Female Role Models: Anganga Blessing Ejanka

Anganga Blessing Ejanka hails from Cameroon precisely from the North west Region. She is a nurse midwife by profession, a clinical and psychosocial counsellor by training, a writer and motivational speaker/Inspirer by her passion. She is the author of “The Modesty Drive Your Dressing Speaks; God’s Perspective of Your Yress Code” a book aimed at reigniting the flames if Modesty especially among young people and in Africans in general who regard modesty as a value. It also aims at bringing to light the truth about how God expects us to treat our bodies.

Blessing is a civic leader, passionate about community building and youth development. She is the Co- Founder of Blessed Clinical and Psychosocial Reformation Centre; a Non Governmental Organization aimed at investing in the physical, mental and social health of young people. She is a health promoter and a health advocate especially in the fight against HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease. Back in her country, Anganga runs a health campaign called ” Fight Sickle Cell With Me” aimed at creating awareness about sickle cell disease. Blessing is a result oriented individual, highly motivated and committed to her career path. Blessing is a YALI fellow 2018, a duke of Edinburgh’s Awardee with a bronze medal. Her vision is to impact a generation of African youths who can take charge of their physical, mental and social health thus creating a healthy African society. Blessing is a real blessing and a good role model.

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