I need, need and need
The love they speak of
I want to be a cassava
And meet a plaintain, yam or cocoyam
And together be pounded
In the mortars of life by its pestles
And blend in the perfect fufu

I need, need and need
I need the friction of missing
Photographic memories of past
Written in happy inks
With smiles that led to laughter
Laughter that led to happy tears
Culminating into fantasies in open eyes

I need need and need
Those kisses
Which hunt hisses
From the jealous noses of fed up heads
I need the roses too happy to smile its last
In my shivering hands
That wait
Too bubbly
That my blood dance in vein shake
That anticipation
Too vivid that lips kiss the skies
That feeling of belonging
In the midst of longing

I need, need and need
That unbreakable intuition in oneness
Those talks which anger all phones into hotness
Those sweet nothings which plant giggles
And harvest love

I need, need and need
The sync
Like swans on a clear sea
The flight
Like doves in the clear cool sky
The symphony
Like nightingales on dancing tree
And a flow
Like a fountain on a filled dam

Are you the dream
To make me scream?
Are you the low
To make me high?
Are you the cold
To make me warm?
Are you the river
To fill my seas?
Endless are the yearnings of passion
Heartbreaking is the journey of reality
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) September 3, 2016.

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