Take a seat

And feel the beat

I will make you neat

Relax and give me your feet

You walker who feel defeat


I will massage them

Following through to your leg stem

For they are gems

Which must be clear of germs

They have worked hard


Give me your hands

As you feel the rest of the lands

I am on the stands

With sweet voices of the bands

So there should be no tired hands


I will caress them

Moving up to the hand stem

Remove the callouses

And kiss the smoother to remove jealousies

And rest them on heaven ships


Throw them all out





And be in my seat

For rejuvenation

For you are a nation

Of great adoration


I will beseech them

Cast them away and harm them

Like they harmed you

No need to feel them

You are way on your throne to see them

So rest them

Those parts which have suffered to feed them

ON this day of rest

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

Music And Me.


I decided to take a break from my laptop to see what my proud country’s  television stations had for me.

I tuned in to METRO TV to catch a glimpse of the great match between our own Accra lads,Olympics, which now has ‘Olele’ (our forgotten goalkeeper) in goal post against the herdsmen from the North who are striving for a place in the league. It was an eyesore.

I’ve glued myself to foreign soccer that just watching them play I remembered those days when I used to play football behind that old woman’s house who used to chase after my friends and I. They played the same way just like us, no professionalism. I wondered if it was really future National team players who were at play.

Getting frustrated, I tuned to Adom TV to watch a local movie which will take the pains and sorrows away. After all, rumor has it that our local movies keep the dead alive through laughter. But to my surprise,after  ten minutes of watching, my sorrows got to another higher level. Everything about the movie was disgusting.

TvAfrica had this preacher on and I am not a fan of media preaching so I skipped. Tv3, my favourite station had the  repeat of the audition of Ghana’s Strongest which took place in Tamale. I wasn’t interested so i skipped for my muscles cant even lift a half filled gallon of water.

Gtv,the station of the nation had one of it’s irregular programs on display.

For the three Crystals, their programmes are always predictable even without the programme lineups, local movies on one, preaching, more like for money on another, and talk shows on the other.

KTV and TopTv which I don’t get clearly got me angrier and wondered what is happening in my country.

UTV the station of the people, the station almost everyone likes didn’t have anything better to offer. Just another documentary which wasn’t interesting one bit.

Indeed,frustration built inside gradually. I thought my country could be my line sort of happiness but i was wrong. It worsened the woes and I don’t think I’ll forget it.

Just then I remembered I had a phone with a whole different genre of music. I took that option and to my uttermost surprise music was doing me good.

I had betrayed the friend which had been with me all these years. I also remembered for sometime now,”music has been my only escape from all the bullshit in life.” What a bad friend I had been.

Aside everything, music helped me to be where I am now. The bond between music and me is stronger than the covalent bond. If you feel neglected and all is lost I’ll be up counting my demons,I’ll be singing out loud to keep myself alive.
Music has been my only friend through my rise and fall. Music, I thank you for being there for me.

Gerald Adjei  ©2015