Starting and finishing can be a mould you hold
Many hearts have built darknesses for their shames
While others build crimes to gobble their angelics
There is power in your thoughts!

A thought has bought many nots for some
A thought has bought many yays for most
Stinky stuffs attract flies
Too much sweetness calls fleas
Flavoured honey charms bees
So you might want to blend good trends in moderation
For an optimistic spirit magnetizes luck
…pushes the soul to win
…and flourishes the body
There is power in your thoughts!

Thoughts have fought for many a spirit
…caught in an unfair bought
So call for your gotten before they appear in the physical
Pessimism pests on the power of “coming to pass”
So provoke no problems
There sure is power in your thoughts!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 7, 2020


Pilots know the risk of turbulence
…but still take chances of flying
Captains know the viciousness of some storms
…but still steer boats for days
…using navigators and relying on winds
Drivers know the many accidents
…which whisper to deny them and others
…but still drive through the roads
Living is a chance of different odds
…so take it and embrace your odds

The odd pod
…can push a greatness nod
And cut an honourary sod
…so fear not its fearful rod
Because life sometimes hurts
…even in its happiness
Living knows no pets
If it did
…death would have excused them

So force through your odds
Fly through your turbulence
Navigate through your storms
Drive through your accidents
Until you reach your satisfactory destination
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 23, 2019


When some winds
…whip my wins
And some suns
…shatter my stock
When some rains
…wreck my rest
And some dust
…render me blind
I let my being
…shed the tears
As I, like the statue of patience

For though there be unmerciful winds
…there are kind airs
There are cruel suns
…still there are warm suns
There are fierce rains
…but there are rains of blessings
And as there are notorious dust
So exist fine loam

Yes –
The cruel ones can come in succession
But no –
Forever is not part of their hurting
If transiency is fair
Its fairness reigns in the agents of trouble
For they come like the light of fireflies
And diminish only to resurface
…until daylight swallow them whole
…into ridicule
…then oblivion
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 27, 2019


Sometimes clouds of sadness can form in our minds
Sometimes thunders of fears will blast through it
As Will lights to die in an ill lightning
When you reach that point

If you don’t
The sadness will rain down your inner
…and flood your body
Drowning your soul and killing your spirit
Leaving no room for your body to survive
So please do the needful

There is nothing unsolvable
There is nothing beyond human
There is no problem shared unheard
And fallibility includes vulnerability
By all means REACH OUT
Do your best to LET OUT
Any depression suppressing your expression
And forcing an impression of a no way out

You are more than you think capable
So share a problem
…to offload
So you can be lighter to walk
…until you reach life’s final destination
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 15, 2019


You came in like a weevil
Wheeling my emotions in a swivel
Hiding your claws of a devil
Only to cage me in your evil

Now you, to my pain, dance
As eyes record me a dunce
When all I did was take a chance
…based on your deceptive elegance

You’re like the devil
…your cruelty his effectiveness enhanced
You’re pure evil
…your con cunning in nuances
You’re a billy wily
…hosting a body snake which takes cakes
…and fakes quakes
…to blame your takes on

But I will train my drain to refrain from your strain
…and drain your bane to heal from your cane
I will feign the sane to wriggle from your insane
And will gain a lane to erase your tattoed pain
Because a rain waits to wash my stain
And hard work will make it wane
…your evil Zain fading into a comfy AirtelTigo
…to transition into greatness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 3, 2019


Claps rap to trap warm wraps
…for your presence
…a celebration for your living
…at your every appearance
Many going miles to grow suns
…on your face
Your mood being the hood
…of all seeing your good
Slaps checking out craps walking
…in maps of your enemies
Yes, you’re the sun at its peak
…being tapped by loved ones
…burning your foes

Your works act magnet
…to trap eyes for your viewing
…giving words to mouths
…for your praise
…giving awe to ears
…in itch for your mention
Planting covetousness in the insecure

Your struggles strangle your climbing angle
Your sweats staining their thirsty pores
Your needs seen as walking bothers
…to close hands with wealth
Some onlookers using you
…as a comic relief on stages of ridicule

