When some winds
…whip my wins
And some suns
…shatter my stock
When some rains
…wreck my rest
And some dust
…render me blind
I let my being
…shed the tears
As I, like the statue of patience

For though there be unmerciful winds
…there are kind airs
There are cruel suns
…still there are warm suns
There are fierce rains
…but there are rains of blessings
And as there are notorious dust
So exist fine loam

Yes –
The cruel ones can come in succession
But no –
Forever is not part of their hurting
If transiency is fair
Its fairness reigns in the agents of trouble
For they come like the light of fireflies
And diminish only to resurface
…until daylight swallow them whole
…into ridicule
…then oblivion
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 27, 2019

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