Maame Menka!
Call Owusua and Akosua
Yaa Bruwaa, Ama Serwaa
Afia Adutwumwaa and Eno Boowaa
Selikem and Elikem
Hasana and Husna
To come to my compound now
I have seen the area pestle
Pounding and breaking mortars of our land!
Including the newly built, ones in building

And ones whose trees are in the watering stage

When two pestles clashed in Agyekumwaa’s compound
In just three minus two years back
Hands clapped
Tongues wagged
Ei! I never knew eyes could do a 360° horror dance
As mouths spat only to drive the area asanka away
Poor mortar who had the capacity to contain several pestles even at once
Was never allowed a moment of peace
Until she wore the clothes of darkness
And took to her heels

Before another daylight
Holding a merciless mfeawa woke!!
So why is this ordinary pestle
Made from a baked kwaabrɛfrɛ
Parading the street like a hero?

Let’s chop him down
For firewood is a rare commodity of late!
Let’s burn him down!
Lest he takes little of all sicknesses,
Makes them grand
And distributes like a clueless manufacturer!
It could even be a bitter serving!
Let’s not watch like idiots,
Humming dissatisfaction in our choked oesophagus
As the unfair society sits solemnly
Like an elder who knows his fart would be blamed on the children!!!

Times have travelled and we must so move
Our eyes have been opened
We must close all zips hosting greedy snakes
To save our young generation from their venoms
If a monkey who works can be driven from bowls with meals
Surely, it should be easy for the baboon to be dismissed
With just a one-voice tool!!
What sweetens the goose surely will pamper tongues of the gander!!!
Now let’s get him…
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 31, 2018


Many factors contributed to winning the battle of warriors where a princess’ hand was concerned. Favour from the gods, favour of the royal family, skills in wrestling, favour of the weather (some fought better in harsh conditions) and emotions involved. All the Men among the MEN fell one way or the other with bruises and fractures leaving three MEN. Warriors, MEN of MEN born by MEN with strength, skills and traits worthy of kingship. Barwuah, the Prince of Akonta, Barnieh, the son of the king of Amansan and Kumnipa Kwasi Gyan, heir to the throne of Gyae Saa were the men left. All strong with personalities that charmed one way or the other. The King and Queen wished with all their hearts that Barnieh would be defeated as he was known to be one of the proudest princes alive. He might have felt the hatred and acted a bit distracted, causing him to taste the sword of Barwuah, helping Kumnipa to also pierce Barwuah to end the fight. Kumnipa who fought in the wrap of a lion, raised both hands as he observed the hails of all except the princess of Apemso who looked like a goddess, clad in the most beautiful of Kente and beads to match. Her ahenemma was one made with class. Everyone noticed her unhappiness but dared not mention it. It wasn’t that she favoured either, her countenance was just unreadable all day.
The marriage ceremony begun that night with preparations and lasted for more than a fortnight. During that period, Nyamekye’s parents worked on the understanding of both men. Kumnipa disagreed at first, saying it was even a crime against the gods of their land for a royal to push a horse while a slave rode on it. Boadu who was shocked after getting to know the status of the love of his life asked to be allowed to think over. Many things played on his mind. He conceiving children that another would claim in the eyes of men, he owning a body that another would be known for all through, he being called a guard in metaphorisms. He was just confused. It was more like the case of the Santrofie bird and the dilemma of the hunter. Hit it and it is a taboo, let it go and you let go the best fat ever. What was he to do? When he saw Nyamekye, all the confusions cleared. He knew he could not live without her and agreed. Moreover, his whole family was brought from Apremire and made a family of repute with just a rumour of their relations to the royal house. Even the elders were fooled as the king told tales of the former king begetting Boadu’s mother in secrecy.

With Kumnipa, Ohene Asaa dug deeper into his escapades and realized he was involved in the attack of one of his brothers which resulted in his death. That brother was the crown prince before him. Kumnipa after being blackmailed, reluctantly agreed knowing the repercussions of his big secret coming out. In exchange, Ohene Asaa asked that he chooses any damsel he fancied in Apemso. He had heard of Ama and had wanted her from the moment he heard of her exploits as a warrior. He chose her and the Ohene Asaa had no problem getting her consent. Both men were sworn to secrecy. Boadu was to be one of the camouflaged guards of the queen during the day, and her bedmate at night, Kumnipa was to be the husband known throughout Apemso and the world at large. The meeting was intense as both men nervously looked at each other until the end.
On the last day of the ceremony, Ohene Asaa and his bride advised Nyamekye to be bold and smile in order not to raise any needless suspicions. She was more than glad to oblige. For she had gotten all her heart desires. Kumnipa’s family brought the last gifts as merrymaking went on the whole time until the bride was given out with her guards and servants to be sent to Gyae Saa. In order not to arouse suspicion, Kumnipa ushered Boadu and Nyamekye into the royal chamber while he slept in the hall. It was funny the way thoughts of Ama vanished from his mind. Hardly had they settled did he get the craving of peeping and getting to know what they were up to. He had not thought it would be that difficult. He did not anticipate the boiling of his blood, racing of his heart and taunts on his mind. He stood up, held the door knob as his heartbeats shook his very ground. He was jealous beyond measure and above all angry.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics


Oh how complex is age?
Known to have initially been tagged with sages
Until dawns saw kings living above sages in new pages!
Oh what is the coupling advantage?
That a lone femme traveller is seen on rampages
All her ails needing attention seeking bandages
One who spoke no sane languages
Until her garbage can is given as death’s wages
Tell me you on wisdom’s stages!!!

Does life come with a mirroring path?
Do partners fall like rain into cans of blooming femininity?
Each has fires of passions regretfully turned ashes
And sent into memories never to be revived
Each has a fantasy stuck in make-belief
With an ever hopeful prayer never to be answered
Each has a dream always cut short by wakefulness and baked sweats
Each has a flaw barring doors of chances in all enhancements
Why should pink be my crime of failure when many a blues live like me?

It is a baton of blessing since age
For one to have caught the eyes of cupid through adowa
Through to delicious preparations of fufu and lapeewa
It was graciousness for princesses to be handed princes and or warriors
On golden platters in exchange for their doll-hoods
Age has travelled west in jester-field
So I am an old cargo
A can needed to be booted with unseriousness
A hag with a harsh harsh-tag
A societal sheep flawed by not having at least a bully of a billy goat
But what can be done on these stakes?
Nothing but a lookout for the inscription of foolishness
On foreheads of the favoured
Lighting the fires beneath to have me roasted
When my meat is nothing even beasts like that can devour
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 2018

Banter in Court: A Sizzling Play Directed by Elsie Srodah Showing July 28, 2018

A thrilling play is about to rock your world in Accra. The play, to be performed at Terra Alta, Abelemkpe Traffic Light opposite Allied Filling Station and stars Bex, Cecilia Anno-Barnieh and Gideon Boakye. It is happening on the 28th of July, 2018 at 7pm. Rate is a cool 40 cedis for advance tickets and 60 cedis at the gate. It was written and directed by Elsie Srodah.

A sneak summary:
Banter in Court is a dramatic comedy set on an intriguing playground with many disclosures to offer. Fiery lawyers Alexa Bill and Martin Yeboah are joined by other raconteurs: the tell tale clerk; an eccentric scientist, adulterers, a quack Bishop, a no-nonsense woman and some perpetual beings. Together, they highlight the many legal, ethical and personal quandaries people can relate to.
Meanwhile, it is Judge Koomson’s 10th anniversary on the bench and he is in no mood for time wasters. Perhaps, it is time to give the gavel a break. After all, the wheels of justice grind slowly.
Tickets are selling at Airport Shell, Terra Alta, Food Market opposite Round House. Call 0268032534 for further enquiries. Don’t miss it. It’ll definitely make your day.


Tickles followed giggles, smiles followed even the dumbest of jokes. Beautiful flowers were murdered through forceful plucking to be gifted for swoons. Edible ripe fruits fed Nyamekye and Boadu until the sky begun to frown, telling them there was a house and people they needed to go back to. Ama was worried and had combed the area severally with Akoto, Boadu’s sister, in search of her princess. But they were not seen until they wanted to be seen. And when the land of the house finally tasted their feet, all eyes could not help but notice the change in both of them. Ama wondered if she had been placed under a spell. Auntie Mansa and Akoto were shocked to see Boadu smiling from ear to ear anytime his eyes met that of Nyamekye. It was clear Cupid’s arrows had pieced those hearts together.
That night, Boadu caught the biggest and most beautiful antelope ever. He did that flawlessly too, making him think even nature supported his new found treasure. He worked on it in the bush, looked for palm leaves and made bɛdɛ (a kind of bag made out of palm leaves) and used it to carry the meat home. Nyamekye heard him return and went to welcome him. Although he chastised her a bit for not checking before coming out, it was all smiles and happiness throughout the fire lighting, roasting until dawn when they were told by Auntie Mansa to go to bed as Boadu needed to catch some sleep.
The girls stayed in Apremire for over a month, helping the family in their farming activities as Boadu fed them with all the delicious game he was lucky to have hunted. Sometimes, he took Nyamekye hunting to the displeasure of Ama. She was always baffled at how he knew exactly where he had laid his traps, when to shoot arrows, when to act dead to lure his game, when to hide for dangerous animals to pass and how he heard and distinguished between the various sounds of animals no matter how faint.