Your idea screaming in your dreaming
Your fear holding the reigns of your determination
Most confidants wetting blankets
…few urging a market

It works not that way
It never starts from the shine
…to end with the struggle
When that happens
…it is an odd falling
So start from 0 and normally end at 4
For that is the climb of the hardworking:
…sweat before shine, from scratch to most
…to dig the boast to call the toast
For it is a climb
…not a slide: This life
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 16, 2019


We have been on this battlefield
…for too long
Enduring torture through fears
…and hurts and pain
…tasting shameful bites of sand
Today let’s turn savages

Stone down your doubts
…as David stoned down Goliath
…and walk into the gate of confidence
…for a fresh bath of your spirit
…and a fill of can-do
In all your endeavors

Get your knife
…and stab your debts
…twisting it to totally destroy its internal
…until it breathes its last
And becomes fertilizer for your growth

Get your pistol
…and gun down your past
…which has arrested your future
…through cuffs of present opinions
And walk straight to the station of relief
…to clear yourself of all guilt

Get your bomb of strength
…and blast off the chains of your enslavement
…walking into the street of freedom
…with hopeful feet
…and a determined spirit
…to start the growth of yourself

Kill all your enemies of progress
It is only this savagery
That will water progress
…and fertilize your image
…to grow in happiness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 11, 2019


Sometimes there are many winds
…that pluck all our leaves of confidence
…break the branches of our support
…and leave us empty of pride
At the centre stage of the sun

…things that hit us
…can take the sound
…out of the throat of a singer
…and drain all words
…out of the ink of a writer
They can be as severe
…as clearing the thinking tools of philosophers
…and as intense
…as uprooting our will to live
Yes, it can be as serious
…as a murderous tractor
…knocking out your hopeful factor

On all hurtful seas
…with their angry boats
…and chasing sharks of taunts
Say nay
…to decay
…that stray
…into your day
Rather lift a yay
…in hope of a bright ray
Even clouds tire
…when they stay too long
…on the face of skies
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 3, 2019


Winners without woes
…are like boxers who have never tasted punches
The world was built
…for the punch takers
…students of problems
…truck pushers of hurdles
…curious travellers slapped with many shut outcomes
To find their ways through the puzzle of suffering
…to success
…always armoured with determined spirits
…questioning souls
…and fatigued bodies

Make no mistake
The smiles that flash in front of the cameras
…the shines that rush onto their time eras
…their words which swallow questions fired
…their every gait
Form part of their sweatfully cooked beings

Open your eyes and look well at the sea
…many rivers
…travelled many miles
…to help it full up
So be no stagnant water
…complaining in struggling gramophones
You can at least scratch to break through routes
…to explore options
To lift yourself up
…and be part of the loved
……the loved you so jealously adore
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 17, 2019


…hiding in furs of goats
…are seen as follies
…even in their fearsome jumps

…itching in wombs
…are felt by none but the in-hidden-hawker
…no matter how much they bleed

There is a world within this world
Which knows what you carry
And feels how you try
A world within this world
…which shares in your chasings
So giving up, should be a weed
…in your flowering determination

When tears full
…shed them to be light
When fears full
…share them to be free
When hatred heaps
…hum a tune
…you’re neither alone nor odd
…not the first or last
…to feel the poisonous fumes of life

It is okay to feel
…like giving up to heal
It is okay to hate
…like setting up a bait
It is okay to hide
…like fearing human ride
It is okay to be lonely
…like walking the world a solely
It is okay to shout out
…to let hidden emotions out
It is okay to fail
…to add to the growing trail
You’re as important as you think
So get a calming drink
And hold on to life
No matter the many strife
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May 17, 2019


As the boughs break in aim
…for your best
And the guns shoot in aim
…for your gains
Let none see the spear of fear
…aiming at your sanity

It is a battlefield
…of breaking and broken
It is an unfairness ring
…of reasoning and reckoning
It is a bandying court
…of cutting and clearing
All shaded by vulnerable laws
…leaking and leaning in meaning

Is that not why blameless souls
…languish in blameful holes?
Is that not why savage swords
…write as inks
While important ink get lost
…in sands?
Is that not why manipulators
…own crowns
As kings
…act clowns?
Is that not why false
…act truth
As truth dies in many a stillbirth?

