Mirror of mine
What is this you show?
I see eyes guarding a nose
I see lips hugging and pushing
I see ears, standing erect
Cheeks show support
Chin and forehead holding their own
Is this me or what you want me to see?
I did ask clear water
It shook its head
And made me blur

Surely, I cannot look this serene
When many thoughts are at war
Holding spears and guns
Wielding machetes and spewing murder
Swearing like hell lives in their armour
In where all these parts you show
Live so calmly
When winds blow
Trees at least shake to tell
Of the intruding visitor

You remain quiet
Showing me something I know not
Something corruptible by age
Something whose tunnel hoards hurts and uncertainty
Yet you remain mute

I need no mute goddess
Who shows with no ready answers
When will this thing you show collapse?
How long will it last?
What awaits it in future?
Who will be a thorn or an aid?
Mirror of mine
For once, speak in devine

You know before you show
So give evidence and give me confidence
I am like fire in cold clothes
If what you show
Is what I am
I am like meat
Housing lions
If what you show is what I am
I am like hay
Housing fire
If what you show is what I am
I am like a journey
Waiting for an unknown vehicle
Mirror of mine
Please show what is
What will be
When it will last
To aid preparation
A nation like me needs a plan
To prepare for what life has planned
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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