MONEY BALL (A Satirical Play by Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia)

FIRST HALF Two strong looking men bump into each other running from opposite directions. The one from left, Nyane, wearing agbada without shorts and just one shoe on the left leg, falls and starts wailing as if he has been caught by some monsters, the one from right, Takyi who nearly fell, shouts at him […]


Ghanaian Judges are Corrupt: So You Turn Judge?

Since the scandal of judges in Ghana broke out, I have been quiet, following the public outcry of unfairness, following the mocks of many people around the world and reading most of the things people write. I have watched the ridiculous moves of some lawyers to help free their colleagues from the scandal. Well, who […]



None by law could touch them Like Gods with voices in finality They wore wigs white like wisdom prostitutes While their minds wore clothes Which washed itself with blood of innocence And fed fat on filthy monies from criminals Darkness of camera shielded their horrid sides As they paraded like mighties taunting sunshine While splashing […]