An unfairness dipped her heart in hatred
As vengeance taunted her pride
Voices pushed for drastic actions
Until she took the spear of bitterness

She flew on its handle
Like a witch whose magic wand has been stolen
And drowned all calls for calm
…in the stream of anger
Until she reached her target

She pierced deep
With her eyes closed
Twisting and pushing and hurting
Till she felt a death at the end of her spear
She felt an emptiness
Opened her eyes and saw it
…her soul hugging her foe
…in a murder she had executed

That’s why she walks like a shell
The bitter spear kills foes wrapped in our souls
She learnt that too late
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 28, 2019


I know,
…you know
…that I know your blow
Which is seeking the dark, to get me, your ‘foe’
…to make me kowtow
So –
…my magnanimous bow
…scares when your closed eyelids go
…to sleepland, in many an avenging arrow throw
But what do I do? Your target line toe?

I neither bought for you my hate
…nor its tiring sighs
I didn’t tutor you to bait –
…me, for my living bye
I neither created your hurting state
…nor forced your peace in a bye
I did not raise your conscience to rate
…you, in your plotting fies
So blame your scheming fate

None works in another’s hate
And reaps an applauding success
None spies on another’s life
And gets self development’s access
No cat calls for a lion battle
…and gets a peaceful recess
The loving hobbies
…which full my heart
…are what I feed on
And I so wish I mirror as your warrior –
…or your competition positively strong
I so wish I weed your monstrous horrors
…of impossibility’s desert
…to chart a path
…a path for you
…and only you
So fulfilment
…will rain to quench the heat of your bitterness
Instead of scripting my constant fantasy fall
…in your mental stage plays
For now
…I will stay gracious
…through all your contumeliousness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May 19, 2019


As you plan a kill
To your ego fill
You plan a humiliation
Craving felicitation
If God grants
Realities to your rants
You will be like a terrorist
Bombing your enemy

He should end like a goat
His pestle cut
He should end up on a roaster
His hairs crying foul
He should end up butchered
His inns cleared
If God should so grant
Your rants
You will be like no other
But a deadly terrorist

She should meet a ritualist
On a dark road
Who will cut her into boxes
As she screams her last
To satisfy your ego
For suffering from her fall
You are no better
Than a terrorist
If God grants your rants
Aren’t we all terrorists?  Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016



Hannah was a sweet girl

Who couldn’t hurt a weak fly

Until Jack took her flower

And abandoned her leaf


No one saw anger developing claws

In her, none saw revenge digging a hole in her

What we saw was her lost frame in the sea of hate

She first uprooted Jack’s roots and got out to hunt


Now she hunts for everything with a stick

Sowing bitterness in humans with paths

And scaring them off the seeds which could better

Their farms, amazing what some hurt can achieve


Innocent turned demon

A demon crushing and chewing hearts

Everyone has forgotten what changed her

They are only cursing her demon

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014


I hurt

I hurt thinking about haven made you my boss

I hurt knowing I fought a lost cause

I hurt knowing I am at a loss

I hurt so much so that my heart sometimes switches to self -pause

I hurt knowing all we had have been eaten by the time-moss

I hurt knowing you and I are its core source


I bleed

I bleed in the ‘blink’ of the night

When all wink and hibernate into sleep without light

Looking up to a relaxing body when the day is bright

While I am being blown away like a paper kite in a stormy night

I bleed that my heart is sometimes made tight

I bleed having thoughts of turning back time for a fight


I regret

I regret throwing away my alertness

And falling into your false correctness

Never thinking about your possible thoughtlessness

Of crossness between seas of equal wideness

I regret so much so that I am dying of shyness

For having paraded you without coyness


What should I do when all eyes are watching?

What can I say when pools of river make my cornea their forming

At a public hearing, when I am the defendant of my own calling?

How am I to act when everyone is a pair and I am forever bitterness pouring?


Say something, oh cruel silence!

Do something eyes of blankness!

Hug me arms of the air!


I have not been treated fair

This crown of shame rests on my head

For having been happy when all was a farce.

  Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.