Awo Dansoa; photo credit: JoyNews
Awo Dansoa; photo credit: JoyNews

The skin that society dug deep

The wound that society scratched to keep

Is now free to heal

For we have heard of its broken claws

Claws sent in the direction of a stronger soul

A soul which has severed society’s fingernails


Auntie Anti lived like a screen painting

Her eloquence causing dreamers fainting

Her hard work driving her …

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Sweet sensational pangs
Hold my being and hangs
Twisting my heart and lungs
Showing their powers and fangs
My passion’s head is in their fangs as they bang
Making it forget the song that sanity sang
When it once fell into hands of cruel boiling gangs

I swear I want to feel like Ana Steel
Under the whip of Christian’s chill
As passion burns as insanities steal
As fear holds a quill when fulfilments thrill
But none does seem to get the feel
Let alone to make a deal
Let alone to think to heal
So I am strapped in fantasy which promises to kill

I need the bearer of the ray
Burning from mad Cupid’s sun’s say
To meet my acquaintance and beg to stay
To make everyday my best sun’s day
Whether there be mud or chattering hay
To help me breathe in all my lays
Then I promise to have them a pay

Because I want to be flogged
Like a horse who is one plugged
I want to be whipped
By a mafia so equipped
I want to be flipped
Like a thief who has been stripped
I want to be hanged
Like a puppet who can’t say jack

It is raining passions in fire
Being fuelled by my horrid empire
Which needs a quencher to call a sire
As it screams its needs are dire
At this point I could even hire
And could care less if qualification is a liar
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Righteous to a fault

Too pious, Satan fears to stain

A voice like the softest touch

Eyes like the vastest, cleanest ocean

Many climb and reach far

But he stands supreme


Innocent and fine

Funny with unbended trust flowing like a fountain

A vine without doubts

A shelter ready to protect

Many climb and reach far

But he stands supreme 


It’s cruel that doves are seen as meat

Even when God endorses their purity

He has a force too pure to stain

And a heart too big to harm

So many have climbed the ladder of my trust

But he stands supreme although he stays afar

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


10600606_10152743138213974_2625403999152056596_n - Copy

When I turn cold

I know you hurt

But I hurt in ten-fold

And I need an outlet


When I turn cold

I know you fret

But to you I am sold

As you cuddle a safe bet


I am bold

I need, to strength, get

I need a hold

Or I will be a destructive jet


So leave me bold

Or leave an outlet

Or hurry and hold

To stop the shutting fret

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



When I said I loved

I was like a caught bird

Under heated water in the saucepan of society

Being cooked for being alone

Now that I see a hole in the pan

I see my true heart and I am sorry


When I said I loved

I was like a lone soul

Deserted on an island

Meeting the only worthy mouth

Among castigators

Feeling the warmth and glow

Now that many worthies spring

I see my true heart and I am sorry


When I said I loved

I was like the fear-struck traveller

Knowing not the risks of the race
Fearing the pangs of danger of one on an unknown road

Now I bridge my fears and I am sorry


When I said I loved

I was like a drowning soul

Seeking some fun before the final goodbye

Caring not about hands which sought to touch

Thinking of living before leaving

I now know I erred and so I am sorry


When I said I loved

I may have loved somewhat

For my heart is naturally too big

And accommodates all

Sometimes like a programmed machine

But you deserve a whole package

So now I am sorry


I am feeble

I am prone to change

I am human

Only the foolish has no mind change

I am naughty

And can be a little haughty

This little package

Is but fire and ice

I say I am sorry

So do forgive

If truth lieth on your tongues of piety

And had called sincerely in songs of honesty

I may have been cuffed

But all things work together for good

And so I am sorry

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Magic hand

Give me magic

Magic of thoughts

Give me magic

To salvage all rots


Give me magic

Like a superior angel

To know and touch broken angels

Called and humiliated, abandoned and garbaged


We call those we need

They are called by their own and taunted

Give me a magic thought

And a magic hand to salvage this rot


If I do get the magic

I will sleep not

Always working like a bull on the greenest field

Identifying and touching in healing


Hurtful tears break my heart

“Agyeiiiii! Bue!! Ouch!!! Abound to deafen

Give me the magic, the magic thought and hands, to trash the tragics,

To heal the world

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Cool cloud, come and rain

Into my drain

And clear the stain

Causing this chest pain


Now I refrain


Cain my pain

Gather my gain

As long as you call me no Jane

I will gladly soak, giving you my main

So flow and flow and flow and flow

Until I glow

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Kwaku gave Ama a stone
A white nice stone as a gift of love
She kept the stone like a saint
And worshipped its very grounds

