I know a turkey from Turkey
Who thinks Thanksgiving and Christmas are red and dark
Their final destinations are so murky
That they find no way to their presence mark

The turkey complained about usurpers in Turkey
And how they colonised them in charm
And threw their beauties in the murky
To spice their grinders of perpetual harm

“Turkeys in Turkey
Are planning soupies murky
For all non-flyers who wish them harm”
Says Turkish turkey
Now let all Turks relax
The turkey from Turkey is all corrupt
And their murky soups are doses of enlightenment
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

4 thoughts on “A TURKEY FROM TURKEY

  1. I have a Turk in my family and I have to agree that corruption is old there and an excepted part of doing business. My Turk is very westernized now and has lived in London most of his life but still, I’m glad we’re family otherwise, I’m not sure I’d believe anything he said but when it comes to family, there’s nothing he won’t do for any of us. He’s a man of many tales and from those tales I know Turkey is not a place for me…


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