MONEY BALL (A Satirical Play by Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia)


Two strong looking men bump into each other running from opposite directions. The one from left, Nyane, wearing agbada without shorts and just one shoe on the left leg, falls and starts wailing as if he has been caught by some monsters, the one from right, Takyi who nearly fell, shouts at him in anger but stands when he sees his colluder.)
TAKYI: Ei Boss, sorry. I … I was …was (heavily panting) just coming to your house. Have you heard the news?
NYANE: I don’t know if it is news or slander, a trap or inducer. But is it true? I was in Sokoto when news reached me. (Holds his buttocks and frowns to show he has a running stomach) I have to go again before I bombshit myself on top of my woes. (Runs off backstage as Takyi stands with his ears to the wall.)
TAKYI: Boss, take am easy o, with the way you’re going, your intestines might leave your body before you get the full story.
NYANE: (Shouting from behind) Bush boy! Whaaaaat are you implying? (pushing loudly). Do you think I am the only one in trouble if thiiiiiis happens to be true?
TAKYI: No boss, I go five times already in just two minutes. My nyash dey pepper me like an angry woman’s pepper soup wey she dey use for trap.
NYANE: Wheeeeeere are the rest? (the last three words coming out in a rush as he pushes like a woman pushing at the maternity ward)
TAKYI: I believe say they no know o. I have some paddy bi in Pistol Fm, na im told me that trouble don’t gas.
NYANE: (Emerging from behind obviously done) If this is true then we’re all doomed. That wizard might have gotten us fair and square or is threatening us. (Kneels down) Oh ya Allah! Please let this be a warning and I will never stray again.
TAKYI: (Cutting him short) You mean say you no go collect bribe again?
NYANE: (Getting up and slapping him) Foolish boy! I no go collect appreciation again. How many times have I told you never talk about bribe. That sounds so offensive.
TAKYI: Sorry o boss. Na slip of tongue now. (Silence as they both stand shivering, each pacing up and down for 5 seconds) Boss, I know where they got me. Ibi that money they gave me make I help that boy get selection for the National Team and the lizard meat. That deal wey no work no. The way I happy myself when that thousand Ghana touched my hand! Chai! I don’t die!
NYANE: You are lucky. I don’t even want to think about what they captured and what they they they…( holds his stomach and rear and rushes backstage)
TAKYI: Boss again? You for take am easy o. If you continue like this na shit you go become, you no go get any to throw away. There must be something you can do now. You know say you know many people for this country now. You be big man. Make you call some of them to kill that man for us la!
NYANE: Donnnnn’t be foooooolish! Do you think it is easy to kill a human being let alone that ghost? (Emerges from backstage)
TAKYI: Then make you call the Don now. The mafia for this country, Agya Pio.
NYANE: (Thinks for a while) This is the best thing you’ve ever said since I’ve known you. Let me call him.
(Four men and a lady rush from door right, they break abruptly causing three of them to fall and the other caught by TAKYI, as the lady falls into the arms of Nyane. They are all sweating profusely)
I know why you’re all this way. Don’t worry. I am calling Agya Pio. (Phone to his left ear)
Hello Agya.
Yes please. All is not well o.
You heard? I trust you.
Boss, as for this one, please help me. This embarrassment will kill my political ambitions and render me a public disgrace.
Please, I will do anything you ask me to if you’re able to help me with this.
Yes please. Yes boss, yes, I get it. Thank you! God bless you Boss!!!”
We’re sorted.
(Some heave sighs of relief, some kneel with their hands in the air in thanksgiving but Annor stands with no reaction)
TAKYI: Annor, what is the matter, don’t you trust Agya Pio?
ANNOR: I think Agya might not be able to do anything. Have you forgotten a ghost has no flesh? If a ghost has no flesh, how do you catch him, let alone kill him? He also has an alibi. Anybody can claim to be him.
NYANE: (Flaring up) What is most scary is you! Look at how you’re standing there like a wicked ancestor spewing your pessimism around us. Bad luck chap! (Leaves in anger as they all watch his feet, few burst into laughter when he gets out of sight as some run after him leaving Annor on stage)
ANNOR: Me, I am just worried about the Grinding Football Association. Where will I earn my keep if it falls into a mess? ( Leaves stage like a zombie)

