You won
You won the draft you forced us to play
Putting your novice mother under your orders
“Tell me what is in your heart”
I am sorry
“For going hungry to buy my drugs?”
I am sorry
“For roaming so much to look for my cure?”
I am
“You’re sorry for going to war to keep me alive?”
“I knew Mama! I knew that even when you thought of death
You thought of you together with me”

I am sorry
“For bathing insults because of me?”
I am sorry
“For turning shame into clothes of pride all because of me?”
I am so sorry
“For wallowing in debts all because of me?”
Kay I am sorry
“For wishing me an empire instead of penury?”
You don’t
“You don’t know the angel you are
You don’t know the angel you’ve been
You don’t know the work you’ve done
But I know it all
And I won this draft so listen”

“Right now you’re back to 27
Amoafowaa, when you didn’t know me
You’re the poetess, so crack this out
From here on, pick a palm tree instead of a rose
If it fails in palm oil, kernel oil will be there
If it gives you nuts, its leaves will help you carry
If it makes a mess, the spine of its leaves will help you sweep
If it falls today, it can give you wine
And add its protein to see you through…”
“No but, just listen
A pot is great but needs a ladle in cooking
Legs are pairs like hands for many reasons
The pair must match
And I will watch
If any must be happy
It’s my dear Cecilia”
So I wake to find myself on this bed at Nobuamu
Not sweating, but yearning, crying but grateful

Could it be my imagination?
Oh a dream like living!
Vivid! So vivid!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 16, 2018


I saw your birth

And I feel your dying heartbeat

You are a babe who came with the birth of many ambitions

And like all babies, you had your needy conditions


The footsteps of time has seen many changes

From many ranges

Plucking down hopes like ripe oranges

And hanging hopes like fake bells on Christmas trees

Yet our needs pile in readiness

To travel with another you


It might be greed to our prides and egos feed

It might be seeds to our ambitions and targets lead

It might be fire woods to our dreams and aspirations 

Turn ashes in the passing winds

Yet our eyes stand open

Like a needy church in a sin zone

Waiting to embrace another in your wake


The tears of thanksgiving

The promises of stoogehood in indefatigable working for your new born replacement

In churches and clubs and houses and streets

Will let you know about human loyalty

But take heart in your death

Knowing you were like this new born

Whose fate tallies yours

Taking time to brush your vampire teeth

Which chewed many in the happiness of others

And clouded to rain on eyes of many

Whose curses justify the happiness at your cruel wake

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec 31, 2017

Photo Credit: Google Pics


A death and a birth

Sorrowful happiness hang like a cross and a hope

The dead year not being given a death bed

In the jurisdiction of the new born

Its death chained by unfulfilled dreams

And banished into the evil forest archives of failure

Never to return ever


Harsh words are not said behind the dead

But the dead year has no immunity to such notations

As many curse its failures

Few recall its successes

The new born is being embraced by all breaths

As humans curse the years using each other as barriers

To the curses they evoke

Ama prays for the Devil Kofi to die with the year

The Devil Kofi prays for the Witch Ama to vanish with the dead

Failed hands blame their sluggishness on the dead year

But the dead did embrace them all


Same or different requests are made 

To the new born

Who accepts without prompting

Dream masters of their jobs

To see to the realization of their requests

Thinking they have brains to know 

Knowing little that the portion of the dead

Will be its stance

When time travels to birth another

And shed its existence


Incantations of Christians

Incantations of Muslims

Fire sparks of fake gun explosions from atheists

The gods smile in minds of traditionalists

Pouring libations to send the dead off

Pouring libations to receive the new

Whose acceptance is tied to hopes of a good reign

A load heavy like a mountain for the head of an ant

Bars are hosting those who find thanksgiving

And mourning all in bottles of alcoholism

Holding their necks and pouring their blood

Into glasses without noses

Only to discard them for refill, recycling or burial

In the arms of filth


It sure is a happy-bitter celebration

Crown for the head of the older fitted onto the baby’s

An enstoolment after a cruel destoolment

Time paces on its path

Closing its mouth to the same horrors

Which lie ahead of the new born

Not waiting a second to give a minute silence

To the one it vomited onto the shores of death

A painful cycle it is

One it does with no complaint

Such cruel work for a heartless worker

Who allows tongues to give “happy” tag

To the new born who will surely be anything but happy

Taunter it is; Oh cunning time!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


I am cooking wishes
Whose dishes
Need to clear hisses
And shut disses
Growing horses to give me kisses
And correct my misses

