I am that I am
And all that I will ever be
The servant murdered into birth in seconds
Feeder of the body in locomotive spheres
Contributor to every living’s well being
I have my gentle side
My exploring side
And my fearful side
No farmer farms into famine
So I whirl in play and mature into taking when I need
Some of your forefathers’ forefathers’ knees
Tasted my feet in glory
Some laid their bodies as vessels of worship
For my pleasure in thanksgiving
My duties have changed in multiplicity
Why have yours?
Worship me!
Worship an idol
A member of the working four
Your servant and lord Air

I am that I am
And all that I will ever be
I serve in the worst places
Yet pass through tubes to cool all
I have tasted the eyeballs of the sky
Through continuous travels back and forth
I have many sources and many children flowing in and out my jurisdiction
I host most with delicacies mouths quiver for in need
My gathered stomach is combed
My pate so roamed
My beings are mostly poisoned in hunt for my citizens
The irony is that, any harm caused me multiplies in harm to your species
There were years my duties were not as voluminous as today
But I was treated as the god I am
Many giving their own names, altars and days
To pray for my potability and safe travels
I do more
Even shipping your unneeded debris from your homes to your backyards
Why then can’t you worship me?
You must have tasted my power in taking when my anger descends
Tasted my anger when my ways are blocked
What more do you need to see to worship?
Worship me
An idol
One who regulates your temperature and keeps you strong
Worship me, one of the working four you cannot do without
A help and a god by right

I am that I am
And all that I will ever be
I rise like a knight with all armours to conquer darkness
To help you see and work all through
Contributing to growth to help you feed
My absence will cost you so much
Through my muse, fire was born
And now your prized electricity which powers all your addictions
The sky is my living place
Every great master surely exhibits great traits in servitude
And you all know I serve right
You sure fear my wrath as elephants fear fire
Even the worshiped waters fear my high presence
For I am one to dry to benefit, and or harm
Don’t you fear me?
Some of your ancestry worshiped and built me temples
Now you shrink in thoughts of my godship
And pray against my spiritual existence?
Worship what regulates your life!
Worship an idol!
Worship me!
The Mighty Sun!

I am that I am
And all that I will ever be
I am the carrier of all that you need and you
The most abused servant
Contaminated, dug into, blasted
And still expected to produce to feed you all
Without me you have no where to go
Your foremothers’ foremothers built me holy grounds of worship
But you curse even at my few followers?
Be grateful and worship an idol
Considering all you take
Remember I am your resting place
You will be me in time after your pompous state
Worship one of the working four
Instead of your fellow mortal tricksters
We deserve it all
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) January 15, 2017


If eyes marry ears
Many stones of disappointments
Will be thrown at fears
The sun tells of its birth
With its mildness as all bodies carry,

Even the albinos’,
Scares almost all bodies into corners
When it stands on its podium of peakhood
And loses its light
To make way for weak eyes
To see it before it sinks
If only our eyes marry our ears

If only our eyes marry our ears
We will hear the wails of the air
And feel its fingers on our pores
And its performance at its job
No matter its complaints
If only eyes marry ears
And ears marry hearts
As hearts marry brains
The body polygamy
Would have bred Individual harmony
No matter how cruel death drags
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Image Credit: unimaginableimagery.yolasite.com




When your hands do the mixing

And your heat cry for toasting

Do you get the body building

To feed them your soul’s shillings?




When you kill those trees

And you pay no fees

And you peel their skins

And maim their bodies

Do you serve as the nail for the hammer to force

Into them for togetherness?



At least drivers are fair!

Oh! They have no choice

When the cars are in pain

They leave them in their skinpain

And just stand, sit or sleep

Anywhere minding no ridiculous weeping

Of course I would do same after being burnt to fit!

Way to go, ones made by hands!


Know nature suffers

Know, death after death of foods are felt

Of course by them. Ridiculous?

Know trees have souls

When you cut most of them, their redless blood

stain their skin and you think you have won

As their scars live to reference?

