As to how we got here

I do not know

Except that, like a sun awoken in the night

I am burning my eyes but there is no heat in sight

How eagles have now turned hawks

And catching little chicks to far away trees

Which needs days and days of travel

Beats my mind’s pot to a pulp

What is their motive?

Do they not see the fully grown fowls?

Don’t they think of the beaky tongues of their future olds?

What will they feed on when their times travel to their growth?

They catch the fragiles and spill their wombs

They catch the fragiles and squash their lives

They catch the fragiles and waste their lives

Their meats uneatable

Their blood irreplaceable

Their ghosts unnoticeable

Their loss unforgettable

You chickens who stray from parental advice

Try knowing the world more

Eagles turned domestic hawks

Heal yourselves and have some brains!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(Wrote this after a senior high school girl died of complications of abortion. I just hope the men or boys will have some thoughts to help them grow instead of destroying them, and I also wish the girls will think of themselves more)

7 thoughts on “EAGLES TURNED HAWKS

  1. I wish our culture would reconnect sex with procreation and remember that babies are little human beings and not merely, an unwanted consequence of recreational sex. We’ve removed the natural boundaries (which I believe birth control has an important place) and run amok. Most mature women don’t behave any better than young girls. The hawks need to remember they are eagles and behave as eagles.:0(


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