…sitting in your shed
Strings shaddy shocks all over
So you’ve got to relocate into your opponent
…to refurbish you to your comfy taste
…before self settlement
Best believe it!

A body can scatter a bullet
…and burn a bomb
Honey can make a bee
…and sting predators
A stone can break a sword
…and swallow its shine
A mound can swallow a mountain
…and become its master
You can get cow from a milk
…tree from cotton
…sky from rain
…and build bridges from storms
Best believe it

So you fired your boss
…and tossed that spirit into loss
You broke that heart
…and opened its wounds to flies
You killed some dreams
…to exhume some successes
You’re being chased by love
…as you fly high above
You’re that eagle who drags failure
…until it weeps on its knees
…begging you to turn better seed
And you surely buried death
…in a grand funeral
Best believe it!

Best believe it
Best believe that some struggles are best celebrated
Some mourning are best cheered
Some shame are best modeled honourary
And some scandals are best made sandals
…to walk the runways
Best believe it!
Best live it!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 4, 2020

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(Wishing all followers a prosperous New Year!)
Channel your fears into dears of mere
And fall your tears into cheers oh queer
For you are the hands which steer your years
And are the gears which can clear from your rear
…with a breathing chit

You have new days with awesome rays
And some new aspirations with inspiring yays
You do have new suns to make your hay
And have new ways to work your say
Yes you –
…in a doubting pit!

So smile even as you taste some bile
And walk even if it’ll take many a mile
Your piles might change to worth your while
And your jeers might file your awesome dial
…in a sadness sit!

So yay to the nays in days gone astray
Ray on the bays which hid gay in your stay
For why in things that have gone awry
Does naught to change the shy in a sty
Build a confidence
…for your own benefit!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 1, 2020


What are the ingredients of your tears?
No honey
No money
No talent
No friends
No beauty
Whatever that lives to feed off your emotions
Whatever that flies to peck on your happiness
Whatever that sails to fish out your laughter
…with the gun of your mind

What are the ingredients of your fears?
A poor future?
A lonely life?
Societal whips?
Lies stripped to truth?
Whatever that lives to act base of your fears
Whatever that lives to act dough in your fears
Whatever that lives to garnish your fears
…with the strength of the knowledge that
…nothing does live forever
…not even you talk less your pesty fears

So play happy to kill your sadness
Play strong to kill your weaknesses
Play busy to kill off your loneliness
Play rich to drown poverty in a pool of positivity
Antonyms kill their opposite emotions
…than their synonyms
So play the deviant until you ripe
…on this tree of life
So you can rightfully be plucked
…in a welcome harvest
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 11, 2019


Some happy pictures tell opposite stories
And depict antonyms of glories
Some divine pictures frame many sorries
And need many backward lorries
…for their true stories to show
So kill no self esteem
…with pictures of happy beam

There are wailings behind some laughter
There are heartaches behind some smiles
There are hurts behind some glow
There are failures behind some successes
So skip your tripping and keep your head –

If you can taste the thorns in some comfortable beds
And can feel the burns under some complex showers
If you can taste the sourness in some fancy meals
And can taste the boiling in some branded shoes
If you can feel the bites in some expensive clothes
And can feel the cuts of some wealthy crowns
You’ll laugh aloud in a crowd
…thanking your maker
…for making you saner

Some attention is detention in pretensions
Some secrets unknown are secrets scary
Some sourceless power
…have sourceful damnation
So covet no display
…needing praises to document traces
…to save faces
When your mirrors are all you need
To feed your deeds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 8, 2019


Rant your can’t and use it as shan’t
…to grant your couldn’t a tried
Shout your bouts and use them as clouts
…to flout the doubts which battle your giving up
But know
…there are many living on boats
…with light coats
…on bloated snow in your dream heaven

Use your high to buy the lie
…that you fly above all
…neglecting the calls of your highest
Dance one chance that can enhance more chances away
…like a dunce
Forgetting a happened calls for more happening
…each day
But know
…there are hares waiting to dare the fair for a deal
…using their souls as fare

Life is strife holding knives to cut and shape
…day after night after dawn till another day
…in an ever rolling dice
Your own never disowns you
…even if you’ve shown your rots and nots
So live to relive with a determined self revival
Giving your all for your own
Until life throws your breath
…out of its can
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 3, 2019