Ama had made her promise to leave exactly a month and three days and her pride would not let her have the shame of postponing it. She told Boadu, who was so sad and begged to go with them but she lovingly turned him down. Auntie Mansa, who had grown to love Nyamekye as a daughter in law, and Ama as family and her daughter, Akoto, were heartbroken. Nyamekye promised to be back for Boadu. She described Ama’s family as hers and went on to part ways, breaking her own heart. She always looked at the wooden bracelet Boadu gifted her anytime she missed him, but it didn’t help much.
The rest of the journey was not as fun for her as it was in the beginning. They went to Opim, Adabre, Emuanna, Baamukye and passed through Asewase through to Amasan and finally to Apemso, their homeland.

They spent close to four months on the journey. The royal family was thrown into merriment. The king was particularly happy just as the queen was. All were invited to eat and drink in thanks to Odomankomah for his protection. Ama was asked what she wanted for her good job. She asked for a chance to be added to the warriors of the land. Although her mother was against it, the king granted her her request.
A week after they returned, the king and queen woke Nyamekye up at dawn and told her about her man hunt. The fact that warriors from fifty empires had been invited to battle for her hand in marriage. She got up and burst into tears, asking why they did not consult her before sending those invitations out. It was the first time she had raised her voice at her parents. She apologized when she saw how shocked they were and explained she had someone she wanted to marry. She told them to their horror that he came from Apremire and was a local hunter and not a warrior. The King was horrified and retorted “Apremire? Do you know they are accursed slaves of Apemso?” And what is worse, you are a princess who will be the queen and needs to marry a warrior who will show above all else that he is mighty, strong and will be able to take care of this land.” Her mother calmed the king and reminded him through a whisper, about the promise they made for her birth and the repercussions if breached.
“Maame, do you want to be the queen of this land?” Nyamekye emphatically affirmed her interest saying “It is my destiny. I have to be queen of Apemso, to help the land prosper through any means. I want to make my people happy”. They asked if she could choose between the two and she refused, saying she needed both. The King and Queen were at a loss. On one hand, she wanted to be the queen and on the other hand, she wanted to have a tabooed relationship. Nana explained to her the situation in which she was placing them but she would have nothing of it and made them promise to make her marry the love of her life and also be a part of the ruling of the land.
That night, the king cried and the queen helplessly looked on trying to think through a way. After days of thinking, they agreed on a solution. A solution the gods of the land would definitely see and punish them for, but a solution they would nevertheless use as their hands were tied. They will make her marry both men. Boadu in secrecy and the victorious warrior publicly. Whereas she would share a bed with Boadu who would act as her bodyguard during the day, the warrior would just be her ceremonial husband.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics


Hands seized both girls and swung them on a rope across trees. Ama wanted to fight it off but a sixth sense asked her to wait for an outcome. Three minutes later, they were on a vast grassland with a visible settlement. Ama held Nyamekye, lowered her into the sharp grasses and with a sliding curve, swung her underneath. Nyamekye had never known fear that intense and could barely catch her breath from the experience. She stayed in Ama’s arms until she let go to find out about the arms. But she was not to search for long. “Come out girls, we need to get out of here as soon as possible. My house is close by. You’ll be safe there. Here in these grasses, snakes…” He didn’t finish before Nyamekye sprung out shouting on top of her voice. The voice laughed so hard, followed her voice and caught up with them. “Your Majes… I mean Nyamekye, remember you were fortified against snake bites so you have nothing to fear”. She stopped talking when she realized that the voice hosted a slim and tall man and that man was standing very close to them.
“Before any introductions, let’s get out of here into safety.” He had barely finished talking when he led the way. After walking for what looked like forty minutes, they reluctantly entered a small settlement with three mud houses. He took them to an empty room which had straw mats and few cover clothes with a lantern. There, they saw how handsome and young he was. Ama started questioning him as Nyamekye just starred. When she came into consciousness, she heard him talking. “I am a hunter who fixed ropes on trees to serve as an escape root in case I needed it. My father, who is now late taught me to do that. You were lucky I heard those hooligans chasing after you. They are brutes who could have killed you you know. How can girls like you walk unprotected in these dangerous slopes? Apremire is one of the dangerous villages in these parts. Weren’t you told?”
Nyamekye explained that they were definitely not told. We are wanderers, trying to know these plains. We are from Apemso. “Apemso. Our bosses. You know they own these lands? The very richest bosses in the whole of Akatamanso. Don’t worry. You’re now safe. My name is Kwabena Boadu and I live here with my mother and younger sister. They sleep in the room to your left. On your right, that small structure is the bathroom. The other one after is a place of convenience. The room after my family’s is mine. Knock on that door if you need something. Meanwhile, there are big pots outside with water in case you need it. For wanderers, you have very few things.” Ama thought for a while and realized it was true. Nyamekye had insisted on taking nothing besides few gold coins and few clothes with a cover cloth each. With it two manageable gourds filled with water. They were to feed on fruits in the wild and buy food if they were lucky to meet civilization. She only sneaked in a small foldable knife. Both girls got their sponges and had a bath before sleeping. All the while, Ama was on a lookout and very alert. Nyamekye kept assuring her that there was no cause for alarm. She kept watch as her princess slept. There was no order that could make her blink. She didn’t want to disappoint the king.
At cockcrow, she heard the sound of a sweeping broom, then a humming. She knew the sister of Boadu was the one sweeping. Nyamekye woke about an hour later and they both went out only to see calabashes of white porridge served on a waiting table. An elderly woman sat with an empty calabash in her hands. A young girl who could pass for their age mate greeted them with happy and dancing eyes and offered them saawe (sponge made out of chewing sticks) and a calabash each of water to wash their faces. “Your hot water is ready sisters and I sent them to the bathroom for you.” Both of them went to kneel in front of the woman of the house, Auntie Mansa, and greeted. She was happy to have them stay over and asked them to hurry so they could eat. They bathed, ate and the familiarity made Ama comfortable to the delight of Nyamekye. She excused herself to sleep as Boadu took Nyamekye around. She couldn’t stop staring. His skin was as black as ebony and shone above the morning sun, his height was above the normal range of most men his age, he was soft spoken and very hairy. So much so that the bente he wore with the cloth tied on part of his shoulder showed very beautiful and shiny hair on his chest, hands and legs. His facial hair looked soft and when he smiled, Nyamekye nearly fell. He was however swift to catch her, swinging her to face him as their eyes met blocking some rays of the rising sun. Nyamekye’s heart raced but she heard a louder heartbeat from the chest whose eyes had pinned her down. “I think I am, I am, I am…” She couldn’t bring herself to say it. “…in love? If that is what you meant to say then I am too” Kwabena Boadu said, his breath and grin making it barely audible as she nodded smiled like one who had stumbled on a treasure.
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics


I saw a sun in your heart
That I stole to light me up
Your proximity is a key
Which sparks a playful arrhythmia
In the sealed contours of my chest
A thief prays to never be caught
So why do I steal daily from the same spot?