Buy some toughness
…on the market of struggles
Where consciences shamelessly
Auction themselves for pesewas
Buy some strength
…to armour your weakness
Lest you fall
…in a failing finish

Crying sells headaches
…long term
Thinking sells insanity –
…long term
Cursing sells loneliness –
…long term
Hating sells bitterness –
…long term
Complaining sells shunning
…long term
Slugging sells poverty
…from short to long term
So wake to make your take a cake all bake

As cocks crow
And shocks flow
As mocks mow
And blocks blow
Stand tall through it all
And see the pate of success
Before earth calls
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © April 28, 2019


We have crossed a bridge of a year onto another
Another which needs no bags loaded with problems
Dragged into its realm
Another whose slate can accommodate no old news
Let alone entertain old sentimental views
Shed it, we’re birthing ourselves anew

Our past can only be the fertilizer of our present
The more rotten, the better working
We are shedding the productiveness of our hard work
On skies of daydreams
Shedding the poison of self entitlement into gratitude and open mindedness
We will see no successes on trees of night dreams
Via forced wishes garnished with bitterness
There will be no monies hanging on phantom trees
We will plant seeds of money no matter how little,
Water them through self motivated hard work
Nurture them through dedication
Protect them by clearing weeds of greed
Until they grow to feed us
We are birthing our zeals anew

We are never reheating problems of our yesterday
In our vision pots of today
When we can get no nutritional solutions by feeding our minds with it
We are wearing clothes of positivity
Lenses of objectivity
We are wearing boots of determination
Holding bags ready to host laurels oh so attainable
Unnecessary feathers weighing us down
Will be carefully plucked to help us better fly
If we were chickens, we’re now eagles
If we were dogs, we’re now lions
If we were donkeys, we’re now wild elephants
We won’t sink low and kowtow no blows
We won’t nurse fears and rain no tears
We won’t hold each other in a pull-him-downs
We are helping each grow, hand in hand
This is the resolution
The resolution vehicling our actions to our successes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Jan. 3, 2019


The fingers of days have connived with that of months
Joined in by hours and minutes, seconds and nano-seconds
Crowned by years to selectively
Choose the best part of this heart
To dig foundations of pain
Building storeys of unforgettable loss through grave deprivation
But I tell you today
You will search from my hair to carpets of my soles
You will never find even the shadow of my pride!

Yes, you can harvest tears from me!
Yes, you can milk fears from my guts!
Yes, you can break my joints to make me kneel
But I say and say again
You will never find even the shadow of my pride!

The celebratory thing to me
And annoying thing to you
Is the fact that it hides not!
It parades and catwalks
Shoos and orders
Stands regally saucily
But you can find not its shadow
Talk less of touch the helm of its determined apparel!

So go on and bring it on!
I won’t ask for mercy and won’t ask for stoppage!
I won’t wear a pity
And won’t scent tiredness!
I know you have no ears
But I still have my breath
So fire your uncountable bullets of hurty challenges
Through the gun of life
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 29, 2018


In every bird in flight
Is a fear of fall
The mark of the unknown
Dents histories of the flown
It could be a stone from a catapult
A hit from a stick
Bullet from a gun
Lightening from the sky
Or even a scare from a thunder
Need I mention a sudden breakage of wings?
But it still flies
Scouting food
Living life
So hang onto your composure
And fly
Fly like a winner
Until the unknown appears
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 22, 2018


Now the day is awake
The sky is serving light
All that hands will take
Will base on a heart so bright

I hope that for life’s sake
We work with all our might
Like bread in an oven bake
Our ends will shine so bright

We have to burdens shake
And face our fearsome fright
And dodge all that is fake
To climb all best’s height
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May 6, 2018


