See shame parading on pious parks
Re has lied with gin
Aren’t those seeds meant to shade
…in conversion?
Why are they naked and swimming in sordid sins?

It is a sad sad state
When love
…interprets coital orgies
So that loving neighbors as selves
…becomes tickets for beds and sheets
…to sandwich pairs of legs
…denotes growing up
So do not commit adultery
…translates do not grow up
And saints say Amen to them

How nots are now permissions
…to steal
…to kill
And to do all ascribed in an upside motion
Mines the horrors out of my disgust
When did the mirrors of holy books
…begin an ovation of horrors
…for their followers?

You continue
Continue to put clothes of sainthood
…on falsities!
You continue
Continue to claim goats as cows
You continue
Continue to validate gross for good
You continue
Continue to worship fools as wise
When your trumpets sound
And your hells beckon
We’ll see how you’ll taste its fires
You who prepareth for heaven with hell’s regulations
The end you preach surely walks towards you
Even if your time deceives with temporary

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 12, 2019


There’s a dent in the White House
…hell bent on ruining prestige meant
…to glitter on world stages
Rage consumes sages
…in ridicule cages
…soiling adages
And writing shame on history pages

It barks like a dog
…at the croak of a frog
It roars like a lion
…even in a meditating Zion
It roasts bad past
…to feed today’s burst
It shoots at eagles
…to hold on to its shaky mantle
There is a dent in the White House
A dent hell bent on showcasing can’ts as shants
Holding guns to heads with mouths
As the world shivers
…fearing to be blown into pieces
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 14, January 2019


You ask
“Are you sick?”
When you are the sickness
And I’m the infected

You ask
“Is there something you need?”
When you are the something
The something I am needing

You ask
“Can I get you some food?”
And I sigh
Because you have the meal I need
…a heart I need to be fed

You ask
“Have you ever felt this way before?”
How could I have?
I knew not your fever
How could it make me shiver?

Now you say
“I’ll do everything to make it better”
When your heart’s fence wall is higher
…than Afa’s Djato and Ever’s Rest
Dwarfing my dreams into screams deemed noise
…to a fretting yearning

This linguistic code of language exasperates
Because its mouth has no voice hole
Its eyes have no images
Its heart speaks in an all covered cage
So I’m dying
…infected by its tortuous virus
…on its shaming ground
If only you’ll find a vision to see…
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 18, 2020


Wo de su n’ɛfrɛ obuo
Nso wo de obideɛ n’ayɛ ebuo
A emu
…wo tɔ di
…wo tɔ nom
…wo tɔ shɛ
…wo tɔ sra
…wo tɔ tutugu wo ho
Nna kra nna yi nyinaa
W’adane abrokyire aboduaba
…wo kyia esisi wɔn kro mu
Ɛbɛ yɛ dɛn na wo deɛ akɔ so?

Saa kasabɛbuo no a mpanyinfoɔ nyuno yɛ sɛ
“Yɛ obi deɛ yie na wo deɛ akɔso” no
…ase nkyerɛ sɛ
Dane wo deɛ ntumoa
…n’afa obideɛ sɛ ayɛnmoa
Hwan na oyi ne nsro to gu
…sesa asaawa hyehyɛ mu
…ɛpiri atɛasefo atepɛn?

Ɔdɔ a wo wɔ ma wo deɛ
…ne ataade pa a ɛfata de twi akoma
…ba w’akɔno ho
Enti ntena amanɔne nnuɔma so mmane obuo
Ɛbɛ dane ebuo abutu wo so
Na sɛ wo dane srehehe akokɔ a
Ɛhɔ na wo bɛ hunu atwiitwii a ɛbɛtwitwa wo nam
Aso a ɛti asɛm na ɛsi adwene a awuo
Ani a ehunu adeɛ na ɛhwiri atimboɔ kuro
Adwuma den na ehia
…nnyɛ ano kyɛkyɛwa
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 17, 2019


When light bleeds out of day
And the sky swallows the moon
And fireflies kill their light
And the world’s energy fails
What will lead eyes to see
…amidst the fear of minds
As frantic hands try a feel?

When the earth gulps seas
…and rivers
And clouds decide to hide
When saliva evaporate from tongue pores
After urine joins the earth’s burn
What will quench thirst
…cool bodies
…fill pores
And store energy in the heart’s regulatory core?

Let’s say the sky decides
…a marriage with the earth
And they decide on blending their skins
As hair on the latter
Which East will direct our West?
Which North will direct our South?

An escape begs for preparation
So why feed on vague distractions?
A better calls for our worse
So why bank on the worst attractions?
Anyansafo are the very minds
…who need no encyclopedias of words
To see the hanging truth
Few words show them
…show them all
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 17, 2019


I felt you
…at a sight
And knew that you
…can be light
…of mine

From your demeanor
…to the colour of your eyes
From your thoughts
…to the songs from your lips
I felt you
I still feel you
Hoping a one from our two

But your readiness is far
And your steadiness is fragile
Matching in every match
Loving in every town

But I sit here
Hoping you sit and think us fit
I sit here
Hoping you see my face in all embrace
I sit here
Hoping all touches
…will be a reminder of me
I sit here
Hoping every kiss will serve my miss
I sit here
Hoping you’ll see my yours
…and become my home
Are my hopes horses in haunting gallops?
Will they ever serve my reality?

It will hurt to wait to forget you
It will hurt
…to wait to ease you from my mind
It will hurt
…for thoughts to dawn on your unloving
But time serves to tend to wounds
…inflicted by love
So I sit here hoping
…that your failing my hopes
…will be taken care of by time
…which saw us meet
…saw the separation
…in its unyoked match
And holds the power to all healing
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 16, 2020


…sitting in your shed
Strings shaddy shocks all over
So you’ve got to relocate into your opponent
…to refurbish you to your comfy taste
…before self settlement
Best believe it!

A body can scatter a bullet
…and burn a bomb
Honey can make a bee
…and sting predators
A stone can break a sword
…and swallow its shine
A mound can swallow a mountain
…and become its master
You can get cow from a milk
…tree from cotton
…sky from rain
…and build bridges from storms
Best believe it

So you fired your boss
…and tossed that spirit into loss
You broke that heart
…and opened its wounds to flies
You killed some dreams
…to exhume some successes
You’re being chased by love
…as you fly high above
You’re that eagle who drags failure
…until it weeps on its knees
…begging you to turn better seed
And you surely buried death
…in a grand funeral
Best believe it!

