She saw him

In the light of innocence

And loved him

For she housed him nine moon travels

But time showed his flaws

Earth conquered his will

And society came to see

“Ei! What is this?

It could be an ancestral curse!

It could be the result of her prostitution!

It could be the curse of family which needs the couple separated!

This can’t be a human being!

This is a pure evil child!

Panic grabbed her heart

What are they saying?

She wept, but still held him tight

Then the ultimate voice came from one

Who bears her maternal blood

“This is a snake reincarnated to bother you to death”


She is no snake

And although he may have been housed

By a snake-like dangler once,

That is so different from a snake

He can’t be

And she’s not taking him to be turned into a python by any deity

So she was neglected!

But her will was her guts

A mother is she who hopes

A mother is she who loves

A mother is she who prays for the better

A mother can never be a murderer

She looked keenly and saw his soul

A soul so pure like snow

A soul telling her

“Mama, I’m here

Throw me not away,

I am no snake

And definitely not evil”

Then technology echoed his soulful words

Truth his eyes told

Although his mouth could say not

Hope is all he needs

Hope is all she needs

Love and patience are all they need

Let nature decide their fate

You are no God!

I am no God!

None is a God on earth to decide fates

Listen to the souls of these and help

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015

12 thoughts on “TEARS OF INNOCENCE

  1. This struck a chord within me. I’ve had negative comments from supposed Christians regarding my brother Stephen. One person said he was demon possessed. Some family members blame my mother and said she did something to make Stephen “that way.” The church, society and some relatives think Stephen is a lesser person or that Autism makes him not as good. But God said Not So! God created Stephen for a reason and a purpose. He has no demons or evil within. You would think in the 21st Century folks would realize developmental disabilities are either genetic or chromosome caused. My brother Stephen has autism, but autism does not have him nor does it define him as an individual. He just processes things differently and looks at life from pure innocent eyes. In fact when Stephen sees a person who is blind or in a wheelchair he will go over and see if they need assistance so how Stephen sees himself is radically different from how others may see him. The church can take giant steps towards re-educating community and society about developmental disabilities. We are not in the dark ages. The Light has come. Let’s spread that Light and build an Inclusive community of people where all are accepted regardless of ability, disability, race, religion or country. In America we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday this coming Monday, Jan. 19th. In his I Have a Dream Speech he spoke about race but now let’s add those who are “Differently-Abled.” Let all come together as one.


    1. You sum it so well. Sister Debbie, you know all I’m going through because we relate on a personal level. You’ve said it all so no need to say more. I know you know what inspired this piece. I’m thinking of launching an autism campaign by liaising with an organisation here in Ghana to appeal for funds for autistic people because the government here does nothing to help them. Every help they need is so expensive so if you’re not well to do, a child like this becomes your burden thoroughly. I know you are in my life for a purpose. God richly bless you.

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      1. That is so sad that the government in Ghana does not provide for developmentally disabled children and adults. At one point it was like that in America also but enlightenment came in the late 1960s & 1970s when the abuse scandals were exposed in the United States. Then we started having services, schools and dedicated professionals to assist individuals and families. We’ve come a long way over here in America. The stigma is what holds back progress. Once that block was removed then the disabled received more help. I saw what my parents went through but they never gave up and when the passed I’ve always been there for Stephen. We are an unbreakable team!! In many ways my brother Stephen has more common sense than some so-called normal people!! Jesus accepted and Loved all people. We are his hands in this world. We speak for those who have no voice. Governments, churches and society in general has to realize that there is a person behind the disability. If only we could all see each other through God’s eyes then we would see all the marvelous gifts and talents everyone has to offer.


  2. Even now we can’t deal with a child who has needs, its always something else but never the child’s needs. I say as I do sadness are these truths, we still don’t want to take care of the child once the seed sprouts and takes roots, yet the mother must stand alone being the only one who cares


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