Ghanaian Judges are Corrupt: So You Turn Judge?

Since the scandal of judges in Ghana broke out, I have been quiet, following the public outcry of unfairness, following the mocks of many people around the world and reading most of the things people write. I have watched the ridiculous moves of some lawyers to help free their colleagues from the scandal. Well, who can blame them? Isn’t there a proverb that “When you see your neighbour’s beard catch fire, make sure water is close to yours?” Well maybe they have added conniving benevolence in order to eliminate the threat of being next in the cameras to avoid being sold in the criminal light.

Yes, judges were caught on tape receiving bribes, and tampering with judgments, setting free the guilty and shaming or jailing those who have been wronged, big deal? In some way it is a big deal. For the “Justice” part to be shown in this very flawed realm in a country whose motto reads “Freedom and Justice”, many tongues will begin to wag on the authenticity of our claim that we revere and practice justice, and freedom automatically falls, because we know freedom goes hand in hand with justice. Suddenly we see the many stains on the previously presented white cloth of justice presented to be untainted. It is problematic. It means we no more have a valid motto because the few who passed the test will still not make it right.

It is a big deal when lawyers rise because judges are involved while they hailed this same Anas for uncovering children being molested in children’s homes, for uncovering corrupt customs officials among others. I will give them a route; none prepares food and goes hungry, so because they interpret the laws, they must find ways of interpreting their ways out. A doctor who gets wounded will try to clean his or her wounds and maybe inject himself to heal. Yes, Anas tempted the judges, both parties are wrong, but here he had a cause to give the bribe; to see if Ghanaians are being treated fairly. I believe good morals are inherent and no matter how temptations rain, if you are good, you are good, nothing can dissuade you. That explains why some of the judges came out clean.

That said, I turn my attention to we the un-certificated judges of the judges turned criminals. Who has the right to judge these fallen judges? If you drink water, and throw its sachet anywhere, you are not worthy to judge anyone. If you are a policeman who takes bribes, you are not worthy to judge anyone. If you are a teacher who do not honour his or her lessons, you are not fit to judge anyone. If you are a driver who do not obey traffic rules and regulations, drinks, you are not eligible to judge anyone. If you go to work any time you feel like because government lacks the necessary supervision for public and civil workers, you are not worthy to judge anyone. If you are a journalist who receive bribe for propaganda, you have no rights at all to judge anyone, if you take tolls and pocket some, trust me; you are in no position to judge anyone.  If you are one who ease himself by the shores of any water body, you have no rights to judge. If you look on indifferently as others err, you have no rights to judge. The list goes on.

Whatever wrong you do, no matter how small it is, no matter how properly concealed it is, trust me, judge yourself before judging others. Instead of crying foul, work in contributing your quota to national development. Yes, it is bad, it is really unfair, it is really scary for judges to act this way, but some are still on their feet working without bending any laws, what are you doing to help your nation instead of blabbering? Let all consciences turn Anas, wearing scary masks and pricking at every wrong thing we do. Only the discipline to heed to this call for change will help us raise our flag high.

God bless us all!

God bless mother Ghana!!!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


13 thoughts on “Ghanaian Judges are Corrupt: So You Turn Judge?

  1. Great piece….Ghanaians are by and large an interesting, funny, and I daresay, hypocritical lot…Corruption is very deeply ingrained in our culture, and a lot of the people pontificating and lambasting the judges will probably do worse, if put in the judges’ shoes…this situation raises some very pertinent issues…why can’t judges be [aid well enough so as not to be tempted to be take backhanders, if this is indeed the case…I have also been very quiet as the headlines have been screaming, and people crying foul…we live to see what happens, and is justicefor wont of a better word, will prev ail…

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