Best believe it
Best believe that some struggles are best celebrated
Some mourning are best cheered
Some shame are best modeled honourary
And some scandals are best made sandals
…to walk the runways
Best believe it!
Best live it!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 4, 2020

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Abrokwah mmadwoa nni dwoa nti
Na ɔsonsɔn ne ho te sɛ aboa oguan
Na baabi a mmayowa di asa nnyɛ ne tenabea
Baabia ɔdɔ ntoklo deda nnyɛ ne kwan
Mpo na w’akɔ tena ɔdɔ dua ase
…n’ankampɛsɛ w’akɔte bi adi

Na ne sumyɛ mu mmakɔm nisuo
…bɛtumi ahyɛ Akwasua mma
Nso na onyin papa biara
Ɔyaresafoɔ no nhwehwɛmu no pansam n’abusuakuo daeso
Kosi sɛ y’ɛfrɛ no wɔ Kumnipa Afari Buajan ahenfie

Yɛ de too n’anim sɛ
Obi agu aba wɔ Agya Kwaa Atta abaayowa kitiwa no mu
…ama w’afa afuro
Na abɛtɔdwa sɛ
…saa pia no firi n’adjan mu

Na obibiara nnim ne ntam kɛseɛ no
Ne yarehwɛfo no wui ansa na ootu akɔtena Kɔkɔti
Ɔhwɛ abaayowa n’anim
… huu hu ne fɛreɛ
Enti ɔde too nananom anim sɛ
…wɔn ma no nnafua nson
…na ɔnfa moamoa ne ho mmɛhunu wɔn

N’agya ne no kɔɔ bɛn koro mu sɛ
…ɔnkɔ gye abɔfra no ntumu
Ampaniampaa ɔgye abɔfra no
…tua nkwasiabuo sika
Nso ɔpaa Nananom kyɛw sɛ
…ontumi nware Efia Atta
Ɛno nso ho ka bɛ da ne so
…ma no tua yɛ

Mfie du akyi
Abrokwah ne ne ba Akyɛdeɛ tu firi Kɔkɔti kɔtena Afrancho
Na Efia Atta aware Attakorah mfie nsia
…a wɔn nnya ba
Efirisɛ Attakorah ho nsuo kɔɔ abɛgyini
Enti Akyɛdeɛ ne n’agya tuo no, haa wɔn
…ma wɔn de mirika kɔɔ Kumnipa ahenfie bio

Wɔn de su ne ahonuo kɔ pa akyɛw sɛ
…Akyɛdeɛ yɛ Attakorah ba
Na ahohiahia nti na ɛma wɔn de ntwatosoɔ too Abrokwah so
Nana ne n’atenafoɔ de nyansa ka kyerɛ wɔn sɛ
Obi nnua nkrumah nkɔnu abɛ
Ɔbrɛguo ne animguaseɛ a wɔn de gu Abrokwah no nnyɛ kumaa
Na w’akɔfrɛ akae no
Wɔn nnyinaa di ho adanseɛ sɛ
Abrokwah dɔ ne ba no
Enti wɔ de bɛ yi gya wɔn kwan
Neɛ ontumi ne awowa nko no
…nkɔ ka wɔn wuoɔ wɔ mere a wɔn tetare ho
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 3, 2019


When you love the taste of pepper
And you choose to buy tomato
Thinking pepper is hot
Tomato is mild
Know a vomit awaits
…to publicly shame you
A cleanup will wait
…to hardly strain you
A stress will toe
…to emotionally drain you
And a scar will birth
…to befriend to your death
So marry your cherry
…to help carry on your merry

Marry the bad you love
For they can string you on your tingalingalings
And will bring you to your singalingathings
They can drown you in your fantasicalings
And will place you in your dream land
So marry the bad you date
To love the picture on your daily plates
Marry the boss of your mischief
To properly fit on the throne of your chieftain

You can’t choose cold
When you love warm beds
You can’t choose a cross
When you love riding bicycles
And if you choose a mild cow
When you love the taste of fierceness
Which claws will you taste
When you call for a bout in hotness?
Just marry the bad girls you date
Marry the bad boys you date
To keep glued to the love of your choice
So stick to your voice
…and walk on the path you love

Food can be bought
Money can be made
But wild pleasures can’t be found
…in good cooking pots
And those pleasures when sought out
…rain sins
If you fall under coercive kicks of societal power-
You’ll live under a regret dam
So stick to the choice of your heart
Forget the thorns
They’ll bleed to heal
Forget the tongues
They’ll wag to tire
Forget the eyes
They’ll look, blink and redirect themselves
Just choose the taste which tires not your loving tongue
For that is the real spice of love
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Jan. 3, 2020


…are global citizens
…known as cybercitizens
Without cultural boundaries

Though prejudices walk through fingers and voices
And friendships are made through interests and choices
Curiosity beats all label noises
Making it a nation without boundaries

Surely clashing interests end in bouts
Horrid hobbies get the shouts
But dreams have a supportive channel which outs
…the talented
Oh what a nation without boundaries!

So those who plant good seeds will grow
As others will know
And water and sunshine to show
And those who plant mischief
…will be killed by bombs of a thief
It is like a karma ball
…in a boundary boundaryless hall

…many faces hide to chide
…some faces hide in fear
…some faces follow in shadows
…words buried never die
…they become future angels
…or haunting ghosts
So rare care is needed in arguing
Tact is needed even in fact sharing
Fairness must be served on all plates
For global citizenship calls for dynamic acceptance
So all can fit in
…no matter how small the space of our minds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 2, 2019


(Wishing all followers a prosperous New Year!)
Channel your fears into dears of mere
And fall your tears into cheers oh queer
For you are the hands which steer your years
And are the gears which can clear from your rear
…with a breathing chit

You have new days with awesome rays
And some new aspirations with inspiring yays
You do have new suns to make your hay
And have new ways to work your say
Yes you –
…in a doubting pit!

So smile even as you taste some bile
And walk even if it’ll take many a mile
Your piles might change to worth your while
And your jeers might file your awesome dial
…in a sadness sit!

So yay to the nays in days gone astray
Ray on the bays which hid gay in your stay
For why in things that have gone awry
Does naught to change the shy in a sty
Build a confidence
…for your own benefit!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 1, 2020


Panic is a comic which picks
…thick volcanic eruptions of regretful magic
…to hurl problematic tragics at logic
So relax
31st to 1st is just an exchange of baton
…between ordinary days
…with pressure impositions

All the resolutions unresolved
All the hopes unrestored
All the dreams in screams
All the aspirations with fearful expirations
All the achievements crashing in fantasy planes
Are naught to buy you bitterness
So relax
For 31st to 1st is just an exchange of baton
…between ordinary days

You can work some yesters today
You can borrow some more for tomorrow
You can build your happiness to pay
…for hopes shattered and sorrow
You can change a doom to gay
…by digging out of a hollow
You can learn so much today
…to cancel a lingering shallow
So relax
For 31st to 1st is just an exchange of baton
…between ordinary days

If life were a school
…death would be arranged
If wealth were a tool
…only the trained would be advantaged
If love were for cools
…who would’ve ever yearned in this paradise of fools?