It so happened that a flood came by
Stared at the stone and Ama’s family
And swept all of them into the belly of death
Ama searched and searched until Kwaku came
But found not her family or stone

Kwaku was as fierce as a thunderous bull
He raged and ranted and yelled and cursed
Until Ama left on a mission
A mission to hunt her family and the precious stone

Ama went into the forest
Searched in and around seas
And finally sought to rest in caves
There, she heard a shout from a sack
Opened the sack and saw a small pig
She was startled

The pig thanked her for her kindness
And resolved to help her locate her gem
After telling her her family rested with saints
It ended up taking her to Prince Adjei’s palace
Where she found among many a gold, diamond and ivory
The soft handsome Prince’s heart

Kwaku waited in anger
But doped himself in tears and alcohol
When he saw their wedding pictures
And that ended the tale
Of the unbendable
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015 inspired by Dotty



I say he has changed

And will always remain so”

The elders say

Only the child sees the eyes of the crab

As a stick, 

Look at Selina now

She too told me

She was the wind of change in his life

When his pleasures waned

She said she was blinded

By Cupid’s thick hands

So I will tell you this:

Climb from the whimsy stairs of fantasy

Beauty and the Beast lived and have always lived in myths

Stroking and kissing a monster

Will never make it a human being

It can only be subdued for a moment

Because of the sensation

And zoom back to nomalcy

When it gets familiar with the feeling

Trust me, it can tear you to pieces

Knowing it can easily get others

To fill your vacuum

If a word to the wise is enough

Then these words are even longer to a fool

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Walk like a king
No matter what annoying bells ring
Because you are the sky
Which a great moon yearns to embrace

Walk like a god
No matter who gets bored
For you are that spirit
That a great priestess worships

Smiles must make your miles

All suns must create you tiles
All clouds must follow your lead
You are one, just the one
This priestess worships
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Pants of can’ts
Excuses in rants
Even firewood crave fire
Wanting to lead in light
Wanting to be a star bright
Although being in ashes is no delight
But you, like a firefly, tease with your faint glow
Saying this and saying that
On a day when emotions weep
For a play in your tower
Still, I have this to say

It’s not too late
It’s not yet eight
So I wait
For our date
In an anxious state
Eish! I can’t even touch my plate
Because I feel like a lost bait

Many are looking
Looking and begging
Begging for your slot
Willing to be slaves
In caves as dangerous as the hungry lions’ den
But your mouth is your announcer
Declaring sillies in my torture
I guess pushed by your hardened heart
Which I have long sought to have
But I still say

It’s not too late
It’s not yet eight
So I wait
For our date
In an anxious state
Eish! I can’t even touch my plate
Because I feel like a lost bait

I may be the strings on your guitar now
Play to your heart’s desire
I may be your foot mat now
Step with as much mud as you desire
The hells of my heart will wake
And I hope you run for peace sake
Because no matter what it’ll take
I’ll drown your thoughts in a stinking lake
For now

It’s not too late
It’s not yet eight
So I, like an innocent child, wait
For our date
In an anxious state
Eish! I can’t even touch my plate
Because I feel like a lost bait
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Me, I can’t share my man o

I am no hypocrite so I won’t lie

I met a terror called jealousy

When I saw a taken-cuddling meant for me

I never knew its claws really lived deep down my guts

When it decided to show

It was like a lioness tearing my soul

There I got to know

That I can never share my man

No matter how the world forces sharing down my throat


Who wants to lick a sweet toffee

With many tongues at the same time?

Even hands won’t let flies on a teasing wound

Why will I hide tears in blankets

Like a thing so undesired

While what is mine lies in the bosom of another?

Me, I won’t lie o

I am no hypocrite

I can never share my man!

And no one can make me!