A flower of smiles

In a hand so warm

A massaging sun waving from miles

In a sky of no harm

Greets your morning from the land of my mind


The land of my mind

In which I farm happiness in weeds of strife

Throwing stumps and thorns into dungeons of past’s behind

Carving a great team to play the team of life

So create a smile without a sigh


A smile with no sigh

Even if clouds blanket the waving sun

Knowing transiency is its bothersome hi

And impotency carves its tempt like fun

In a garden of your sweet scented presence

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Feb. 8, 2018


Legs stand frail
Smaller than thighs
Which they carry like a huge mountain on two small trees
Yet move calculating not
That head to waist add to their load
That is the power of living with your all

So why will a soul in flight
Complain of the burning of the wind?
Why should a burdened soul
Seek to flee leaving its body and mind?
Why will a tired hand rebel
When it hangs and swings
And explores to fold?
No matter how huge our crosses
The world creates chances of its nothingness
Because there is always someone
Whose cross dwarfs ours
Yet knows the taste of the gratefulness of living
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) February 4, 2017


Hearts are like magnets

Their station, determinant of attractions

A sad station definitely pulls many to hover

Depression being the lead


Just as rivers find the sea

Just as rains find earth

Just as hyponyms know their hypernyms

So does depression force a stay


We are masters in our ships

We choose those to let in and out

We are warriors are war

We choose who to conquer


Cut the bond and be free

None can help but you

Win over your hurts and let all see

That all you needed was you not two


Winners win, self-love being key

Losers die before their time

Even with locomotion

Their hidden selves reek of corpses

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


If only I were your mirror
Showing you your reflection
You will see the beauty right here
And extinguish your fears
As skilled firemen kill their dangers

I wish you see
The bold you
Who like Sampson
Battle the lions of every breath
The fearless soul
Who like David
Conquer all Goliaths
With just a catapult and stones
The adorable spirit
Who like Nelson Mandela
Submit to cuffs emasculating
Just to score a moral point
And climb to the Everest of positions
To write his name on the vast sky
Never to be forgotten
I wish you see
I wish you see

I wish you see
The beautiful bloom in full daylight
Surrounded by shadows hailing and covetous
Loved by hearts seen and unseen
Watched by legs crawling, walking and running
I wish you see
I wish you see

I wish you see
The praying mantises praying with their last breaths
For half of what you are
I wish you see
I hope you see

You are looking into muddy waters
With a revered reflection
Look here
Look into me
To see you
The you that is
The you who is
The you who have always been
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) September 28, 2016


On the threshold of my fate
Lie the perfect gait
Calculated steps
Fitted shoes
And keys to answers to puzzles tricky
And ready to block in lock
I know
And rush not
For I am too special to run

None knew Agya Ananse
In its fragile and slimy state
Could be the star of  Gold Coast folktales
And be the lesson to great lions
And all citizens of the animal kingdom
Adding fun in wits
Class in the mass
Inciting fear even from the rear
So I live like a seed in growth
Every stage being too special
For I am too special to run

There are those
Who run
Carried by the passing wind
And dropped from the top
Like wrappers of the real ishes
All their wishes dishes of clichés
Fermented and made the yoke of jokes broken from shells of passing fun
Oh no
I sure won’t run
I am too special to

What about those who sit
In pushy kaba and slit
Poisoning minds, their spit
Hovering, always their bit
Until their chits get to their pits
Of course they then call quits
Forgetting previous hits
I can’t in those fit
I am too special to leap before the walk

God’s time for each is set
Mine needs no bet
So what I dislike is to fret
Time will drop what I get
In my hardwork net
All others will be added pets
So why run?
I sure am too special to
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 28th August, 2016


In this yonder wild
Nothing seems mild
I am like a child
In an adult competing field

What at all is life?
Puzzles and struggles’ wife
Always holding a knife
To cause unforgettable strife?