You are no different

You and I are parodies of how we treat

Things under our supervision

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Trees placed bets on shoots

Which promised to climb their world

Still the young shoots aimed

But many died being crashed by

The feet of rain and hot sun


One tough shoot remained

It climbed the biggest, tallest

Tree among the lot

Which bragged it was the greatest

But the shoot held on too tight


When short plants asked why,

It replied “I need the strength

Strength the bragged tree has

Words of its mouth are worth naught

To a clutcher and stretcher”


And so it was that

The young shoot stretched in climbing

Until it locked lips

With the tree which bragged and went

On to sit on its bare pate

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


google pics
google pics

 Our fingers did rule

Before sticks made them grave fools

Then noodles called forks

After spoons conquered ladles

Yet China stood with chopsticks


Darkness too did rule

When the moon took rest after

The sun yawned and went

To sleep, electricity 

Now rules adding moon to naught


As long as air blows

Everything is a traveller

From shapes to sizes

Nature’s “originalty”

Gives respect of reference

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Once a fisherman went to fish

He rowed his boat and started to fish

On a lonely sea with many a fish

Hoping for a sweet dish

Then he heard, “I wish you turn fish”

He looked round, saw none, and concluded it was a talking fish

He run home to prevent God from granting the wish of the fish


Once a farmer went to farm

He took his cutlass to weed and farm

In a very lonely area was his farm

All the while thinking about a bouncy harvest of yam

Then he heard, “Why do you always cause us harm?

I wish you would turn weed so I can cause you harm”

He panicked and made his feet warm

By running away from his farm


Wonder hides and scares

Anyone who dares

Sending love to a heart which cares

And to the doubter, some stares

None can these explain ever

Every natural earther has a heart

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Fireflies, save your glow

You capture my eyes in order to glow

Now the moon serenades the sky

Sending sweet light to you and I

Where is your mouth to brag?

Where are your wings to nag?

Look up to the sky

And hear darkness cry


Lovers of secrecy cry foul

Seeing as all eyes howl

The moon smiles so bright

The earth abounds with light


Now let all the youth meet for “antowankyire”

Let all the huge muscles bring their drums

Adowa will be in order

As the mpintin sings

And the Atunpan plays

Laughter and happiness must garnish

The dishes the moon has prepared in the sky

What beauty!

What a pathfinder!

Oh merciful moon.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Does nature sleep?

I think not

What’s with noise in day,

Noise during night

Volcanoes erupting,

Tsunamis pushing water to steal from land

Bush fires killing

Beings corrupting,

Sky depleting,

Earth quaking,

Day and night meeting?

Does nature have a head?

Does nature have ears?

Does nature have eyes

It truly needs to be pitied

For cannot stand a simple voice noise

With all the noise

Who is its consoler?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




“Let’s talk about toys

And forget boys

Mortars do cover

Pestles never do” Akosua says


“But I do boys

And don’t like toys

What’s with all the coys?

They can’t produce any joys” Amina replies


“But think of toys

They never break hearts

And do as told

They never  break rules too” Akosua emphasises


“I believe in natural creation

Many drown but we still drink water

So I’ll chose the right norm

And face the storm” Amina concludes

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Seeing heaven open and close

In a sheltered happy home

Counting the stars lying on back

Feeling sky’s tears and its angry scratches

Are tucked safely in my happy  mind box


 Our farms gave us food

As streams quenched our thirst

The air had flings with the many trees

And whispered in the process

Goodness! And we were the beneficiaries of their passions


The farms had plants which smiled with opened palms

And had leaves swaying and  dancing

Even when we uprooted some

They served in diligence and love

Being the Boasiakos who gave their heads in loyalty to save mankind


Here I am

Missing their view

Missing their taste

Missing their nourishment

And deceiving myself of gaining class


I miss the scent of earth

I miss the scent of simplicity

I miss the beauty of the greens

I miss the times of young years

And I miss beings seeing me for me

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


Future filth

Stop the frown

Straighten up

And be around


Your time is now

When you can ask how

When your time stops

There’ll be no sound


So future filth

Don’t act like gold

You will get old

And can’t be sold


Your buyers will pay

For you to be hidden from day

In a place so rough

Where ants and earth animals will jubilate in your transformation


So show the teeth

Which will leave the hands of gums and lips

And will be bare where no one cares

When all this ends

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


Natural Africa










Upon their touch

Innocence developed eagle wings

And flew to a city of no return



Upon their touch

Nature became an artificial lion

Roaring in pollution of bodies


Upon their touch

The gods were thrown like rotten meats

Into the den of hungry hyenas


Upon their touch

Wealth of life were neglected

For meaningless wealth of materials


Upon their touch

The beauty of life was stained

Because the native Africans saw they were truly naked

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Croaking frogs sing in fear

Scared antelopes run to save their lives so dear

The pain in the owls’ voices, so clear

Nothing seems mere

In these times, in this jungle


Ants are hiding in their tiny holes

Snakes are hiding in borrowed anthills

The lions’ den is crowded by strangers

But the lions hunger is lost in fear

They hide behind their shivering meals


















Barks and many others collide

As darknesses run into darknesses

Shivering in fear


Fear of the earth which is shifting

Her body’s shadow squeezing

Her angry growl scares

Her class who have been naughty

Wish for spanks

But she has no whip, only anger

The most cowardly of her class;

