Just a glance

At an entrance

And it fell into a trance

Never asking for a chance

To get enchanted

Are you a dog on climbing duty?


Agya Waadwo!

So I met a goat on heat

It failed to bleat

And chased on three feet

Hoping to me cheat

Me, that bloody future meat!!!


And when it fell

Without a shell

It bleated that I rang its bell

And need to quench the fires of its hell

Hiding its intruding foot which all can tell

Oh dogs love bones

I believe as much as goats need flogging

Amanehunu nie!!!

Or could it be the he attached to its name

Making it pompous into thinking itself human?



I patiently wait

For a day to make it straight

And get a good bait

To alter its fate

And open the bait gate

To make it late

There, I will surely get my meat

And steam it as I please

For now, all I can say is

NONSENSE, in capital letters

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

Photo Credit: Google pics

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