Why is each’s so different for each?
When airs for every nose teach
As suns for every normal eye preach
As rains for every visible pore reach

Bring the puzzles
I will prepare for the struggles
And prepare to face the gaggles
And sail on smooth seas after earning my paddle
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Talkings of humans
Chirping of birds
Croakings of frogs
Roarings of the cat family
Bleatings of goats and sheep
Wave songs of seas
Whispers of breezes
Combined with all others
Make the rhythm of life
The earth our major instrument
All bodies, accompaniments
I am playing my part
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


When tough times are mandated to reign

As horrors get the stage to feign

And saviours hung in unreachable skies

As doubt tells unimaginable lies


Look like an owl because

Life is a knife

Whenever unpleasantness rife

So strive to thrive

Live in spirits well alive

Like the cry-laughing child

Who knows no wild

Your parents sit on mythical thrones

And are blocking all your murderous stones

With eyes like the hawk

Around the clock

No matter the statures and their form-like gawk

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Image: Google pics)


When poor brick layers
Lay their bricks
Many turn spitters
Many; urinators
Extremists turn breakers
Only determined layers
Those who foresee their buildings finish
Work on through the hurdles
Ignoring the shouting metaphors
Like unfeeling bulldozers
Discerning minds get the puzzle
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



“Story of my life

I have a wife

Who hates the word ‘strife’

And cancut inspiration with a word knife


Story of my life

I have a husband without a life

All he does is whine

Thinking everything must be divine


Story of my life

 ‘Work as life is striving for better’

Is the only sentence my father knows

My mother thinks that is what prevents life’s lows

What about what I think dear?


Story of my life

He is like a being from palm

Akpeteshie is what he knows best

He cares not about the rest


Story of my life

They call me barren

But the doctors say I am fertile

And he runs around hiding from doctors like a reptile


Story of my life

Poverty is the shelter of my family

Pain the winds which stay in

And shame the company we keep

Why do many say we’re lazy?


Story of my life

Anyone who comes close aims to use me

None thinks to stay, so old yet single

If only I could have a child


Story of my life

Everyone calls me a witch

Just because I work hard to earn my keep

Will they one day execute their plan of lynching?


Story of my life

Sickness sits still on my grounds like a cloudy sky

Not moving at all

When will this house be free?


Story of my life

I only want to travel

Why can’t I get a visa?

Will I ever be seen like human on my passport?”


Each has a story to tell

Without ridicule, there is no challenge

Like soldiers on a battlefield, train harder

And fight strongest

Yours is to win most fights

before your gallant loss

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Who wants to be a snail?
Who wants to be a tortoise?
The former and latter are one
In two things
Both have God built houses
Both are slow
The former is easily broken
The latter built in unbrokeness
The creator is not unfair
He gives you pace
And leaves you fragile
He slows your pace
And builds you stronger
Your mind’s carryings are the determiners of His creation
So dare to know you
Are you built in the strong
Or built to be swift?

This is poetry of motivation
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

Gerald Adjei ©2015



Done drowning due to defeat?

Dirt dressing in down deceit?

Deafened drowsiness

Damaged daft dagger

Debts on dancing demons

Daredevils dressing in daisies

Dote on danger and distress

Don’t drown to dust your dreams

Dump dormancy, dare and dream

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



As night hurries in packing darkness

To bolt seeing as day tosses to turn in minutes

What thoughts are wearing heels

Disturbing your head chambers?


As day prepares to take off its blanket

And sun’s door is being opened by the moon

What  fears are taking over the strength of your legs

Forcing you to still give weight to your poor bed?


None is without weight of thoughts

None is without noisy heels in head

None is like a happy stream undisturbed

So grab your strength coat and catch your day boat

Putting on a cologne of can do spirit

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


When fate goes to sleep

Fear wakes and tends to seep

Showing his muscles

And giving all hassles

Then failure gets dazzled


When fear walks on eye

And will acts too shy

Uselessness takes a grand seat

As ambition falls at his feet

Giving mouths words of a defeat


Dress fear in hope

And failure will climb a mountain

While will takes a stand

By giving a hand

And sacking uselessness

Do this, we all deserve a stand

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


If a squirrel

Stays in its hole

Fearing trouble,

Fire finds it

And it is smoked out

Into a hot saucepan


If a bird

Stays on one tree

Like a person tied to a bed

Fearing a bullet

A gun finds it

And it ends up a kebab


Let legs take you places

Let hands determine your paces

Let eyes search new faces

Let ears stand as effective soldiers

As your receivers receive for action

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Sky and earth,
Sky and earth,

Tears, like cloud in sky

When rained, clears the sky so right

Paving way for sun


Pain, like snow on earth

When cleared, cleans the earth so well

Showing neat beauty


Let it rain till dawn

And help the sun rise with ease

To heal all pain

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Who needs to hold the tail

And suffer a fail

When even after the uprooting of the “f”

What remains is ail?