Troubled relation
…shouldn’t wobble legs of your elation
Unbeatable weight
…shouldn’t define your state
Friends in height
…shouldn’t dim your light
For you live a step someone needs to rep to chirp
…in victoriousness!

So don’t kill yourself
Wait till a “d” knocks out the “s” from your screams
Don’t bill your ills
Wait till a luck fills up your chills
…to partake in a celebration deserving
Life is but a try in a cry of why
…in a my which sighs or rewards
…and ends in a bye
No matter its outcome
A few hundreds of years will have no mind
…let alone remember a struggle
…strangling you today
So live to revive your happiness each day
…till your forever on earth ends
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 31, 2019


The future keeps secrets
…which births with time to create shocks
…in the pleasant and or otherwise
Leading this mind to struggle
…to disentangle these questions

Those heads
…nodding and shaking
Will most soon still
…to hide and cry?
Those shoulders
…playing ups and downs
…like see-saws on a playfield
Will they soon stiffen
…to defrost their bold?
Those wriggling buttocks
…snaking and electrifying
Will they cool
…to regrets and hurts?
And those mouths
…humming and singing
Will they soon shut
…to bow to defeat?
If those legs break down
…and those hands hide
If those faces cloud with sadness
…and those stomachs growl in hunger
If those thighs dry from shaking
…and those waists stop their breaking
What medicine will light their now
…to break their ice?

The giggles and laughter
The music and company
The hugs and kisses
The sways and dances
Can’t you freeze them in a forever
…to stamp a lifetime of happiness?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 30, 2019


Whiskers on rabbits
…feeding fat
From juices of ants
…who are tasting bats
So fair!

Crumbs of peace
…drowning in pieces
As tiring muscles
…push protruding tummies
…on ceremonial trucks
So fair!

Like Oliver Twist
…now it is a demanding twist
…blood is the more
…they need to store their failing chores
It has to be blood of the suffering?
Oh so fair!

Why work wails to be weaned
…but luxury climbs in the winning
Why poverty seizes to be healed
…but high comfort kro-chia for attention
And oh why souls struggle to host bodies
…as bosses polish their crowns with national sweat
Tickle to hurt
…burn to scar
Oh they shoot to kill
…and bomb to blast
Our hope to cope
But who cares?
Certainly fairness is modeling
…the clothes of its antonyms
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 29, 2019


There are good air
…bad air
…fair air
…and rotten air
But judge no air
…by root

Some good air can turn bad
Some bad air can turn good
Some fair air can turn unfair
Some rotten air can grow to smell sweet
So judge no air by its root

Fates turn upside down daily
Who can blame the earth for its changes?
So see the air for its worth today
Judge the air for its impact today
Judge no air
Just judge no air
And remain fair
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 28, 2019


Sɛ afe afe ne ho afiri n’aprɔ
…ɛɛkɔ tɔ afe foforo nhyiaso yi
Asan afedie bebree na asumsum
Ɛnti ahwɛyie ne ahobanbɔ afidie
…a onipa biara hia de ayɛ ahowen

Bɔ wo ho ban firi asan ho
…na ma w’adɔfo adwen nkɔ adidie
…wɔ asomdwoe agrɔdibea
Bɔ wo ho ban firi ɔhaw ho
…na ma w’adɔfo tirimupɔ nnyɛ adwumadin
…mma ho mfaso bi nso wo so
Bɔ wo ho ban firi kookaa kookaa ho
…na ma wo fiefoɔ enya adwobrew abodin
Mpo yɛ ntasa ahwɛyie
…na obi mfomsoɔ aandane w’asan
Nna pɔ kitiwaa sane yɛ sane na
Ɔhaw tɔ buɔ nnyɛ den
…nso ne kɔdae yɛ ademua

Obiara hwɛ ne ho
…ansa w’atwa n’ataade
Obiara ka ne kenten
…ansa w’atam ahyehyɛ ne nuɔma apue
Onyansani na ɔde n’ani hwɛ
…ma n’adwen dwen
N’aso te
…ma ne hwene hwan
…ansa n’ano aka anaa
…ne nan akɔ
Anaa mpo
…ne tɛkrɛma atam akɔto ne yɛm
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 27, 2019


I hope for skies
…which have tasted no stars
…and have seen no moons
To be blessed with the lights
…of your celestial brights

a. Skies – Humans
b. Stars – Gifts
c. Moons – Breakthroughs
d. Celestial brights – Miracles

And for we those in blindfolds
Seeing not the celestial brights
…passing us by
I pray for a fall
…of whatever knot
…to help us see
And shine our be

We live to falls
…in need of rises
We live to walks
…in need of runs and flies
A cycle daunting
A be haunting
Won’t you please be a hand
To make us stand?
And be the band
…to help us understand?

We’ll follow through the shallow and the hollow
If we know you’ve got our fears
…as your foes
We’ll drive through the strifes of life
…if we know you’re the road
…and our steers to hold
We’ll fly through all the turbulence
If we know you’re the plane and the pilot
So throw d, c and b on all a
To help us till we fall back into you
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 27, 2019


The first knew well
They jingled their bells
And brought joy to the world
…by recognizing a birth

Now it’s all about
…”What I want for Christmas”
…”On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me”
And the icing,
…”So this is Christmas.
What have you done?”
Oh things have been flipped to bad

Now grown humans turn infant Jesuses
Craving present day incense
…myrr and gold
Slashing off the hunt for a life
…neglecting those who died
…to cover Herold’s needs

At least see the poor as Jesus
At least see the prisoners as Mary
At least see the sick as the family of Joseph
At least let your fine clothes
…reflect your soul and spirit

Booze and atupa
Jeers on anopa
Highs and lows
Where is the birth
…that helped a death
…and led to sins and forgiveness?
This is truly Christ’s Mask
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 26, 2019


While you wail your worse
…through the wins of yesteryears
And moan the gemütlich atmosphere
…that disaster distroyed
Know, those in the painless world
…are kvelling
And do swell with love
…knowing you’ll do well

The moments you shared will die not in you
They’ll just feel special
…and be mind videos
…for only you
The whispers you shared
…will taste no deaths
…in your eardrums
They’d just act audios
…for your everyday use
And the gone touches
…will build memories in pores
The lost laughter will
…build happiness in store
There sure is nothing left unprepared
…for your adjustment
If only you will,
…like a great harvester
…look back and see

None unfinishes a deed before leaving a scene
…in life’s sphere
Short memories just asks for more singular additions
Loneliness just calls for more friendly additions
Bitterness just calls for meditations
Life is like a puzzle of future
Though none knows
…signs show in deeds of yesterday
…with pushes of deeds of today
The future is gently waiting to be plucked
…just by your faith stick
…through your self belief
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 26, 2019


Gift to the glory of God
…who gives you grace
…to be great and good
…and grants you gain
…to see the greatness of growth
…you grown