(All the members sit in front of a television watching Agya Pio with rapt attention)
AGYA: (With a very loud voice) It is not right! Dogs love bones, cats love meat and humans are fallible. How then can you use meat to bait a cat, bones to bait a dog and expect a normal human being to brave this horrendous temptation? I say it is not right. It is illegal! The whole system must be scrapped! The Myth must be brought to book for seducing people into corruption!!!
MENSAH: Agya! Aren’t you going too far? Seducing people into corruption? Even the word you used shows your hobby! In this country which is struggling to develop, don’t we need people like the myth to look, discover and uncover the rot that has bedevilled this nation? The cancer that is spreading to kill this nation? As lizards lie prostrate, who can see who suffers from belly ache? Until all the “ese proye” are pulled out, this mouth of a country must chew with caution…
AGYA: You see a Grinding man? It is only a mad man who refuses a good thing in his home!!! Hold it!!! Hold it!!! You need human beings!!! And if you see someone’s beard on fire, be sure to fetch water close to yours because even if you have no beard, you surely do have hair!!! It is only stupid people who say stupid things. Who seduces people and calls it rape? Don’t you know that can be slander?
MENSAH: No, I don’t understand. Agya, are you insinuating the watchman is corrupt because he induces people to be corrupt? In your dictionary what is integrity?
AGYA: You’re not my English teacher so don’t think of questioning me. My question is, who authenticates the work of the watchman as true and without blemish? Who watches the watchman? Remember the popular saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?
MENSAH: Well, you have your questions. I will tell you this, none notifies feet when the ground becomes too hot. No honourable man dances strangely in public if there are no ant bites in his clothes. I will tell you today that being defensive and insinuating absurdities won’t stop this documentary from showing.
AGYA: I have given that Myth an ultimatum, to cancel the show or face exposure. I will expose his face, expose his corrupt deeds, and then zero down to his immoral acts!!! He should call it off by tomorrow or face my wrath!!!
(All of them (except Annor) jump in happiness congratulating themselves.)
MENSAH: Agya Pio, you’re not as monstrous as you think you are. You don’t scare some of us!!! You can do your worst!!! Remember, when you cut the head of a snake, all that will be left will be a rope. And every animal makes noise when its death beckons.
AGYA: See someone who is dishing out proverbs. It is true what they say, if a hole generates on an anthill every animal can enter. Okay but don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!
(The drunken cleaner comes in reciting a poem while cleaning)
SONKO: A storm is coming
No, a tsunami is coming
It will break egos
Break persons
Break makers and break fakers
Stomachs are rolling
Teeth are gnashing
Eyes are teary
Because consciences are scattering
Heads will turn feet
Feet will …
NYANE: Why do we still have this foolish drunk here as a worker? TAKYI!!!
TAKYI: Boss, he does his work diligently!
GLORIA: Maybe he is even the Myth (All turn to look from her to him) I mean, someone told me he looks very ordinary and unkempt, sometimes he acts like a drunk and (All including Nyane run out, struggling to be the first to get out as Annor looks queerly at Sonko.
ANNOR: Quiet a fine poem you had there. Why don’t you compile them and stop drinking so everyone can take you seriously?
SONKO: There is prestige in minding one’s own business. I am what I am by choice.
ANNOR: Go on, with both the poem and the cleaning. I know you’re not him.
SONKO: I’ve lost interest in the first but will continue the second. You’re not the target audience.
(Sonko mops and exits as Annor exits like the robot he is)

TAKYI rushes into the house of Nyane, making the latter collapse into his sofa, the book he is reading flying onto the floor. His wife and children with Takyi sprinkle water on him, it doesn’t work, so they lift him into a barrel of water. He jerks into consciousness)
NYANE: Please forgive me. It was the work of the devil!!! I didn’t know it was a set up! I have learnt my lesson and will never repeat it again. I beg you forgive me. (Sobbing loudly)
Mrs. Nyane: Darling, stop this, you are not under arrest. Neither are you in front of the Parliamentary Select Committee. You are in your house.
CHILDREN: (All in chorus, two boys and a girl) Yes daddy, you’re home.
(Nyane looks around, sees it is true, jerks back into reality and attacks Takyi. Holding the collar of his shirt)
NYANE: You fool! You murderer!!! Why do you scare the living daylight out of me?
TAKYI: I wanted to tell you what is going on. It is a mess sir. (Struggling to breathe) if you can leave my shirt… (Leaves his shirt) The whole country is talking about us. In fact on the internet, they have a new name for you. Errrm errm
NYANE: Forget about the name, what are they saying?
TAKYI: They are calling us corrupt. They are saying you are a disappointment. In fact, the President of this nation has come out to call for your arrest. (Nyane’s legs begin to shake, his two wives hold and lead him to the sofa.) And the whole country is saying Agya Pio is arrogant, ignorant and rude and thinks he can buy his way through everything but he can’t. They will arrest you boss. It seems no matter what, that documentary will be shown. Anytime the advert starts, I get a fresh stomach ache sir. (crying) What shall we do sir?
(The whole house is in wailing, Nyane sheds silent tears as lights fade)

