Winners without woes
…are like boxers who have never tasted punches
The world was built
…for the punch takers
…students of problems
…truck pushers of hurdles
…curious travellers slapped with many shut outcomes
To find their ways through the puzzle of suffering
…to success
…always armoured with determined spirits
…questioning souls
…and fatigued bodies

Make no mistake
The smiles that flash in front of the cameras
…the shines that rush onto their time eras
…their words which swallow questions fired
…their every gait
Form part of their sweatfully cooked beings

Open your eyes and look well at the sea
…many rivers
…travelled many miles
…to help it full up
So be no stagnant water
…complaining in struggling gramophones
You can at least scratch to break through routes
…to explore options
To lift yourself up
…and be part of the loved
……the loved you so jealously adore
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 17, 2019

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