Each being is a problem
A problem with a formula
A formula which stands as key
To unlock at appropriate times
For all to see
So I am studying hard

Like maths
There are those like simple sets
Those like easy fractions
Those like intriguing surds
Those like scary simultaneous equations
And those like horror menstruations
Which are you?
What is your formula?

You stand pius but unfathomable
Like logical reasoning
Forcing out my attentiveness and study
Cracking my brain as it rains
Racking my mind as it drains
If you were in construction
You would be a polygon
Or all the ghostly ‘gons’ I fear like plagues
But I know you have your formula
What is it?

State your formula
And I will boost your stats
Though statistics seem slappy
I can hold its hands
And form its band
All I need is your formula
No matter how complex
I will do due diligence
What at all is your formula?
State and let’s equate
The grave’s only task
Is to destroy all
No matter how precious
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 31st July, 2016

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