I want to be like a bright and lucky sun
One whose clouds clear at dawn
To give way to its brightness
To bless its times
Burn its sluggish subjects
And embrace all hearts
When it is time to leave
Exuding serenity
Exuding elegance
Exuding maturity for its end times
As I exit in fondness of hearts
On the wishes turned horses
And cross my losses
In the sanity of fallibility
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


As days walk into months
And months walk into years
Hands of growth lengthen
Into beauty and ugliness
Deeds are born
As others die no matter their impacts
Dreams are birthed into mystic boxes
And hang like dew
Which needs to be conjured on a mountain top
After climbing steps of hardwork
Every step of a second
Demands the movement of muscles
Pure panting
Serious stepping
Clearing chaos
Churning clevers
Breaking borders
Beating bouncers
Until we meet another door of year
Or exit
Challenging and cruel
But pushers of breaths
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

UNSCARING (Crazy Stanzas)

I need a huge favour
A favour to savour
To savour forever
From the mountains with all the voices
Where my half hanged
Until it met the egg of my host

It is a coast I have come to love
But a ghost which is so towering above
I need the favour of release
Release of my wings
Without bruised hearts
Stroking bruised minds
As bruised minds push bruised egos
To shut me down
As a cancerous witch worth eliminating
Or like a deadly plague
Worth blood to uproot

Now my favour to savour
Can I be left to fly
Deep into the sky
And have shoulders who will not cry
But host my touch down
Without thinking me thief of their crown?

Can I be left to sail
Hit,  learn, hurt and kill my wail
By having hands to heal my pale
And have words walk out of a gentle mouth
To head me to an enlightened south?

Oh a favour I need
One which will grow my seed
And eliminate thoughts to concede
When life steps on my searching tail

May I get this favour to savour?
One which will not transform my image into a hungry lioness-like stance
And cause fright for all to jump heights
No matter how deadly?

If only xylophones of strength
Will stop mating ears of power
And fingers of egos will stop stroking needs of submission
Then I could have my favour to savour
And cause no quiver which needs deliverance
Oh sweet pain of pinky dreams
Shut down by haunting blues of hues!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


Oh if I had wings of an eagle
I would fly like the king of the sky
Loving all to submission
Protecting the weak
Pecking the proud
Honouring the swift
And feasting on the notorious

Oh if I had wings of the dove
I would rid the sky from demons and ills
And order the skies to open
For God to show His face to all doubtfuls and saints
And reward the good
Deflect from the bad
Flee from fallacies formed by fakes
And let all heads stand on the toes of goodness

No matter how desperate I am for wings
I need no wings of an owl
No wings of bats
No wings of vultures
Nor weak wings of fowls
Like a dreamer
I need what habours greatness
I need what hands greatness on platters of gold
Not what hides in darks
Nor baths with shame
Oh if I had wings
Wings of the best flying beings
I would kneel to be ruled
In royal slavery
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


I know a tadpole
Which lived in clear but shallow waters
Visited by many of its killers
But grew to be a frog
Whose croaks did scare men with muscles

I know a weak worm
Which lived under a beautiful flower
One visited by many of its hunters for its nectar
But like a skilled liver
It grew to be one of the most beautiful butterflies
Which blessed the eyes of mother nature

Oh I know a hungry motherless kitten
Left in the dangerous streets of its hunters
Like a fish in the midst of hunting eagles
But tried its best
To become one of the most healthiest cats ever to live

Who says it is easy
For the tadpole to lose its tail?
Who says it is easy for a weak worm to grow its wings?
Who says it is easy for a motherless kitten to be a healthy cat?
Minds who sleep without working
Leave other body parts lazy
Making their paths hazy
Forcing their world to be crazy
It is possible
It is very possible even in the house of impossibility
For a poor boy to become a rich man
And a helpless girl to become a great woman
So dream and work
Heroism has stretched its hands
Hoping to catch those who are forceful
And run into its embrace
Reachable are the stars
When minds work hard to find their paths
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



On the head of the land I dwell
Knowing its stomach is my resting place
But the appealing skies
Beckon for me to have a taste
Before I sink into the mouth of the earth
And taste its teeth and be moulded into its belly thing
But the flies I see on this ground
Are hawks and vultures in the skies
And the mother hens
Are eagles whose beaks are like shovels of cannibalism
The frowning skies which sometimes cry to drown my kind
The angry roars from their fearsome throats
If only the suns have written promises
Of sparing metals their heat to maim or kill
Beings who take cover in them
To approah their abode
Then I could beg metals to fly me there
To spend a day
To greet the moon
And play with the stars
And taste dawn dew
And weigh the two
To feel the best of here and there
It wouldn’t matter if I turn into a little star
But rumours do say
Moon claims stars which fall
Never climb up
But at least they get to live in different worlds
While I look and love
But fear to climb
Because the ladder there is invisible
And I am not so discerning
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