Until you test
…the best will be a jest in your breast
…and be a quest in your crest
…dangling ignorance garnished with fear
But all others will see is cowardice

Until you test
…fog will continue acting smoke
Smoke will continue acting fog
And they will both confuse in fuse
Add white clouds as you fly high in their ignorance
…and your mind will be the ball on their field

So why don’t you wake your strength?
Why don’t you walk your legs
…to swing your arms
…to move your body to test?
Noses know them
…eyes can distinguish them in taste
Nothing cowers the human body
…and cripples its strength like ignorance
You might think “ignore”
…a nobility
But an ounce of it in knowledge
…constitutes a calamity
So test in quest to be abreast
…with all
To equip and to aid
…if pushed to a deadly bend
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 27, 2019


Pilots know the risk of turbulence
…but still take chances of flying
Captains know the viciousness of some storms
…but still steer boats for days
…using navigators and relying on winds
Drivers know the many accidents
…which whisper to deny them and others
…but still drive through the roads
Living is a chance of different odds
…so take it and embrace your odds

The odd pod
…can push a greatness nod
And cut an honourary sod
…so fear not its fearful rod
Because life sometimes hurts
…even in its happiness
Living knows no pets
If it did
…death would have excused them

So force through your odds
Fly through your turbulence
Navigate through your storms
Drive through your accidents
Until you reach your satisfactory destination
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 23, 2019


Tell the rancher
Forcing that horse to the river
That he can drag it there
But the keys to its throat only lies within it
Will is the fair checker of Odomankomah

Tell that problem
Dragging you like a sack through pages of mockery
…right to the stages of taunts
That it can drag you all it wants
…through all the grossness it’s got
But your determination, wearing clothes of will,
…has firmly locked the gate of your emotions
…and so giving up and its shame twin
…have no chance of entry
Will is the fair checker of Odomankomah

Many storms can chase you like hungry sharks
Many hurdles can run after you like professional athletes
Many horrors can break you in like tsunamis
But wear the fair checker of Odomankomah
You ankonam battling fears of approaching years
For every day hosts its losses and wins
And yours will never foul or dodge
That fairplay adds to will
…which is Odomankomah’s just checker
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 1, 2019


What are those tears
…unmasking the fears
…that the soul bears?
Hurts and uncertainty?
Pain and disdain?
Feelings of you being in that blue
…so you could save a beloved?
Come to the bosom that has seen it all
…and still blossoms
For the comfort that time conceitedly tick tocks
…in a bridal walk to aid your plight

What is that anger that enstranges you
…from your loved?
Could it be a recurring hurdle
…which suffocates to brand you helpless
…showing you pictures of pity
…of yourself in eyeballs?
Come to the bosom that has seen it all
…and still blossoms
For the comfort that time conceitedly tick tocks
…in a bridal walk to aid your plight

What is that sadness
…hanging you on promissory madness
…draping you in clothes of coldness
Building on your horrors of failure?
Is it because of unmeeting ends
…in the face of familiar trends?
Come to the bosom that has seen it all
…and still blossoms
For the comfort that time conceitedly tick tocks
…in a bridal walk to aid your plight

You will cruise through the muse of abuse
You’ll hop through the harm of hurdles
You’ll soar through the shocks of sadness
You’ll fly out of the field of fear
You’ll shred all the sorrows of set-ups
So put on your seat belt and rock your hard ride

The future is a surprise in wait
Holding balms for harms of today
The future is a knight in wait
To light your dark and deliver your dream
The future holds a safe structure
…to best your bruises and burn your brokenness
So let today have its sour turn
Let it add tomorrow if it so wishes
The sweet will get here no matter how long
…it travels
And when it arrives
…all these sicks will turn scented stories
…to clean the worries with the glories
So just calm and come to this bosom that blossoms
…for the comfort that time conceitedly tick tocks to aid your plight
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 29, 2019