I believe it is time to graduate into an armed robber
Wearing camo of braveness
With an armour vehicle of shamelessness
Guns of affection
Handcuffs of interest
Boots of attention
Bats of charms
With a skill of invincibility in operation

Oh thoughtful I in this thoughtless me
Raise no eyebrows
You know beatings of shame
Jailing of indifference
Shooting of animosity
And lynching of rumours
Aren’t exactly hells you’d want to experience
After all, we all share a fuel tank of breath
And these palpitations are known in these seats within

Oh how fair the hair of stares!
How bright the sight of tights!
How right the might of height!
How fast this heart runs!
Say no more!!!
There is a madness in this house!
One that puts together mismatched words
Through the ink of one bitten by Cupid’s arrow
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 24, 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics


Ohene Asaa begged his daughter to at least take one guard with her and settled on the guard being female and not showing in any way that she was a guard. Ama Adjeibea Okore was the perfect female guard for the mission and Ohene Asaa made sure he put her under more training for a month before the real journey began. Ama had wielded a sword almost all her life. Her inspiration was her father who was the best warrior a decade past before the war with Anyaakrom took his life. He was leading his people home after they defeated their opponents only for a trap of fire to fall on him, killing his horse and himself before his followers were able to quench it. Ama was just six years old. Her elder brother continued teaching her until she was sent to the palace to serve as one of Nyamakye’s attendants. Females were not allowed to be warriors in Apemso and her worried mother who had the favour of the queen was allowed to bring her daughter into the palace to ward off rumours of her witchcraft. Ama was just few months older than Nyamekye.
Nyamekye supervised their shopping for the journey. She bought clothes meant for the average person in society and bought everything in pairs to put Ama on the same scale as her. She was not to fight until she ordered and was supposed to act as her sister and nothing else. Although Ohene Asaa felt unsettled, he and his queen saw them off after promising his daughter not to send spies to follow her. Things of the spirit have all seeing eyes and the custodian of the land knew going against her was as bad as she being harmed in a far off land. No one, besides the head of warriors, the king and queen, Ama and her mother, knew about this journey. So the royal head prayed for the safety of his only child.
The first village they passed through was Mina. It was a beautiful village with a fertile land. Rice, maize, groundnuts, cassava, plantain and many other needed vegetables flourished there. They went around the market and Ama could not help but notice how well Nyamekye blended in. She spoke to the market women as if she had known them all her life. She helped them call for customers, helped them sweep around and did everything they asked for. By evening, they had someone offer to house them in her home. Ama got very comfortable and happy she had such a great personality to travel with.
The house they got to was a beautiful mud house with well thatched roof. There was a fence around the house with six mud houses. The man of the house was a short and plump bald man with a cruel look but a very great personality. He welcomed them into his home and made sure they had all they needed. The next day was a Wednesday, and the household needed to go to the farm. Tuesdays were resting days instructed by the gods. Many stories were told about deities who showed themselves to deviants who ventured to cross River Asona to farm on Tuesdays. Some collapsed, others were maimed and in extreme cases, killed. So all others who wanted to work, worked on their gardens right around their houses.
Nyamekye and Ama went to the Okroso farm with the Kesse family. They experienced the sting of many insects, notable among them was a fly that was known to suck blood through a painful sting. The people called it “abenim”. Other ants and thorns did not spare them. Still, Nyamekye was enthusiastic and happy working like the rest. She weeded, helped dig out cocoyams and ate just like all the others. Even Ama felt exhausted but Nyamekye cheered her on. When they got back, Ama used hot water and Shea butter to massage her princess’ legs and feet. She was shocked that she also returned the favour. That night, Nyamekye told Ama about how blessed she was to be a part of the lives of the people. Seeing how they suffered to farm, she was appreciative of every food anyone could give and promised to cherish all meals. The next day, they left for Apremire. The Kesse family wanted them to stay for a while but Nyamekye thanked them and promised to visit some time in the future.
They walked for the whole day until sundown but saw no sign of a settlement. Having rained through the night, the frogs came out for a fearsome choral and crickets provided instrumentation that made scary images tip toe even in the sway of leaves. They held each other’s hand and quickened their steps but somehow felt they were being chased. The feet were many and heavy. They sounded like feet of men, strong men, men who were on a dangerous mission and they kept getting closer and closer.
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics

Female Role Models: Ewurama Attoh

Ewurama Attoh is a radio presenter in the northern part of Ghana (Tamale). She has been active on radio since April 2013 with one of the best stations in the region: Kesmi Fm. She is the People’s Celebrity, Female Radio Presenter of the year 2017.

Ewuraa hosts the Drive (#DriveKesmiHome) on Kesmi 107.1MHz on Mondays to Thursdays from 2pm to 5:30pm. She also hosts a talk show host (Kesmi Girls Talk with Ewurama ) on Fridays, 7pm to 8:30pm.

Ewurama, in collaboration with NORSAAC GH, mentor young girls in senior high schools.

She is passionate about helping young ones understand what it means to be vocal in their field of work or line of dreams; as a matter of fact, she aims to empower the youth in pursuing their dreams, build their self confidence and respect.

She hopes to venture into television broadcasting to widen her scope in advocacy. She is currently in the process of coming out with a talk show on television. Ewuraa is a good role model.


It is sad
Very sad when a rotten nut
Destroys the sweet flavour of a whole pan of soup
Who can; tired legs,
Needful minds and broken palms run to?
A whole tree thought to be Odum
Ended up as a beautifully rotten pawpaw tree
Waiting to murder an unsuspecting leaner
Who made the laws
On unarmed faces?
Who drove assault of innocence into heads of protectors?
Who programmed an enforcer into a robotic abuser?
Who killed empathy in books of the strong?

Can I blame a cruel fist without noting its roots?
Oh poverty!
You are a violence which needs Osama’s bomb to eliminate!
And I am weeping that your funeral mocks my mortality
In confidence of your immortality!!!
I am hurt that your existence’s grey hair cuffs my infant wisdom
On the ticket of your old age!!!
I am saddened by your rotten teeth
Which bites to turn full humans into harmless beasts
To suffer at the hands of originally harmful beasts!!!
Poverty! You need a suicide pill

So computerized law enforcers can punch in their sorry heads
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 21, 2018


“You will have a baby. A baby who will wash your sorrows and polish the pride of the queen and the ego of the king. The only clause for bliss, is to be sure to grant all the wishes of the child no matter how difficult. The day you fail to grant a wish is the day you’ll lose the child”. Okomfo Akyaa stressed on the “lose” causing the last word to fall like a ripe mango harvested by wind from the chest of the sky. Ohemaa Abrampah and Ohene Asaa looked at each other in fear before reality dawned on the importance of a baby to the stool of Apemso. As if on a cue, they both responded “As the gods wish”.
Apemso continued to sell rumours like food on everyday basis about the custodian of the land. The people loved their king and would never harm him in any way but the matter of a child was of serious concern to him. Whereas some blamed the queen for her bad luck and suggested that the king takes on another wife, the king disagreed with all of them. It had been six months since they visited Okomfo Akyaa in the heart of the night, hoping no one saw them go through the rituals for a child but nothing seems to suggest that she has taken seed. Just when Ohene Asaa was about to voice his worry to his beloved queen, she collapsed in her stool.
The chief herbalist: Opanyin Kesse, checked and checked in shock and finally announced “The queen is with child”. The king sat through all the herb preparations and fed them to his queen. Everyone in the palace saw how the king doted on his queen throughout the pregnancy. Gossips of Apemso claimed the only thing their king did not do was remove the child into his own stomach to relief his queen. Ohene Asaa was a very happy king.
When the midwives announced the birth of the princess, the elders were unhappy but the king was so happy he could not wait for the child to be cleaned before badging into the delivery room. Immediately he laid eyes on her, he announced “You shall be called Princess Nyamekye Brakatu Asaa”, daughter who cleaned the shame of her father.
Merrymaking for her naming ceremony went on for a whole week. Having married the love of his life at the age of eighteen, becoming king at the age of twenty and having his first child at the age of twenty seven was no easy thing to go through as a king beloved of his people. Everyone in Apemso joined the celebration and wished the royal family well.
Princess Nyamekye grew like a miracle. Everyday saw her prettier, her every deed showed her goodness. Her attitude towards everyone, her love for all, made all forget about the fact that the royal house needed a male child to inherit the stool. It is not as if they wanted her to ascend the throne but they wouldn’t mind if her husband did in future.
Throughout her growing up, Princess Nyamekye never asked for anything, making her parents wonder if what the Okomfo told them was a mere threat to dissuade them from receiving their gift. While all her friends were always asking for many things during festivals and other celebrations, the Princess just worked hard on looking for gifts for her parents and friends. Even her mates who disliked her knew their dislike was borne out of their own insecurities and jealousies.
On her sixteenth birthday, Ohene Asaa threw a big party for his only child and invited all of Apemso to join in the celebration. Many people gifted her many things. Her father asked her to ask for anything she wanted. Nyamekye asked for a trip into the world without royalty. The King looked at his queen, then his princess and it was evident that he regretted ever asking her. The first thing that hit him was her safety outside the palace. He knew he could not handle it if anything should happen to her but because he had prompted the request, he had no choice but to grant it.