I have a dream
A dream to erase labelling
With a thought eraser
A dream to render all colourless
With a fairy love charm for all colours
I have a dream

I have a dream
A dream to mash all weapons,
Like colour inks, into words
Words for discourse in misunderstandings
To spare the world
The horror of hoarding wronged ghosts
I have a dream

I have a dream
A dream for scientific breakthroughs
To kill all ills
So wombs will stop bleeding in hurts
For their hurt or perished products
I have a dream

I have a dream
A dream of discipline for all minds
To check hands which breed greed
And clear prisons with beings needed to be freed
I have a dream

I have a dream
A dream to turn the heavens into a sure route for all
And turn hell into an oven to bake wrongs into rights
I have a dream
I really have a dream
And I pray the mountains echo my thoughts
The skies collect them into clouds
And fall into all rivers and seas
Which in turn will drag them through throats
And seep into minds
For unison into hard work for realisation
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Being busted buying best

is best than busted being bought,

a brain of a she-being

can beat buyers and break bouncing bounds


Determination determines dreams,

doing dreams without, is daydreams

which will deal dangerous dates,

dance to the rhythm of “done”


I and eye are “I’s”

But one stands and the other sees

Without the standing, there can never be the see

Yet the standing is represented by only an I

Many “I’s” make we

And we is the most powerful persons

In all dreams

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



There is a charm

Against sleepy harm

So lie a while

And wear a smile

Think of you

In a city of two

Chatting nature

And smiling to future

The soft winds embrace

The birds run a race

To help them trace

Your happiness at your pace

Your companion is you

Yes, everything you yearn for two

And that special being

Wants you to be the only customer in an inn

A walk to the streams

A dance under a smiling moon and glowing stars

And if you need clones,

Their giggles are problem bars

Their love seeps through your bones

These are the only happenings in your dreams

So angel, rest the body, and let the soul live right

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Dear diary,

Days die distracted

Days dance in dew

Dreams dance in hourly heads

I sit like a book

Being flipped by the wind

Knowing not my end

Because I know not my weight


Dear diary,

Desperate days die young

Dreading dreams dumped on another

Deepening darkness of dawn

Dressing deepness of dew

And I still live blank

With no knight, no armour

Nor sword as time ticks in my face


Dear diary

Dirty days are what I dread most

They keep lingering as

Time dawdles as though in its wedding

And shame screams to put me in doom

I think not of tick tocks then

I think not of me then

Only for another day to visit


Dear diary,

Dare me to dream

Dare the dreams to come true

Dare me to stop drinking daiquiri and acting daft

For draped in these clothes of fear

On this lonesome road

In this life’s storm

Is nothing for you to quietly receive notes from

Don’t you fear I might dagger out my heart

To stain your pages?

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



He’ll come today

With his magic rod

And his all white robe

To take you to shop

For life




And all that is fair

All you need to do,

I’m told,

Is to throw out the filth

Of worry

Of pain and shame

And look forward to glory

In your sleep

None will weep

Even lions will bow to greet you

That tranquillity will prevail

In the moon-star-sun lit dream

Where stars will parade and sing

Just for your entertainment

So sleep tightly right

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




I am chasing running stars

Running to the world of Mars

But my throat cries for the bars

To quench its thirst and have rest


Heart in chest has its choices;

Heed throat and other voices,

Close its heart to the noises,

And give stars a chase at best


There are voices of others

Who do have some crude offers

“Dipping my body in death”

