Sea tortoises
…living in their sea in body, soul and spirit
…loving their sea as silver lining love their sky
…working to clean their sea like lotuses in mud
Are worth celebrating –
…when Asaase Yaa chooses to honour its builders
Shikaman bii, oyiwaladɔn!

Strong eagles
…watching and protecting
…as normal eyes sleep
Stamping near security of peace
…sacrificing their strengths for sound sleepers
…risking their lives
For this golden coast turned Ghana to stand!
The tears of dawn
…are but thankful appreciations
For your indefatigable
Nananom nhyira nka mo o!

You crowing cocks
…whose azans and bells
…wake to send us to our handiworks
Like children
…lovingly dragged from beds
…by their proud mothers
Deserve a worthy thanksgiving
On this day when legs and arms of work, rest to be celebrated
Nnaase o!

Oh mighty bookworms!
You who chase words
…into their sentence compounds
And proceed
…to their understanding chambers
Climbing storeys
…to enlighten minds with your finds
Uprooting mountains
…of distracting illiteracy
Throwing light on life paths
…and laws
…and monies
…and fates
Deserve a standing ovation
Would an Ayekoo act shea butter
…to massage the tiredness
…off your minds?
Ayekoo o!

To the sheep who follow to maintain sanity
…aware of the potentials of they
…turning meat in forbidden errors
To the goats who live
…rebelling, receiving lashes
…but determined to station the steering
…of this nation on its proper road
To the dogs who bark
…scaring off oppression
…in protection of our sovereignty
To the owls who watch out
…making sure troubles walk not in sleep
…to give us surprise greetings in attacks
To the trees who shade
…giving breaths to the weary
…shading and protecting our homes through windbreaks
And all the fine species
…in this beautiful near paradise
…whose energies engine our growth
Akpe kakakakaka!

To the vultures
…who perch on pessimistic trees
…in cocoons of corruption
…in coops of indifference
…tearing into shreds
…cloths of patriotism
Mensahs –
…living among our struggling home
We pray for the legs of your minds
…to find the strength
…to tune to the right frequency
…of Radio-Yours-is-Yours
So your shaking left hands
…pointing to your fathers’ houses
…will turn to your bold right hands
This is a day
…when curses are thrown to a hopeless apata
So you too take your thanksgiving
To bring to bear
…the beautiful turn around
…we anticipate
…for a raise in national productivity

Asaase Yaa
…Abɛ kann a ɛnni awieɛ
Ɛde nnaase a ɛnni kabea
…ma mo
Yes, Ama Ghana
…gives thanksgiving wearing mmari-ntama
…scented by gratefulness
…adorned by pride
To you all, on this day
Singing –
…to you children of the land
Working your souls into its hopeful building
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May 1, 2019



Take a seat

And feel the beat

I will make you neat

Relax and give me your feet

You walker who feel defeat


I will massage them

Following through to your leg stem

For they are gems

Which must be clear of germs

They have worked hard


Give me your hands

As you feel the rest of the lands

I am on the stands

With sweet voices of the bands

So there should be no tired hands


I will caress them

Moving up to the hand stem

Remove the callouses

And kiss the smoother to remove jealousies

And rest them on heaven ships


Throw them all out





And be in my seat

For rejuvenation

For you are a nation

Of great adoration


I will beseech them

Cast them away and harm them

Like they harmed you

No need to feel them

You are way on your throne to see them

So rest them

Those parts which have suffered to feed them

ON this day of rest

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015