May I?

May I sip from the calabash of truth

And spit on the lies which lie like parcelled beauty

In the minds of those with power hands of command?

May I?

May I?


May I?

May I step on the heart of deceit

As truth blocks gates of ears which lies have VVIP tickets to

On a trip to trip common sense?

May I?

May I?


May I?

May I step on the claws of the devilish eagle

To save the skin of the fragile bird who seeks

To open the gates of locked freedom?

May I?

May I?


Give me the power!

Please give me the power to give eggs of piety

The back of the tortoise

Stubborness of the goat

Strength of the eagle

Wisdom of the ant

Beauty of the swan

Pride of the peacock

Meekness of the sheep

Obedience of the dog

Hard work of the horse

And the love of the dove

To save our land

To save this land from drowning in the seas of selfishness

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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