Women-Farmers (1)

(In thanks to farmers on the occasion of Farmer’s Day Celebration)

We are breaths and voices

We are legs and hands

We are hearts and minds

Thanks to your sweats to fill our stomachs


We definitely see no blood

When eating crops which you toil to harvest

There are thorns marks

We know

There might be machete marks

That too, we know

There are callouses which carpet your once smooth palms

Oh we so know

The crops have felt your sweat

Your prayers

Your presence

As vegetables felt your warmth to be colourful

We know all that

But see only the delicious part



That does makes us ingrates

But for every growth

For every breath

For every step

We know when time prompts

That as the sky shelters clouds

You shelter us on the surface of mother earth

You are the positive manipulators of earth

To help us survive

“Ye da mo ase o”

“Akpe na mi o”

“Wo nna nnye shi o”

“Na wo dee so o”

Thank you farmers of our land

Continue providing for us in your kindness

If God rains blessings, 

Let all your drums and buckets be filled

For you so deserve abundantly

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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