What is good about me?
I am a pen
Who shines bright in sadness
Selling my pain
As traders sell their goods
With and without shame

What is so good about me?
I am a pen envied in happiness
Selling success as the sky gives rain
Standing far and untouchable
Receiving bullets of curses
From heard and unheard sources

What is good about me?
No matter what I am
I show my all
If I am a flower
I show my thorns like a priced soldier
My thorns show all blood sucked
Maring my beauty with cruelty
No matter the soap of clearance

What is good about me?
A chirpy hand in all stances
Gratifying the gracious
Satisfying the melancholic
A vulture around funerals
Carving beauties from pain
Always wearing the clothes of all
To feel the pinches and pleasures
Marking references where none sit
I am a bleeding rose
One whose colour is seen by the colours of seasons
What is good about me?
What is good about me?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c)1st August, 2016



Drama can be really fun and the same can be with poetry when they are experienced separately but have you imagined what the blend of drama and poetry could spark up?

The enactment of poems supported by good music produced from instruments like the keyboard, flute, and acoustic is what a group of young artists are coming together to do to commemorate the 27th anniversary since president Nelson Mandela was released from prison at Robin Island.

The program organized by Play House in partnership with the W.E.B Dubois Centre would be headlined by poet and playwright Oswald Okaitei along other acts.

Also, a book titled Mandela, The Soul of His Earth would be launched on the day.

27 poems will be presented in a dramatic form on the day, December 4, this year also marking two years since the glorious passing away of the great African legend and world icon.

An exhibition of paintings by Efo Sela Kodjo Adjei would also be on display on the day.

Venue is the W.E.B Dubois Centre at exactly 5:00pm.

Admission is FREE.

There will be an elegy to commemorate the sudden passing of Ghana’s Master Dancer & Choreographer, Prof. Nii Yartey.

Media Supporters include GBC 24, Multi Tv (Joy News), Graphic Showbiz, Insight Newspaper, Citi fm, Tv Africa, Radio Gold, Flex Newspaper
There will also be Exhibition of art works as beads, clothing, paintings, etc



I am hoarding a lioness

In the cave of my heart

Yet smiling like the sun

Deceiving the depressed

As if I am cool



It can be raining cats and dogs in blood

Flooding the cave and killing its space

But even in the darkest of times

The moon appears on my face

Deceiving the depressed as if I am cool



I am cool like the breezes

I am cool like the birds being chased by guns

I am cool like the rat being chased into a smoking hole

I am cool so I try to say I am cool

If I say I am cool repeatedly, I will definitely look cool

As if I am cool

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Where are the mouths?

The mouths wherein lie the real stories?

The real stories guarded by fiery soldiery intents of deceit?


Let them loose!

The stories which have true buildings

True buildings in which kisses never solves all

Yes, never solves all hurt puzzles


Let them loose!

The stories which house horror habours

Habours where magic sticks hide

To hide none in magic beauty

Only to leave when love lights to glow in its stead


Let them loose!

The stories wherein sit pains like kings

Who ask to be pampered by feelings waneable

Feelings fleeting

Feelings sourly bitter with tinges of sweetness

Faintly polished with passion paints

Hiding swords, needles and blood

From dazzled eyes who seek same


Let them loose!

Let them loose and save lives!

Open the doors of the beehives!

Let all see how bees treat thieves!

Thieves who seek to steal their tired lives!


I know now

I know how Cupid treats those who steal into mansions of love

I know now

And I hate to see others sent on that deceptive errand

So let them loose!

Those stories where possession of madness cause blindness

Until a huge stumbling block harms

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2015


The widow
Has shut hurt windows
Which need opening in love
Where accusations are rolled into bouncing balls
Thrown and blocked into its little tiny holes
It turns into a bomb
Which blasts to ashes
What little will there is

Please, have compassion
At least, have a heart
Like a mirror on the wall,
She stands
Showing you the future of your beloveds
Take the opportunity and learn
To attract the support for your future generation
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015



Tingly tickles tell trophies,
Trials tails tops and turns
Try twinkling like a twinkling star
Or trip in trails while training
But trophies laughed and told tt
That they are the top many must reach
While tt is the fuel which drives seekers to them
What I learnt from the discourse?
Everything has its grand, medium, small and failures
Knowing ones’ place is the ticket to the top
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


The taste of pepper differs

From the taste of onion


The taste of tomato differs

From the taste of carrots


The taste of cucumber differs

From the taste of green beans


But like soldiers with different abilities,

They, under the commander of fire, hold hands to fight the enemy of hunger


Know the blend

And lend a hand.


Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014