When you want to tell it
To an audience unreadable
Your tongue becomes a football park
And ‘it’ becomes a slippery ball
Dribbled by your will
Coming as far as the tip of the tongue
And speeding back as far in as the end of your throat

When you want to tell it
Knowing it could land you in a frying saucepan or fire
At best send you swimming in a cool river of sympathy and or pity
Your teeth become protective walls
Your eyes turn red on traffic of care

When you want to tell it
Knowing not its harvest
Either of freedom or witch hunt
Ears engage in a battle
One side hearing songs of applause or near applause
The other dodging shots so sharp

When you want to tell it
You are like a diarrhoea patient
With the strength of pride on a public stage
Cold sweats evaporating from the pot of your head
On the heat of fear
When you want to tell it
Oh when you want to tell it
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © April 27, 2019


Why do you show your true height
When darkness falls
And faint light glows like a candle in the wind?

Do you have a fear
For the high priest called sun?
So much
To measure up in height when he sits on his throne?

Appearing left, right, back and front
In all 360 when the sun goes to sleep
As tall as endless trees
Do you perhaps have things you hide?

Let’s say you are a tree with secrets
But why appear in so many reflections
Like you need to claim many spaces in time?
Do you perhaps have a hunter you need to deceive?
Or are you afraid of the spotlight?

Oh  why so many controversies?
Why flirt with darkness and moderate light?
Why make a mirror out of both?
Why cause so much chaos in the restful absence of the full sun?
You may have your reasons
But deception is a crime punishable by law
Yes, punishable by the law of honesty
And thieves of the night are being hunted, caught or gunned down
Artificial light also worships the sun
Could it be mice at play when cats are away?
Laughable only in gentility
For fear of waking the sun
Even I fear for your punishment
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015












There is that vast ocean

Of cancer, one that lies to be seen

And she stands at the bank

Eyeing the serenity at the other bank

Would she be able to swim through

To her loved ones? Could tales of others winning be true?

Should she stand rooted

Until back waves get her uprooted?

Or with victory in mind swim

And take the opportunity to dream?

This is the time to drink some cancer

Or be drunk by cancer

She looks at those who love her

Those who never saw her sail into the pain

Those whose buses of lives left without her

Think they have many times and memories to gain

With her

Yet she sees them waving from the other side

Not hearing their words travelling to her side

This is it

Life which cannot fit

Every juncture of her life, hurdles sit

Waiting for her without merit

She feels completely lost.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014



Hands touched.

Brain agreed to bury,

Nose swears to forget.

All turn to mouth

Who swears to utter nothing.

Gestures promises he’ll check himself

They all forget of the eyes of the wall

And so it is that they remembered

In the four walls of gaol.

    Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014.