And after all the suffering to get the “a” off,

What still remains attract another “l” 

To show “ill”?



But a fail throws a ladder

For a climb to the top

And a no-try is static

In its resolve on nothingness

Abena, let me explore

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Carrying the heaviest house

Knowing it can’t compete a sick mouse

The tortoise still moves in search

Of its daily manna


Knowing a step-on is its horrid accident

And the steppers would never give it a lament

The ant still moves in search

Of its daily manna


Even the lions know their Zions

Can be burnt with just a hot iron

But they still chase rats

Who are chased by the hunter’s fire


So feel the fire

To meet the require

To get your desire

Instead of sitting tied by a lazy wire

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



When you throw a ball

On any floor

It bounces

It bounces


When you pick it up and throw again

It bounces here

It bounces there

Bouncing and bouncing and bouncing


We are like balls

Of grumpy life

So prepare to bounce

When a throw calls for it

Free your mind to bounce whenever

And wherever you are thrown to bounce

As long as your air stays intact

And your cover has no puncture

Such is the nature of our existence

I am bouncing

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Pensive plans pets pious people

Pushing poor powers to prey in their pates

Pissing pride to puff and play

A pent up pecker picks in power play


Pure persons pave power paths

And pray to pistol preys at play

Pouring petrification in pensive plans

To pacify pains and pin position of pacemaker


Puffy pals poke pins in palms

So paddle per points painting

And pasting prunes in pallid to pout

Packaging will pick your perfect palace

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Hear me blacks in arks

Change the colour of your star

So we can go far


You know black for death

You use red for hot danger

These we have, what now?


We are on travel

And our star dims like black coal

No wonder we stand


We stand with no walks

Our legs are like pegs on lines

What leads who herein?


It is time for change!

Let the black turn to sun bright,

And lead for follow


Dim, it blends with dark

Dim, its whims tear limbs like strings

Original, please!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015



Fireflies are hiding their fires

Knowing well that dark always hires

Living amidst the normal as desired

A fly here, a fly there in evenness


Be a firefly

Know when to glow

Be like a river, know when to flow

Even if it’s difficult you just try

Or try being a butterfly

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014







Here are my arms

Under the strictest of sincerity

Giving you the freedom to enter

Serving you with hope



Here are my eyes

Under the spell of your love

Growing intense for your attention

Serving you with company



Here are my ears

Until your mouth like radio is failed by electricity

Getting clearer by every walking word from you

Sitting with open path for your good



Whatever your cloud

Insist on facing

Never run away, be drenched if need be



Life is a puzzle

Interwoven and begging for solving

Fall all fears and step up in

Emancipation, please.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




I am looking up

So I know

The clouds hang on your sky

And rains tears on your head

I see from far

I don’t see how your heart churns

But trust me, your sun is fast approaching

So don’t give up


During these times,

I know failure stands tall

Mocking you to give up

It is not to be blamed

It is just doing its job

Who wants to fail?

Even failure hates to fail

So struggle

Struggle through it all


It is as it should be

When you fall

Through the storm and

Your ears are shut,

Your eyes are blurred,

Your mouth tightly closed,

Your nose suffers to keep you safe.

