Tears drizzle in my heart
They drizzle to tickle my sadness
On this day when motherhood
…sits on the throne
…to be exalted

It is upon the inspection of feathers
…that akokɔ asɛnsɛ becomes aware
…of its skin protectors
I crave this bed
…and thank it as a shed
…to hide the mood which swoons to tell
…on my sores

A year back-
…you were here
Two years back –
…you were here
Three years back –
…you were here
Four years back –
…you were here
Five years back –
…you were here
Six years back –
…you were here
Seven years back –
…you were fresh
Sprinkling happiness on my naïveté

What do I do with this me?
This me which wears armours of strength
…on a fatal blow!
What do I do with these eyes?
These eyes which push back tears
…on fears of colouring brokenness!
What do I do with this soul?
This soul looking down into an endless hole
…of yearning!
What do I do with this crab?
This crab stuck in my aching throat
…murdering my pipes to push your name down
…my sniffling stomach!
What do I do?
What do I do?

I keep wondering your stage
…your stage of rot
I keep wondering your fate
…your fate in death
I keep wishing we meet
…we meet to re-live
It is a sourness on sores
And I am a mess to your blessed memory
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © May, 12, 2019


 When I need that touching

And I need that loving

And I need that moisture

And I see that empty bulb lightless

I curse my stars

And I ask them why

This high demand you

Has no light to emit

When the body calls for it

To think that most for you have insulted

Most for you have me faulted

Most for you will have my head

Like mad women on revenge mission

I coil into myself with laughter;

Terrible laughter,

Tearful laughter,

Boiling laughter,

Which erupts pain within,

Exploding it without

I take it on you, though I know you have no fault

You must understand your mere presence

Makes the wicked cold whip hard

And your mere look, makes passions erupt

And your mere consolidatory touch makes the heart cry

I blame no one but fate

For giving me a handsome plate filled with nothing

Sending all eyes in my direction to stifle my tears.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014.



When the moon dances in the flirting sky

With the stars giggling and cheering their mother on

And the wind making love with the leaves 

In the clear view of all shapes of eyes without a care

And the fireflies light in love and happiness

I shrink into a little ball, hiding in the dark sky and 

Missing those arms on your shoulders which accompanies you to my detriment.


When the cock crows

And announces your approaching steps

And the dogs bark in love and welcome

The happiness that sleeps in me wakes

For I always peep on the toes of darkness

Discretely wishing you close to be my vehicle,

 Eyes and mountain to help me see farther into the passions of the skin


Now you are here

In tired clothes and old shoes

Possessed by deep sleep as your nose roars like the hyena

What do you expect when the yearnings drop carelessly

And the lion in you sleeps without a thought and will wake only to hit the road?

Care must be taken for these eyes on my head

Have started looking for solutions to satisfy the heart, the body is no firewood.

   Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014.