(Many people rush to sit in a well lit conference hall. The people are more than the chairs but some stand. The documentary starts with few national disasters as audience show varied emotions. Then it begins to show Nyane, bragging)
NYANE: (On screen) You don’t know the calibre of person I am. I am that I am in this country. Haven’t you Googled me before? Google vomits my information just as ATMs vomit monies of the rich. You have come to the right route. You have seen the bright light. The president is in my front pocket! The vice president is in my back pocket, all the parliamentarians are in my purse. There is nothing I can’t get for you even if you need slaves from this football outlet. Even human parts are not beyond boundaries.
(All the audience scream out in disgust as he is given money, he stashes it and scribbles something fast on paper and leaves. Gloria is seen romancing Takyi for a referee role. Whereas some cringe, one man sitting in front tries so hard to push his awakened snake down his trousers without success as few who notice look at him strangely. Annor declines the money and the whole audience clap for him. Some take the bribes in big polythene bags while others instruct their subordinates to take on their behalf. People leave the hall in tears and anger)
Lights Fade

(Nyane is seen running from photographers into his mansion. Angry mob gather in front of Nyane’s house chanting for him to resign and for the law to take its course. An Imam sits in the hall advising him.)
IMAM: You need to take heart. Grinders will forget this in a matter of three weeks. This might be the work of Allah to direct you to a better path. You need to face the law and show remorse. Everyday is a lesson whether good or bad. Trust me, many people might be doing worst things than you but they jubilate in your misery. Today, a snake has suffered a bite, tomorrow, lions would be chased out of their caves with their rots. That is when rabbits would lose their reverence and vultures would thank their stars. What you see is not all that is, the future will show you the light mockery of your case and you shall laugh at the misery that threatens your life today. This country is a country of many comic satires. It is only fun when others are the actors. But I am glad it is a merry go round. Maybe one day, the rot will cease and we shall all live in the will of Allah!!! Allaaahu Akbar!!!
Lights fade
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 7, 2018
Photo Credit: Google Pics



In the beautiful township of Nowhere, we bring you into the houses of a few people who battle with life, love and conflict resolution. Now let us get onto the stage.



(In the house of the newly wedded Serwaa and Twum, they cuddle together and kiss each other)

Serwaa: What a lovely union

With happiness and fears like the smell and sting of an onion

No one ever prophesized of me having this companion

Who is handsome, strong and dependable like the best of stallions.

Twum: Oh my love

Who I place no one above

Beautiful and pure like the dove

Untainted and clean as the washed hands from the glove

Now put some food on the stove

And put together your recipes and let’s see what tastes evolve

Serwaa: At your service

As long as I am in your premises

I’ll let you have it all; seeing the crevice

Of the water of life, doing away with all malice

Including hunger is my promise

Twum: I wish it will forever be like this

These bubbles that all the tensions fix

And me smitten to a point of my friends’ piss

But I have no care in the world if I get her many a kiss






(Owusu stands outside their house in the middle of the night talking to himself in grief)

Owusu: Oh the night is fair

And sweet as the flying air

How sweet it will be if more lovers stir

And sweet moments share

A lonesome me cannot bare

The intent way by which the stars stare

As if to laugh at my plight

Telling me you have no right

To be as bright

As we are by feeling like a kite

In the bosom of the one person that can make all that is bad right

Even the air has the leaves to blow

The sea has the right to flow

And merge with its significant-other and roll

All Seeing, let me have my own with whom I can flow

For sometimes, the coldness that flows

From your end deals me many blows.