Nneɛ ɔkaa sɛ bebia abɛ bɛtɔ biara yɛ mprɔyɛ mu no
…yɛ ɔbadwenba a adwenehare kyekyere n’aniso adehunu kakra
Efirisɛ abɛ bi tumi tɔ egya mu
Abɛ bi tumi tɔ ɛboɔ so
Abɛ bi ti tɔ fɔm ma mmoadoma we
Abɛ bi tumi tɔ nnɔti bi mu
…ɛmmim a y’ɛnhu n’adwosuo koraa
…na y’akohunu ne prɔyɛ
Enti tɔ baabia wo ho bɛtɔ woɔ
…ɛnyɛ baabia wo bɛfiri atɔ
Hunu sɛ
Ahodwoɔ adanseɛ
…y’ɛgye no wɔ akoma anum

Nnipa bi hia wo ahoahoa wo te sɛ akyɛdeɛ papa bi
…nso ebinom anya wo ɛtiatia wo te sɛ akoa
Nnipa bi ɛɛpɛ wo de wo ayɛ wɔn abasobɔdeɛ
Adɛn na wo tena hɔ ma nkrɔfoɔ twi w’ase wɔ nkoasom mu?
Wo nnyɛ mpapa dua
…na w’atwɛn okuani sikan ano ya
…ansa w’akɔ si kapenta anaa adefɛnyunofo bi nsɛm
Baabia abɛ bɛ kɔ tɔ no yɛ n’ahyeaseɛ
…aweiyɛ no gyina n’amunimuni tumi so

Enti bɔ wo bra tesɛ nkontapa bufoɔ
Wo nan si ha
…n’ɛpatri a
…fa mmɔdimmɔ yɛ adwumadene
Na hwehwɛ agyinae pa
…ɛwiawia kɔtɔ
Efirisɛ ɔbra deɛ
…ɛnoaa ne nea wo de wo wediɛ apre abɔ akɔduru
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 18, 2019

For foreign followers:

(This is an inspirational poem encouraging readers to work to be in places where they’ll be needed, or places where their worth will be appreciated)


Each day,
Many hunters abound in frames of humans
…of spirits
…of souls
…of animals
Looking for who to feed on
Be no mopoke
For cries of unhappiness travel far
…fetching pests of doom to zoom and room
…in souls of criers

Troubles are like bubbles
They are dicey at conception
Fearful in flight
Great minds know how to fly them
To beautify their skies
…before their bursting
Fickle minds sit in the bubbly floatings
…to their crashing

Wise heads crack fewer words
Thrown out in clothes of advice
A mopoke is certainly no hero to be
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 26, 2019


Sometimes there are many winds
…that pluck all our leaves of confidence
…break the branches of our support
…and leave us empty of pride
At the centre stage of the sun

…things that hit us
…can take the sound
…out of the throat of a singer
…and drain all words
…out of the ink of a writer
They can be as severe
…as clearing the thinking tools of philosophers
…and as intense
…as uprooting our will to live
Yes, it can be as serious
…as a murderous tractor
…knocking out your hopeful factor

On all hurtful seas
…with their angry boats
…and chasing sharks of taunts
Say nay
…to decay
…that stray
…into your day
Rather lift a yay
…in hope of a bright ray
Even clouds tire
…when they stay too long
…on the face of skies
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © August 3, 2019


As the boughs break in aim
…for your best
And the guns shoot in aim
…for your gains
Let none see the spear of fear
…aiming at your sanity

It is a battlefield
…of breaking and broken
It is an unfairness ring
…of reasoning and reckoning
It is a bandying court
…of cutting and clearing
All shaded by vulnerable laws
…leaking and leaning in meaning

Is that not why blameless souls
…languish in blameful holes?
Is that not why savage swords
…write as inks
While important ink get lost
…in sands?
Is that not why manipulators
…own crowns
As kings
…act clowns?
Is that not why false
…act truth
As truth dies in many a stillbirth?

Buy some toughness
…on the market of struggles
Where consciences shamelessly
Auction themselves for pesewas
Buy some strength
…to armour your weakness
Lest you fall
…in a failing finish

Crying sells headaches
…long term
Thinking sells insanity –
…long term
Cursing sells loneliness –
…long term
Hating sells bitterness –
…long term
Complaining sells shunning
…long term
Slugging sells poverty
…from short to long term
So wake to make your take a cake all bake

As cocks crow
And shocks flow
As mocks mow
And blocks blow
Stand tall through it all
And see the pate of success
Before earth calls
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © April 28, 2019


In every bird in flight
Is a fear of fall
The mark of the unknown
Dents histories of the flown
It could be a stone from a catapult
A hit from a stick
Bullet from a gun
Lightening from the sky
Or even a scare from a thunder
Need I mention a sudden breakage of wings?
But it still flies
Scouting food
Living life
So hang onto your composure
And fly
Fly like a winner
Until the unknown appears
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Nov. 22, 2018


​There is an irony in sight 

Where vision is concerned

That part where the blind looks forward to tomorrow

Despite all the sorrow

That part of the mind which no one borrows

No matter how shallow

Is the lid of hope

So why will I mope?