If I live in faithfulness

Always scenting my temple in wakefulness

It will be a curse

If my heart weeps

While my head speaks of some religious rules

I will rather be let loose to search

Than hypocritically smile and hand over my treasure

Only nothings are shared with ease

So, know that I will never!

Oh can never share my man


Let she that feels not the fire

Of the burning painful flames so dire

Seeing hers in another arms

Throw a jab at my truth

I could care less how others choose to live

I know me

And I feel me

I will never be a hypocrite

Because I know that I can never!

Never share my man

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I don’t know what to do
I am like a nail
With a magnetic force
Which uses all its strength to repel magnets
But I am now locked in a greater force

I don’t know what to do
He is everything I dislike:
Location, God-channels
And all
But I feel trapped
Like a mouse in a hungry cat’s corner

I just don’t know what to do
He can’t be bossed
Being the boss of the bosser
And I am just an ant
Heaven and earth
A giraffe cum peacock
Heaven and earth
Clouds and dust
Heaven and earth
North and east
Promise to embrace
Making sanity useless
And I strain
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Emotions dance in veins of the holies

And I am a holy

The weather’s fan is fanning vain whims

And I have a vain whim

The sky’s complexion is dark and light

And I am the sky

At this point, fans are suicide

Air conditioners, murder

The air is rudely entering pores without knocking

And I have pores

I am now a puppet

Being played by nature’s complexities

And taunted with things I have not

Truly, this world is cold

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


When I spotted him

It was like magic

His light travelled to wake dead feelings

Buried under the earth of my skin

He was the electricity

And I the wires



So I found myself asking

“Is he too taken?”

If he is, then I committed adultery

Adultery of thoughts

Because he looked into me

Held my hands and took  me 

Into the secret chambers of  our mind’s executive suit

Bathed me and scented me to perfection

Leading me like a sweet lamb into its virgin bed



Like a perfect masseur,

his massages were magical

Lighting and darkening my skin,

At his touch and rest respectively,

Like disco lights

Until they begged for his prayers

Even so, they were denied

Because he took his time fearing electrocutions



Lickings were the killers

Commands made me the child I never was

So I rained but never touched his land

With him, his earth made my raindrops wet

Lightening and thundering the yearnings

His clouds consuming my rains



Earth with clouds

Made my sky powerless

Took my sun

And plucked my moon which attracted all my stars

He took it all

And made my safe naked within

With him having it all

He held me captive

Even before he said his first hi

Throwing me into the dungeons of his  Cupid prisons

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015




“I love you,

I can’t live without you,

You are so beautiful!

Hey no one compares to you

I will die for you

I am so into you

Hush and feel my heart beat for you”

These are old rags Buried by some ancestors

Who died thousands of years ago

A real lover is one who mimics not

So stop digging into mouths decayed in tombs

And be real, as real as the sun pinches the sky

With its rays to make it wince in light



How delightful it will be

If you feel hatred  and you say it sweet

And whip in lust to fetch the smile

And kill the frown

To plant seeds of trust



Oh! How delightful it will be

If flatulence flies in murderous smell

To dig the demons hidden under packs of facades

Only for days to clear the foulness

For the sweetness of being oneself to force happiness



Oh! How delightful it will be

If none fakes and wears lies

And all cry, dance, play and say it all

In raw forms

Forcing ingenuity to return from its hidden space

Too bad, everything is draped in clothes of fakeness

Culminating into duplications of déjà vu

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



Fix the needs

Fix the needs of a lady

Wrangling of nothings

Glitters and twitches are naught

Just fix them

Fix them needs of the lady


Who are you impressing?

The world with jealous eyes? 

Or the flashes which attract the jealousy of the sun?

Fix them needs

Just fix them needs of the lady


Snoring  when lust boils

Like water on high-voltaged heat

Ah! You too?

Fix them needs

Fix them needs of the lady


Nothing can quench the heat

Nothing can quench them needs of famished soul

Who throws money in burning flames?

Even the coins can melt

Nothing can make up for internal needs

Materialisms are wants

So fix them needs

Fix them needs of the lady

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Mama you should have magically told

Of the possibility that love could have me sold

You are the one who carried my mould

Are you satisfied that I am broken into many a fold?



