God watched the heat
Battle the breezes
As he watched the winds
Marry the sands
He did watch the trees
Yawn in thirst
As he watched the sun
Defecate its boiling from the sky
Oh the birds travelled to quench thirst
As many gallons sometimes lined to be filled

All the yearnings of Tamale lay on earth’s belly
And He chooses to make all wet
Caging all in rain and moisture
Softening all grounds
Earth for texture
To call for conception
Feelings for bubbling
To call for pleasure
Wombs for planting
To replace earth feeds
Dust for togetherness
To merge in puree

As heat dies
Evaporation assures it of new faces
When it returns
Faces in skins or on backs
Whatever it is
Tamale is wet
So more sleep room to let
As farmers dance wild
Looking for sees to marry in sands
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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