Oh if I had wings of an eagle
I would fly like the king of the sky
Loving all to submission
Protecting the weak
Pecking the proud
Honouring the swift
And feasting on the notorious

Oh if I had wings of the dove
I would rid the sky from demons and ills
And order the skies to open
For God to show His face to all doubtfuls and saints
And reward the good
Deflect from the bad
Flee from fallacies formed by fakes
And let all heads stand on the toes of goodness

No matter how desperate I am for wings
I need no wings of an owl
No wings of bats
No wings of vultures
Nor weak wings of fowls
Like a dreamer
I need what habours greatness
I need what hands greatness on platters of gold
Not what hides in darks
Nor baths with shame
Oh if I had wings
Wings of the best flying beings
I would kneel to be ruled
In royal slavery
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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