A good love is like the sun and moon
A part sleeps when a part is at post
They appear even if they vanish for a while
Always smiling
A good lover hunts for happiness
For the one who holds the time of his heart
And will gladly lay down his life with a smile
If the lover so wishes

He created our space
Eliminated the snow which so so cages
But arranged the harmattan
Which cleans our tan
Gave us from gold to beautifully shaped trees
Ones which clap
Ones which whistle with the dancing air
Ones which birth very natural edibles
Ones which heal very intense ails
As petroleum flows beneath our land
This is where dogs are the servants
Who hunt as humans chant
Dogs are the servants who feed themselves
Freedom of the wild
Freedom of the home
Freedom in which the wild lives in harmony with the domestic

Family here is like a gigantic tree
Leaves and branches are never lonely
Laughter and tears get teeth and arms
For company and love
It’s true the paddlers are having us stray
It’s true our shine is making us blind
It’s true we slack and lag behind
But lovers are lovers
Their advantages numerous

Africa is in the centre of His heart
Lying safely like a child in a safe eternal womb
Of one who will see no in of  a tomb
It’s beings protected right from their skins
Africa is in the heart of His Mythical Highness
His Omnipotent
Omniscient Redeemer!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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