Papa, you should really have magically warned

That love stands a better chance of having me harmed

You are the one who gave me my form

Are you satisfied that I am broken in love’s dorm?



So. This heart,  it was taken beautiful

Taken so bright like the sun and naturally colourful

Taken so nicely shaped whole

But was given broken to pieces on the ground with holes

Ah! Ah! Ah!



Blood is oozing everywhere

Flooding internally without a care

Funny, how no eye tends to see

And its repairs is a long time, no compromise fee



Oh! I am broken!

Oh! I was a token!

Oh I entered the dungeons of hell

Thinking I would loneliness sell

Now I am trapped in this pain shell

But none knows, so crying is babyish

I need me a chameleon trait

To blend in the city of Cupid

I can’t survive at this rate

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



The sound of an L

The circle in an O

The tingly tips of a V

I write in your heart climbing the ladder of an E



Open your thoughts

And let your eyes, be independent

And sit behind as I write my words on them like a slate.



Tongues will lick your heartaches clean

My eyes will light to pave your paths

My hands will work to open your pores

As my soft skin rain passions to fill and moisturize them

And make you open your mouth

To receive fake nipple rains



My stomach contractions

Will work with my nose

And act as attractions of bells so sweet

To notify you of your highs and lows


With legs, I’ll climb to your mountain top

As thighs do the daring dances

Oh my rear will sing a godly song

Instrumented by the colourful lively beads


Nails will scare rashes

Palms will do massages

Until the mastery climb

For you are the king

And I your slave

In the realms of passions so heavenly bright



When we fall in sync

And ride with speed

And reach our peaks

I will unmount but hold you close

Until intruding sweats run deep into cold

And our breathes return to their normal tempos



Now wake, these are naught, but words caressing you

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015




Walking through the doomy path

Of jumping in my final bed

I stumbled on a being so dirty

Resting on earth in clothes of naught


Funny how I saw the face of God

And felt what He really has in store

No words did come from the mouth so sore

But his posture did ease all my bore


I am that one who has it all

Beauty, smartness, lovers and all

Even my ridicules wear heavy smily masks

Why will I jump when a pawn does live?


I really did see the face of God

The face of God in a loco head

Someone might say he does live not

But his life has saved a wretch like me


I know his life is a testament for all

All who seek to take  the final fall

I have seen God not in the sky above

But in an uncanny way carrying a crazy head

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




Where are the mouths?

The mouths wherein lie the real stories?

The real stories guarded by fiery soldiery intents of deceit?


Let them loose!

The stories which have true buildings

True buildings in which kisses never solves all

Yes, never solves all hurt puzzles


Let them loose!

The stories which house horror habours

Habours where magic sticks hide

To hide none in magic beauty

Only to leave when love lights to glow in its stead


Let them loose!

The stories wherein sit pains like kings

Who ask to be pampered by feelings waneable

Feelings fleeting

Feelings sourly bitter with tinges of sweetness

Faintly polished with passion paints

Hiding swords, needles and blood

From dazzled eyes who seek same


Let them loose!

Let them loose and save lives!

Open the doors of the beehives!

Let all see how bees treat thieves!

Thieves who seek to steal their tired lives!


I know now

I know how Cupid treats those who steal into mansions of love

I know now

And I hate to see others sent on that deceptive errand

So let them loose!

Those stories where possession of madness cause blindness

Until a huge stumbling block harms

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


We are like hens

Hens are the pens

Which write lives

Hens pave way for cock men

To help write lives

So I tell mothers:

You are the lands

Which keep the well

You are the hands which feed all mouths

You are heavenly gateways

For blessings untold

You are the pores of heavens

Which help the earth with rain

The earth blesses you

And the Almighty who sees will bless you more


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



They are miracles
Miracles who suffer to give
Giving the world miracles
Too bad many don’t see

They are miracles
Miracles whose love are unchallengeable
Loving unconditionally
Too bad many don’t see

If there were to be a fee
For every second a being stays in
I am sure that work will be more lucrative
As death holds its stick in accompaniment
Too bad many don’t see

They are like mad people
Insanity being their loving traits
Never disgusted by all disgustings
Always there when need be
Too bad many don’t see

