Sweet sensational pangs
Hold my being and hangs
Twisting my heart and lungs
Showing their powers and fangs
My passion’s head is in their fangs as they bang
Making it forget the song that sanity sang
When it once fell into hands of cruel boiling gangs

I swear I want to feel like Ana Steel
Under the whip of Christian’s chill
As passion burns as insanities steal
As fear holds a quill when fulfilments thrill
But none does seem to get the feel
Let alone to make a deal
Let alone to think to heal
So I am strapped in fantasy which promises to kill

I need the bearer of the ray
Burning from mad Cupid’s sun’s say
To meet my acquaintance and beg to stay
To make everyday my best sun’s day
Whether there be mud or chattering hay
To help me breathe in all my lays
Then I promise to have them a pay

Because I want to be flogged
Like a horse who is one plugged
I want to be whipped
By a mafia so equipped
I want to be flipped
Like a thief who has been stripped
I want to be hanged
Like a puppet who can’t say jack

It is raining passions in fire
Being fuelled by my horrid empire
Which needs a quencher to call a sire
As it screams its needs are dire
At this point I could even hire
And could care less if qualification is a liar
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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