Give to the giftless without gloating
You gifted
And grow in your garden of good
…oh be generous

For this garden of gifts
…grows gorgeous in getting
If you give in grace from the grass
…you’ve gotten grace to grow
Giving can glee the forgotten into a golden-heart

Goodness of giving
…gay-grips the given
And greatly grows giving
…in the given
Giving-power guides gallant growth of greatness
…which galaxies to glow
…on the giver

Giving is a gift only the gifted can give
So give to the growless and gain a glimpse
…into the guidance of goodness
You grown and glowing
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 26, 2019


(To all my Christian followers, Merry Christmas! This is your special dedication 💕💞💖)

All those looking forlorn and worn
Tap into the horn of this born
…this morn
And think of what he will adorn
…to push your ills to the gone

With the birth comes a light
To shine bright your dark
With this birth comes your sight
To gage right your mark
With His birth comes your delight
To call right your herald’s hark
Jesus the baby’s birth is hope for your journey of freedom
In each Christ and Holy kingdom

It is a truck of luck
It is a sign of laughter
It is a sign of hidden stars
…gaining a stage-like moon
It is a love divine
It is a care of mercy
It is a sacrifice which suffices to wash
…all sinful edifices
So celebrate in a jubilation
And follow the growth of fresh breath
…to your wins
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 25, 2019


“He has taken his time
…like a reluctant groom walking the aisle
…in paying his debt
What does he think?”
Kwesi spat and puffed
“I must get my money this 24th
…or we’ll both land in jail”

When he saw Komla
He held his collar and asked to be paid
The fire from his eyes
The dire from his tone
The steam from his nose
The standing of his ears
…left no ounce of warning uncommunicated
Komla took out his phone
And asked for a number to send it to
Kwesi gave him Akua Baah’s number

Akua Baah saw the message
…and couldn’t believe it
“2000 cedis received from…”
Who could have done this?
But she thought it was the scammers at their spamming best
So neglected
Until she received the call

I’m very sorry
I think you should’ve asked before sending
I owe the network 2200 cedis
So they’ve taken everything
The worst thing is that
…I don’t know when I’ll get that kind of money
…to pay back
In my defense, I didn’t ask you to send it
…so you can’t give me pressure”

Kwesi couldn’t believe his ears
The electrocution of his senses
He couldn’t ask the phone to reproduce his money
And couldn’t call the network to present a case
He shouted until he collapsed
This is the tale
…of a virtual lending
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 24, 2019


The festive fever
The needing needles
The steaming shivers
The growling giggles
Nothing fetches fire on a heading head
…in money’s dire lair
…than the festive fever!

The dresses
…which will end in messes!
The jewelries
…which might not taste many Junes before acting jokes!
The shoes
…which might scream boos in loses which might call soon!
The foods which will turn unmentionables
…and their sorry booze which might snooze zoos in loos
Add them to the ghosts of angry chickens
The bɛɛs of aggrieved goats
Add them to the moos of unhappy cows
And the broken trust of lost sheep
And you get the perfect
…festive fever!

Although many make merry
…in meetings happily made
Loud noises will add to draining headaches!
Poor choices will add to begging voices!
Unannounced visits will add to complaining bathrooms!
Poor singing will add to leaching preaching!
All making knockouts sound like hellish bombs!
Do you feel it?
Do you feel the festive fever?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 23, 2019


Worship the earth
…before worshipping the sky
For the earth gifts you a standing
…before head can raise to watch the sky

A light that shines outside its zone
And darkens its surroundings
…surely raises eyebrows
Arms whose gifts
…their legs know nothing about
Surely are questionable

What shame it will be
…if an outside sweeper’s house
…is seen languishing in dirt
Teeth of enemies would surely have a field day
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 22, 2019


Pearl oh see
…see the mockery walking on legs of your nation
…as head!

Pearl oh see
…see the cruelty parading your realm
…as a magnanimous comedian!


Pearl oh see
…see monsters wearing wools of change
…in a heated unfairness!

Pearl oh see
…you shut jubilation doors after a major win
And in outs shots in the breasts of a haunting grief!

Since none sees the be, Pearl oh see
You’re under a clown
…who flags y’all down
Spitting fire to burn hope
Raining hard to drown all that helps to cope
Causing tsunamis to destroy hard earned prestige
Still –
…power helps your nemesis
…divide a mighty nation
…into a battlefield
Pray you don’t end up scooping ashes
…from your hard earned trees of development
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 21, 2019


A lioness
…temporarily turning mouse
…to erase fears of a cat
…and help the cat feel fat
…for familiarity to breed ease
A shivering formula
…still steps worthy

…till shrouds

In a world which has whipped my faith
…and maimed my hopes
In a world which has crippled my yearnings
…and gagged my triumphs
In a world which has ridden my fantasies
…and bitten my emotions
I sit on dilemic needles and fiddle thoughts
…of crossing this line
…to you
But I need your nod

By crossing this line
…I’ll be making you a home for my scars
By crossing over to you
…I’ll be making you a home for all my chasing demons
By crossing the line of our two worlds
…I’ll be making you a home for my emotional disabilities
By crossing over this line
…you’ll be mine in shine and whines
…all the hazy and crazy and shady and muddy
A going back will be impossible
…will I get the nod?

I’ve perks which will push you
…up the mountain of happiness
I’ve a spirit
…which will gift you the chit to own this she
I’ve a soul
…which will love you whole
By crossing this line
…you’ll own them all –
…the love
…the hatred
…the anger
…the adorables
…the monsters
…the angels
…the fort
…the titillating journey of a curious experimentalist
…will you give it?
Will you give your nod
…as scissors to cut the sod
…of this line for my crossing?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 21, 2019


Ɔman yi mu amaman
…ayan te sɛ sikan
Oyiwan mu suman
…ɛkyiran te sɛ saman
Ɔhaw yi mu abakan
…ne suatra suban
Prɔyɛ a ɛhyɛfa wɔ yɛn apakan-
…mu, adane nkoguo sekan
Sɛ yɛ hia ɛban ɛnɛ yi a
…ɛne yɛn amamrɛ sankɔfa
Nso hwan n’ɛbɛ di kan
…ama ɔman nan adi akyire?

Hwɛ atemuafo ɛkyɛ
…abrɔfo nsamanfo mpo mfa wɔn ho
Hwɛ adwumayɛfo ntadehyɛmu
…anyɛ abrokyire funu a ɛkasa a ehia adwodwo mframa a
…na ɛyɛ amanɔne mboduaba
Hwɛ yɛn kwansen mu nuane
…ɛndane, sɛbi, mpete agyanan?
Na yɛn anum kasa ayɛ?
…Ɛna merekeka bobɔ mu yi o!