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 2018

Photo Credit: Google Pics

DAWN OF TEARS – Prof. Atukwei Okai

Oh dear!
The hawk of death
Has caught one of the best chickens of life
What is this confusion that burns
Scribbling minds on hot coals of pain?
What is this shock that stirs
Hearts in reawakening fears of the going?
What is this bell that scares
Fingers holding pens of seers?
Yet this gone’s ink is imprinted on the sands of life
Erasing oblivion, consoling all

A mouth with a voice has travelled through the one gated land
Never to turn back
But we know
If death is ever defeated,
It is done by a writer
If death is ever killed
It sure is done by inks trapped and baptized by recognition
To forever stay
Atukwei you’re taken
But your ink is imprinted on the sands of this earth

The great adviser
The great seer whose oration shook the land
The blessed talent in whose mind
Words met to be fixed in his perfected colander
Commander of fewer words telling long stories
From Rosimaya to Sunset Sonata
You are gone
But your ink is imprinted on the sands of time’s made and unmade sands

Rest well
You whose life blessed and touched many
Sleep well
You whose mind worked and burned many a night’s wicks
Swim in the waters of peace
You whose ink made paths for many to thread on
You surely have made your path
And in no way can death defeat you
Prof. da yie!
Ya wɔ ojogbaaa!
Death’s ambitious throat cries dissatisfaction
For much of your juices still flow in this breathful place called earth!
And we are grateful even in our sorrows
For all your contributions which are bridges on flooded places
Which drowned many voices in history
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © July 14, 2018

Male Role Models: Emmanuel Eroh

Emmanuel Eroh is a distinction graduate of Physics Electronics from the Prestigious Federal Polytechnic of Bida in Niger state. He is a Business Analysts and a seasoned entrepreneur.
He loves rendering business ideas to small start-ups and is also an advocate for the girl child education and child marriages.

He carried out training on capacity building, engaging the youth into taking the future into their hands by empowering them with skills acquisition program geared toward helping them stand out from the crowd. He has also carried out professional symposium where he spoke on giving an “Oh My God” customer services experience.
He had a wonderful career with Intercontinental Bank PLC (now Access Bank PLC) and Keystone Bank PLC where he did his job to perfection. He was the Cash Officer in the operations Department, Cashier, Customer Service Officer(CSO),
and also functioned as the branch IT (information Technology) Admin.
He has a good personality with the fear of God. He is a proud member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

He organized tutorials for the less privileged secondary school children who couldn’t afforded the extra hours classes to brace them up for advanced examinations. He is also a fleet manager of Uber Transport Technology. Eroh is a role model.

Male Role Models: Segbeyon Oluwatobi

Segbeyon is a skillfully dedicated historian and poet. A teacher by profession with an unquenchable passion to breed future generations who are capable of development and leadership.
He is the pioneer of the Take Charge Movement (TCM), Nigeria, which is aimed at exposing students in secondary schools to concepts self awareness, esteem and actualisation. Also, trainer of youths on leadership and gender related issues as well as solutions.
As a volunteer, Segbeyon has already undertaken series of community development projects that concern Education, Agriculture, Health and Sociopolitical upkeep and development.
On other parts, he shares a philosophy and advocates for gender equity in African societies, a phenomenon which is imperative in our various communities (Africa).
His general motivation and belief is in his youthfulness, as an important tool for building a better society.

Female Role Models: Dorithy D. Gwee

Dorithy D. Gwee is a young and potential leader who hails from one of the most prestigious counties (Bong) located in the North-Central portion of Liberia. She began her leadership journey from her high school days where she became the first female Council President for the E. J .Yancy High School in Totota Bong County. Dorithy is a Civil Engineering Student at the Stella Maris Polytechnic. She is an advocate for girls and their rights to STEM education. She encourages females to step forward and break those stereotypes surrounding women. Dorithy aims to impact the lives of females by fostering their participation in the society. Dorithy is a role model.

Female Role Models: Maame Akua Awereba

Maame Akua Awereba, a Ghanaian and a journalist by profession, is a former broadcaster at First Digital Television, and Joy News. She is also a former Producer of Joy News’ flagship business personality show The Executive Lounge and the current Chief Operating Officer of 360 Lifestyle Network. Maame is also the Executive Producer and presenter of the Books and More Show on Starr 103.5 fm; a literary and arts review show. Founder of Dear Survivor, a platform and safe space for survivors of sexual violence and other forms of gender based violence: Geared at providing not just a safe space, but serving as a data base for researchers. Maame is a role model.

Male Role Models: Ralford Rollings-Bull

He is a certified young IT Professional (software/hardware/networking/website/video/audio engineer) in Freetown, He is a youth activist and educator on youth issues. He is also a former President of a registered youth organization with the National Youth Commission of Sierra Leone (Our Year Our Voice Committee Sierra Leone) where he met The President of The Republic of Sierra Leone in 2013 through his advocacy.
Ralford Rollings-Bull helps youth in Sierra Leone who are in the public and private sectors to thrive further for success, to be practical in solutions and optimistic in decisions, to transfer skills and experiences learned to young promising leaders who want to become exceptional and are diligent in the work they do for other young people.
Ralford Rollings-Bull has ten years experience in the field of youth advocacy and is well known in his home Country.
He is currently working as the Founder and Chief Executive Director of The Youth Alliance Initiative Network (YAIN), a Youth Serving Agency, where he focuses on addressing issues that affect the youth. He is also working for Democracy Sierra Leone; a civil society organization where he supports them with ICT skills, social media and field advocacy.

Ralford Rollings-Bull is a graduate from Njala university, where he did his degree programme in a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Agricultural Engineering. He is motivated in working for young people because he has passion in positive youth activism, considering the fact that young people in Sierra Leone are being neglected especially female youth with the determination of gaining tertiary education and involvement in National Governance.

Ralford role model.

Female Role Models: Ama Opoku Agyeman

Ama is a pharmacist by training, teacher by calling and a researcher by choice. She graduated with a B. Pharm (Pharmacy) and M. Phil (Pharmacology) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology and a PhD (Pharmacology) from the University of Cambridge, UK. She is currently with the School of Pharmacy, University of Ghana-Legon, where she teaches and carries out research in infectious diseases, global health and antimicrobial resistance.

In her life, Ama has been influenced by people who have taken all the challenges in life within their stride and excelled in their career as well as personal life. These people have included world leaders, famous people, professors but also importantly, the people many consider ‘ordinary’. Her best life lessons have been learnt from simple, down-to-earth and everyday people going about their lives with faith, hope, hard work and excellence.

Ama believes life is a cycle that needs to continue and that life is worth it when we can give back the inspiration and blessings we receive. She therefore hopes her life will serve as inspiration for other young people. One way she hopes to do this is by mentoring young people in their life and career choices. She is passionate about recruiting, encouraging and sustaining women in sciences and more especially their representation at the highest ranks in the field of science.

She believes all people are EQUAL and should be treated as such with no discrimination based on gender, race, tribe, educational background, societal class, faith etc… As a Christian, this is exemplified by the Golden Rule; ‘Do unto others what you want them to do to you’

She enjoys writing, playing with babies and listening to them talk, listening to loud music, watching Kumawood movies that feature Akrobeto, Agya Koo or Lil’ Win, travelling around Ghana, making new friends especially with children and the elderly and watching crime investigation because of forensic science. Ama is a true role model.

Male Role Models: Yahya Sowe

Yahya Sowe, from the Gambia, is an Islamic student graduate from Muslim Senior Secondary School in 2011. He had his degree at the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in 2014. Yahya is a 25 year old youth activist, freelance journalist and a volunteer with more than ten years experience in youth leadership, serving communities to better their living conditions and guaranteeing a brighter future for their unborn generation. Yahya is a serving member of several national and sub-regional youth led organizations. He is the President of Pan African Leaders Movement Gambia (which is made up of 24 African countries), Gambian Ambassador of Solidage Africa Foundation and the Center Coordinator of Africa Youths Architect.
He has certificates in the following areas: Human Right, leadership, climate change, gender based violence, peace and conflict management, servant leadership, understanding the rights of women and girls, Responsible leadership on transparency and Good Governance, Understanding Elections and Civic Responsibilities , Skills Building for Girls Advocacy, etc..
Yahya has guiding principles of honesty, tolerance, devotion and service for humanity.
In his leadership positions, his utmost priority is always putting up a democratic and sustainable structure with a tailored master plan of grooming the next generation of leaders to take up the challenge. He initiated programs to help the communities become resilient and oriented them to fully understand their rights and obligations and thereby be the architects of their own destiny. Yahya is a role model.

Female Role Models: Caroline Oye Otuei

Caroline Oye Otuei is a teacher at Crown Prince Academy. She holds an MPhil degree in Guidance and Counselling. She has the passion for offering counselling services to young people. She believes that when people are given the right guidance in life, they can make informed decisions and become responsible for their choices. Caroline has special interest in people with disabilities especially, the hearing impaired. She is founder of the sign language club in Crown Prince Academy. She is looking forward to a future where there are sign language interpretors across all the sectors of the economy so that life will be more comfortable for the deaf. Caroline is a role model.