But I do cherish my breath


Here I go, chasing the stars

If you look for me in bars

Then you will miss me in Mars

Cos I’ll bring stars back to earth

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



The dust from the feet of the sun

Has hardly settled in the sky of man

Yet cricket voices are loud like newly borns

Sounding and sounding like loud horns


Fireflies are showing their hidden lights

Once again showing shrubs, they can shine so bright

Owls and bats rejoice and sing songs of joy

That they can really feed without beings being  coy


The sky chooses its wicked day

To make darkness have its own say

Shutting eyes keeping the watch

On chairs of mosquitoes on wooden porch


Since day and night hold hands so well

I love to travel to my dreamy well

Although life there is not always so smooth

The fish loves water so its content will definitely soothe

And there’s never a boring day

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




And in that dream

Transform into a bird

From the safety of your bed

Stretch your wings

And fly free having flings

With the breeze which lives so high

In the serene sky

See it all

Feel it all

And if you happen to fall

Heed the call of determination

And rise through the pain in dedication

Of freedom

Creating your own kingdom

Splashing it with the perfume of laughter

Perfume of Happiness

Perfume of peace

Perfume of  life

Perfume of riches

Fortify it  with a charm to battle poverty


Child sicknesses

Child abuse


Arresting all negativity

It is your dream to build

It is your nation to rule

It is your thoughts to form

Form it

Or leave it

Life is like a basket

Weave it strong and its durability pays

I choose to dream

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


Sweet Dreams

Soft light

Beautiful whispers of the air

All flowers smile

Beckoning as trees and shrubs drum and dance

While beautiful birds provide soothing music

Angels with wings receive you in their embrace

Giving you a heavenly massage

You are taken on a tour to God’s parliament

Where thoughts of pain are nil

Smiles implant themselves on mouths

Faces are devoid of hatred

It’s singing and dancing

With all needs in abundance

You see the sea

Sitting in its glory

Playing with all who want to

Without swallowing any

Then you sit in your special chair

Being attended to by many special angels

In your sleep

You are the royal to be worshipped

Dreams divine

Dream in divinity

Until you wake fulfilled

Ready to face the smiling sun

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014


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One day I’ll climb the stage

And be on the front page

I’ll talk like the best sage

And break free from this cage


This cage of a lost sage

Whose work is no advantage

Cries and flies in this cage

Which has no definite stage


I need to see the sun

Without stretching from a can

I need to break its ban

And be the perfect man


Dreams of screams

And dreams in streams

Dreams which scream

Can’t be my cream

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014




Bubbles in the blood

Yearning suddenly flood

Eyes are closing

Hands are holding

Breathes suddenly rule


A dance as sweet as honey

Change of names into honey

Legs in rhyme

Feelings like crime

Cupid stands smiling



Tawia, wake, please wake

There’s chaos that needs unravelling”

Damn these dreams.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



The sun rises light

But it does shines bright

It works with all its might

Until time for rest is right


We won’t forget the clouds

They mostly come with the louds

They can interrupt the sun

But time makes them run


I am the pretty sun

Who wants to have fun

I want to hold no gun

Although I am no nun


The clouds will form

But no matter the storm

I’ll wait patiently until it leaves

Then I’ll light the world for all including the leaves.

   Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014



Too beautiful to behold

This hairful chest


Its beauty like lightening in a cloudless sky

Outshine all his human surrounding


My eyes feast against my head’s warning

My mouth opens like happy thirsty leaves in the virgin rain


His eyes sparkle and speak in volumes

As his hand, like the hand of love beckons for me to be near


I run apace and stops the race

To let it out, the tears of joy


He closes the gap like a fitting head

And holds my hand, and breath in me the breathe of sweetness


I writhe in satisfaction, my famine quenched

I hear a voice which yells as anxious  hands tap


What could it be, that you truly want

To cut a dream so sweet and real?


Eyes peer their heads to see the irritant

As ears try hard to find the fault


What have I done?

Is it living the life I can’t live here in the land of dreams?


What is a lonely girl to do

If she can’t dream?

   Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.


I want to go to school 
To in the future keep my cool 
I want to good grades pull 
To make my CV full 
Of credit that will fool 
Everyone and make them forget of my village stool 
Oh that fetish that my family drool 
Has made me lose my name giving them many a tool 
To take my dressy wool 

But how can I search 
For basic information that my root blocked me fetch? 
As I cannot even the basis match 
A decade girly catch 
Now she has my ignorance notch 
And seek to on me latch 
The fear of me can’t patch 
Yet no one could me beat in my batch 
In my humble root that was full of roomy thatch 

I will have to myself sought 
So no one will know me as naught 
Because I had to fully fought 
To here myself brought 
Why did they let go of the lot 
To bring me up in such a trot 
Now I may this place rot 
Before my seed is pot 
For I’m too old to be in the cot 

Maybe I have to seek my root 
And there put my foot 
And use the little mind to loot 
After all I’m the most clean tooth 
When pulled cannot play the flute 
So rather than myself put 
In this complexy hoot 
I’ll confine in the booth 
And let ignorance myself soothe 

At least there’s the greeny site 
To do whatever fit my might 
Natural things that come in sight 
Make all the problems seemingly light 
The many many fight 
Like the youngy playing kite 
That herein has reached a height 
My root is deemed not right 
For the elders will readily bite 
And make the culprit’s living tight 

Yea, there goes my dream 
Into the muddy stream 
Where dirty children stream 
To wash their cheapies gleam 
If that makes their faces beam 
At their priceless tattered seam 
Who am I to make their team 
A meaningless lifey seem 
All I have to do is always dream 
And let all here me important deem 
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia, (C), Oct. 10, 2013.