The once fertile mother
Who grew to feed all
And had more in store
Now sits like a skeleton
Her plumpy figure reduced to naught
As her once overflowing breastmilk
Hide in scacity
Pushing her blood out for feeding
Turning the children who are culprits of her woes vampires

Who made her so?
Could it be me?
Could it be you?
Could it be all but all I’s?

I blame the cutters of trees and shades
I blame indiscriminate burning for rats
I blame the anuses of smoking inventions
I blame the birth of filth and cans
I blame dumping
Manufacturing coughings
I blame pollution in all shades
I blame you
I blame me

We love the heavens
And neglect the earth
Yet spoil the heavens
And maim the earth
The earth which fed
To grow to your birth
The earth who feeds and grow us to our deaths
The earth who is our eternal homes
Shame on you
Shame on us
Shame on all who help not our earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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