Female Role Models: Louisa Laryea

Louisa Laryea is A Chartered Certified Accountant and a member of ACCA-UK. A Banker as well with demonstrable record in identifying Risk Exposures in Banking and Mitigating same. An astute professional with Eighteen (18) years of experience in Finance and Banking. She courts biases for numbers, analysis and people. Louisa is a stickler for excellence, is very confident, quite calculated, forthright and opinionated too. She believes whatever is worth doing must be whole-heartedly done to the very best of one’s ability. She likes to challenge the status quo in order to deliver modernization to the corporate environment – an attribute not so popular in Ghanaian corporate circles. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management as well from the University of Ghana Business School.

Louisa believes in Merit and Diligent work. She does not subscribe to the assertion of lowering thresholds for females (because females are very capable). She believes that females have the capacity to pursue their goals and aspirations to any height if they so desire. If only females will focus, challenge themselves, rip off the limitations, be their own cheer-leaders, believe in themselves and set their priorities purposefully. Females should not be pitied because they are females. No! That certainly is demeaning. Success does not emanate from pity. Confidence in oneself solves half the challenge even before one approaches the task. Louisa believes in Equity. The options and offerings availed must only be availed equitably and not out of pity. There are males who are more disadvantaged than females; only because of where they come from, who their parents are or what their communities believe in. Resources for development must therefore be fairly distributed consistently and equitably.
Louisa espouses strong tenets of Discipline and Integrity. She believes that Discipline is what always makes the difference. A people/a Nation that does not appreciate Discipline, clearly retrogresses. That surely holds true for Ghana


Louisa is affable, she loves fashion, absolutely loves family and likes to observe.
She enjoys reading, writing and likes to assist kids to read too. Louisa has a great affinity for good humour and also appreciates boundaries.
She however hates cutting onions but enjoys a gush of onions in her sauces, soups and fries.
Louisa is married to Israel Laryea and has Three (3) Children – Cheyne, Mitch and Samantha.

Louisa is a role model worthy of emulation.

Female Role Models: Ms. Naeema Ahmed

Ms. Naeema Ahmed is an alternative energy advocate with MBA in Business Administration
specialising in Oil and Gas Management from Coventry University. She holds Galileo Masters Certificate in Renewable Energy Management and Finance from the European Energy Centre.
Naeema Ahmed is the founder of Africa’s Alternative Energy Initiatives (AAEI)- a renewable energy think tank that seeks to promote clean, affordable and sustainable energy across Africa (http//

She has hosted Alternative Energy Dialogues focusing on Africa in the London Chamber of Commerce, UK House of Commons and the House of Lords towards the investment in Africa’s Renewable Energy, Real Estate and setting a path towards the achievement of SDG 7.
She has been leading the dialogue on achieving sustainable clean and affordable energy access for the African continent by hosting dialogues through her organisation and partnering with Coventry University London and the Energy Futures Lab-Imperial College London, towards the achievement of
powering Africa’s Health sector and the inclusion of Local content in Alternative Energy Innovations and research.
In 2017, she won the GAB Awards for her contribution to Energy in Africa and also won the women in Leadership award at the 2018 Women for Africa Awards in UK.
This year, her chosen country for sustainable Energy advocacy is Liberia as she is raising funds to provide affordable and sustainable energy for Robert Moore Memorial Health Centre￾ .
Ms. Ahmed has been part of the panel of World Coal Association in their sustainable Coal Forum in deliberating on the role of Coal in ensuring affordable, clean and sustainable energy for all as well
as delivering AAEI’s proposed approach at the Planet Earth Summit in London.
She strongly believes that Women and the youth have a significant role to play towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 7.
Ms Ahmed is a strong advocate for affordable and accessible clean energy, Women and children in Africa. She is a volunteer for AFRUCA- a children charity organisation on safeguarding child abuse.
Aside her advocacy work, Ms Ahmed is a Business Development professional. She currently works within operations for Lowell Financial UK and has previously worked as Senior Business Development Manager for Samba International Ltd UK.
She is the Founder of Business Resource Initiative- ( ) and Founder and Convenor for The Khadija Summit- a Muslim women gathering for entrepreneurs. Ms. Ahmed is a true role model.

Female Role Models: Angeline E. Chie

Angeline E. Chie is a young female leader who hails from the South Region of Liberia. She has been playing a very important role in her country and other neighboring countries over the past 4years. As a agent of positive change, she demonstrates a leadership skills as a young entrepreneur. She is the Founder and C.E.O of Chilly Fashion house. As a passionate and positive entrepreneur, she has helped empowered over 10 young girls through the skills and talents she has. Angeline is currently working with several advocacy groups in her country to improve and protect the rights of young women and children. She has used her education background in Child Development to protect and educate every child she has come across. She’s presently serving as a peer educator and young female leader in her beloved country, Liberia. Her belief that every child is unique in their own way, has always helped her to love and Cherish children. She believes that if there is no way to make a living, you can create one by becoming an entrepreneur and empowering others. Ange is a role model.

Male Role Models: Eugene Tetteh Odoi

Eugene Odoi is a 20-year old Child Rights and Responsibility’s Advocate with the Children and Youth in Broadcasting CURIOUS MINDS, a young people focused organisation in its 22nd year. He has been in the group for five years and in the course of it, has shared in different advocacy platforms both on radio and television and in community sensitization programmes on the proper development of young people. Eugene is presently the Youth Representative on the Governing Board of the Ghana SRHR Alliance. He is Adolescent Ambassador for the Intercontinental All-In Campaign to end HIV and AIDS stigma among young people. Eugene speaks about young people’s deprivation and their development with passion and looks at his background that brings him into contact with many deprived children. He believes in a world where all children and young people’s rights will be respected, protected and guaranteed. Eugene is a role model.

Male Role Models: Bakary S. Sonko

Bakary S. Sonko known as Da-Prince is one of the youngest and most prolific filmmakers from the Gambia. The young thespian has more than ten years experience in the field of acting. He started directing films at the tender age of 18. Sonko is a seasonal script writer, poet and a youth activist. Most importantly, he is a proud feminist. He directs two of the most recognised filmmaking institutions in the Gambia: G-Empire Films and Sanxaanu Kaggoro Film Institutes.
Politically and socially minded, most of his films have themes based on social and political reality of his country.
On June 30, 2018, Sonko premiered his latest movie Jangi Jollof which is the first biography movie ever made in the Gambia.
Sonko plans to be the President of the Republic of the Gambia in the future and believes art is the best tool to use to attain the SDG goals and vision 2063.
Bakare is passionate in mentoring and is always ready to help the youth. Below are his contacts

Sonko is a role model.

Male Role Models: Ejike Caius Agu

Ejike Caius Agu is a young Nigerian passionate about making impact in his community and other communities. He is a Development Knowledge Facilitator of the Global Goals and a Pan-Africanist committed to the realization of ‘The Africa We Want’ project.
He equally advocates for child rights and the Youth, creating his platforms through local organizations and also regularly volunteers for impactful organisations.
Ejike holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Nigeria. He has experience in business development and marketing and also in Academics as a high school teacher and researcher. Presently, his quest for quality education prompted him to lead a school tour campaign to secondary schools, speaking to students on a number of issues affecting them including examination malpractices.
He is open to learning new things, networking and partnerships for Sustainable development goals. Ejike is calm, affable and respectful. He is a role model by all standards.

Male Role Models: Ekene Odigwe

Ekene Odigwe is a cross functional broadcast Journalist and campaign development manager. More important than his qualification is the passion at producing content that fosters engagement, strong networking and drive capital investment among people. At the moment, he produces and anchors programs that channels positive reinforcement of people’s involvement in Governance, Advocacy, Awareness, Networking and Rural Youth Outreach on Radio Nigeria Coalcity 92.9 FM and, aligning these aims to building the spirit of universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all enjoy peace and prosperity among everyone who listens to his programmes.
In order to achieve sustainable development goals and meet the aspirations of Agenda 2063 that envisions the “Africa We Want”, he volunteers as Brand Manager spearheading Civil Rights and Social Action campaign for some Not for Profit organizations within and outside Nigeria. As a Campaigner, he is involved in lots of advocacy in journalism programs, translating brand strategies into brand plans, positioning and bespoking items needed when necessary.
In the past he designed, established and analyzed strategies that introduced Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Enugu state office and Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria (HERFON) Southeast Zonal Office using media communication plans/media campaigns and managing events. He produced Radio and Television programs for Africa’s Largest Network Services tailored towards these Agencies’ brands and distribution while at the same time raising awareness of their activities and positioning them to be accountable as the Media Consultant and Brand Communication Specialist respectively.
He has seven Major honours, 3 Fellowships and 1 Ambassadorial Awards. Oh did I tell you that he was the President of Young African leaders Initiative, Cohort 4 Nigeria.
Ekene Odigwe believes incorporating the young people in decision making and creating a continent that respects the rights of all its citizens, charting a course for works that promote the values that bind our continent, instilling self-determination, integrity and accountability principles into the young people right from the outset. He has mastered the art of public speaking with an eloquence that baffles and excites all at once. His experiences make him an asset to every programme under his expertise.
His hobbies are watching movies, travelling and shopping, dancing and hosting friends and, sipping wine while watching the sunset at the beach. Ekene is a true Role Model.