They can shout hey!
And still open their arms
Can cry oh!
And still hold all hands
Too bad many don’t see

They are suns
They are moons
They host stars which makes them superstars
They are seas
They are breezes
They keep hope, when hope travels forever
They are everything
Everything that is worth  something
They are mothers
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 201is



He is fine and suave

And so wears them

Wears them holes like clothes


He has an overall in his huge house

One that all his family knows

One that God’s hands have sealed

One that all close acknowledge


I am awed to a point

At the overall’s removal

In replacement with many different coloured shirts

When he steps out

Sometimes some second hand trousers

Oh! He also makes some shoes he wears around

I don’t want to mention the supporters he purchases

At public restings

“Ei Akuwa yi! Wo dwene sɛ wo yɛ guy”

You can taste all honeys

But one calabash may call its bees

It is there that the goat will see

That beyond stubbornness

Its meat can be made tender and sweet

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I am fire

I am ice

I am the loudest storm of all

I am a whip

I am a mattress

I am the perfect knife of all

So sit

Cut your head onto your laps


Open your thoughts and search so well

If your heart’s legs can dance to the tunes

Of my unpredictableness


I can fire you up like a raging flame

Or cold you up like the womb of snows so tight

And if you dare me

I can storm you up with beautiful lightning holding a sharp sword

Clothed by the loudest sounds

Which will make the heavens shiver

Oh! The earth will then have a fever

Then, what can you deliver?



On a good ride

You could be the mashed corn dough

In the frightened pot

And I will be the stirrer to make you thick

After I am done with you

Your name will change

And you will get to know that you can no longer flow

So if you are a coward

Just try flying

With the fiercest whirlwinds

When they are on a family visit

Because this calm goddess

Needs legs which tread carefully

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


I may be nothing

Nothing worth something

To have touched hearts of the future

To openly declare


I hate being a plantain tree

Peeling off my leaves while growing others

But I love that most peeled,

Climb for the heavens

After falling off me


A thought of a goner

And this heart flutters

A thought of a goner

And I am like an empty bucket

Although there are more eyes in replacement

Must this be an annual ritual?


With my hands stretched

I reach for all dreams

Befitting the future

And hang them on ladders of hardwork

For their picking


With these arms stretched

I reach for protection

Protection and great affection in all sane ambitions

For the future to be held safe

So the missings from both ends will be worthy

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Love me

Love me with the whole you

Love me like you never loved

Make me your grounds because you are a giant tree

Love me and I’ll be a perfect sea

If you turn into a fish


Breath me

Breath me like your very last breath

Breath me like you see no other

Breath me 24 hours of every day

And I’ll be your untiring sun

If you turn sky


Feel me

Feel me like you never felt

Feel me like a soft warm blanket in the cold

Feel me even with my hardened absence

And I’ll make you the only priest

In my huge miraculous temple


Hushes in “woshes”

Pleasures in leisures

Kisses in hisses

Love me

Breath me

Feel me

Like you never ever have

Like you never ever would

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015




At the touch of the magic stick

Beauty pricks

As brightness licks

Innocence flies after high hot kicks


Style rears its poky head

Over confidence uses its left finger

To direct agers to stubborn hell

At the touch of the magic stick





And consciousness

The magic stick is like the lusty hands

At the junction of the dilemmic heaven and hell

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Show me

Show me where the gates of pleasure end

As its treasures start from the doors of love


I don’t want to be in the realms of hell

Where lust flees replaced by fires which burn only hearts

As it taunt souls in roasting pain


Show me

Show me where pleasures’ borders stand

Tutor me, are they guarded?