Your head must help

And your will must fight


Stories are told of the larvae

Who struggled through its cocoon

Hoping to be a butterfly

A child thought it was hurting

And helped it out

It died shortly because it didn’t go through

The stages it needed to to be a butterfly

We are all in our cocoons

How we get out to fly

Must be through our struggles

My sky is not exactly clear

And as someone from afar sees mine

So do I see yours

And so I know your sun is fast approaching

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Through it all, tortoise

Walks, shocking birds whose swift fly

Beat their day travels


Through it all, the snail

Crawls, thinking it is so blessed, more

Than the static trees


Through it all, the rain

Fall, knowing only lucky

Ones will land in streams


Wise words hit to stop

Minds of all sages at once

Know a stitch in time…

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



This tree is shaking

Not by my making

The wind is blowing

The earth is quaking


I am here and  living

I’m not complaining

I keep on growing

My stems are spreading


If I could get many sheltering

I’ll leave  fulfilling

I do no whining

I need no praising


Many are roaming

To gain my chopping

Many are planning

To fall my building


But I keep on living

And I keep on singing

I’ll keep on praising

And I’ll keep on loving


If the air is blowing

I use for clapping

If the earth is quaking

I use for deep rooting


If roamers are cutting

I think of healing

If my building is falling

I think of sheltering


This is living

Who is living?

I am living

Please have a living

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


Huge hurdles hurt in heat

Humming victory on empty street

Housing fear to blow defeat

Help hears faint as hatred hiss


Hear who hysteria harmfully hit

Hopeless haters who high works fit

Hurling hots as word weapons, they sit

Hindering the power of will


Help  hates the haunted wretch

Who doesn’t work and always search

Hating hard work and loving free fetch

Like the pretentious mad man in duress


Help hovers around the haunted

Hard worker who tries to make fear daunted

So scream aloud and be a sluggy haunted

And risk being seen as the haughty nought

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


Scents of ‘momoni’

Repellent of noses but

Delicacy of tongues

After going through heat


Faeces of the grass-cuter

Disgusting at a sight

Pleasant smell to the nose

When on the raging fire

And a delicacy on tongues

After their fire refinements


I guess humans can be droppings

Rejected at a glance

And accepted after life washes us clean

Hurtful but an amazing trace

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Row, row, and row right

Ringing rings in reasoned realm

Rearing renewals in raging wrecks

Racing, riding and rinsing real even when raddled

Radiant reaches rinse recklessness 

Raise right rings and ramble in raid

For rainfall mostly comes with a rainbow

Real raiment repels rotten cold

Ricki, Racka rock in rock

Rays return right after a good rest

I reek of rants but I reason right

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




I bow

And vow

To show

My foes

How bright Days

Need  to be celebrated

To lovingly wash

My supposed sins

From their minds


Like rainbow

Beautiful as a show

Every wake, is a take

In the scene of the annals

Of life and

Great living

Even clowns will lighten

The future with laughter

Thank you Waker

I’m alive!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Though darkness may fall

On this road that is so dull

I will fear no impending fall

And will heed no fearful call

I will walk ahead even feetless

Will crawl ahead even kneeless

And will dry my tears even in fears

The sun can heat me all it wants

The rain can spank me all it wants

Thunders can strike me all they want

The winds may blind me all they want

But I won’t give up on this journey

Until I cross to the world beyond

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Wake with wellness

Brush your teeth with the toothpaste of smiles

Bath with the soap of positivity

Smear the pomade of hard work

Wear the clothes of respect

Gaggle with politeness

Wear the shoes of dreams

Use your perfume of confidence

Hold the bag of hope

Sit in the car of determination

And move knowing you’re going for success

Yes move like a pleasant eagle

It’s a new day

It’s a bright new day

Have these, and you’re your ready self

To face the future

Just as I am

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Grind the hurtful past

Into a debris of dust

Walk on in comfort


The winds will see fit

It’s route of traceless exit

Once you are long gone


Even pigs eat far

From their defecation zone

To give life respect


Many eyes will look

Many lazy pens will book

Ignore pap’razi


Stars shine bright in dark

Not in flawless bright day light

So put up a fight


I loath my dark past

So I grind them into dust

And gladly walk on


There are the whirlwinds

Which give them life to stand tall

Sometimes, to haunt you


Even that affair melts

They die sooner in their scare

Face it square and fair


Waves aid beings to walk

Run, jump, turn rightly on seas

For fun and to land


So I entreat you

To walk on its dust or play

Sea games to reach land

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014