None by law could touch them
Like Gods with voices in finality
They wore wigs white like wisdom prostitutes
While their minds wore clothes
Which washed itself with blood of innocence
And fed fat on filthy monies from criminals
Darkness of camera shielded their horrid sides
As they paraded like mighties taunting sunshine
While splashing tears of the wronged in mud
For all minds to second guess their innocence
Power of paper does corrupt
Trust of many does disrupt
Vehicles of fake goodness die abrupt
Now you see?
This is the curse of the heavens
And the reward for Anas’ crew
So blood pressure, stroke, resignations, tears and hiding
Have no way of washing those sins glee
Be judged
Be convicted
And admit you were the judges turned criminals
Judges jugded and convicted with treason
Judges who deserve death in dungeons of lions
At least be brave enough to stand trial
For Mother Ghana who you’ve shamed
Shamed into fame
Fame of corruption with no option
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


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