I don’t want to trip

On its slimy tortures and end in its hell

And turn around to find a vanished you

So show me the boarders

Now that you look into my eyes

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Sure and pure

None can lure

His presence can cure

So I will the storms endure

God can feed his success manure

Because he is really mature

I just had to say it raw

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


There are varying animals

In this rounded ball

This rounded ball

Whose hairs are weeds and feeds


Each has its loves and likes

Only the lost knows not theirs

So I will tell you

Feed not my eyes

Feed my mind

So I can draw you in


I am a good book

With many blank pages

Under the topic of love

So I need a writing in ink

To fill them up, not flowers

Which will wilt or grow old


So pour in words

Words through the sieve of my mind

Where dust can never get to

To give me the unpleasantness of dusting

Words which old age can never make dim


Give me words

Words whose fullness will be company

When I fall into the mouth of the earth

I don’t need flowers, which can’t go with me

Feed my thoughts to teach my heart to smile

Feed my mind to form its security

Flowers have their audience

Words are what I crave for

So feed my soul with words

Bonding words

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I hear the winds singing

Drumming delighted leaves

I hear the cockerels’ sounds

Praising the master and waking all generations

While caging others

The “kramokok⊃” is crowing

Calling on all to come and pray

Now, what do I say?

You are the mighty one

You see, hear, feel and judge

You are the merciful father

Your midas touch is what all crave

But you give your touch in your time

Thank you “Ahunuabobirim”

Thank you Father God

You are awesomely awesome!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I don’t want to love you

But adrenaline has conquered

The fighting forces of control

Like a match taking possession of petrol

And has left me helpless



I don’t want to love you

But I am like the boiled cassava

In between your mortar and ready pestle

Even an escape, spells my doom

Worse, I’ll end up in the mouth of the dog



I don’t want to love you

But I am a puppet

I am a toy on your strings

Your air blows me here or there;

Your here or there



I don’t want to love you

But there is doom with chasing shadows

And sounds like “rao rao rao”

When you’re gone

Because the light leaves with you



I don’t want to love you

But I am a slave tied in your Elimina castle

Set in your colonial time

And will be sent off on your ship

Unless my breath leaves me,

Then you’ll dash me to a carnivorous shark



I don’t want to love you!

I so don’t want to love you!

Everything you are is my punishment

Everything you’re not is my punishment

Your existence is woe

And your non-existence is my unimaginable impossibility

Heads are twirling

Eyes are rolling

But I am feeling

I don’t want to love you, but, but, but,

Words have failed me

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


Anger battles anger

Mountainous chest heaves in desperation

As flat chest curses in confusion

Each back turns

And tears flow into the secret coffers of darkness


Strong masks on weak faces

Wearing off in few paces

Like chalk paint on stained mansions in rain

Oh what a tragedy!


Why can’t there be hearts of nakedness

Showing all the holes of needs?

Battle of hiding

Words which bleed in hearts abiding

Oh God! Oh God!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Love has many definitions. It has been described by many as beautiful, surreal, while others think ill of it. If love were a human being, many are those who would have fought because of him or her. Whereas some would have wanted to keep it, others would have wanted to maim or lynch it. It is these emotions which lead to the maiming and killing of many a once in love partners.

When one falls in love, there is the usual feeling of happiness, of security, of expectation, of protectiveness, of trust, of defence, of planning for forever ever after, but there are only few who get their forever ever afters. Does that mean the rest are failures? No. When one falls in love and the relationship breaks in the middle of a failure ocean, it marks the beginning of war. Yes, war. War with self and war with the broken part, war which can be temporary or permanent depending on the discipline of the persons involved. You know what they say; it takes two to break a relationship.

Why will this be? Because the human emotion is like a computer with keypads. What is saved is what it produces when the right words are keyed in. And remembrance brings thoughts, thoughts bring hurts which light the heat of emotion and cause us to boil in anger, to shed tears, to become bitter.

What hurts most is when the other party moves on without you. You feel a sense of grief, a sense of loss, a sense of being left behind and what is scarier is the fear of remaining alone forever. If care and discipline are not adopted, we find ourselves planning scenes of revenge, thoughts of embarrassing the other party and his or her new flame and following through with the plans and thoughts. When we get to that point, what we need to know is that the love of someone you were once with is not your bonafide property. If it doesn’t work out with you, the other party has the right to move on. No matter how much it hurts, if you stop and also look, you can find someone who will make you forget about the past. If you deem it too much of a risk to venture into the realms of love again, then you must discipline yourself from interfering with the life of the other party.