Even snakes, dwelling on their venom

Instill fear in beings

Even crabs, without heads

Instill fear in elephants

Even mother hens, dwelling on beaks

Try to with hawks battle in protection of their young

Even a Christmas cock has hope in stock

So I feel no mockery

As suns shine even in their twelve hour life span

So will I shine instead of whine


A widow, according to biblical tales

Gave her soul in her little out

Without thinking forward


Breath is not mine to give nor take

But as long as it engines my being

I will see the ship of help

Sailing towards my dock

With goodies in flock

For in the tower of living

Hope holds firm

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) August 17, 2017


There are those who fear beings
In colours different than theirs
As mice fear cats
There are those who fear corpses
Knowing it is a state unskippable
As what the air receives without balance falls
But there are those who bath corpses
Thinking them mud

There are those who fear ghosts
As rats fear fire
And there are those who call ghosts
Thinking them saints in taints
There are those who wish to be ghosts
Loving vanishings, hoping omnipotence
And there are ghosts who wish for humanity
Dreaming of bodies, hoping for pleasures
Every calculation
Like every wind lifting sand
Has miscalculations
The earth is a bridge
Humans and norms;
Rivers under its bridge
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Talkings of humans
Chirping of birds
Croakings of frogs
Roarings of the cat family
Bleatings of goats and sheep
Wave songs of seas
Whispers of breezes
Combined with all others
Make the rhythm of life
The earth our major instrument
All bodies, accompaniments
I am playing my part
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


All ye clothes
Needing to be perfect to clothe
Like silver linens and its cloud
The edges of the scissors
Come together to murder
Cutting through like a dead meat
Leaving you tattered
For the painful pinning
Of waiting pins
Cry not
The same hater strengthens
Fitting you onto your dreams
Making you dreams of eyes never thought of
Let the cries of sewing machines
Scare you not
Let not the taunts
Of hungry scissors
Make you cower
The goal is the aim
Crowns go through hell
In order to fit on kings
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Hope not for stillness
There will come a time
When tables will have more attention than you
They will be moved
Made to carry
Turned to rest
While the earth keeps still
With you in its belly

Hope not for stillness
As your ears hear the cocks crow
Hear the sounds of happy birds
Who are thankful to be in the wake
And your eyes see
Your legs move
Your hands touch
Be grateful for the move

I am like a flying eagle
No matter my hurdles
I am like the dancing breezes
No matter the troubles
I am like a smiling sky
No matter the clouds
For I am grateful
Grateful for the wake
As I have one more day
To step on my eternal bedroom
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


In the chamber of every heart
Is a stove burning with need
Wanting to cook a perfect life
Needing to act like the perfect commander
No matter its stature
Background and nature
None can doubt its yearning dreams
But this flame needs a match to strike
A match of determination
To strike on will
For internal burning to light for all eyes
Light your determination
Light it on will
To fly you like a plane
For all to see
And if there is a fee
Thank your forces
In case there is none
Bond with your horses
To gallop to a fee
Through life’s processes
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Muddy minds may mar

Clever courts can clear

Devil dreams do drive

But the sun won’t change its lane

Not for your cause or mine


Bright birds breed best

Cool characters can cheer

Darers dare dreading details detained

But note, the air won’t change its path

Not for your cause or mine


Novices notice not knowledge needed

Carers care cruising crews candidly

Dread dirt, deepening drains

But do note, darkness will wear earth like cloth

When its time dawns

Nothing will change its state

Not for you

Not for me

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Picture Credit: Google pics


Related image

No matter its dancing

Many birds keep prancing

Most insects keep hovering

Their facial thoughts expressing


No matter its worth

All they seek is the nectar

No matter its colour

None cares to look, or see or know


Breaking its gate and getting the nectar

Destroying its leaves and getting the factor

Reaching it first, while working like a tractor

Is what all dream

Is what all want

So what?

