I hear sounds
Dancing like dew all around
I feel bounds
Crying like attention seekers, to be found
And I am astonished

I feel fear
Gathering, like seas, much tears
I feel cheer
Taunting, like pain, all the queers
And I am perplexed

I smell conflicts
Ready, like doped soldiers,  to conflict
I see anger’s war fits
Ready to afflict
And chaos rings heart wrenching bells of defeat and triumph

But who cares about these?
A new day cries like a newborn
“Hey! Ho! Stay we pray!
No rhyme is needed here
We need all hands to yoke in praise
We need all eyes to lock whipping mouths to smile
We need weak hearts to hug strong chests
Until darkness puts its cloth on us
In the arms of nightly beds
Smiling like a super god at our warrior deeds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


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