A great friend is like a clean river
In days of drought
A good friend is like the most delicious meal
In days of hunger
A good friend is like rain
When you, like the earth, scatter in dust,
They fall to piece you together

A good friend is like thunder
Giving shortest light in darkest times amidst roaring
To hold your sanity and dust for clarity
A good friend is like a measuring tape
Straightening in your crookedness
Telling the height of your impact
Width of your capabilities
Breadth of your failures
Wrapping your emotions in care and love

A good friend is the shoes of childhood
The diary of teenage
The pillow of adulthood
And the crown of old age
That is who you are
That is who you’ve been
That is how you bless me
That is who you’ll always be
My beautiful Small Rat and affable Ofui!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Dec. 21, 2018




Free flowing urine

In storing tanks of seen beings

Really give pleasure

It’s little drops of urine

Which burn and cause eyes to tear


One would think they are

Insignificant, but no

They are those who cause burning

Sensations, they do.

Burning sensations known for

Its inter-external tears

(This poem talks about the hurt we feel sometimes about little things. It amazes many when hurtful things fail to hurt us but very little things sends us overboard. It’s nature. We all have things which get to us, but sometimes the little ones do hurt more. That is what I meant by this symbolism.)

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014