So what?

It keeps on dancing, dancing with the winds

It keeps on showing, showing with the sun

It keeps on praising, praising her grounds

Whether heaven or earth

Whether grace of grave

Whether faith or fate

It keeps on walking, walking until the end

Looking not left nor right

Front nor back

Attractive is its attitude

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(Image by Google pictures)


I know a tadpole
Which lived in clear but shallow waters
Visited by many of its killers
But grew to be a frog
Whose croaks did scare men with muscles

I know a weak worm
Which lived under a beautiful flower
One visited by many of its hunters for its nectar
But like a skilled liver
It grew to be one of the most beautiful butterflies
Which blessed the eyes of mother nature

Oh I know a hungry motherless kitten
Left in the dangerous streets of its hunters
Like a fish in the midst of hunting eagles
But tried its best
To become one of the most healthiest cats ever to live

Who says it is easy
For the tadpole to lose its tail?
Who says it is easy for a weak worm to grow its wings?
Who says it is easy for a motherless kitten to be a healthy cat?
Minds who sleep without working
Leave other body parts lazy
Making their paths hazy
Forcing their world to be crazy
It is possible
It is very possible even in the house of impossibility
For a poor boy to become a rich man
And a helpless girl to become a great woman
So dream and work
Heroism has stretched its hands
Hoping to catch those who are forceful
And run into its embrace
Reachable are the stars
When minds work hard to find their paths
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


google pics
google pics

The seas will roll non-stop today

The sun will be at its brightest today

The air will be more flirtatious than ever today

Mouths may do as they wish today






Whatever they wish

As brown rhymes with crown

And they both share no blood of understanding

So can unequal hearts live like friends

Like foes

Like indifferent hearts plying one path

Crudely or fairly

Weakly or strongly

All legs or buttocks matter to their beings

Consideration of self and others reign supreme

Emptying the filthy conscience bin

And filling with heart’s goodies

Flies hearts like planes into the beauteous heaven

Even as we are in the belly of this earth

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


If huge bodies are the only known for powers
Great minds would never spend hundreds of years
Looking for ways to battle tiny mosquitoes
There is power
Power in every living thing

If hard bodies are known for strength
Huge trees would never show rope marks
On their hard like frames
There is strength
Strength in every living thing

As the skies have thunders
Beings have minds
And flowers have thorns
As elephants are huge
Lions are fierce
And porcuppines are wild soldiers with natural weapons

As houseflies are swift
Bedbugs are strong
And ants are wise
Protectings were equally shared by Odomankoma
So like the cock which blows its natural sounds
In praise and duty
I say “Omintinmirim”
“Otonsuo bo Awaia”
“Ahunu Abobirim”
“Nana Nyame eeei”
“Nyansah nyinaa Wura”
“Naaase nka wo din”
Praise, praise to raise in craze
For greatness is all I give
For that is all I can give
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Rolling stones remain seen
No matter the farthings of age
Like stones, souls which roll
Shed traces of life’s painful whips
I know legs which take no strides shrink
But those which do
Make their reigning eyes proud
And their beating hearts grateful in fulfillment
Throwing stones for wakefulness sake
Has no barriers
As even plants shake to announce its light
Consider this my stone throw
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Deeds abound

Calling all around

To pick their choices

In the wake of their voices

Choices of good

Will be the soul’s food

Choices of bad

Will beat the soul hard

So through the torture and the pain

Through the suns and through the rain

Through the Shame and all the fame

Through the smart and through the lame

Like the precious who obey the rules

And who knows that God does rule

Live a moment at a time

Until rest calls

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

(To all my followers, I say a big thank you for following, liking, commenting and most importantly reading. You are those who make this blog and I am grateful. Due to some private matters, I cannot blog as much as I used to for two months, I will post as and when I can. Thanks for your understanding)



I hear sounds
Dancing like dew all around
I feel bounds
Crying like attention seekers, to be found
And I am astonished

I feel fear
Gathering, like seas, much tears
I feel cheer
Taunting, like pain, all the queers
And I am perplexed

I smell conflicts
Ready, like doped soldiers,  to conflict
I see anger’s war fits
Ready to afflict
And chaos rings heart wrenching bells of defeat and triumph