Sɛ yɛn a yɛ deɛ mfata yɛn
Na amanfofro deɛ egya y’anibre
…a ɛhyɛ yɛn amirika
…mpo wɔ krɔno mu
…ma yɛ ti sika akɛseɛ kɔ tɔ
Sɛ yɛn nnyɛ yɛ kro mma no mfata
…na yɛ de mpiriho tutu akwan
Sɛ yɛn nnwomasua nsɔ y’ani
Na yɛ de anibere kɔ sua wɔ afoforɔ aman so
Yɛ bɛ yɛ dɛn akɔkan?
Yɛ bɛ yɛ dɛn akɔkan?

Y’ayɛ afɛfuodeɛ adwamanbɔfoɔ
…adane nnuɔmafo agyanan
Nsɛm yi di ka
Nso Amoafowaa anka a
…hwan na ɔbɛka?
Ɔman yi nam yɛ suban so bɔ ka
Aniwa aniwa abɔ wɔn ho anifra a
…Abena ano nka?
Nsesa mframa bɔ dabiara
…nso me gyina nea me gyina kokomu ɛban yi mmbu ntɔ
Yɛn nyɛ suban yi mu nsesa
…na ɔman yi nsakrapa awo ahodwoda

Nsakrayɛ yi bɛ yɛ w’ahotɔ
Nsakrayɛ yi bɛ yɛ m’ahotɔ
Nti nka sɛ m’anopɔ
Na tu ho anibere anamon
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 20, 2019


Bests brush into a bore
Cutting conversations
…converting content
But believe that I’ll break no boundaries
…in bores of buddies
Such burdens will break no bone
…of my brain

Carry your cross
Bear your burdens
Box your beef
But break no backs
…into burning burnt brunts

You yield, yoke and yell
Friends turning foes in fists and fights
…call no contagion
I’ll jump no joy to joke on justice
…just to justify pledges
Your foe can be my friend
…even as we friend
That is the heart of objectivity
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 20, 2019


Greed has somehow met its seed
…in a feed that drags its deeds
Days when deadly docks shipped
…and grazed down our bests
…without questioning
…are growing unwelcome

…when pets bet in jets without vets
Yet innocents were made wet
…with regrets
…and frets
…and get let into nets
…set for them
Are growing unwelcome

Although vultures still fly our days
…and roost their nights with our goodies
Turning us bats during days
…and roosting us at night like fowls
Horrors are growing unwelcome
Thanks to a knocking self realization

We will not let our chests
…grow moulds of walk-overs
Just because of seeds which feed
…the deeds of greed in our midst
Thanks to Odomankomah
…days when we were knitted into footmats
…are growing unwelcome

Our feet are now stepping on the mountain of
Our thoughts are now being unlocked
…out of the barns of sleep
Our hearts are being fenced
…from the feet of crudes
We will get there
We surely will get to the ports
…where peace and pampering
…will dress us on our own land
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 19, 2019


Show me the gate of your sense
To go cleanse it’s dense lenses
…to aid it see
…what needs to be

Give me the keys to the mains
…of your brains
To join understanding veins
…to your sanes
To open up your mind’s gate

Because now you sound like a hound
…found in a not so sound
…mound hole
All humans know and toe the sane
…but you’re acting insane
…calling it your choice
Some choices are voices of noises
…made by deadly drowning depressions

Why many should get depression
…out of your expressions
…form clouds on humanity
If you feel like a superhuman
…turn spirit and evaporate
If you can’t corporate
…turn animal and get a jungle
For opinions clash
…but through the rush of emotions
We learn to blend to end a bad trend
So harmony will weed harm
…off bodies
Life is simple for the open minded
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 18, 2019


Power given is to be shared
Power given is to be faired
Power given is to be wired and lighted to act electricity for all
Power given is not like power taken
Power given is to be organized
Assume super hero wings
…and you’ll crash
A reality parcelled in facts

Leading needs patience
…with loving arms
…consultations and delegations
…needing a many to hold hands
…into a one queue
Charting paths to honour the whole

There can only be disagreers
…not enemies
There can only be challengers
…not destroyers
There can only be different perspectives
…not ruiners
All it takes is a channel of conversation
…that tunnels to all minds on board
…with an end shine

Leading as an eagle
…and branding all chickens
…even for a good cause
Is no victory
For an us in doing adds satisfaction
…and a reputation gargantuan
Talk of a unifier
Talk of a revered
Talk of a heart many will kill to heart on!
Leading is no soldiering on a battlefield

So share the power given
…like a boss
Toss out odd thoughts
…leaving a legacy better than the previous
We emulate to refine
…not to confine
A hay torch-bearer plays with no water
…in a leading dark
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 17, 2019


Aduse Poku
…raise an eye from your ancestral palace
…and come see
What used to cast us into bins
Now headlights beauty to fit us in
…just open an eye to see
…what used to bring us shame
…and was thought too lame
…needing to like an animal, be tamed
…now bringing us fame

When priceless was made less
And priceful was made expensive
The world was truly upside down
The former used to put on fires of self doubt
…and low esteem
The latter was made pompous
…over a boughtful feat
But now truth turns the tide
And I’m enjoying the ride

Just as fishes value their fins
And birds value their wings
Days run from the future toward us
…holding the unending structure of our value
And it is pretty
…as well intelligent

Fighters are holders of these torches
So your lasses have great futures being built
…in wait for them
So Aduse Poku
…raise your eyes and see your kind
…building on your independence and greatness
…which was deemed crazy
…climbing in freedom
With their black skins
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 16, 2019


As some blacks act snakes to shed their skins
As some Asians act carpenters
…to sandpaper their skins
As some whites act toasts
…to darken their skins
And some people act boards
…to write on their skins
How do you feel?
Just how do you feel as God?

Most of your creations covet
…what their others don’t boast of
Some shorties want to be tallers
Some tallers want to be shorties
Some slim bodies crave flesh
Some fleshy bodies are dying to be slim
Some pump their mouths like baloons
…to be plumpier
Some crave for small mouths to act lovelier
Some go to add bigger to their boobies
Some go to get cuts off their boobies
What about the back shapers?
Hip adders?
Eyes wideners?
I want to know how you feel
Just let me know how you feel as God

Because humans cry about ingratitude
Some kill themselves when they try so hard
…and satisfaction seems far
In a creation in your like
…which burns with hurts
…trying to act right by their beloveds
I wonder how you act
As you watch us try our remakes
How does it make you feel?
Just how does it make you feel as God?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 2019


I see a boat wrinkling the sheets of the sea
It’s sailor in a fantastic ride
…canoeing in bliss

I see a body in the sea
…being bitten by jealous sharks
Every goosebump happening above
…falling tears sea waters consume
And I wonder why

If you love your sailor
…share your pair
…knowing his paddle can stay not yours
If his paddling hurts your bosom
…get a boat
…and swim in sync
If you can’t share his paddle
…swim ashore and ditch your bore
There is the option of staying
…till the sharks bite to kill you
But will your paddling pair still care?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 14, 2019


