As I sit under this shade
In a pit dug by this spade
Needing a chit to be a shade
Will my bit in this here be made?

Let’s say I quit thinking it charade
And I fit into fate’s forbade
Will a hit bite in a decade
And tit a tat for my fade?

…connect the Sire in a dire dial
Creators sure know their formulas
And can fix all that is jinxed
This pit sit in a quit fit
…deserves a knowing chit
…before a worldly exit hit, please!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Jan. 19, 2020


You have been like a shadow
Haunting in my follow
Daunting in my sorrowful hollow
Uncaring even in my Jonah-like-swallow
Call me shallow
But I still can’t you follow

I can’t tell whether you’re farther or a father
I can’t tell whether you’re a monster or a mother
I don’t know what you feed, hurdles or manna?
You seem like an aggressive hen
Kicking chicks even in loving
What is this now?
A balm?
I still can’t you follow

You know the nature of what you create
You know the veins of pride which work with intestines of ego in your created
You know the dept of shame sitting in every pore on this skin
Yet you drag me through mud and dung and faeces and gutters
Shame after pain after jeers after hurts
And show me to the world on a dangling scale
How will I you follow?

Yes, you have watered anger in my fine-hunger
You know you have carved stranger in my loving-manger
And you want to see love in my look above
When I don’t know where your stool sits?
I won’t have me you follow

So take off your heels of thoughts from the tiles of my conscience
This noise makes me feel like a cat
Caught stealing in its dream
When we both know the only trait of cats I own is fierceness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © March 31, 2019


I have been following your mythical silhouette to find its owner
Living like a leaf carried by air in the sky of uncertainty
Anger mixes frustration and disdain
As something seems like anything
All in the can of nothing
But then again
Nothing is the mother of all things
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © Jan. 10, 2019


When I am prompted by tired limbs

And my heart succumbs to pain’s whims

Like a lost puppy my fate slims

As fear in my doubtful seas swims

Oh how the happy world of mine dims

But I am always lifted by your beautiful hymns


I know I have a king above all kings

One who looks above my sins

One who bails and gives me fins

When I am trapped in the seas of sins

And He gives me high wings

When the gun of earth does rings


I am doing my best

So He will give me rest

I know I have His light as my crest

And I have His promises as my nest

Although I mostly act as a pest

A hunt for His love and direction is my quest

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016





The bald lonely tree 

Gets no sympathy from birds

Even when it is in pain


Birds chirp in dancing

Flying here and hopping there

No weather bother


The tree sits under

Be it hotness or coldness

No deliverance


Who sees its hot tears?

Who knows its coldness and fears?

Who can provide shade?


Poor, poor sad clothed tree

Sitting sadly solemnly

Take it all in faith


A saviour will come

One day when you least  expect

With pure protection

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Are storms raging and cursing your life

Browbeating you to hide in fear?

Breathe the breath and have good thoughts

The sun is coming to clear the sky.


Are mouths convening to plan your coup?

Looking on with no clue as to what to do?

Breathe good breath and have good thoughts

Hope is coming to have them closed.


Your hands are tied, your faith is lost

You need things badly but you have no chance?

Breathe good breath and have good thoughts

An angel will come with more of those


Are you alone and wish for love

To fill the void and kill bad thoughts?

Breathe good breath and have good thoughts

You are a nation in the waiting tomorrow.


You might be tight and want to hide

You must be tired and want to rest

Just breathe the breath and have good thoughts

Your time will come and you’ll live fulfilled.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014.




I will stand

I will stand like a peacock


In times of trials


I will stand

I will stand tall like a peacock


In times of hurt


I will stand

I will stand like a peacock


In times of shame


I will stand

i will stand like a peacock


When all else fails


I will stand

I will stand like a peacock


With faith and determination


I will stand

I will stand proud like a peacock.


And when I fall


I will stand

I will stand fast and spread my wings like the peacock.

                     Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014.





Tired limbs

As life’s mountains climb

Roaring voices

Penetrating through the dark hollows of the brains with diverse choices

How does one choose the right 

And make life bright?

And why does faith sits in the unseen hole

Shivering not to be whole

For my touch when need be?

Is faith a she or a he?

Pushing on

Just latching on

Life’s jungle and being haunted

By ghostly troubles and taunted

By eyes unseen and voices unheard

May twist my head

But life must surely present me, at the end of this game, a comfortable bed.





Sometimes, many bad things happen to us and we ask God why. If we happen to sit down and analyse the problem without sympathizing with ourselves, we will see the blessing no matter how faint it may seem. Fear is something no one wishes to encounter, but ask me what I think about it and I will tell you that it is one of the most powerful tools in human uprightness. What is fear? Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that something or someone is powerful or dangerous enough to cause you harm or pain. So to be afraid of something means to see that particular thing as a threat to your life or your valuables.

When I was in Senior High School, the students happened to have have the impression that a woman wearing one red shoe and burning in half was hovering around the school looking to devour whoever she met. I was someone who was easily scared then. Do you want to know how I got to know that fear was all a figment of our imaginations? Simple, because they were foolish enough to make me the woman in question, yes, they claimed I was that woman who wanted to kill students in order to feed my hungry self in hell.

For one thing, I was mad, very angry at being compared to a bad human hunter at first, but upon a second thought, I decided it was for the best. There I was, not being able to contain myself when I heard something was chasing me, there I was even afraid of my own shadow,  if that thing was not blamed on my existence, I would be very much afraid of going to the dormitory alone if I had to. This also helped most students without their knowledge, because they attended preps, something they may not have done under normal circumstances. Believe it or not, the fear of gossips has prevented many sins from taking place and has kept many on their best behaviours.

A man lived with his friend for a long time. They loved each other so much so that he would do everything for his friend, and he thought his friend would do everything for him as well. All the time they lived together, he had been very dependent on him from the time they both completed school although he was the brightest. This man was called Sire and his friend was called Oliver. Sire ended up becoming the house boy of Oliver. There was this pot which was dearer to Oliver than anything. Everyone including Sire refrained from looking at it too much let alone touching it. One day, Sire was asked to bring the pot and dropped it causing it to break; he was sacked instantly by the friend he loved. He lamented for days and slept outside without food nor hope for tomorrow.

A school mate of Sire saw him in that sorry state and decided to help him by helping him get a job. That friend, Andy, then told him of the diabolic Oliver who used black magic to rid his friend of a life worth living. It turns out he was living in and watching a blossomed life that was supposed to be his. Oliver became very poor and a drunk.

So whatever the situation may be, my very difficult life has taught me to tell you that there is goodness in the detail. If only you will sit down and look carefully at the problem, you will find that light, that block of hope, that breakthrough that will get you safely to the safest spot you want to be.

    Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.