How are beings of the land
To see the tears of beings in the sea?
How does the sun see the light of a torch at its peak?
How can the fish feel an aching wing?
Can a whirlwind listen to the voice of the gentle breeze
When it sees its dancing mate?

Daughter of the sea
Is seen in glory like a star
Adorned by the water which shelters her
Claps are what she gets
When she washes her face
Silence is what she gets
When she shouts like a hurt angel
Sending waves of tears ashore
Fury is what is perceived
When her anger and pain are sent via a tsunami
Who can see her tears in the sea?

Fetch her tears from the sea
Let us see her woes
Cover not her pain like dust
So we do her no wrong
Colour her tears like blood
So we see before the sea washes
We are no brutes to ignore
Just beings with no eyes
To see her tears in the sea
Oh sea goddess!!!
So when she is seen in the sea
Being mated by rain
No tear is recorded
For we know no rain
And know no tears
All are consumed by the insatiable mouth of the sea
So do us tutor
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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