Asare kɔ asrɛ
…kɔ srɛ srɛ aaa
…kɔ srɛ ɛsrɛ a yɛ de bɔ ban
…ɛsrɛ a abuso wɔ nwura mu
…ma amanfoɔ de sereɛ bɔ ne kahyire
Nso ɔsuwa aniwuo te sɛ nsuo a ɛwɔ ahina mu

Nkɔnkɔnsa mpanpan kyerɛ a
Asare ayɛ sɛ abirekyie no
Yɛ de aniwuo dani abaa
…bɔ no tuu tuu koraa
Adekyeyɛ bɛ bɔ no awerefere
…ama n’asan akɔfa ne srɛ akofena
…akyini Mansrɛso

Nkyerɛase bebree na ɛnenam n’asrɛ yi ho
Ebi sɛ
…ɔyɛ abɔfra no
…ne maame de oyiwan na na etwitwa ne mmɔwere
Angyae no krɔno na egya no asrɛsrɛ
Ebisɛ ɛyɛ duabɔ na ama n’ayɛ saa
Ebi sɛ ɛyɛ bɔdam aniateyɛ
Ebi nso ɛkeka sɛ ɛyɛ akwadwurɔ

Asrɛ nnyɛ krɔno dieɛ
Nso ne dodow yɛ abufuw
Ne nnipa ho yɛ ahofono
Ɛna ne nnipa adamfofa ho yɛ aniwu
Asrɛ nnyɛ dua a
…nnipa tena ne suban ase
…gye mframa daa
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 13, 2019


Lives left to languish in loss
…live without luck
…learn with limitations
Sorrows sailed through servitude

“Soul’s smacked with slavery”
“Bloomed berries replanted in burns”
There’s been many of such analogies
But this is a year of celebration
A year of jubilation
A year we know we can harvest greatness
…from the sadness of yesteryears

Whereas skins covereth blood
And hundreds of years have put a loss
…on returning home
We know our own just by looking
And the prejudices that separated us
Surely have been killed with the situation
Come home
Come home to Ghana
…using your blackness as tickets
Come home to Ghana
And feel the warmth of the breasts
…that fed your roots
Come home to Ghana
…and build your roots to par the boots
…which hurts your citizenship
This is the Year of Return

Although we might not meet with ready parcels
…and palanquins for your welcoming
Know a step on our ports means freedom
…a walk on our land means justice
…a breath of our air means love
And live your best lives here
…your home

You’ll not be lonely
Because every being is a relative
You’ll not feel strange
Because in most mouths
…sit your greetings
You’ll not feel lost
…because in every finger
…lies your direction
You’ll not feel left out
…because on most faces
…shine your smiles
This is your Year of Return

You can come and shed the tears of oppression
But know we have rooms for you here
And our dears will steer your cheers
…and our cheers will show we care
Because love is what we plant
And success is what we hope
…will reroot you here
Your homes

When you come to Ghana
Come with tongues of white sheep
Not with tongues of wounded pride of lions
For most of our ears love bleating
…and not roaring

When you come to Ghana
Know shit is from the rear holes of humans
And fuck is the conversation of waist landers
…in crude ways
If you precede it with “mother”
…and succeed it with “er”
You’ll commit an utter abomination
Bitches are female dogs
…a human comparison is a slap on the face
…in multitudes

Don’t get me wrong
We’re strong enough to have all belong
But an obedient child creates a welcome
…that harmonizes hearts
And a fitting-in
…needs a learning
So do well in all
And come and feel at home
Come and be at home
This year-
This Year of Return
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 13, 2019


To fight a rabid dog
…you need a sane lion
With sharp claws
…and canines
One who rules the jungle with sense
…and intimidation

To fight a rabid dog
All fleshes must be iron covered
Earplugs must act ammunition
Chains should be ready to cuff derangement
To fight a rabid dog

You know they’ll kill cats no matter their fierceness
You know they’ll bite cows
…no matter their hugeness
You know they can chase antelopes
…no matter their swiftness
To fight a rabid dog
…you need
…you so need
You really really need
…a sane and healthy lion
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 12, 2019


What are the ingredients of your tears?
No honey
No money
No talent
No friends
No beauty
Whatever that lives to feed off your emotions
Whatever that flies to peck on your happiness
Whatever that sails to fish out your laughter
…with the gun of your mind

What are the ingredients of your fears?
A poor future?
A lonely life?
Societal whips?
Lies stripped to truth?
Whatever that lives to act base of your fears
Whatever that lives to act dough in your fears
Whatever that lives to garnish your fears
…with the strength of the knowledge that
…nothing does live forever
…not even you talk less your pesty fears

So play happy to kill your sadness
Play strong to kill your weaknesses
Play busy to kill off your loneliness
Play rich to drown poverty in a pool of positivity
Antonyms kill their opposite emotions
…than their synonyms
So play the deviant until you ripe
…on this tree of life
So you can rightfully be plucked
…in a welcome harvest
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 11, 2019


December 10 is too hard to remember
It shows the blood in all red
And builds dark clouds in all my skies
As your thoughts roll like waves
…to the shores of my mind

December is a month I dread
It stopped my happy years
By taking Aduse Poku on its 26th
And taking you on its 10th
And taking Grandma Ama on its 27th
How do I live through such void
Even as this innocent December stares?
I dread them all but I wish I could skip through the 10th

I don’t know how people do it
But my mouth opens the taps of my eyes
…at your mention
My mind fetches regrets at your thoughts
And your thoughts drain all happiness in your hosting
That visit in my dream did naught to clear the sadness

It’s been a hard year
A hard year that I’ve worked to shirk the thoughts of you
It’s been a hard year
A hard year I’ve jumped your thoughts
…to act cool
It’s been a hard year
A hard year
…I’ve lived like a fly in a body that claps
But no second clears you in my upper room
And breaths feel like poisonous doom

But you’re my baby
And I live like your mother
Knowing a reversal is my impossicant
Knowing you wait to take my hand
…at the end
That you’re well rested and playing pain in its pleasure
Pauses my pain sometimes
But missing you is all I do
Loving you is all I do
Wanting you is all I do
Needing you is all I do
For you are a me I can never let go
No matter the voice that calls
…for a mental separation
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 10, 2019


1. Christians
2. Muslims
3. Traditionalists
4. Others

1 and 2
…3 and 4
With their slippery palms
Hold on to the vehicle of beliefs
…falling from a high cliff
Fear of their seeds boarding the falling vehicle
…driving their strength which falls them along

Tricks can turn sticks then bricks to hurt
Just as good can better and better can best
Bad can worsen and worse can worst
You’re wondering how?

Why won’t I wonder how?
Nana Nyankopong is not an idiot
He created a fertile pot and a tree sack
The latter planting life seeds in the former
Why else will the Bible ask us to multiply
…like sea sands?