Male Role Models: Alieu Jallow

Alieu is a self-motivated young Gambian leader working with communities in bringing about development. He has worked with different people across his country and beyond. Alieu is also a senior reporter with the Trumpet Newspaper, a freelance journalist as well as a Young African Leadership initiative Fellow. As an advocate and activist, he anchors a talk show called follow the money, which aims at tracking where public funds are coming from and making sure they are judiciously distributed, this show also seeks to expose issues related to corruption, transparency and accountability.

Coming from an underprivileged family in the rural Gambia, he survived through abject poverty to become a strong and passionate young man striving towards fighting poverty and corruption. His dream is to become a great leader and president of his country in the near future to emancipate the underprivileged from poverty, fight corruption and bring about sustainable development. He wants to be a champion of democracy, peace builder and a change agent working with both local and international NGOs as well as government agencies to bring about development to his country and Africa at large.

Jallow has a strong passion for volunteerism and influencing social change in local communities.
Alieu has over 6 years of experience in activism and advocacy. He works to develop programs that will have lasting impacts in the lives of his community and nation. He is committed to building his capacity in order to help others through his fields of studies. He is a good role model.

Female Role Models: Tim Lynn Linsell

Tim Lynn Linsell is a young leader who hails from the North West Region of Cameroon. She has actively contributed to the development of her community for five years. She has demonstrated leadership skills as an entrepreneur. Passionate about helping the youth become effective leaders, she organises training sessions with students where they are trained on effective leadership. As an Entrepreneur, she owns a small cloth designing shop. She also empowers the young girls in her community with sewing skills.
Linsell has used her background in law and political science to educate women on their rights and duties in the society.
She is building a happier world with love. Tim is a true role model.

Male Role Models: Omar Gaye

Omar Gaye is a hardworking and committed Finance and Accountancy specialist from the Republic of the Gambia. He holds a BSc ( honours) in Accountancy from the University of The Gambia and is a leading advocate for quality and accessible education in his country. He has over six years of experience in Civic Leadership and Volunteerism.

Omar is a conscientious young man with sharp cognitive faculty. He is an honest and upright man with impeccable character. Dubbed the “Finance Guru”, Mr Gaye has a deep understanding of financial management. In 2018, Mr. Gaye was credited for being the brain behind the unprecedented 75. 56% increment to the bank balance of the University of the Gambia Students’ Union during his time as the Finance Minister.

His rare skills in finance and related fields coupled with an amazing work ethics, made him the top choice of many associations and organisations in his country. He is very ethical and professional in his job.

Omar is a young leader with deep passion for voluntary work. His unrivalled sense of maturity and responsibility saw him effectively manage key positions in reputable organisations and associations in his country, The Gambia .

As an award-winning YALI fellow, Mr. Gaye harbours great leadership skills and knowledge. He is currently serving as the sustainability chair at the YALI RLC Gambia Chaper; Auditor General of Journalism Students’ Association; and a member of Repute Research Center.

He has also served as the Finance minister of the University of The Gambia Students’ Union; Auditor General of ECOMANSA; Assistant Finance minister of ECOMANSA and Finance Secretary of Power of Freedom.

Omar is currently the Finance Secretary of “Catch them Young” an NGO that dreams of a world where kids will not wallow on the streets begging for money for their upkeep.

Omar wants to see an end to child labour- classroom he posited should be the office for every child. Accordingly, he wants to see every child excel in life by making the best use of their god given talents. Omar is a role model.

Male Role Models: Dwamena Akenteng

Dwamena Akenten has four years experience in civic engagement mainly in the nonprofit sector. He is currently the Programmes Manager at Africa Online Volunteering Service, where he is spearheading various projects aimed at improving access to ICT among underprivileged African Youth and providing alternative ways of using ICT positively. He is also a member and volunteer at Patriots Ghana and Young at Heart Ghana.

Akenten loves food and is driven by his passion to make positive impacts in the lives of people and society. He has interest in youth empowerment, rural community development, child rights and volunteerism. He is willing to learn from, work and collaborate with anyone interested in social development. Akenteng is by all standards, a role model.

Male Role Models: Dartey Benjamin

Dartey Benjamin is a graduate from Accra Technical University. He did his service at the Amansie West District Assembly. He is the CEO of Yummy Food Producers
of Yummy Plantain Chips which are crunchy Ghanaian snacks made with either ripe or unripe plantains. Yummy Plantain Chips are always crunchy when and healthy because to Dartey, neatness is a hallmark.
Dartey, by setting up his own business and offering employment, is a role model. One worthy of emulation. Pictures of Yummy Products are below.

Male Role Models: Kingsley Odion

Kingsley Odion is a Human Right Advocate, with dedicated focus on Rural Community Development. In the past four years, Kingsley has successfully carried out various campaigns against neglection of Rural Communities in the South Region of Nigeria while compelling Local and State governments to make policies that will enhance the standard of living of Rural dwellers.
Kingsley strongly believes that rural dwellers should not be neglected in the Country’s Natural Resource distribution; ranging from Health Benefits, Education, Infrastructures etc. In 2017, Kingsley successfully initiated a project tailored towards providing water for a neglected Community’s Primary Health Care Center, in Oboro, Burutu L.G.A., of Delta State, Nigeria. Kingsley strongly believes that, good policies made by the Governments and its Agencies will go a long way to improve the living standards of Rural dwellers.
Kingsley aims at influencing Government policies through social media and mass campaign in order for policies made or amended to fully consider the Living conditions of rural dwellers. Kingsley presently works as program assistant at Ventures Platform Foundation: An organization constantly in the business of harnessing skills and talents of new generations across Nigeria while building their human capacity.

Female Role Models: Hannah Awadzi

Hannah Awadzi (Mrs) is a Ghanaian communications Specialist and Founder of The Special Mothers Project, an advocacy and awareness creation programme on cerebral palsy.
She holds a degree in psychology with linguistics from the University of Ghana and a Diploma in Communications skills from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.
She has worked as a journalist for over 17 years and counting, and is a staunch Christian, a pubic speaker and loves to share her experiences with people with the aim of impacting their lives positively.
Mrs. Awadzi who is also an author and writes with the pen name “Adowa Okorewaa” likes to use her communications skills to advocate for the vulnerable in society.
She has written extensively on the subject of cerebral palsy with hope of creating awareness and change society’s attitude towards children with cerebral palsy.
She is married with three children. Her first child, Avery, has cerebral palsy. Her first book titled “The Unexpected” is an inspirational book that chronicles her journey with her daughter with cerebral palsy.
The Special Mothers Project, founded because of her daughter, is a reach out project that aims at extending love and support to families raising children with cerebral palsy, especially mothers.
The Project links families to the limited but available support services in Ghana while facilitating the creation of support systems and services to enhance the lives of families raising children with cerebral palsy.
The Project also serves as a counseling point for families raising children with cerebral palsy. On a daily basis, the Special Mothers Project receives calls and invitations from averagely about 20 families requiring information or services for their children with cerebral palsy.
The Project also works to empower parents concerned to get involved in advocacy while venturing into the provision of services that suit the needs of families raising children with cerebral palsy.
Mrs. Awadzi believes that mothers of children with cerebral palsy are better placed to provide services since they primarily understand the needs of such families above any other.
The Special Mothers Project, organizes periodic information seminars and workshops for various stakeholder groups including the media, parents, and policy makers among others.
The major aim is to enhance understanding of cerebral palsy as a condition among the populace and facilitate inclusion in our society.
Her advice to everybody reading, is to be positive, as “we can achieve a lot as a country when we adopt positivity; no one knows the future except God so let’s trust God and be positive no matter our situation.” Hannah is a true role model.

Female Role Models: Maureen Amma Owoo

Maureen Amma Owoo is a Ghanaian who is creative, she likes nature and the arts, she also likes to impact on people.