Yes, love is beautiful when mutually shared, love is wonderful, when the glow comes from all people involved and it glitters blinding others in jealousy and attracting others to fantasize, but when trust is breached or something sparks fire which cannot be quenched holding hands, the logical thing to do is to quench that fire in parting while taking time to heal and to move on. You will be burned, bruised maybe, but scars of love are marks of experience, they equip and shield you when you reach love zone in future.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



The presence of breeze

is announced by close leaves

on a giant tree


Their strength of closeness

tell others the presence of intruders

and praise those who bless


What rings a bell

on a bald tree?


So like many siblings of leaves

on a great tree, 

let’s entertain one another

Until horror winds or age dryness

bring us down or bury us 

in strange soils

And if a higher thirst craves for us,

so be it

After all, the tree will eventually fall

When the land gets tired

and decides to turn

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I want to set a moon table

On blue sky grounds

With seats made of stars

To gently light our love

And help it merge into oneness

Under the very eyes of God



I want to borrow the voice of a nightingale

Hoping an eagle will lend me its wings

So I can sing you written unforgettables

To write my love on your brain’s metal sheets

As I fan your ego on the eagle wings



I want to be like a mountain with a cave

A comfortable cave where chaos could pave

Way for peace to travel through your blood stream

I will feel safe with you in my womb



So stop stepping back

Watching me lack

Stop the ‘antowankyire’

I’m tired of chasing

Stop being the wind

We’re breaking many shelters

With me as a breeze

Chasing your wind

Can create commotion if other wings crash into you

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



High heels

High bills

Hot chest foods

Like succulent mangoes

Stop joking

If you’re hot, you know it

No mouth must draw your attention

Jeremy Worst
Jeremy Worst


When legs are crossed

And chest swing in call

While eyes look far,

The brave knows his call

If you are brave, you know it

You don’t need a shouting heart

To prompt your vim


If you are game

You know who is same

Don’t be lame

Prepare to be tamed

Or work for the fame

It is time

The clock chimes

Action begs for hot rhyming

Come and work to say you came

If you play, you know it

You don’t need the played to conceal defeat

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I took you in reluctantly,

one who has been wounded

by a storm, fears little winds


Now you are this star’s heart,

When huge trees fall,

Their sounds travel far, so I am shivering


Anxious for good and bad,

I am like a swan and porcupine

Ready to love and or fight


Indulge me if you’re real

Be blunt and don’t act like a coward

If you are a joker


Hands which merge

And sharply cut in separation

Bleed more and hurt more


Standing on this dilemmic path

I see no movement as a step forward might be suicide

And one back might be cowardly and loss


This is the gate of my heart, opened

Its vulnerability shyly watching

Wanting an embrace or a closure

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


You can trace the fantasy

And see the needing ecstasy

On faces with many dreamy fake fallacies

True, because boys use flowers

Men use deeds 


They will come like militants

Bow like slaves

Raise their flowers

And beg like prayerfuls

Yes, boys use flowers

And men use deeds


They have pipe mouths

Which water boastings

And wear clothes putting words

Into mouth of fashion

I tell you, boys use flowers

And men use deeds


They think their flowers can calm

They think their flowers do charm

They think their fashion is dope

So they mostly throw their ropes

Know that boys use flowers,

Men use deeds

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When boys bring out their flowers,

Girls sit on their nectar

While women pass them by

Because women need deeds

And girls need sweets

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I am dazed
I still feel amazed
You turn me this crazed
Why can’t your thoughts ever faze?

I am now an onion
With many a companion
Layers of layers, a group in Zion
I think I fear nothing like a lion

Auntie Akosua said to be careful
That filth in bottles like yours are harmful
But their stench are never palpable
And their victims end up so horrible
But I feel I am capable

She calls them goats
Who sniff ‘nyashes’ like cats smell ‘momoni’
She calls them ‘sasabronsams’ who act too good like sent-angels
And she calls you a ‘goatsabros’
But I am still floating on your clouds

Until the storm she anticipates comes
I will take your hot addictive rums
And will be drunk like the muddy grounds
Till I fall on a rocky ground
Just love
The way
Your thoughts
Add fire
Through my streams
Could this be ‘e-v-l-o’
Or ‘v-e-l-o’
Or ‘l-e-v-o’
Or ‘v-o-l-e’
Oh I know, it could be love
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


When I lie in quietude
With emotions in multitude
Bubbling like potent soap bubbling
I think of you