Ask again Yaaba!
How can it get worse?
He claims he wants to marry a man
And wants us to be without worry
Sorry, I just can’t help but worry
As I look at you
I can see our future grandchildren
…being flushed down some unmentionables
Yaaba stop crying!
You’re making me teary!

Well, you’ll come to accept it
The shouting won’t wash
I did worse than you
But who can win against their children?
I for one worried about his rear hole
Wondering if the misdirected poundings
…won’t affect his bowel movements
Until I was told he was the top
I consoled myself with the fact that he does it to another
…and will live with his back intact
At least he won’t rot from his rear
And saddle me with the sadness of burying him

Wicked man!
I didn’t know wickedness was your family trait
So my son should suffer bowel troubles
Whiles yours walks around as a man of a man?
Have you no shame?
How do you bring up your children?
Anyway, Sister Zara’s girl has now turned man-girl
But it seems no one has noticed

Stop talking about girls on girls
They’ll get tired playing with their many holes
…and chase husbands in churches
Serious issues abound
You guys are lucky
An Ewe man like me now lives disgraced
Where is my Kuvi?
I hear he now lives as Mandy somewhere in the Unclean Shit!
Your “Ewoo” consoles me not!
He actually did run away to cut off his manhood
…an Ewe manpower which many men dream to have!
I hear he dug a hole beneath him
And grew breasts
Just so idiots can gain access to a hole under his person! Mawu!

How will God recognize him on judgement day?
This is like a bizaar movie!
You gave birth to a man
…only to end up with an artificial woman!
Imagine God calling Kuvi!
Then a small voice corrects him
…Mandy please!

Such silly jokes!
You all act as if the world has ended
Education is like light
…get it to see your paths in this dark
You all have it easy
There are those who build horns on their heads
Those who tattoo their eyes like demons
Those who grow their bodies into monsters
So let your children be
At least they live as they really want to live
Enjoying their lives with their other halves
They act themselves
They have the right…

Maame Ama, Afiba, Amofa
Hold that Jessica!
You’re one of the people who help corrupt our children!
You’re one of the evil people
…who help turn our boys into second hand women
Rights! Rights! Rights!
Are killing our cultures
Beat her!
Teach her a lesson!

That was how Jessica lost an eye
And nearly lost her life
But for the timely arrival of Papa Prosi
Who was called by Mr. Asamoah
What do we do with these hanging clouds?
Do we let the dark hold their marks
…and live the light of its hatred?
It sure is a trick which has kicked us
…with the sticks of surprise
As the practical kisses are missed in darkness
…and thoughts get pissed off with theories
The final verdict of change or otherwise
…is a suspenseful wait
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 9, 2019


Some happy pictures tell opposite stories
And depict antonyms of glories
Some divine pictures frame many sorries
And need many backward lorries
…for their true stories to show
So kill no self esteem
…with pictures of happy beam

There are wailings behind some laughter
There are heartaches behind some smiles
There are hurts behind some glow
There are failures behind some successes
So skip your tripping and keep your head –

If you can taste the thorns in some comfortable beds
And can feel the burns under some complex showers
If you can taste the sourness in some fancy meals
And can taste the boiling in some branded shoes
If you can feel the bites in some expensive clothes
And can feel the cuts of some wealthy crowns
You’ll laugh aloud in a crowd
…thanking your maker
…for making you saner

Some attention is detention in pretensions
Some secrets unknown are secrets scary
Some sourceless power
…have sourceful damnation
So covet no display
…needing praises to document traces
…to save faces
When your mirrors are all you need
To feed your deeds
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 8, 2019



I thought fame and riches
…gets all the treasure
I thought name and power
…do always tower
So how did one with a Jesus skin
And supreme air
…with packed pocket
Sitting on one of the world’s biggest throne
…get dethroned by mockery?


Did he just see his friends turn foes?
Did love sink to hatred hosted by his best?
Oh wows turning hows!


I can see the golden hair
…feeling unfair
…wanting to dare
…hating its airs
Orange skin touring through books to get the genuine
…who is never there
How does it feel to be backstabbed
…even with all the powers in hand?

Under a



Lessons peep from his ocean’s deep
Money and fame are no tickets to reverence
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 11, 2019


Nkasɛi akono nkonimdifoɔ
Awiaden ano mɔdinmmɔfoɔ
Nsubrane ano akukudurofoɔ
Mmoadonoma huhuuhu mbɔ mo hu
Mfifire ne awɔ nnyɛ mpa mo aba
Sɛnea mo nnyim asaase ma ɔwɔ yɛn nuaba
Na mo yɛn wɔn ma wɔn som yɛn yɛm deɛ
Yɛ ma mo ayekoo!

Y’akuma pono nyinaa nsafoa
…kura akuafoɔ
Yɛn tɛkrɛma ayeyi kɛse n’ara
…gyina akuafoɔ so
Yɛn nyini ne yɛn ahoɔden fa kɛse n’ara
…gyina akuafoɔ so
Akuafoɔ ne yɛn teaseɛnam wɔ y’ɛnkwa mu

Enti ndidi ɛmmin
…nkesu ɛnda
…a wonda akuafoɔ ase
Enti ɛnkasa ɛnto w’abasa ɛnsa
…a wonyi akuafoɔ ayɛ
O ɛnwisa w’ano ɛnɛ da yi
…a wondwene akuafoɔ ho
Efisɛ aduane nfiri asaase mu nyini anwanwasoɔ
Ɛyɛ nnipa brɛ ne nfifire
…ɛna ɛnyɛn nnɔbae

Enti piri ɛkwan pa
…ma wɔn nnyuma pa
Ɛyɛ a, piri sika a ɛfata
…ma wɔn brɛ pa
Piri nfidie pa
…ma wɔn nfa nhyɛ wɔn nnɔbae
…na amprɔ
Okuafoɔ biara nkwa ho hia
Sɛ ɔde mfidie na ɛyɛ adwuma o
Sɛ ɔde ne nsa n’ɛdɔ o
Mpo wɔn ho fi hia mo ne yɔ
Efisɛ akuafoɔ na ɛmma yɛn asetena faango
…ma yɛ de di ateasefoɔ dwa
…wɔ asaase yi so
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 6, 2019


Let’s weed the harm out of our farms
Let’s rid the mocks out of their stocks
Let’s rid their poor out their recognition door
Let’s walk our talk of their respect and honour
For who is human without farmers?

Why money turns honey to bully
…our farmers
Why dirt pet our farmers
…to disgust their feds
Why wrong strings their strong
…to affect their belongings
Constitute a force of loss to all

…better manage to their advantage
Oh Sages,
Better pay to shine their rays
Leaders –
Better think to link their hardwork
…to fair remuneration
Cutting wastes off their sweats with industrious plans
Encouraging the young to take their tools
…without feeling like bulls
…and eventual fools
If we are what we eat
We must learn to not cheat
…those who farm our foods
For their unhappiness
…surely is mankind’s defeat
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 6, 2019


…tell Leila to tell Niima
…that Rafia has been killed and buried in herself
Her body is now a walking coffin
…without her being in there
How did it happen you ask?