She is a marketeer, who has worked in retail and corporate affairs. Brands and its impact are important to her, she has worked with Boots the Chemist UK, Ederick the Country Representative of Whirlpool and is currently with the leading Oil Marketing Company in Ghana: GOIL. She is the head of Merchandise & Business Development.
Amma oversees all the GOIL shops, that is; the GoCafes and its activities and that includes suppliers, she is also responsible for all the retail outlets’ promotional activities. Uniforms for attendants and their general appearance falls under her. She’s also responsible for generating forecourt business ideas through to implementation and it’s sales. She has the responsibility of creating other income generating businesses other than fuels, but that which will still direct traffic to the forecourts of her company. She is one you need to contact if you need to do any activations on GOIL’s forecourts. She is for any income generating activity that has a favourable response and impact positively on GOIL.

Amma believes in talents. To her, everybody is worth something that we need to look out for those talents and see to its fruition.
She works likes to work with her hands and mind to bring ideas into reality.

Amma turns trash into beauty. She likes decor and creates souvenirs, something which started as a hobby. Though she has no training in it, she has perfected it and has turned it into a part time job.
It has made her an events person who takes that edge to events with an out of the world flair just with little touches.
Maureen is married and with two teenagers. She not only love her family, but has a big heart which all associated with her can attest to. Maureen Amma Owoo is a true role model.

Above is one of Maureen Amma Owoo’s creations.

Female Role Models: Shika Nornoo

Shika Nornoo is a 23 year old Supply Chain Management and Procurement graduate who after being awarded the Best Graduating Female Student for her year group, is currently doing her National Service at MASLOC(Microfinance and small loans centre) HEAD OFFICE.

Shika has in her an entrepreneurial spirit which was birthed whilst being a SAGE(Students for the advancement of global Entrepreneurship) President at Mafantsiman Girls’ Secondary School and also an ENACTUS executive whilst in the University.
She owns and manages Shikakope, an audiovisual retail and supplies store, which provides quality photography accessory solutions at affordable prices.

Shika Nornoo is passionate about Supply Chain Management and Procurement and seeks to become a CIPS professional in the next couple of years.
She is currently enrolled in the CEIBS WELA program to enable her move her business to the global market and widen her network. She writes leisurely and loves to read a lot. This habit of hers led her to create a writing group that has outdoored several breathtaking writers, most of whom are loved by Ghanaian Social media users especially.

Shika wants to be a Procurement lawyer, an awesome mum, entrepreneur and loving wife/lover to the best of her ability. She is a role model.

Female Role Models: Abena Magis

Abena Magis, a Ghanaian, is a product of University of Cape Coast with a degree in English but her wealth of knowledge comes from her wealth of experiences. She is a blogger and public speaker. She is a relationship speaker and a social media counselor.

Through social media, she had been able to impact thousands of lives by raising funds to set people up in life, save the lives of people, advice others and link couples through blind dating.

Abena is a mother and a lover of “Gobe”. Call it Red Red (beans and fried ripe plantain) and she would respond, “you know the right thing.” She always reminds women of their importance in society. That they can be more than they aspire to be. Abena says education opened her eyes to what the world has to offer. “If I’d focused primarily on dating, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today” she told Amoafowaa. She believes in building one’s self and becoming a better person. Abena is a true role model.

Female Role Models: Katherine Akua Akoto Bamford

Katherine Akua Akoto Bamford is a disciplined, hardworking, kind Ghanaian woman with the fear of God as her compass in life.
She is into tours, events, party rentals, owns Coco’s Montessori School and offers educational consultancy services. She has been involved in humanitarian services for 11 years and still counting. Amongst her charitable works are: renovation of school and classroom blocks, provision of classroom materials, computers, books for libraries and training of rural preschool teachers for effective teaching.
She also provides health screenings for orphans and hosts Annual Christmas Parties for orphans sometimes numbering up to 650 children. She volunteers as a youth resource person when called to give talks to them.
to Katherine, the commandment of loving our brothers as we love ourselves governs all her actions. She prays for good health to continue to impact her world positively. Striking features of Katherine are, friendliness, humility and her ever shining golden heart. Katherine Akua Akoto Bamford is a true role model.

Female Role Models: Stella Allou

Stella Allou with pen name Ella Rhymz started the game of poetry at a tender age. Her love for short stories and poetry was developed by her late father. She’s a product of St Monica Senior High School where she was an active member of the Read Wide and Debators’ Clubs. She had her tertiary education at Bolgatanga Nurses Training College where she held the SRC library Representive Position. Her maiden book “Colourful Poetry” is a collection of poems available on Amazon. Several of her poems have been featured on online magazines and local newspapers such as “The Mirror”.
She is currently a registered general nurse at Tamale Teaching Hospital, where she loves her service to humanity. Stella believes that kindness to the sick is service to God. She hopes to further her education and develop her writing skills as well. She aspires to write medical fiction sometime to come. Helen Keller is her inspiration for writing.
Her role model is the late Maya Angelou. Stella believes “She will rise” one day.

Female Role Models: Anganga Blessing Ejanka

Anganga Blessing Ejanka hails from Cameroon precisely from the North west Region. She is a nurse midwife by profession, a clinical and psychosocial counsellor by training, a writer and motivational speaker/Inspirer by her passion. She is the author of “The Modesty Drive Your Dressing Speaks; God’s Perspective of Your Yress Code” a book aimed at reigniting the flames if Modesty especially among young people and in Africans in general who regard modesty as a value. It also aims at bringing to light the truth about how God expects us to treat our bodies.

Blessing is a civic leader, passionate about community building and youth development. She is the Co- Founder of Blessed Clinical and Psychosocial Reformation Centre; a Non Governmental Organization aimed at investing in the physical, mental and social health of young people. She is a health promoter and a health advocate especially in the fight against HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease. Back in her country, Anganga runs a health campaign called ” Fight Sickle Cell With Me” aimed at creating awareness about sickle cell disease. Blessing is a result oriented individual, highly motivated and committed to her career path. Blessing is a YALI fellow 2018, a duke of Edinburgh’s Awardee with a bronze medal. Her vision is to impact a generation of African youths who can take charge of their physical, mental and social health thus creating a healthy African society. Blessing is a real blessing and a good role model.

Female Role Models: Alberta Ghunney

Alberta Ghunney is the CEO of Ally’s Favourite Bakes and Treats, named after her adorable daughter.
Cooking, she says, has always been a hobby and never a chore. In her own words, “The fact that I’m able to put simple things together to make an amazing meal fascinates me.” She fell in love two years ago with baking cakes managed Pinkpanda Bakery at East Legon, Accra before founding her own company. Although she is still looking for investors to take it to the national scale, Araba is a great role model to our youth, for doing something she loves to care for herself and her family.

Female Role Models: Kumba Philip-Joe

Kumba Philip-Joe, is a young lady who hails from Foya District, Lofa County Liberia. She is a devoted Seventh Day Adventist Christian.
Kumba has over 5 years of experience in the area of teenage pregnancy and issues affecting them. She is presently coordinating a program called the Enhanced Well Child Care Program. This Program was established to give social and medical aid to less fortunate pregnant teenagers, teenage mothers, and infants who mostly have been abandoned by families or boyfriends. She helps give hope to some of these teens who get frustrated by the society. She now has an extention in one of Monrovia’s largest slum communities: New Kru Town. With her team, they monitor about 600 young women at both sites. As a coordinator/health educator, her duties include but not limited to; providing health and social education for teenage mothers and sometimes their families and boyfriends, this include encouraging them to go back to school after children get older, advise them to use effective Family Planning, to avoid domestic violence or violence of any kind, have healthy and hygienic lifestyles and how to live in safety. Kumba has just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. She is driven by her passion to help her community especially the younger generation, exploring new ideas, and the force of her desire to understand life’s situations/ challenges and help find solutions to them in possible ways. She is a true role model.

Female Role Models: Salamatu Musah Salifu

Salamatu Musah Salifu completed University for Development Studies (UDS) with a degree in Development Communication. She completed last year and had her internship with Ghanaian Times where she served as a reporter and reported on many stories. She is now with USAID Innovation as a Service Personnel where and serves as a field worker for two communities in the Savulugu District: Nyonlo and Kanshegu where she teaches children how to read after school. At her free time, she visits the orphanage to play with the children, celebrate milestones with them and make sure they are happy. Sala, for a young woman doing her best to impact on others, is a good role model.

Female Role Models: Waja Halilatu Nakoba

Wajah Halilatu Nakoba is a young Ghanaian teacher who is passionate about reading, loves to cook and write.
She helps the youth in every way possible especially the girl child.
From a humble community where girls do not love formal education, Wajah organizes small group meetings for these girls as a way of contributing to community development in Ghana. She believes education is a leveller and is passionate about brightening the corner where she finds herself always. She surely is a role model.