(Enters Opoku)

Opoku: Never have I seen such man that melancholy fits

Being cold as the absence of love hits

Instead of keeping quiet and your teeth grits

You waste your breath at the expense of your health and utter such delusions

You run away when you see fair maidens, your illusions

Will drive you straight to your grave

As your situation is quite grave

So just accept the situation and be brave

For the fair maiden will not come to you as you crave

To loneliness you are a slave

Let’s get inside I will give you that shave that you so crave.






(Ruth and her husband are in the house fighting)

Ruth:  How can it be that the man that does me mount

Does not know the size of my clothes and cannot count

Our days together?

Will ours be forever?

Benedict: I got together with you to keep me warm

And to help me farm

Also to help me calm

By putting on some balm

When the ache evades my body and freezes my gum

But you continually make me shed all my ease

Teasing and collecting fees

Tasking and painfully pulling my cheeks

Yet behaving like a madam who everyone will love and be pleased

To have in the public eyes, being the niece

Of the priest and a chorister puts me in unease

Stop your whining and let me enjoy the breeze

Ruth: What do I have to do with a man who always complains

And acts without restraint?

Shame on you for having such a mouth to utter such gibberish

Without thinking that you will perish

(Benedict leaves the room)

Coward! Always leaving before the conversation ends, always never getting to the finish.    EXIT



(In the hall of Eno’s house, she stands as though in a daze and speaks to herself)

Eno: Lord please tell me that there is such a man, who will haunt

My fancy and with my mind taunt

That man must be tall and handsome

Must find life lonesome

Without me, must speak English like the King of England

Must have so much money as to be able to buy me a golden band

Must be fascinated just by seeing my hand in the sand

As I produce the finest of sculpture and fill his mind

He must have a lot of hair

And have many people call him sir

And fanciful clothing must he wear

To make my friends curse and swear

He must have many mansions

That must come with such high gumptions

To fight for me in front of all the nation

(Enter Eno’s mother: Auntie Ama, hits her and addresses her)

Aunty Ama: where can you find a man as such?

In this your hour of rush?

Can you afford to be picky?

When all your mates are thinking of their graves? Your beauty as tricky

As it can get is falling

At this rate, that old man by the lotto kiosk’s calling

You must heed

If you want to have a seed

That will grow and in your old age feed

Eno: But Ma…

Aunty Ama: But me no but; Oh shut up

And listen to me, let me see you close up

How can you still live in a fool’s paradise?

You have lasted three and a half decades on earth

Do you know certain things that have many sides? Six sides the dice!

Do you know who will beckon soon? Death!

While I have not yet met my second generations

Please snap out of your reverie and aberrations

God had to give me this weird one, (points at Eno) sometimes I think she is not of this earth.






(Benedict was caught cheating by Serwaa and Twum as they sit at their base. Benedict kisses the lady who is giggling so much that when he meets the eyes of the newlyweds, he panics and withdraws leaving the poor girl wandering.)

Serwaa: Hello Paa Bene, you can carry on, we didn’t see a thing!

Twum: (hits her lightly) Hello Paa Bene, greet your wife for us.


Twum: Serwaa, stop acting like a brat most times.

Don’t you know that that embarrassed him?

Serwaa: All he had was embarrassment, was it not a crime?

What about the heart attack that he nearly gave me? more like the eye catching the beam

Of light after a long endurance of darkness and being caught after the barber gives a bad trim

I am sure his wife will die of shame seeing that she acts all perfect to the brim

Twum: Say that again, but she looks perfect and slim.

Serwaa: So do you want to go in for her because her figure is slim?

Twum: Far from that my dear, not when your voice chimes

All the time.

(They tease each other and laugh and exeunt)








(Ruth and Benedict are walking hand in hand by the road side and they meet Serwaa and Twum who are obviously happy and chatting)

Ruth: Hello fresh couple

Serwaa and Twum: Hello couple with no trouble

Benedict: Who says there are couples without troubles?

(Ruth pinches him and he winces slightly and covers it with a slight cough)

Ruth: Actually there aren’t but love can conquer it all

Once they are committed, they will never fall

And obviously will no third party call

As you can see, we are together going to the stall

Twum: Then do not let us keep you

We will later get more tips when we see you


Ruth: What I hate most is airing our dirty linen in public

Do you want everyone our wound lick?

