Efo says smart women are like hells

Because most sound like bomby shells

So he flees from their learned mouths

Seeking informal smartness

Who will worship with wisdom

Here and there is poison

I dare dare say

What he knows not is his role

As the caretaker of electrical gadgets

As the one who oversees medications of kids

As the sole home teacher

And when she gets acquainted with the highs

Her mouth can be heard from an empowered source

Drumming on his poor poor head

Drinking sweet alcohol from his poor palms

His “hey, ho ah”

Getting lost in high tuned songs

Abena, I will help when his wounds are visible

But when he hits hard aiming to kill

His prison food, should be enough

For his egoistic stomach 

Which yearned to be worshipped

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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