When your thoughts flow into mine
Like smooth river flowing into a great sea
The merging is surreal
It harmonises and smoothens all rough edges

My veins are just empty holes
You are like the blood which drives me human
My pores are just small holes
You are that energy which cleanses like sweat
Peace is alien
When your thoughts develop legs
And travel abroad my mind
The chaos like “ah! Ei! Oh! Agyeiiiii! Buee! Pue!”
Take precedence knocking me into fake death

If I am a mountain
You are my grounds
If I am a sky
You are my heavens
If I am the sun
You push my rays
I am a firewood
And you are the flames
I hope you flame me in company
Till I turn all ashes
And you go off with me
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I am a queen
A queen deserving a king
A king with a capable armour
An armour whose sight
Will give horrors frights

I am a queen
A queen deserving a statesman
Not a coward
Nor a sniffer
I am a queen
Deserving the deserved
One who is a warrior king
And will give me security’s keys

Flies come and go
Some deserving some time
Some deserving a kill
Others just left for time’s knock
I do know though there is a king
A king meant for only me

On the eve after his arrival
The sun will shine to daze
The moon will not only gaze
Thunders will leave clouds
And associate with the lighters
To call into full glare mouths of taunters
At the same time scaring them off
Yes, I am a queen
A great queen in wait
In wait of an awesome future
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


At the dawn of our goodbye
The sky weeps
Tears whose ingredients are
And fear
But these tears fall to toughen
The grounds of our hearts

Unfairness has a head none wants to see
Tribal voices stopping in one’s track
Their enemy before the notice
Of his footprints
Is hard, I know
But who wants to defy
The voices of perceived wisdom
And risk falling into an unknown pit
Of deceit?
What ladder will there be for an outside climb?

As we part,
Like an aggrieved pair
Seeing the unfair’s ugly head
Let’s not its face stare
Or a porridge of bitterness will cook
Burning the very pots of our hearts
Cracking or bursting them into unrepairable pieces
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


It is a natural
No, supernatural
You in my fantasies
Like a good movie on television
I, a hopeless watcher
Enjoy your sight and might
Enhancing your good
With my magnifying glass
Dazing and erasing insignificant flaws
You are a tree
Whose roots reside on the fertile ground of my heart
You are the only one
My mind’s eye sees
You are the fire which burns
When reality pricks like a needle
But you are the force
Which pushes me to the fore
Just in your fantasmic river,
I swim to rejuvenation
Making up in smiles so heavenly
Craving only for the waters in your drum
To quench my passionate thirst
Oh your eyes are my moon
You are my golden fish
You are my skies
And your stars lead my way
No matter the mirrors I view you in,
No matter the shoutings of never holding hands
No matter the pain of no recognition from your end
I am yours in whole
Yours, only yours
For you have consumed me
Mind, body and soul
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



At this point,
I am a nagging thought head
Jealous at your lollipops
Though they are licked never to surface

At this point,
I am like an unrecognised rival
Jealous at your tight shirts
Though they wear off and are discarded

At this juncture,
I am like a love struck puppy
Jealous at your cute spectacles
Though they are changed often

At the present,
I am like a passionate chaser
Jealous at those waistly supporters
Because they hold what I’ll love to hold

At this point
I am that crazed fan
Jealous even at your toothpaste
Because though they are washed in a minute
They get to be tasted by you
Weird huh?
I am a crazy thinker
Drowning in the seas of your obsession
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Your thoughts are my reflective mirrors
My reflective mirrors which take me back
Back to the dilemic paths of errors
Paths of errors and correct themselves automatically
Making me pious

Your thoughts are my spears
Spears of healings and tamings
All you need is speak
And they take me to that hurt dilemic path
And make me a warrior who conquers
Conquers all hurdles and heads for the home of your arms
In grand healthy style of victory

Your thoughts
Your thoughts are like my reflexive clouds
Reflexive clouds which fall to wash all my misgivings
Dooming doubts and chaining trust in the caves of my thoughts
So I am loyal, that loyal, to you

Dead leaves wake
Mountainous rivers kneel
Angry storms whisper their sorries
Citing their worries
Crying rains smile bright
Upon your thoughts
Upon your nice reflexive thoughts
Thoughts which make me whole
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015