Just last three nights
Awudu’s lust drove his monsters
…to cast Rafia in his dubious feast of rape
That innocent girl was forced to taste womanhood
…and pushed by pain to old age
…jumping passions and love
Thanks to Awudu’s scissors of ruthlessness

Found in her first blood
Awudu was summoned and an eyewitness was called
Having been caught
He pleaded not guilty and pushed his wrong
…on desire
Rafia’s father and other elders met
…to see to the right punishment
And came out with marriage
They claimed
…food already soiled with one hand
…must be gifted to the hand
…in magnanimity
My heart sank

How a young girl was punished to marry
…her terrorist
And banished to live as his second wheel
…frustrates me still
I ask how she will cope
Seeing the face that tore her innards
Stealing her childhood
…and skipping her teens into adulthood
Lawfully climbing her in his bought bed

Does she have a vocation?
Oh no!
Can she feed herself in his location?
… Hell no!
Will she turn a servant?
… Oh yes!
Can she live to laugh?
… How possible?
How she turned food to her folks
And got sold to a thief
…shows the unfairness that drives
…the code of men
The unfairness that will kill her each day
…till her forever ever after
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 5, 2019


A heart opens like a flower
Once the right sunshine of tenderness
…the right dosage of rain of love
…and the right amount of air of care
Bless its growth
When it does
…appearances don’t matter
Poverty won’t close it
Opinions won’t shut it
For its beats will only follow the drumming
…of its benefactor
And its feet will dance to the songs of happiness
So grow halls to work your needs
…you with yearning aches
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 4, 2019


Rant your can’t and use it as shan’t
…to grant your couldn’t a tried
Shout your bouts and use them as clouts
…to flout the doubts which battle your giving up
But know
…there are many living on boats
…with light coats
…on bloated snow in your dream heaven

Use your high to buy the lie
…that you fly above all
…neglecting the calls of your highest
Dance one chance that can enhance more chances away
…like a dunce
Forgetting a happened calls for more happening
…each day
But know
…there are hares waiting to dare the fair for a deal
…using their souls as fare

Life is strife holding knives to cut and shape
…day after night after dawn till another day
…in an ever rolling dice
Your own never disowns you
…even if you’ve shown your rots and nots
So live to relive with a determined self revival
Giving your all for your own
Until life throws your breath
…out of its can
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 3, 2019


Her eyes glued on him
Her pores raised their skirts
…of goosebumps
…in their yearning for him
Even thoughts of his possible touch
…rained her clouds of passion
So she boldly went for him
…and succeeded

Her dear Kwabena Appiah was ditched
…like a chewing gum emptied of sweetness
Forson’s fine figure,
His impeccably fitting apparels,
His alluring perfumes,
His flawless skin,
His six packs and
…his designer products,
None spoke of costs

But a little time is all it took
…to get the demands flowing
Money for clothes
Money for the gym
Money for skin products
Money for fuel
Money for his time
She began to see the formula on his pictures
…she lost
…in her fascination
When she spoke
…she was reminded of the long queue in wait
…should she default

No matter how hard her body wanted him
She saw not the route to keep him
For she owned no bank
And certainly owned no money tree
She had no wealth
And knew no hardwork which could sustain his demands
So she let go
But her ex had combed the rest and found a gem
Leaving her stranded in regrets

She learned too late
…that gold once refined
…needs a secured vault
…and a rich hand to keep it
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 2, 2019


Love is one of the strongest rums
…of emotions
Just the right dose
…keeps the heart aboard the ship of happiness
…balancing challenges in smooth sails
An overdose arrests cognition
…defies will
…kills shame
…suppresses ego and pride
…blinding and deafening and numbing all odds

An alcoholic drunk
…has better fate than a love drunk
As the former is blessed with temporal insanity
…the latter might languish in perpetual insanity
…being ruled by a force all eyes see in the wrong
…but the controlled

Those who never drink from the love rum
…are better off than the overdose
For lack of excitement compares not to shame and derangement
So sip with a tip
…after a toe has dipped to taste
Don’t sip with your hip
…do your legs equip to avoid a slip
So you will not comatose in your body
…and made a robot of another
If the wake be long
…your regrets can fetch an arrow to pierce
…the heart of your future
Draining the blood of your hope
…till its anemic frame breaks
…killing your whole
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 1, 2019


We came as individual islands
…and formed a nation
Holding hands of countries far and wide
…through play and laughter
…on the pate of Naivasha
Where freedom is like breath for every living being
And opinions are affordable
…for each and every soul
…a nation of unity and understanding
…knowledge sharing and bonding

I saw them all
…the good that added on privileges
…sandwiched by care and love and talents and greatness
…garnished with passion
Even the homely birds
…have spoken of our token of strength
…through their kwaa kwaa
And nature has shown us its beauty even in its wild
…a nation of unity and understanding
…knowledge sharing and bonding

Sterre’s playfulness and smiles
Added to Jennifer’s warmth and care
Are like rain on a famishing land
Justine’s passion for Ethiopian dishes and Poutine
Added onto his knowledge and directions
…are like songs of flowing rivers
Nick’s friendliness
…Nina’s motherliness
Rossini’s tutoring
Dave’s gentlemanliness
Boroto’s knowledge and passion for Africa
Patrick’s love for food and hope for fairness in humanity
Hadija’s openness
Thandiwe’s laughter
Emily’s psychoanalitical support
Lydia’s adorable workaholism laised with her 1200 worded essay threats
Naz’s exciting promises of date nights
Kabwela’s royalty
Fiona’s experiences
Herbert’s supportiveness
John-Mary’s inspiration
Nancy’s assertiveness
Fabrice’s fineness
Mischael’s attentiveness
Selena’s cool shining personality
Ben’s love for nature
Spencer’s industrious talents and love for beer
Dione’s bubbliness
Renato’s adventurousness
Rony’s athletism
Isabella’s soft-spokenness
Freda’s fun side
Teneille’s helpfulness and brightness
Riley’s love for sustainable development
Frederic’s love to see others succeed
April’s tactfulness
Alexa’s sleepy headedness
Miles’ refreshing addition
Victor’s love for photography
And the light that comes from the smiles
…and beauty of the important others
…form a heaven on this here Naivasha land
…a nation of unity and understanding
…knowledge sharing and bonding

Rest is best served Kumvana!
Fun is best served Kumvana!
Hurts are best shed Kumvana!
The revival of soul is best done by Kumvana!
…a nation of unity and understanding
…knowledge sharing and bonding
This is an experience of a lifetime
And experience to cherish forever
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © November 30, 2019