Female Role Models: Angela Azima Seidu

Angela Azimah Seidu is a National Service Personnel at the Catholic Relief Services. She completed her Bachelors Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences at the University for Development Studies. As a Family and Consumer Science student, she was trained to perform in diverse fields such as food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, child care, home furnishing and management, community development as well as tourism and hospitality management.
She contested in the UNESCO international essay contest, 2015 by the Goi Peace Foundation on the theme “Building Peace in our Hearts and Mind”. She is the Northern Regional Representative for the Young African Leaders network, Ghana.
She has a strong spirit of volunteerism, is a volunteer for Make a Change Foundation as project development assistant (where she together with colleagues, develop proposals, solicit funds for the organization as well as visit communities to give health and nutrition talks, donate clothes and learning materials). She also works with Gold Empire Foundation as the representative for Northern Region where she empowers, motivates and protects the youth against social issues. With Springboard Roadshow Foundation 2016, she was responsible for getting certificates for participants.
She was a facilitator for the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at CAMFED Ghana leadership camp in 2015, a Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship Peer Educator for some selected junior high schools in 2013, and has done internships at Safui Memorial Lodge, Bigiza Court Hotel, Luxury Catering Services, School for Life and Catholic Relief Services.
She is also the Programs Coordinator for the African Youth Writers Organization’s Funky Read Write Clinic where her colleagues and her, select, mentor as well as provide tutoring support in reading and writing and using innovative games and other fun activities to improve the cognitive abilities of young girls and boys from low-income community schools. She believes that mentoring is the best tool to boost the confidence of children in order to help them move towards a positive future, making them prolific writers and avid readers.
Her role as the program coordinator brought a new “face” to the organization, she succeeded in getting a very colourful and lively venue for learning especially for kids as compared to the old venue (which was a library and always come with restrictions on some activities), making the kids write very interesting stories about societal issues which is being edited to be posted on the organization’s blog. It did not stop there, her “children’s” graduation was one of its kind in AYWO’s history where she worked diligently to get funds to have a great ceremony for the children as well as their parents and/or guardians who were invited.
Furthermore, she is still pushing harder for the children to form reading clubs in their schools so that the impact spreads to those who did not get the opportunity to join the reading clinic due to insufficient resources and for the graduates to continue practicing what they learnt.
Finally, she dreams of founding an organization which will be geared towards curbing or reducing malnutrition in the Northern part of Ghana, using locally available foods.
Seidu Angela Azimah lives in Tamale, Ghana and you can reach her at or +233241574501. For a young lady doing so much, she is a true role model.


MRS. GRACE AFIA LARBI is an HR professional. She has worked in various capacities and in diverse roles, both the public and private sectors. Her career started from GIMPA-AVU as Senior Administrative Assistant, while pursuing her professional HR course alongside. She joined the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development in Sunyani for a brief period. She also worked with IHRMP, GH as an Administrative Assistant, before moving on to join the print company (IMPRINT) of Origin8Saatchi & Saatchi.
She joined World Vision Ghana in Tamale; then to the Tamale Teaching Hospital, before joining GILLBT recently.

She had her educational background from the University of Ghana where she obtained her first degree in History and English, after which she had a stint with the History department as a Teaching Assistant before pursuing her national service in Tamale, Northern Region of Ghana. She furthered her professional education with the IHRMP, Ghana, where she attained her certificate and subsequently Associate Membership.

Grace Afia Larbi is a renowned Motivational and Leadership speaker, a Human Resource professional, an MC and a Counselor; a perfectionist who believes that all people deserve equal opportunities to unleash the best in them. She has trained and mentored students at the secondary and tertiary levels, as well as women groups; consulted for MAP Ghana for HR services, among others; and also has conducted several counselling sessions for individuals.

She has served in various capacities as secretary, president and board member on several committees. She is also the Founder and Team Leader of Motivational Concepts; and a member of Autism Help Foundation (AHF), Tamale.

She has lived and worked in Tamale since 2011. Afia is a true role model.

Female Role Models: Shittu Basirat

Shittu Basirat is a Nigerian Public Health pharmacist with over 6 years experience in delivering healthcare services. She is very passionate about everything that concerns the maternal and child health.. Her zeal for this had channelled her work towards advocating for girl child education, child abuse and maternal health in the little way she can.

At the moment, she mentors some adolescents and hopes to work as an expert in this area..
She is currently a member of Lion’s club where she holds the title of a project director and also volunteers to some NGOs. She holds a masters degree in Public health and bachelor of Pharmacy. She is vast in conducting research and is currently working on a research titled ” Nutritional Complementary Feeding Practices Towards Preventing Malnutrition”.
She hopes to contribute her quota in any way towards promoting good maternal and child health. Shittu is a role model.

Female Role Models: Martha Racheal Patten

Martha Racheal Patten hails from Sinoe County, Liberia. She was born on September 16, 1994 to Miss Patience Baker and the late Woodro B. Patten. She is a young female leader who started demonstrating leadership ability right from her high school days where she served as student council president of St. Michael Catholic High School, Gardnersville, Liberia, during the 2010/2011 academic school year. That same year, she graduated from high school as Valedictorian of her class at the age of 16. In 2016, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry (cum laude) from the University of Liberia and also graduated from the Lux en Tenebries Honors Scholars Program at the University of Liberia. She is currently a 2nd year Doctor in Training at A. M. Dogliotti College of Medicine where she is pursuing her Doctor of Medicine. Over the years, she has volunteered with several youth organizations in Liberia like the National Youth and Children Advisory Board (NYCMB), Smiling Faces Int. and Smart Liberia. She is an entrepreneur who co-founded a natural juice company whose aim is to reduce the national intake of sugar and promote healthy living through refreshing drink. From the proceeds of her business, she intends on funding a not-for profit which would focus on improving health care delivery in Liberia and Africa at large. She is a 2018 YALI Nigeria cohort 4 fellow. She is a role model.

Female Role Models: Isatu M. Bokum

Isatu M. Bokum is a goal getter, ambitious and talented young girl born on February 11th 1997. The daughter of Mohamed Bokum and Fatmata Trawally Bokum, she is from a family of six and she is the fourth born. She attended primary school at New Covenant School and attended middle school at SOS Junior School and High school at SOS High School. After her high school graduation, she attended St. Stephens Institute of technology and studied English Proficiency, Information and Communication Technology and Business Administration. She graduated with a perfect Testimonial and Transcript. She is currently in her second year in the University of The Gambia studying Journalism and Digital Media. Isatu is a Scriptwriter, Video editor, Actress, Presenter and she is also a youth activist and she has played a major role in many Youth associations in The Gambia. She has served as a President in “President International Award Scheme” for two years and also obtained her silver medal. She also served as treasurer in the science club of her school for a whole year. She is and extrovert and also was part of her School’s Debate Association and won second place in a competition organized by the America Embassy and the University of The Gambia in 2014. She also was a part of her school’s Drama club, were she was responsible for writing short plays and also act them in programs and competitions with her colleagues. Isatu has written over two novels waiting to be published and quite a number of poetries. In 2016, she emerged as the winner of the essay category in the InGambia Magazine writing contest. She previously worked at a big media house in The Gambia called Afrinity Productions as a Script writer, presenter and a per-time actress. She also worked at State of Mic Multimedia after she returned from Nigeria where she underwent an intensive Young African Ladership Initiative (YALI) training. She is now interning as a News Reporter at the first private television in The Gambia “QTV”. Isatu grew a passion for acting since she was a child and she is working hard towards achieving her dreams. She has played a major role in the short skit movie God’s Will were she was the main cast. A story written by her and produced by Afrinity Productions. She was the Assistant Production manager in the Movie “The Mysterious Wedding Planner” produced by Nollywood Actress Princess Shyngle, directed by Nollywood’s Finest Director Afe Omolowe and filmed by one of Gambia’s Biggest Media house called State of Mic. The movie stars big stars like Gollywood Actor John Dumelo, Nollywood Actress Ebube Nwagbo and also prominent Actors and Actresses in The Gambia. She is a determined young lady and working hard to achieve her goals. She is the country representative for Maluwa Africa and Assistant IPRO for School of Journalism and Digital Media Student’s Association. She is optimistic and believes that one day she will get there. Her motto has and will always be “No matter how hard it is, never stop dreaming”. Her slogan “Dream Achiever” indeed suits her, she is one of the prominent youths in The Gambia.

Female Role Models: Sadiq Maryjane Oiza

Sadiq Maryjane Oiza, a Nigerian, is a tech enthusiast, a digital marketer and trainer. She is also a public speaker whose prowess in the art of speaking is beyond excellent. Mary was once the Google Student Ambassador of Ekiti State University where she fell deeply in love with Education, impactation and thought leadership. She is a graduate of computer science and a Project Manager at inerd360 integrated services in lagos. She is a relationship mentor with a passion for harnessing youth opportunities in the digital space. Mary is a Yali Fellow and a role model.