Benedict: I am sorry your royal highness for not to your rules stick

Next time, I’ll have you my lines pick











(Serwaa and Twum are eating in front of their chamber and hall on a small table together all smiles, they both go for the last meat and it turns into a scuffle)

Serwaa: One might think that we are quarrelling over gold

And one might say that you might your husband’s interest hold

In these early times when everything is so cold

Serwaa: Just give it, that you paid my bride price doesn’t mean that I was sold

In fact, I do need more protein to make sure that beautiful babies are mould

Twum: And who crafts those beautiful babies that you so want to mould?

(Still pulling, then Twum gets to squeeze her hand and takes it, Serwaa wails)

Serwaa: How can you be so insensitive?

If I hadn’t been creative

Would you have loved this piece of meat and be so abusive?

Twum: It was your job by birth

And you love putting on your girth

Pushing on me all your debt

So giving me this piece of meat

With a little hand beat

Should make you have a seat

And stop you from bringing more heat

Serwaa: One might think we could get the right heat

During this honeymoon at least

Twum: (Chewing his meat and teasing her) oh our lady is about to cry

Why don’t you run to your mother and try some lie?

Or you can get into the kitchen, get some meat to fry

If you so want to have the meat and stop being sly

Serwaa: (Angry) Foolish and insensitive man

I have on my body put a ban

Twum: (Slaps her so hard but regrets immediately as Serwaa holds her cheek and wails, people gather)

I am so sorry

She actually made me run like a lorry

And hit her out of anger losing my glory

For her insult was a hearing gory

Agya Sefa: Just have them separated

Young man sleep on this and come to my house in three days to be tutored

And the woman, you women must counsel out of the stupid notion of being emancipated


















(Owusu sees some ladies approaching and starts to be uncomfortable; they get closer and stop to talk to him)

Owusu: I, I ladies (shivering)

Gift: You mean hi Owusu? I’m just telling it right because I am kind

Abena: Eh! Look at how he is shivering, like a leaf in torrential wind.

Owusu: I am not shr-shr-vling, I just don’t like the wind…

Adeline: Ladies, let us leave him, just see the sweat on his face just now. I will not be part of committing murder, let’s go.

Gift: The word was shivering, not shriveling Owusu. Nice man with P.O.P on his mouth and a coward, let’s go

(They all laugh and leave him as he stands there with tears welling down his face)

















(Eno sneaks into the room with a man as old as her father, light breaks on them as her mother sees them fast asleep naked, she hits them both and the man runs out with his clothes naked)

Eno: Ma! What is it this time? You will kill me at this rate

Aunty Ama: What is what? Who was that old shriveled grandpa whom even I will not date?

Eno: what do you mean? That is the man by the lotto kiosk, Agya Obeng, you told me to go when he calls because you need your grandchildren so I now have him as a mating mate.

Aunty Ama: (breaks into tears) What have I done to deserve this? I wish the earth will open up and swallow me

Or pause the time to let me be

Or carry me with a secret boat

That can carry me all covered with a big coat

So that no human-being will me do see

So as to gossip and make my embarrassment free

Eno: Why do you me so hate?

If you throw a bait

Know that I will catch that bait

Why then do you lament

You profess I ferment

To a point that my womb will be destroyed

So I must not myself toy

To think that I may get the fair boy

So I took the soy

And now you are behaving coy.          EXIT



(Serwaa and Twum are at loggerheads in the house)

Twum: Hey, won’t you cook for me to have something to eat?

Serwaa: In your dreams, you can eat my feet.

Twum: Is that what you are telling me? To eat your stinking feet?

Serwaa: You got it nice and neat

Should I also fold it in pleat?

Twum: If you continue like this, I may really intend to you beat

What is all this? You wear those tight jeans to bed

Making your side of the bed red

Threatening to blood shed

And to make me fled

If I so much as cross to your side

I all these abide

Thinking that your stupid mood will suffice

But it seems like you have yet to start

Serwaa: You can have us part

If you feel like you cannot the bargain cart

For my head itches like it is possessed by many lice

When you talk like mice

Together eating raw rice

(He makes as if to hit her and she runs around, he gives her the chase)    EXUENT




(In Agya Sefa’s house, he sits Twum down for some counseling)

Agya Sefa: What will make a man hit a woman?

An insult son?

Twum: Yes, that I was foolish.

Agya Sefa: And why were you called foolish?

Twum: Because I took the last meat she relish

And teased her but I no doubt her cherish

Agya Sefa: Not that I am on her side but you truly were foolish

If what you are saying is what happened

What is meat that must bring about all the chaos that happened?

