Take a seat

And feel the beat

I will make you neat

Relax and give me your feet

You walker who feel defeat


I will massage them

Following through to your leg stem

For they are gems

Which must be clear of germs

They have worked hard


Give me your hands

As you feel the rest of the lands

I am on the stands

With sweet voices of the bands

So there should be no tired hands


I will caress them

Moving up to the hand stem

Remove the callouses

And kiss the smoother to remove jealousies

And rest them on heaven ships


Throw them all out





And be in my seat

For rejuvenation

For you are a nation

Of great adoration


I will beseech them

Cast them away and harm them

Like they harmed you

No need to feel them

You are way on your throne to see them

So rest them

Those parts which have suffered to feed them

ON this day of rest

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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