Mouths of trees
Are their roots
They roam in the earth
And search to feed
To keep the standing bodies
Fresh and strong
But no eye does see
Their tiresome toil
Unless erosion washes
Hands dig
Then their dirty selves are seen
Their elimination is the upper fall
And death to all
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


Why do you show your true height
When darkness falls
And faint light glows like a candle in the wind?

Do you have a fear
For the high priest called sun?
So much
To measure up in height when he sits on his throne?

Appearing left, right, back and front
In all 360 when the sun goes to sleep
As tall as endless trees
Do you perhaps have things you hide?

Let’s say you are a tree with secrets
But why appear in so many reflections
Like you need to claim many spaces in time?
Do you perhaps have a hunter you need to deceive?
Or are you afraid of the spotlight?

Oh  why so many controversies?
Why flirt with darkness and moderate light?
Why make a mirror out of both?
Why cause so much chaos in the restful absence of the full sun?
You may have your reasons
But deception is a crime punishable by law
Yes, punishable by the law of honesty
And thieves of the night are being hunted, caught or gunned down
Artificial light also worships the sun
Could it be mice at play when cats are away?
Laughable only in gentility
For fear of waking the sun
Even I fear for your punishment
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015