But who cares about these?
A new day cries like a newborn
“Hey! Ho! Stay we pray!
No rhyme is needed here
We need all hands to yoke in praise
We need all eyes to lock whipping mouths to smile
We need weak hearts to hug strong chests
Until darkness puts its cloth on us
In the arms of nightly beds
Smiling like a super god at our warrior deeds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Dawn can’t begrudge the cock’s crow
It is its companion
It is its friend
It maybe its enemy
But it makes it a star
As some wake to see it
At the sound of a cock’s crow

Lawn cannot begrudge dawn
It owes it part of its colour
Like the bed of a princess
Its spread is thanks to dawn’s tears
Although it makes it overgrow and calls for a knife to slit some throats
Many are attracted by the help of dawn

We are mostly dawns or lawns
We need to notice all sides of the coin
We need to bow
When the stakes are low
Lest we take blows
For something which can kowtow
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I have a sun

And I’m breaking it with love

To light your paths

Whenever your day meets darkness

For you are the breath of the world

You are the life of liveliness

You have the steps which bless

You are you;

Worthy even though no one tells you

So keep it up there

In the chambers of your head

That you are so so so loved

To bless your locomotions

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



As night hurries in packing darkness

To bolt seeing as day tosses to turn in minutes

What thoughts are wearing heels

Disturbing your head chambers?


As day prepares to take off its blanket

And sun’s door is being opened by the moon

What  fears are taking over the strength of your legs

Forcing you to still give weight to your poor bed?


None is without weight of thoughts

None is without noisy heels in head

None is like a happy stream undisturbed

So grab your strength coat and catch your day boat

Putting on a cologne of can do spirit

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



As morning stretches

On dawn’s mat

In thought’s cover cloth,

Fears wear high heels

Looking for who to attack.

Just who is willing to be that pawn?


What pain on earth has never, ever tasted life

Or is never, ever going to taste lives

That you sacrifice happiness for fear?

Those heels, will never get me

And if they do, they can never harm me

I’m like a metal

If they are like wires

Their bruises, will only show my bright colours

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



This tree is shaking

Not by my making

The wind is blowing

The earth is quaking


I am here and  living

I’m not complaining

I keep on growing

My stems are spreading


If I could get many sheltering

I’ll leave  fulfilling

I do no whining

I need no praising


Many are roaming

To gain my chopping

Many are planning

To fall my building


But I keep on living

And I keep on singing

I’ll keep on praising

And I’ll keep on loving


If the air is blowing

I use for clapping

If the earth is quaking

I use for deep rooting


If roamers are cutting

I think of healing

If my building is falling

I think of sheltering


This is living

Who is living?

I am living

Please have a living

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Light over the darkness happily rise

Dawn showers its teary hurt

There’s time for the dark

There’s time for the light

Even as the darkness seems to resist


Dawn’s tears always in faith persist

But fairness always in discipline moves

So you have your time

I have my time

Each has his time in turns


Flow and grow

Bounce, don’t announce

No call you make

Will be an only feature in the world

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014





Who is waiting to marry

The future sun

When the brightest sun

In his world smiles in beckoning?


Who sees this smily day

And looks forward to happiness

In the face of the future day

Yet unknown?


It is here today

Everything you see

Everything you need

To smile, so please smile.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Daylight saving sunrise 2012 008

The day’s smile, is his light

No matter the winds,

The day smiles

No matter the storm,

The day smiles

No matter how long the clouds thread,

The day smiles

No matter the amount of tears he weeps,

The day smiles

No matter the deadly nature of the fumes he inhales,

The day smiles

Let the rackets make noise,

The day will smile

Let the wicked show him tons of blood

The day will smile

Because he knows his smile is what makes the path visible

For day travellers

Be the day today and forever.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


In my weakest moments

The ant always has the greatest comments;


Take it as a stage

Or a story and hurry the page


If only I had the mouths to spill

My horror stories will the world fill


A tooth that will break, does not need a vigorous shake

It can embarrass the rotten banana by falling without a brake


People believe our parts are pre-scripted

The sooner you take it as it is, the sooner your path will be corrected


Worries, like a swam of bees, whips to their fill

Before leaving the scene where their intruders try to kill


You are the brick, you decide to burn strong

Or be weak and risk not lasting long”


Just these words makes me

And the path clears for me.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014