agbadza dances
Whenever he me sees in his chances
He, his muscles enhances
As he my face glances
Warning all to watch their stances
Behaving like a dog which prances

Bra Ayittey says he me loves
For I am like a Dove of doves
He promises to wear all gloves
And swears to kill by all living Joves
If any ant steps around his Dove of doves

Mba Alhassan says he is tall
And will always catch my fall
All I need is to heed his whistle call
When the night teases evening to be dull

They watch my face
Whenever and pace
Each watches my chest
Like a hunting pest
When I turn my back
Their mouths, they smack
When my legs are bare
Their sticks stand square
What queer spirit they have
To make them show such starve
In another’s farm
One who can forever seek their harm!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016