How we get our muses
To fight unfair like hippopotamuses
Because of skin classes
…killing masses
And shattering peaceful glasses
…to cut through harmony is a horror
Why all these blood on our hands?

Thoughts have fought
Thoughts have poisoned
Thoughts have destroyed
And thoughts have killed

You watch thoughts killing humans like beasts
…in their own spaces
…out of fear of “what will”
Because of skin classes
We’ve watched opinions kill rising souls
…because of superior burdens of skin classes
We see daily innocence drowning in falsities
…to protect the guilty
All thanks to skin classes
What of ingenuity being shut down?
Humanity being trampled upon
Due to skin classes?

Cruelty is no school to have classes
Paranoia is not cool to be had by masses
Race profiling is for the fool throwing stones
…whiles sitting in glass houses
Why divide when each can be a tool of change?
Why burn in this unnecessary heat of hate?
Blood equals bones equals hearts equals minds
An outer cover causing such chaos
…shows the unnecessary burdens
…bought by man for man to be manned by man
A tasteless taste for palates blessed to reject distaste!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Β© January 27, 2020

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