Humans they call themselves

Have all collapsed.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014






I remember,

I remember loving the rain

Because it kissed dried leaves

And gave them lives,

It made love to the earth

And made it malleable

It also gave we the children

An opportunity to see the tears of God


I remember,

I remember loving the sun

For its neatness and light

It cooked the ground

To test our feet

And made us know

The importance of the

Bosom of the trees


I remember,

I remember my love for darkness

For grandma sat on her story throne

With trickles of fire-lights showing her face

And deepening the darkness at her back,

Like a muse, she poured down all the secrets of Kwaku Ananse; the spider

Who like a chameleon, went from doing good to being bad

And from being wise to acting foolish 


I remember,

I remember loving the farm.

The walk, I believed, strengthened my legs,

The beautiful rivers flowing through

Told me of stories from afar.

I loved the roasted coco-yams

Which were plucked from its mother root

And sent straight into the fire to enter the heaven of my mouth


I remember,

I remember the Africa to remember,

I remember the Virgin Africa,

I remember the African with untainted breeze

I remember the African that respected even the trees

Enough to apologise before cutting them down

I remember the Africa which fed thrills and smiles to her young

I remember the Africa lost in you and I.

    Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




To my consternation

She harshly caused an abrasion

On her skin and poured a libation

For what she deems beautiful, an abomination!


She tactfully told her maker

That He was too careless a baker

For watching her blacken in the burner

Making her decisions sterner


If a cook causes a blunder,

Can the food riot and not surrender,

Prepare itself and ask him to an apology render?

Such disorder!


One good creator

Added an ingredient which is a protector

To battle every weather in your sector

And you call him a quack doctor


You found a way

To your outer look do away

But slacken and it’ll be back to stay,

So who wins? The cook calls the shot, you have nothing to say.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.



“Agya ahunuabobirim Okokroko Odumgya Kasapreko Akasa”

The waters are still.


“Agya ahunuabobirim Okokroko Odumgya Kasapreko Akasa”

The farms are quiet.


“Agya ahunuabobirim Okokroko Odumgya Kasapreko Akasa”

The land is shaking!


“Agya ahunuabobirim Okokroko Odumgya Kasapreko Akasa”

Mouths are shivering in hiding.


“Agya ahunuabobirim Okokroko Odumgya Kasapreko Akasa”

Thoughts are wavering with fear.


“Agya ahunuabobirim Okokroko Odumgya Kasapreko Akasa”

The falling clouds hung like the pillar of salt


“Agya ahunuabobirim Okokroko Odumgya Kasapreko Akasa”

Professors have been made lairs.


“Agya ahunuabobirim Okokroko Odumgya Kasapreko Akasa”

Everyone, everything has been made quiet


Yes, when nature speaks,

The earth obeys.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.


PLEASE NOTE: “Agya ahunuabobirim Okokroko Odumgya Kasapreko Akasa”

Means “The big fearful father who quenches fire and speaks once has spoken”



My grandmother took me there,

There, to my roots.

I was appalled seeing the greens

I was happy eating directly from nature

I was satisfied drinking from the Okuwafomu well.

But then evening came

And the mosquitoes dealt me blows.

My lovely grandmother took me there

But then after passing the night

I was told farm was inevitable.

That farm locked all my joints

And introduced me to a variety of thirsty for blood insects

Who were no hypocrites in getting what they wanted.

Strapped on the back of a youthful man

My tired and locked body came through the unsympathising rain

Like dead firewood, I was placed on a mat,

Welcomed again by the happy mosquitoes

Who led me into a shivering sleep.

Yes, my grandmother took me there

That place where my placenta lie

And though it was thrilling

Those first moments made me wish, I came from somewhere else.

  Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.


Fly away to where no one sails 
Fly away from the reaches of the mails 
Let the fruits your life bail 
Purge your soul of any wails 
Rest assured there’s no audience to your fails 
You can run or crawl like the snail 
But the sun or moon will you hail 
Let the birds to your soul sing 
Let the trees your bells ring 

And the stones the warmer bring 
Let the world’s beauty your vision spring 
And find the air your king 
Then you will not feel like a thing 
But rather feel amazing. 
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2013.