Some happy pictures tell opposite stories
And depict antonyms of glories
Some divine pictures frame many sorries
And need many backward lorries
…for their true stories to show
So kill no self esteem
…with pictures of happy beam

There are wailings behind some laughter
There are heartaches behind some smiles
There are hurts behind some glow
There are failures behind some successes
So skip your tripping and keep your head –

If you can taste the thorns in some comfortable beds
And can feel the burns under some complex showers
If you can taste the sourness in some fancy meals
And can taste the boiling in some branded shoes
If you can feel the bites in some expensive clothes
And can feel the cuts of some wealthy crowns
You’ll laugh aloud in a crowd
…thanking your maker
…for making you saner

Some attention is detention in pretensions
Some secrets unknown are secrets scary
Some sourceless power
…have sourceful damnation
So covet no display
…needing praises to document traces
…to save faces
When your mirrors are all you need
To feed your deeds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia Β© December 8, 2019

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