You know you could have had her prepare another

Or you could with a kiss soften her like a feather

Why did you have to use force?

When you could be at a loss

As the man who hits without a cause

Because all women have mouths like a fox

That can open wide and spew such nonsense without pause

But one thing is for sure

They do not mean it but have no cure

For being such loose mouths that men must endure

For a petty man can never be a good husband, that I am sure.

Twum: Thanks Agya, it was a mistake and I will be careful next time

I will count as the clock chimes

When in anger and my count mime

So I’ll not listen and have a temper that can make me commit a crime





(Owusu gets to the house, quickly runs into the arms of Opoku and cries on his shoulders)

Opoku: I know it all

I’ve heard it all

And I think that you stood tall

Because you did keep you weep

And made sure the girls had no tears to keep

On their tall stories about you and seep

Through your torment and in you sorrow peep

I will make you brave

So much so that all those girls will get into your cave

And become your slaves

Then you can choose to their heads shave

Or hurtfully change their names

As much as their giggles hurt and from you claims

So cry not my friend

For nature was good to you as to give you a face that is every woman’s friend







(Serwaa sits the elderly women down and narrates her ordeal, she listens and admonishes)

Maame Sefa: Men always do things without thinking

If they didn’t, will they have crafted a statement that they must be stinking

To be authentic? But my child, why am I this linking?

In the house, they are the head that looks out for the body

Hearing to ensure its safety, thinking and talking

To ensure it is on the right path, at his thought, the body

Is fed and bathe, a moody brain makes a moody body


Maame Azumah: And also the feeding is always through the mouth

Unless it is a defect, so a woman must not go on about

Because of food when the man is not full

You doing that was like you his legs pull

In a feisty way

And a man will keep all those who do that to him at bay

So next time, just view him as a hungry beast

And let him have a feast

For this road will never be nice in the least

If you do take him on on these little things because it will bring on a heat

That you cannot beat





(We see Owusu being taken through bravery lessons by Opoku; he is giving him a haircut)

Opoku: You are actually very handsome so all you need to do is a dress well

And all the women for you will fall

Then you wouldn’t have to the wind and moon tell

Of your loneliness and the feeling of gall

Caused by the ladies as to your handsomeness, they will themselves sell.

(He is done with the haircut and shows him the mirror, even he is stunned with what he is seeing)

Owusu: Thank you very much

Opoku: Don’t thank me yet, this is just a touch

When the deal is done

And your nights of coldness are gone

Then I will take all the thanks borne















(Eno gets up from bed feeling bad; she nearly falls but maintains her composure. Her mother is concerned)

Aunty Ama: Eno, what is this I discern?

Do you think that I should be concerned?

Eno: it’s been happening for sometime

I feel nauseous then I crave for lime

My mouth contains a lot of slime

Aunty Ama: (shouts in bewilderment and checks her pulse) you are pregnant Eno!

What am I going to do with you? Oh no!

Don’t tell me that it is for that wrinkly old man

That looks like something drastic in the can

Oh my God! To whom shall I run?

Wish my husband were alive

To help me through this live

Eno: I don’t get you, when I am not pregnant you crave for grandchildren

When I am you shriek like some sort of curse has befallen you. Don’t you like the grandchildren?

Aunty Ama: Not one from the old shriveled fool

Eno: But I thought you said he was cool

(She slaps her and storms out)







(Twum enters the room and sees Serwaa still crying in the seat, he shamefully goes closer and like a fearful man takes her in his arms)

Twum: I am sorry for hitting you; I must admit that I didn’t know what came over me

Serwaa: And I am sorry for calling you names when I could have let it be

A stupid wife is who I see

Who fights over meat with her precious he

Twum: let us all this forget

We love each other and we have regrets

On our first day together but we must not fret

As the lessons abound, for we will one after the other the lessons get.


















Ruth and Benedict had a huge brawl

About his infidelity and her being unbearable

They separated and Benedict went for his mistress.


Opoku slept with almost half of the girls in the town and eventually contracted a minor sexual illness which taught him to settle down.

Eno gave birth to a baby boy, the whole township got to know about her scandal with the old lotto kiosk operator but her mother refused to accept the man. So she became a single parent.

Twum and Serwaa had their problems here and there, but which couples don’t? Still they lived happily ever after.